“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, March 28, 2014

On this day in history

The seeds of what would become World War I were sown 100 years ago today.....

A ragtag band of hipster, coffee-house, intellectuals in Sarajevo, who called themselves The Black Hand, hatched a vaudeville-like plan to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. And despite a comedy of errors on the parts of both the assassins and the oblivious Archduke, they pulled it off. The resulting hostilities between Austria-Hungary and Serbia with Russia, dragged the European allies of each side into what would become WW-I.......a single bullet, that but for the utter incompetence of everybody involved, caused the deaths of 9 million.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Establishment GOP plots against Tea Party guys

Apparently speaker Boehner, and 27 other establishment republicans are heading to the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island, Florida next weekend to strategize with far-left liberals about how to defeat non-establishment republicans in primaries this November. It's sponsored by Steve LaTourette's(former Ohio congresscritter) Main Street Advocacy group which is funded largely by George Soros and union money. 

These guys hate any dissent by Tea Party or independent-minded republicans. They want to elect only blindly-loyal, get-along, milquetoast candidates who'll do exactly as they say, once democrats have been consulted of course.

Don't even try to tell me the republican establishment doesn't have the same big-government, socialist-style nanny state plan for America that Harry Reid and Obama do. Every single one of these guys needs to be primaried and kicked out of office.

These traitors control the GOP.....which is why I abandoned it in 2006. They're indistinguishable from liberal fever-swamp democrats.

When football players become lazy union thugs

Candy-ass Northwestern football players apparently didn't like two-a-day practices or all the hard work that goes into game preparation, so they sued for, and won, the right to unionize and bargain collectively with the school and coaching staff about practice conditions, housing arrangements, etc. 

This is going to be a disaster if unions hit up every NCAA -Div-1 sports team and try to unionize them, which they will now if this decision is upheld. Obviously Northwestern U. appealed the ruling. 

The NCAA should make an announcement today: [If players want to be considered legal "employees" of their school, then they will be charged taxes on their scholarship tuition they receive, just like any other "employees".]

That'll kill this absurd idea while it's still in the cradle. I mean what blue-chip player would choose a school that made him pay taxes on his tuition benefits because the team is a union shop. At Northwestern U. that's like $50,000 a year. What would his parents have to pay in taxes on that?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Every thing has a price, including the American Lung Assoc.

You'd think that the American Lung Association had the best interests of the health of Americans in mind when it chooses to endorse or criticize products. Well, you'd be wrong.

Turns out that Pfizer is losing its ass on smoking cessation drugs Chantix and Nicotrol because to date there have been 500 suicides of users of these products(suicidal thoughts are a known side-effect). And to be fair, the commercials all warn you abut "feelings of suicide" as a side-effect but 500? Seriously?

The ALA purports to be all about smoking cessation and have in the past endorsed the new ridiculous but harmless e-cigarettes as a way to get your nicotine fix without all the harmful cancer-causing chemicals found in cigarette smoke. But they've recently taken a hard line against them, why? Because Pfizer donated $900,000 to them with the understanding that they would criticize e-cigs that are taking much market share away from cessation drugs.

That the ALA would criticize an essentially harmless product so that a drug manufacturer can increase sales of drugs that cause people by the hundreds to take their own lives is outrageous.

I wonder if people sucking on pretend cigarettes know how dumb and weak they look?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

That's racist!

Quick, somebody call Al Sharpton. I'm offended and I want reparations.

Obama ends Navy's two best missile programs

Obama announced that he would be very quickly cutting the Tomahawk and Hellfire cruise missiles from the US Navy arsenal.

These two weapons systems are the best offensive weapons the Navy has. We can deliver very accurately, death from a distance without risking the lives of F-18 Hornet pilots and at a fraction of the cost.

Now, I'm not a fan of blowing things up in third-world countries when it's unnecessary, but sometimes the people who we've bribed with foreign aid don't do as we've asked them and they need to be reminded from whom they happily took bribe money and a surprise Tomahawk in your back yard focuses the mind.

I'm actually in agreement with Obama that we need a slightly smaller, leaner military,(for instance why do we need 900 overseas American military bases in 130 nations?) however, there are certain programs that we should keep and these two missile programs are two of the most important in my opinion.

The fix is in, why fight the inevitable?

