“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, August 31, 2015

Germans naively think Bush had nuke-fever after 9/11

So, former-German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, is reporting that immediately following 9/11, George Bush considered using nuclear weapons againt Afghanistan in retaliation. 

I seriously doubt that. 

First, war planning includes literally every eventuality, weapon, and outcome when the Pentagon war-games different scenarios. That's not the same as "considering" nuking somebody. 

Second, we would never nuke a country simply because a terror group operated  against us out of their country. If the Afghan government had sponsored it, planned it, and executed it, then yes, nukes would definitely have been seriously considered, though I'm not sure we'd have used them even then. 

Lastly, overreaction is always a possibility when 3,000 civilians are murdered in cold blood in such a spectacular way. Fortunatly Bush didn't overreact, he invaded Iraq a year later instead. We can argue about the wisdom and outcome of that, but overreaction isn't something normally associated with US military policy and it wasn't a factor in Bush's handling of 9/11 retaliation. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Do we need another U2 spy plane?

So the U2 spy plane was developed during the Cold War to snoop on the Ruskies from and altitude that surface-to-air missiles could not reach. Francis Gary Powers notwithstanding, the U2 has something like an 85% mission success rate. And it's still in service today. 

For some reason, Lockheed-Martin is being asked to design a replacement as the retirement date in 2019 for the U2, looms near. 


With satellites, why do we need manned space-craft zooming around the heavens taking pictures of our enemies? Can't unmanned drones to the same thing, and by orders of magnitude more cheaply? 

Generation Y has a bad reputation

Both of mine are Gen-Y kids but thankfully are not like the description here.

Still if you have one of these slackers loafing around your house, this probably strikes a chord with you and probably isn't as funny as it is to me.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ESPN has become disappointing

The morons over at ESPN suspended Curt Schilling for accurately comparing Islamists to Nazis in a tweet(above).
Schilling didn't call all 1.6Billion Muslims ISIS terrorists any more than anybody calls all 80MIllioin Germans at the time, Nazis.
He was merely pointing out that in both examples, radicalized individuals representing a small percentage of the population, along with a marginally supportive majority population, can cause a lot of trouble.
He was dead on point, but ESPN was more concerned about hurting the feelings of the imaginary moderate Muslims they naively believe are among us.
I used to watch ESPN all the time, but they've become so politically correct that I can't stomach that channel any more.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Government solutions are worse than the problems it created

Heh heh, in order to comply with EPA rules that all California reservoirs be covered with something, the Los Angeles mayor had some scientists fill the city reservoirs with millions of matte black balls. 

They bragged that it would save 300million gallons from evaporation and save taxpayers $250million. 

Not so fast.....because the balls were stupidly colored black instead of chrome or white, they have almost zero measureable reflectivity so they become extremely hot. So, while they may prevent evaporation from air movement, they accelerate it by heating the water.

More hilariously, the super heated water is now a very inviting bacteria trap making it virtually impossible to keep algae and slime mold out of the water, thus creating a dangerous health hazard for the citizenry.

Hahahaha.....once again, the government to the rescue creating a worse problem with its stupid solution, than the original problem it created to begin with.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

CNN owes detective an apology

A white B'ham police detective pulled over a black motorist for driving erratically. The motorist jumped out of his car, attacked the detective, sucker punched him and pistol whipped him with his own gun. Why didn't the cop just shoot the aggressive motorist, you ask? Because he didn't want to be a CNN headline and invite the Black Lives Matter goons to B'ham, which let's be honest, doesn't exactly have a great race history.

Rather than help, locals took pictures and video on cellphones and quickly posted them on social media, making fun of the cop with the hashtag, #FDAPOLICE......you can figure that one out for your selves.

Since the media, particularly CNN, has played a major role in fomenting hatred and distrust, almost all of it undeserved, among urban blacks for the police, let's revist the CNN hags from a year ago as they began their anti-cop campaign....

Friday, August 14, 2015

An apt memorial to Michael Brown

On the one year anniversary of thug Michael Brown's timely demise, which resulted in the sacking of the town of Ferguson, MO, some person deserving of Nobel laureate status, made an apt memorial to him......

