“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thought police intimidate 9 year old for brownie slur

In New Jersey armed cops were called by teachers on a 9 year old because another student snitched that he made a racist comment toward the brownies that were being served. Apparently the cops interrogated the terrified kid, without his mother present, for a long time.
Who knew brownies were now a protected class?
Kids clearly aren't learning much of anything in government schools, probably by design as a dumb, dependent populace is easier to control, but they will "graduate" with a healthy fear of authorities and the haunting knowledge that their every word will be scrutinized for political correctness by the thought police.....also exactly how the government wants us.....submissive, quiet, and correct.
Next time you have brownies, take a quick look around before discussing them, there might be a snitch listening who'll rat you out to the thought police. 

Active shooter at Andrews, all airmen probably disarmed

Don't know if it's true, but there are reports of an active shooter at Andrews AFB, where Air Force One is kept. Recently, Homeland Security handed down their new work-place active shooter procedures which are basically Run, Hide, Fight in that order. There are also active shooter kits which amount to a list of rapid-response numbers to call as you run and hide.
I don't know about you but cowering under my desk or getting shot in the back as I flee terrified isn't how I'd like to die today.
The first pic is the only item you need in your active-shooter kit and the second is the preferred response to the shooter, notice she's not blubbering on the floor begging for her life,

Be responsible for your own life and safety because neither the government or your employer can save your life......they can only call your family when it's over and then politicize your death to impose gun control on everybody else.

This has been a public service announcement. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wall for me, but not for thee

Smug, annoying Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has famously criticized Trump for wanting to build a wall to keep illegals and terrorists out and to limit drug trafficking, but now he's building a mile-long six foot high wall around his outrageous $100 Million, 750 acre Hawaiian, beach-front estate that prevents other residents from seeing the ocean.

Heh heh, what a thoughtless asshole!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More PC stupidity

I've heard Venessa Hudgens' name but I have no idea who she is. Apparently the Native American community does because they are furious at her for committing the unforgivable crime of "cultural appropriation" for wearing a dream-catcher in her hair in this Snapchat pic.
Who has ever visited the American southwest who didn't come home with at least one dream-catcher collectible? Exporting their quaint, primitive culture to white people is the primary source of income for Native Americans, is it not?
Besides, without hawking dream-catchers to pale faced tourists to wear in their hair, how would American Indians fund their rampant alcoholism?          ;-)

Finally, a genealogy chart that makes sense

So I always wondered how this worked, the "removed" thing when describing the familial distance of cousins you barely know from out of town. Well, here's a helpful chart to pull out at the next Thanksgiving or reunion to suss it all out. Even more helpful would be a line designating for which cousins it's not taboo to pursue sex, though I guess that's dependent on regional preferences, laws, and general attractiveness.   ;-)

Click on the chart for a bigger look-see.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Ed Snowden visits New York, virtually

Heh heh, from exile in Russia, Edward Snowden visited New York this weekend, including an art gallery and the Tribeca Film Festival, using a virtual presence robot.
It reminded me of my favorite episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon remains ensconced safely in bed, electing to interact with the world through a similar virtual presence device.
The feds would love to arrest Snowden so it infuriated them that he "waltzed" around New York smirking at them all weekend. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brits reject globalism and Islamic immigration

It's a bizarro reality when Americans are embracing globalism and ceding personal liberties over to secretive, un-elected and unaccountable government goons in exchange for the illusion of security, while the British are telling their government elites to bite them and are demanding independence from secretive, un-elected and unaccountable EU goons in Brussels.

With the Brexit vote, the British have finally voted to stop their government's obsequious tolerance of rampant Muslim immigration despite liberal globalists calling them racists, I wonder if Americans have the same guts to reject our quisling leaders' plan for our country.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Et tu Ben Carson, et tu?

Trump surrogate Ben Carson, very clearly to me, seems to accept that the 2nd amendment and the reasons for it are suitable discussion topics for politicians, and more horrifyingly, accepts the possibility of changing it........

“Well, I think that the people who were you know protesting certainly feel that they are absolutely one hundred percent right, but of course the people on the other side feel that they’re a hundred percent right too. And that’s why we need to get back to a point of having civil discussions. Let’s put on the table: what is the reason for the Second Amendment? And is there a reason that we need to change those things right now? And let’s put the data on the table and let’s talk about it like intelligent people, rather than getting in our respective corners and hurling insults.”