Here's more proof that democrat and republican insiders are essentially the same people, the same lying, cheating, corrupt, verminous people we've always known them to be. 

Until just recently, J. Michael Allen was the chief of staff to Mike Rogers(R) who chaired the House Intel. Committee investigating Benghazi, which incriminates Hillary Clinton. Now he's started a private consulting firm of his own and hired mostly hatchet-men from the Clinton administration. What does "consulting" mean in DC? It means lobbyists, the most vile, despicable people on Earth right after pimps, drug pushers, and middle-school gym teachers. 

The notion that party ID means anything is a preposterous fallacy. The whole of DC is a kabuki-theater production designed to make the stupid American voter believe that there's an ideological struggle taking place for the direction of the country and that we have a participatory role to play in it. WE DON'T! The federal bureaucracy always gets bigger, thousands of liberty-restricting laws are always passed, pointless wars are always started or continued in the name of our safety, and life in general never seems to improve......all regardless of who wins elections be they house, senate, or presidential. 

Here are the true players who matter: the secretive, private bankers who sit on the FED, the banking oligarchs who seamlessly flow back and forth between Wall Street, Academia, and the Dept. of Treasury, some in the UN, people connected with major defense contractors, a few well-connected Pentagon Generals, virtually anonymous venture capitalists around the world, and of course the highly-bribed US politicians who'll provide cover for it all with sham elections and the pretense of party-driven, legislative debate. 

Ask yourself, has the direction of the country really changed from Clinton to Bush to Obama? I'd say no, not in a single meaningful way. So what's the point? Stop fighting election cycle after election cycle, as if you can effect change. Instead, save as much money as you can, insulate yourself from our paternalistic, meddling government to whatever extent you can, and ex-filtrate yourself and your family to Belize, Costa Rica, or New Zealand when you can afford it. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Black youths go wilding in North Philly

First of all, Philadelphia is a moribund cesspool on par almost with Detroit. And Temple University sits right in the middle of the worst part of town. Why you would ever let your kid go to college there is a total mystery. Still, that doesn't excuse this outrage......

A 19 year old Temple student and her boyfriend were attacked by a large gang of "youths" around 10-15 years old. The couple was stalked and taunted by the gang for about a block then one of the older girls slammed the victim's face with a brick, severely dislocating her jaw and teeth, as the other kids, male and female, grabbed and hit her and the boyfriend. The girl was rushed to the ER for emergency surgery.

I read 4 different published accounts of this story and in not a single one of them was the race of the gang reported. It was a white couple, does anybody think these kids would have done this to a black couple?

When will the politically correct media start reporting these knockout-game stories accurately rather than the cleaned up race-neutral version designed to protect black youths from the general public knowing just how rampant black-youth crime in big cities is. This story is about race and crime....report it!

When you read stories about "urban youths" attacking white people remember, this is how the media view all black kids.

Only in California

This male teacher(right) in California will be returning to school after the summer break as a woman, shown left. 

Look, if you self-identify as a woman and want to "change" I don't care, but at least take a hormone or two before scaring the bejesus out of kids, because you're not a chick yet, just a dude in drag. Feminize a little first. Common-Core math is hard enough as it is without the distraction of a hideous clown staring at you.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Purity Balls, where daughters symbolically marry their fathers???

So I was just reading an article on the national popularity explosion of "Purity Balls". It's a sort of creepy, wedding-like ceremony where teen girls pledge themselves to their fathers, he becomes her ersatz boyfriend, and promises to protect her chastity until she's married. They exchange purity rings and vows....the whole nine yards.....and that's after the girls march in carrying a cross and sporting wedding dresses. 

I'm try not to be too judgmental or critical of anybody pursuing happiness anyway they like, but am I the only who finds this a tad strange? And, isn't this much pressure to not have premarital sex setting the girls up for a lifetime of guilt if they fail.....as almost all of them will? 

The Bitter Half takes another taxpayer funded vacation

Michelle Obama, her daughters, mother, and an entourage of 70 landed in China for a week long vacation, care of the US taxpayers. She's supposedly doing some "soft diplomacy" but it's really just a vacation that no reports are allowed to go on or ask her any questions. 

Here's a bizarre quote from Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser regarding the First Lady's jaunt, "What the first lady really brings is the power of her own story, the power of American values.”

