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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stupid question of the day

Seriously, this is the burning question facing the brightest minds science has to offer: Do obese people become obese because they are addicted to food, or do they become addicted to food because they are obese? Here's a snipit of an article I read regarding this issue...

Obese people may become addicted to food in a similar way that a drug addict is hooked onto drugs, says a new study that examined the brain scan of a few obese people.

And some scientists somewhere got scarce grant money to study this? By definition, drug addicts are already hooked on drugs. Besides what difference does it make if you're "addicted" to food? You're still going to have to exercise personal behavioral responsibility to stop eating 3 quarter-pounders with cheese for supper every night.

Let me explain this: we live in a consequence-free society where liberals tell us there are excuses, preferrably insurance-covered, medical ones, for any and all deviant behavior. There is a cabal composed of pharmaceutical manufacturers, willing physicians on the take, politicians eager to buy votes by absolving constituents' bad behavior and appearing to be concerned, and "patients" who are only too eager to seize the opportunity to blame somebody else for their self-destructive behavior.

If liberal doctors can take some health problem like obesity, tell the obese that it's not their fault, that they have a disorder and can't help it, then the drug companies get to sell a drug to combat it, the doctors create another base of insured patients, the obese get to not bear any personal responsibility for their behavior, and finally the liberal politicians get two birds for one stone...they can demonize and tax evil corporations(fast food) for victimizing citizens and tricking them into overeating, and, they get grateful fat people who will vote for them.

This is not an organized conspiracy, it's just how liberals operate, so it might as well be conspiratorial. To a liberal, there is no such thing as bad behavior, only politically advantageous excuses for bad behavior.

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