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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, March 10, 2014

Obama is better than the rest of us

As Russian flags fly over Crimea, the Crimeans plan to vote for secession from the Ukraine, and Russian troops essentially occupy the entire peninsula, President Obama golfs on one of the most exclusive golf clubs in Florida at Key Largo.

It's being reported that for Obama to enjoy a golf outing, it required 57 secret service agents, 5 helicopters, and the irritating inconvenience of all 10,000 residents of Key Largo on a normally busy Spring Break weekend, some of which weren't even allowed to play golf on the same course as Obama despite being members.

I don't care if Obama takes golf vacations, but for him to demonize the 1%'ers, intentionally create economic conditions where the real unemployment rate is around 19%, the labor participation rate is only 63%, and more Americans are on foodstamps than ever in history, the appearance of him and Michelle spending taxpayer money on frequent, lavish vacations rings a tad elitist and hypocritical. What's wrong with playing at St. Andrews AFB like normal?

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