What? Seriously, what? 

No, what the first lady brings to China is her unparalleled appetite and a bill for who knows how many millions of dollars for her girls' fabulous Spring Break trip to far off lands the rest of us only dream about taking our kids. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The carnival of idiocy rolls on with missing 777

So this is what passes for hard news now? "Possible object"?

I swear, this story has passed from the merely ridiculous into the patently absurd. And the drooling media are only partially to blame. It's the half-witted American TV viewers that are mostly the cause of hysterical reporting on the missing 777. CNN's prime-time ratings doubled because they actually proffered the idea that a black hole swallowed the plane and hosted a panel of "experts" on if this were possible. That was shortly after they wondered ominously if aliens had abducted the plane and passengers.

Are we really this stupid? Are families really sitting in their dens, staring breathless at the TV all night with half-eaten microwave dinners in their laps? They'll find the plane eventually...or maybe they won't. But 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage and analysis without a single fact to go on is beyond silly....just like trotting out every Tom, Dick, and Harry who's ever had anything to do with commercial or military aviation as experts to repeat stupidly after each other, "I don't know what happened, Greta".

I haven't watched more than 5 minutes of it since maybe day 3, and that's only to wait for some actual news to be reported....after which I turn it off.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tired of Putin kicking his ass, Obama retreats to friendly sports

Here's Obama's March Madness bracket, cordially filled out by Vlad. Putin......

While Putin redraws the borders of Russia, contemplates taking the whole of Ukraine, and threatens to cut of all natural gas to eastern Europe, while Venezuela burns, while Israel prepares for war with Iran, and Iran spins up it's 10,000 uranium centrifuges, and Michelle takes another lavish vacation courtesy of the taxpayers, Obama can't find anything better to occupy his mind than making his stupid basketball tournament picks.

Obama isn't a serious leader, he's an immature adolescent in a huge, free playroom called the US.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I'm always staring at the stars

This is the 10-meter South Pole Telescope and the BICEP(Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization) Telescope with the Milky Way visible in the sky above. This is the instrument that just confirmed Einstein's 100 year old postulate that there are detectable ripples, or gravitational waves, in time/space, left over from the Big Bang 13.8Billion years ago, that confirm the expansion of the universe. 

In the first trillionth of a second after the Big Bang, the universe went from the size of a marble to larger than the current observable universe. These gravitational waves caused some parts to expand faster than others, which caused the matter therein to eventually coalesce into what would become stars.

Cosmology, colonization, and He-3 mining are the three reasons humans should return to the Moon and then to Mars. Imagine what we could learn about our origins with Mars or Moon-based telescopes?

I hope I live long enough to see a permanent, manned Moon-base and at least one manned mission to Mars.

America recedes to "spectator" status on world stage....it's the Putin show now

Only 3 minutes of thinking would have told me that with the pointless 10-year Iraq war over and the meaningless Afghan misadventure winding down, the US military-industrial complex needs a war somewhere to keep the weapons manufacturing contracts flowing and the Pentagon generals busy planning wars and promoting each other to the next level of general.

Of course American neo-cons like John McCain never needed anything more than a whiff of Soviet aggression or the rumor of human rights indignities somewhere we don't care about, to beat the drum of invasion.

Fortunately they have the Ukraine crisis now as a premise for arming another country against a bully aggressor. But should we be sending weapons to the Ukraine and escalating that situation? Russia will take the Ukraine if Putin wants to take it and any arms we ship over there will only prolong the battle and increase the loss of Ukrainian life, that is if direct US involvement doesn't actually precipitate a Russian invasion just to prove a point, where they wouldn't have invaded otherwise.

You can't argue, as some on Fox News have, that we insisted that the Ukraine abandon it's nuclear ambitions so we have a responsibility to protect her now. This was never going to be a nuclear contest so that argument isn't valid.

Obama is such an empty-suited joke on the international stage now that even the Europeans won't come on board with him to militarily defend the Ukraine if it comes to that. And the US alone sending weapons accomplishes nothing but to provoke Putin.

Unless Obama and the neo-cons in congress are willing to go toe-to-toe with Putin on the ground, which we aren't, we have no cards left to play in this except weak, trans-Atlantic rhetoric and laughable threats of pointless sanctions. Putin holds all the cards and all we can do is spectate.