Monday, August 10, 2015

Birmingham City Council.....corrupt and self-serving to the core

The dastardly president of the B'ham City Council, Jonathon Austin, and the other council members gave themselves a 400% pay raise recently in what amounted to the dark of night. They snuck a sentence granting the raise onto an unrelated bill when nobody was looking.
City Coucil jobs are part time and they pay $15,000. Now the lazy bums will be making $75,000 for part-time "work". That's 3 times greater than the mean income of city residents and enough money for these jackasses to be sucking at the public teat full-time.
But that's ok, because the city council prides itself on diversity.....except white men, there are none.
Most people think B'ham is a big city and the metro area is(1.2Million), but that's including like 15 suburb cities. B'ham itself is only about 210,000 in pop and the city council job only requires part-time attention.
A few years ago Jefferson County (B'ham) filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history, until Detroit did it. With these bunch running the city, maybe we can get a two-fer.
Here's the rogues gallery of Birmingham City Council miscreants.....

Ferguson reboot

Blacks in Ferguson had way too much fame, fun, and profit a year ago so I'm betting we can look forward to willfully unemployed Ferguson thugs rioting and looting every year on the anniversary of the timely demise of their fellow thug, Michael Brown.

In a sane world, these Black-Lives-Matter clowns who blocked both ways of the interstate for hours today, would have been either run down in the street, or detained and given jobs......a fate worse than death to these hood rats.

Predictably, Bernie Sanders transitions from laughable joke, to pathetic embarrassment

Bernie Sanders has always been a laughing stock, now he's pathetic and weak too.
At a campaign event in Seattle over the weekend he allowed a handful of female Black-Lives-Matter goons to physically take the microphone away from him during his speech and bleat to the booing audience about their stupid grievances, as Sanders submissively and meekly surrendered his campaign to them.
Then, without finishing his speech, he ran away to the next event, but not before quickly and very publicly hiring a black female staffer to help head up his campaign. And, every speaker at the next event, including Sanders, blubbered the "Black Lives Matter" mantra that every liberal politician must blubber profusely in order to avoid interruptions by them.
Heh heh, what a joke!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Hiker, not smarter than the average bear

I guess it's "Humans get themselves attacked by wild carnivores" day.
Everybody knows there are as many as 900 grizzly bears in Yellowstone so why you would wander off by yourself there is anybody's guess.
Some guy hiked right into an area where a female grizzly and at least one cub were hanging around......so predictably, they ate him for lunch.
Now, officials are hoping to find the grizzlies so they can euthanize them. Seriously? The grizzlies were just doing what grizzlies do.
Again, let this be a lesson to you idiots who like to walk around by yourselves in wilderness known to be occupied by several species of large, wild carnivores......it's dangerous and you might get eaten for lunch!

Floridians never learn

Well, it's happened again.
A woman was swimming in a deep part of a Florida river in Seminole County when what do you know? An almost 9-foot alligator, no doubt anticipating what would have been a scrumptious meal, grabbed her by the arm and dragged her under the water. Some kayakers close by went to her rescue, hit the gator with their paddles, and it let her go. Still she lost her arm above the elbow.
Preposterously, wildlife officials hunted the gator down and euthanized it, after describing the attack as "vicious". Why? the gator wasn't being deliberately cruel, it was just doing what carnivores in the wild do.
What the officials should have done was wag their finger at everybody and say, "Let this be ANOTHER lesson to you idiots, stay out of fresh water in Florida."

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Why don't Muslims ever win Nobel Prizes?

Ever notice that even though they're from the same part of the world, Jews win more Nobel Prizes than Muslims? Not counting the idiotic Peace Prize, Jews have won 90 times more (184) than Muslims (2). In fact, many Jews who've won Nobel Prizes were born in Arab countries, so it's not something in the water, what could it be?
Don't misunderstand me. I'm not suggesting that Arabs are genetically inferior to Jews, just that practicing Islam makes you dumb, lazy, non-industrious, and unproductive.
These guys won't be winning any Nobel Prizes any time soon.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Obama promised to side with Islam, and we elected him anyway

What bizarro world is this where our esteemed leaders (Obama and Kerry) sit down to make a deal with an enemy who's sworn to destroy us, but initiates the criminal prosecution of a military officer who used a gun to defend himself and others from a terrorist in Chattanooga, because it happened in a recruiting office, which is a jihadist's carnival shooting gallery with the Orwellian label "gun-free zone"?

The answer is as simple as it is obvious, we stupidly allowed the treasonous media to install an anti-American leftist, who cares far more deeply about protecting the deranged ideology of Islam from criticism than protecting American servicemen from harm, into the presidency.

In the picture above, who does Obama identify with more, Abdulazeez or Cmdr. White?