Good grief, you'd better go out and buy some more guns and ammo while you still can. Here Ben Carson indicates how many varmint rifles each household will be allowed if he were president. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Disgruntled Uber drivers want a raise

Just read an article on Uber and Lyft, the super convenient "taxi" services you request with a phone app. The drivers are complaining that they're not making enough money to make ends meet and at least one driver is trying to organize for the purposes of collective bargaining no doubt.
These drivers can work as much or as little as they like and if there are too many drivers in an area and not enough customers to support them, then that's how the market works. Get a second job at Starbucks or something.
Organizing and forcing Uber and Lyft to pay the drivers more will only raise prices and convince would-be customers to drive their own cars, call actual taxis, or elect a designated driver of their own.
Besides, whose life plan is it to make Uber or Lyft driving a full-time job on which you try to fund a household? It's a part-time gig at most that you do in your spare time, for fun when not working at your other job(s).

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jedi Master Dustin Johnson

Clearly Dustin Johnson possesses Master-level skills in the mysterious Jedi arts. This is why it would be unwise to test his patience with silly golf rules. 

Compassion, unity, and love.......um, what?

AG Loretta Lynch (a carbon copy of Eric Holder) replied to a question about what the administration is doing about domestic terrorism. Her reply was to actually state out loud that our most effective weapons to combat terrorism are compassion, unity, and love. 


In other words the administration has no intent to do anything about terrorists coming here or being radicalized here, and killing Americans. It is my accusation that this administration, and this includes Hillary, relishes domestic terror attacks because they think they can push gun control based on it. They want the attacks to continue so they can blame guns. They think a continuous stream of dead Americans is their best bet to, if not repeal, at least seriously curtail gun rights. 

Additionally, a small part of it is Obama's very personal adoration of Islam and his refusal to say or do anything contrary to full acceptance and welcome of Islam. 

Ask not at whom Loretta Lynch cackles, for she cackles at you. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Disney's new blanket for kids :-)

So I am fully aware that I'm a horrible person for sharing this new blanket Disney is marketing to kids, heh heh heh, so save the "you should kill yourself" comments, and just find the humor, even if it's dark, in every eventuality like I do.......you'll live longer.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Media guide to gun identification

TRR recently obtained this secret media primer on gun identification, from regular reader Bill. Apparently this is a quick reference guide for reporting on gun crime, when accuracy isn't really as important as scaring the public about guns. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Causes of mass shootings

If all Muslims shouldn't be damned for the acts of one, why are all gun owners damned for the acts of one gun owner? 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Whoopi Goldberg - noted constitutional scholar

On her annoying show The View, noted constitutional scholar Whoopi Goldberg pronounced that, "the Constitution doesn't say you can carry hundreds of guns."
Luckily for Whoopi the Constitution doesn't limit how much BS you can screech to your birdbrained audience any more than it limits how many guns you can carry.
Here's Whoopi, indicating on her fingers how many metric tons of BS get urped by her dopey show each week.

Methinks Rick Allen dost protest too much

Meet Rick Allen, he's a sanctimonious republican congresscritter from Georgia. Whatever good he may have been doing as a conservative, he looks like a moron after having read anti-gay bible verses before a May 2016 vote on a spending bill that included a statement about non-discrimination based on orientation.
Among others, the verse he read was Roman 1:27, a letter from Paul which by most interpretations basically condemns homosexuality and says gays are worthy of death.
Two points: why are grandstanding politicians reading bible verses into the congressional record to try to sway the vote their way? In a nation that by law, respects ALL religions equally, I don't think personal religious beliefs regarding morality should play an official, public role in policy making.
Second, haven't we learned that when a politician is this pietistic in his opposition to an activity he regards as indecent and morally objectionable, we'll probably at some point find him to be a secret participant of that very activity?

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Every day is a good day to mock Islam

As with all Islamic terrorist events, and there have been many, we are told by our superiors and the media that it's about guns, anti-Muslim bigotry, global warming, jobs, anything but Islam itself.
And we are cautioned about provoking attacks by slandering Islam.
Well, I'm here to slander, or in this case mock Islam specifically because I'm not supposed to.....I'm disobedient like that.
[And now we return to the new hit TV show from Iran not starring Ed O'Neill or Christina Applegate, "Married To Children"]

The religion of peace strikes again

I hope that after the massacre at an LGBT club in Orlando last night, gay Americans will finally see that it is democrat style liberalism that denies the existence of Islamic terrorism......it only acknowledges terrorism. LGBTQ Americans would be better served by libertarian/conservative politics. Liberalism and the political correctness that accompanies it, only endangers them. 