Hunger strikes never accomplish anything except to make you hungry

Despondent family members of the Chinese passengers from the missing 777 are threatening a hunger strike if Malaysian authorities don't step up the information release of where the plane is. 

Um, 1: they don't know where it is. 2: how does starving yourself expedite the process? and 3: there are almost 1.4 Billion Chinese people, or 20% of the world's population......they won't miss you much. 

Be patient, the Malaysians are woefully incompetent at this, as Muslims are at virtually everything they undertake, but they're doing their pitiful best.

Obama gets schooled on Twitter....heh heh

Heh heh, the Russian deputy PM LOL'd at Obama's threats yesterday via Twitter asking, "Did a prankster come up with these sanctions"?

Uh, that's like 3 wins now for Putin and Obama still embarrassingly at 0. 

Two points: 1: the back and forth between Putin and Obama is must-see TV, and 2: how bizarre that international crisis diplomacy between nuclear armed super-powers is being conducted humorously on Twitter?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

For St. Patrick's Day, here's my favorite Irish rock band, Gaelic Storm. Enjoy!


You don't tug on Superman's cape.....

My views on pitbulls are well documented. It's not a matter of if, but of when that dog will try to kill you and your children. That said, when a dog is chained in a private yard, you don't let a 4 year old child run into the chain's radius and try to take the dog's bone. In Phoenix that's what happened and now the dog is about to be euthanized.

It's like tugging on Superman's cape, spitting in the wind, or pulling the mask off the Lone Ranger........and you don't take a bone from a pitbull. 

This time, I'm actually on the side of the dog. I'm sorry the kid got mauled, but the dog was just being a dog....and you don't take a dog's bone.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

America's most loathsome man is rearing room temperature

Fred Phelps, the delusional, loathsome former head of the Westboro Baptist Church is apparently on his death bed. Not sure what's killing him but depression from having been excommunicated six months ago from his own church certainly must make his suffering worse......good. 

At any rate, I'm sure when he closes his eyes and wishes for the sweet release of death, hopefully he sees this image, the devil coming to drag him off to hell at long last.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Obama, the foreign policy amateur

The Carter Foreign Policy Doctrine: Because access to middle east oil is a vital American interest, any attempt to interrupt the flow will be viewed as a hostile act against the US and no response, including military, is off the table to preserve that access. 

The Reagan Foreign Policy Doctrine: The US will support financially and possibly militarily, any rebel group or government that resists the spread of communism by Russia. 

The Bush Foreign Policy Doctrine: Given that virtually all terrorism is directed toward the US, the US reserves the right to pursue terrorists where they live and train in any country we find them.

Whether you liked any of these Presidents or not, each had a serious, valid foreign policy doctrine for which their administrations would be historically known.

The Obama Foreign Policy Doctrine: All nations with whom the US has diplomatic and economic relations should tax and regulate their industries to combat climate change. 

This is what you get when you elect an inexperienced, two-bit community organizer, without a single accomplishment that qualifies him for public office, to the presidency. You get a world-wide embarrassment.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Don't pee in the pool

So 1 in 5 adults admits to peeing in public pools. That means realistically, probably half of us pee in the pool. Terrifyingly, the uric acid in your pee reacts with the chlorine resulting in two by-products: a nerve toxin and a tear gas substance. Supposedly some lifeguards and people who swim daily have reported symptoms similar to nerve agent exposure.

I imagine now they'll actually put a red indicator in the pool to expose the pee culprits. When I belonged to the Y, they shut the pool down for an entire summer weekend because some brat dropped a deuce in the pool. Disgusting child should have been beaten to within an inch of his life.

The moral of the story is stay out of public pools, they're gross.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Obama paternalizes poor people

On some obscure Spanish language TV station, President Obama did a Q&A on the topic of healthcare. He was asked about it's affordability for a family with a low or modest income, such as $40,000 per year. This was his utterly elitist and out of touch response.....

“if you looked at their cable bill, their telephone, their cell phone bill… it may turn out that, it’s just they haven’t prioritized health care.”

Now, prioritizing your expenses and making luxury sacrifices might be sound economic advice for basic household operations, but to ask an entire family to forego TV and phone service in order to comply with outrageously expensive, government insurance policies when the private market offered tailored policies for far less, is going way too far. What an authoritarian snob Obama is!

Ask not at whom the President looks down his nose, for he looks down at you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mitch McConnell needs to be primaried

Here's RINO senate minority leader Mitch McConnell on his estimation of the TEA Party in the mid-terms this November..... 

“I think we are going to crush them everywhere,” he said, “I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.” 

McConnell will be a champion of amnesty and the democrat scheme to displace resident Americans with hostile indigent foreigners who'll loyally vote democrat. He's just pretending to be the loyal opposition to his democrat pals in the Senate like the loathsome Reid, Shumer, Durbin, Feinstein, etc. 

If you are a conservative Kentuckian and you vote again for McConnell, you are a putz. His opponent Matt Bevin is far more worthy of your primary vote. 

Here's Mitch now, indicating how much regard he has for conservative Americans.

Beiber is an arrogant prick

Man I thought I hated this arrogant little prick before now, but watch Justin Beiber being deposed regarding an altercation between his lemo driver and a photographer.

It would have been worth a disbarment for that lawyer to have reached across the table and slapped the shit out of this smug, two-bit punk. I would have thoroughly enjoyed that. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Where in the world is that Malaysian 777

OK I'm officially going on the record as hoping that, in the absence of any other plausible explanation for Malaysia-370 disappearing into thin air, it turns out to be the most spectacular alien abduction of all time. 

What more outrageously excellent way to reveal yourself to the planet of puny Earthlings you've been studying and probing for decades, than to steal one of their primitive transportation devices.....during actual transportation?

And I for one welcome our benevolent alien overlords who will surely endeavor to guide us to a better tomorrow.....at first anyway. Then they'll probably dine on our brains and entrails as they mine Earth for all its resources.

Nerd Test

Win a virtual cookie if you are the first to name what's going in this picture.

For bonus points, recite the rules of the activity.

In the interest of full disclosure, I actually have a t-shirt with this on it.

Obama is better than the rest of us

As Russian flags fly over Crimea, the Crimeans plan to vote for secession from the Ukraine, and Russian troops essentially occupy the entire peninsula, President Obama golfs on one of the most exclusive golf clubs in Florida at Key Largo.

It's being reported that for Obama to enjoy a golf outing, it required 57 secret service agents, 5 helicopters, and the irritating inconvenience of all 10,000 residents of Key Largo on a normally busy Spring Break weekend, some of which weren't even allowed to play golf on the same course as Obama despite being members.

I don't care if Obama takes golf vacations, but for him to demonize the 1%'ers, intentionally create economic conditions where the real unemployment rate is around 19%, the labor participation rate is only 63%, and more Americans are on foodstamps than ever in history, the appearance of him and Michelle spending taxpayer money on frequent, lavish vacations rings a tad elitist and hypocritical. What's wrong with playing at St. Andrews AFB like normal?

Saturday, March 08, 2014

John McCain doesn't like us wacko birds

At CPAC, Ted Cruz reminded the GOP what happens when your nomination process boils down to anointing the next guy whose turn it is to run for President, especially when that guy is a beltway insider.....

“All of us remember President Dole, President McCain, and President Romney, “ Cruz said facetiously. 

“All of those those are good men, those are decent men — but when you don’t stand and draw a clear distinction, when you don’t stand for principle, Democrats celebrate,” he said.

Of course John McCain got his panties in a wad over this, but Cruz is right. If the GOP wants to beat the likes of liberal rock stars like Clinton and Obama, they'll have to nominate somebody who excites true conservatives. While decent guys, none of the three did that.

Friday, March 07, 2014

John Kerry channels Neville Chamberlain

Here's our embarrassing Secretary of State Neville Chamberlain.....I mean John Kerry, two days ago, employing the How-to-Negotiate-With-a-Bully strategy he undoubtedly learned on the playground as a child. Step one is groveling, to make sure the bully knows that he'll get all your lunch money without having to hit you.......

“President Obama and I want to make it clear to Russia and to everybody in the world that we are not seeking confrontation."