ISIS issued a fatwa recently at Ramadan commanding all Muslims to attack Americans in America, yet the Obama administration, and by extension most federal law enforcement, persistently refuses to acknowledge Islam as a threat. 

To be sure, the democrats and media will focus on the guns used as the cause of the massacre rather than the twisted ideology that actually caused it. 

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Pursue happiness any way you like

Heh heh heh, residents in Mt Prospect, Illinois are upset because a business just opened that caters to adults who're into pretending to be babies. Apparently all legal and property requirements were met and there's nothing legally actionable here.
Evidently the club has rules against anything sexual taking place. It's just grown-ups wearing diapers, playing in pens, and being fed by other consenting adults....all enjoyed by appointment-only behind locked doors.
One of the aghast, busy-body residents squeaked about the proprietor, "He's getting his party on in there, and we're just supposed to sit back and watch?"
Methinks the only things compelling this guy to "watch" are his own prurient interests.

There is no evidence that "adult babies" are a threat to anybody. They're a little weird in how they pursue happiness, but essentially harmless. If they are consenting adults engaging in otherwise legal activities and not hindering others' pursuit of happiness, then it's not our business to tell them they cannot. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Mars' first colonists must breed

So the Mars One project has whittled the field of applicants for Mars colonist down from 20,000 to 100. Now they'll bring those 100 together for 5 days of rigorous teamwork testing and standard NASA evaluations.
Presumably the whole point of human colonization of another planet is to reproduce, otherwise what's the point? It occurred to me that perhaps one of the criteria be that you must be desirable to the opposite gender, in order to facilitate mating.
I'm guessing age discrimination is why they didn't pick me because it couldn't have been undesirability.

This prime specimen of human evolution would meet the above requirements, ideally. 

Friday, June 03, 2016

The gorilla wasn't asking for it, that's why

Allen West wrote an article lamenting the fact that the nation was beside itself over the gorilla being shot, but barely even noticed that 68 people got shot(5 dead) in Chicago over the same weekend.
That's because the gorilla didn't do anything to earn being killed, while we're used to scores of people getting shot in Chicago every weekend.
You don't see gorillas loitering on street corners looking for trouble at 2 in the morning, belonging to violent drug gangs, or robbing liquor stores.
I'd bet that of the 68 people that got shot in Chicago last weekend, 60 of them probably did something to invite it or otherwise had it coming. That's just life in Chicago these days, but getting shot isn't part of normal life in the gorilla enclosure at the Cincy zoo.

You can't save sick children with Facebook likes

We all have friends on Facebook who regularly post ""Like" if you want to save little Timmy", or something. Timmy's either lost in the woods, has incurable brain cancer, or microcephaly from the Zika virus. 

The idea that clicking "like" on Facebook somehow helps somebody, anybody, in crisis is absurd. All it does is let the clickers feel good about themselves that they helped, without actually helping in any way. 

That's why I laughed out loud at this meme. To click on "like" to save Timmy is to believe that Jesus is checking the numbers to see if he should save Timmy or not. It's patently idiotic. 

Islamic smart phone

Heh heh, some dopey Imam in England has introduced a smart phone specifically for Muslims. It has a bunch of Islamic-oriented applications and like 80 hours of mind-numbingly boring speeches by him. 

Among the Islamic apps are.....

-building an IED for dummies
-finding the welfare office nearest you
-democrat voting registration made easy (citizenship not required)
-flight simulator 
-You too can be a reader
-soap, it's not just for infidels
-washing dirty night shirts--laundry made easy
-using this phone as a detonator

The funny part though is the curious symbol it uses for wall paper. It is weirdly phallic....which is a huge violation of Islamic law.

Heh heh, how do you parody Muslims when their self-parody is so hilarious?

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Intentional use of bad grammar in advertising irritates me

So I'm doing some traffic work down in Foley, Al, just north of Gulf Shores. There is a restaurant here, very popular with the bourgeoisie, called Lambert's. Their shtick is throwing your bread at you before you eat it.....their slogan being "Throwed Rolls".

There's no telling how many dumb hillbillies think that "throwed" is a word because of this. I will not go there and underwrite the notion that all Alabamians are illiterate rubes, although our being at the bottom of the national education rankings does make exactly that argument.

Still, intentional bad grammar, even if colloquially kitschy, annoys me.

This is not all of us, though she is kind of fetching.  ;-)

Heh, verybody hates KW

I have to say I'm enjoying immensely these gorilla memes......the Interwebs are very clever doing what they do.