Good grief, what is the point in publicly declaring that you are mortally afraid of your enemy? The Quisling John Kerry just essentially guaranteed Putin that he could have the Ukraine and Crimea and the US would do nothing. Not that we could stop Putin if we wanted to, but to emasculate yourself, and by extension your country, on the international stage by bending over to kiss Putin's ass is beyond humiliating. It's not negotiation, it's simple submission.  

Amnesty is probably inevitable

At the CPAC meetings this week, almost nobody was talking about the looming amnesty bill that democrats will almost certainly try to ram through. Heck, even establishment republicans are on board with amnesty for fear of being called xenophobic or racist by the media, as well as the fantasy that more than a handful of newly legal Mexicans will vote for them if they grant citizenship. They won't.

All democrats want amnesty and enough mainstream republicans want it too, so it's only a matter of time. But here's what to watch out for. Amnesty is one thing, but amnesty with the right to cast votes in elections is quite another. DC politicians see the 20million Mexicans as a tidal wave of block votes, and they're right. The GOP guys stupidly think they'll enjoy some minority votes, but they are delusional.

Once voting rights are conferred on the newly legalized Mexicans, you'll never see the GOP win another national election.....ever, and the predictable end of the US as anything but a rapidly declining nanny-state will have been carved in stone. Russia and China will rise as world economic and military powers while the US slips into second-world status.

Keep your eye on when the newly legalized aliens get voting rights, that's when the end will have begun.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Who's Obama's daddy? Putin is!

I had to swipe this from Moonbattery. It might be the funniest knock-knock joke ever.

I'm laughing pretty hard at Obama, and if I were any nationality but American, I'd be laughing still harder. But when your own effete President gets repeatedly spanked by a macho bully like Putin, it gets to be embarrassing. Everybody is laughing at us.....and have been for 6 years. SMH!

The reparations bug infests the Caribbean

Inexplicably unable to make money on tourism, rum, and ganja, 14 Caribbean nations are planning to sue Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Denmark for reparations for their respective roles in the slave trade 150 years ago.

Heh heh, seriously?

Neither Florida or Hawaii have anything more to offer the rest of the world than tourism and fruit, and they're flush with money. What's wrong with the Caribbean that they can't be successful with all that, plus drugs? Government corruption, rampant laziness, and the apparent lack of competent barbers seems to be a common theme down there. 

I don't know how much they want, but I'm sure the formerly great Britain will surely be the first to cave and cough up some cash.

Apple's Tim Cook is a douche

This is Apple's douchbag CEO Tim Cook. At a recent stockholder meeting he advised any investors who don't believe in the man-made global warming hoax to sell Apple stock as they aren't wanted in the Apple family.

Virtually all of Apple's iPhones and other gadgets are made in a Foxconn factory in China. Yeah, China where there are no pollution controls whatsoever. China builds a new coal plant like every month and is already one of the worlds worst polluting nations. But Cook doesn't care about that, or that his Chinese workers live in deplorable conditions, are overworked, and earn piddling amounts of money for what they provide, he only cares that he can sell iPhones at competitive prices here to eager electronics consumers like me.

I own an iPhone and I don't care how or by whom it's made. What I do care about is the hypocrisy of this dick lecturing me about pollution when he contributes to it massively, in order to make a living.

Tim Cook can't clean up his karma as a polluter and likely human-rights violator by claiming to be an environmentalist when the facts prove him to be both. That fact makes him a douche.

Forget Muslim self-esteem, let's go to Jupiter

"All These Worlds Are Yours Except Europa. Attempt No Landing There. Use Them Together. Use Them in Peace."   ---- 2001-A Space Odyssey

Around 2025, NASA will send a probe to fly through the liquid water geysers on the Jovian moon Europa, where according to Stanley Kubrick and others, life might exist. They should keep an eye out for monoliths. 

Color me excited!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Facebook goes native

Facebook is buying a solar-powered drone company for like $60 Million. Apparently he wants to deliver free wifi to underserved spots around the world.....such as the entire continent of Africa. Not sure how Zuck plans to make money from aboriginals, nomads, and warlords who don't own computers, cell phones, or even houses, but if anybody can, I guess it's him.

I wonder what a Facebook post by an African might look like.....

"Hey guys, watch this epic lion hunting fail. Kunta got eaten....hahahahaha!!!"

....with attached video clip of the mauling.

These people need food, water, medicine, and contraception, not access to the latest vine videos and LeBron James tweets.

Democrats can't name a single accomplishment of Hillary's

Last week at the DNC winter meetings, committee members and attendees were asked if they were ready for Hillary 2016. All said yes, but when asked to name some accomplishments of hers as a basis for their excitement, all any of them could conjure up was her pro-abortion stance and that she married Bill.

Democrats blithely voted for Barack Obama, twice, and he was far less accomplished than Hillary. For democrats it's all about personality and breaking imaginary glass ceilings, be they race or gender. Actual job qualifications matter not to the garden-variety dem. voter.

Here's Hillary cozying up to her one accomplishment......

Monday, March 03, 2014

Liam Neeson's "Non-Stop" might as well be called "Political Correctness on a Plane"

Has anybody seen Liam Neeson's latest movie "Non-Stop"? If you haven't but you plan to at some point and you don't want me to spoil the movie for you, then stop reading now.

Otherwise, get a load of this. I just read a synopsis of this movie by somebody who saw it. Anyway, Liam Neeson is a washed up air marshal on whose plane a killer is operating. And it has all the elements we expect in a Liam Neeson action thriller.....brooding angst and Neeson kicking ass. But there's more.

Turns out, the killer is a 9/11 family member who's disgruntled because the US hasn't done enough in his estimation to stop the next 9/11 and he wants to make a point by framing an air marshal for murders in the sky. Worse still, his fellow high-jacker is a member of the US military who is happy to murder innocent civilians for money. Worse still, the only peaceful, reasonable, beyond suspicious, guileless person on the flight is a Muslim in full garb and beard.


If this is true, then I'm terribly disappointed because I usually like Liam Neeson roles. But then when I saw Julianne Moore was in it, I suspected something was up. It seems that if a movie denigrates Americans and canonizes our enemies, she's usually in it.

Michelle Obama's nutritional nanny-state

Michelle Obama's new proposed simplified food labels are estimated to cost the industry over $2Billion. Guess who'll get that cost passed along to them? The same Valium-addled moms who can't figure out what groceries to buy their families, who Michelle purports to be helping. 

Above are the two labels, the current design on the left and Michelle's proposed design on the right. Is there $2Billiion worth of simplification from one to the other? Of course not. Michelle is bored and there's nothing's more intrusive on the private lives of the citizenry than a bored, nanny-state liberal with the power of the presidency behind her.

Common Core seems pretty stupid

My kids are long out of grade school so they, and I, were never burdened with learning math any way other than the tried and true way it's always been taught....the old fashioned way.

It is my understanding that as part of the Common Core teaching strategy, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students are given different ways to work problems such as the one in the picture.....to train them to "think" about it correctly. I get that, but I've heard many frustrated parents say that their kids are being forced to learn math the new, convoluted way, even if they understand it the old way. My colleague here at work says that her daughter can work 3-digit addition/subtraction problems the old way with "carrying" and "borrowing", the way we learned it as kids. But if she arrives at the correct answer and didn't show her work the new way, which neither she or her mom can make sense of, then she receives an "F" for doing it incorrectly, even having gotten the right answer.

Am I missing something or is this how Common Core is taught in grade schools now?

I'd like somebody to explain the problem above to me. Where did the numbers in the box come from? And how does doing the problem this way make the concepts more understandable and clear?

Saturday, March 01, 2014

The absent President

With the situation in the Ukraine deteriorating by the minute and Vladimir Putin gleefully sticking his finger in Obama's eye just as he did with the Syria situation, you'd think that Obama would want to be up to date on the goings-on there. But his national security team met today without him. Supposedly he was briefed by Susan Rice, but shouldn't the leader of the free world and the person Putin most wants to embarrass, show up for his own security briefing?

Whether he eventually got briefed or not, the appearance of his not caring enough to be there in person is emblematic of his carelessness when ever he deals with trouble abroad. Clearly, he doesn't care. To Obama, foreign policy issues are a meaningless distraction from fundamentally transforming racist, imperialist America into a second rate nanny state ruled by an enlightened oligarchy of people like him.

There's nothing Obama can do to alter in any meaningful way the outcome of the Ukraine situation, and Putin is again outing Obama as the rank amateur he is. But Obama could at least give the pretense of giving a damn.