“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, December 31, 2015

George Lucas needs to shut up

After selling the Star Wars franchise to Disney for $4 Billion, George Lucas criticized JJ Abrams and Disney for the new movie saying that it didn't stick to his story line for the characters and for creating a "retro" movie rather than introducing new space ships and other stuff.
I'm sorry George, but you lost your right to criticize the day you made Hayden Christensen Darth Vader, stupidly used CGI to introduce Jar Jar Binks, and pretty much everything to do with episodes 1-3, and all but ruined one of the greatest franchises in history.
Shut up, take your $4 Billion and buy an NFL franchise for LA, and quit criticizing Disney for making a better movie than you would have. That is all.

Europe finally wises up

Sweden has accepted far more Syrian refugees than any other country, but even they are reaching their limits. There's just no where to house and feed them and the government is under pressure from citizens to stop the flood of people before they collapse the welfare systems.

The fear is that with Sweden closing its border to middle east refugees, other EU nations will follow suit, fearing all those people will end up in their country, having no place else to go.

My question is, why aren't Arabic, middle east countries taking all these "refugees"?

It is apparent to me that with the help of quisling government leftists in western nations, including the US, there is an Islamic diaspora under way by which massive floods of indigent peasants who have no desire to embrace the language or cultures of their host countries, colonize the infidel west by establishing Islamic strongholds there.

Now, it may not be that each refugee individually has a hidden agenda of hostile colonization and conversion, but the other Arabic countries and certainly treasonous western leaders who invite them in, do and are using this Syrian crisis to achieve their goals. The EU leaders are simply too dumb and naive to understand that these people will not become Swedes, Germans, or Dutch and that they will demand that their host countries adapt to them instead while demanding ever more charity from them.

As for the US, we aren't dumb or naive, our reasons are numerous, varied, and intentional. Obama is clearly hostile to the US and despises this nation for its past colonial sins and of course for slavery and he wants to take us down a notch as punishment. By flooding the system with third-world colonists by the hundreds of thousands, he puts extreme pressure on the welfare machine. The Cloward-Piven strategy dictates that this is the first step toward collapsing the system altogether. Collapse would be Obama's long term goal if he could achieve it, but in the short term, I think he believes the US became rich by taking advantage of poor countries and as retribution, our wealth must be forcibly shared with poorer nations, whether in the form of aid or by inviting them to take advantage of it here. The refugee situation in Syria just provides an opportunity to do so.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

To the victor go the........

So apparently there is some confusion under Sharia law regarding how a jihadi maniac is supposed to treat the infidel women he captures in war. So, wanting to standardize the rape rules, a prominent ISIS cleric issued a fatwa on the matter. And then to regulate the enslavement of women as well as the cool stuff they win on the field of battle, ISIS created its first cabinet-level agency.......The Department of Spoils.

Heh heh, sounds like something from a cartoon.

Among the rules for slave owners is: a Muslim man shouldn't rape both a daughter and mother, better to sell one of them to a friend.

Also father and son jihadis should not rape the same woman, better the son find his own sex slave, maybe buy one from a friend who has two.

As horrible as all this is, that is not the take-away message from this blog post. The take-away message is that they actually have an official Department of Spoils. And I don't care what you say, you have to respect the brazenness of that, just a little.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Huck plots his forgone-conclusion exit

Heh heh, Mike Huckabee says that if he doesn't finish at least 3rd in Iowa, he's done.
Sorry Huck, you were done long before that.
Here Huck indicates the approximate size of his chance to be president, relative to the distance to the moon.

Friday, December 18, 2015

This meme should be "ugly Americans"

Saw this stupid meme going around on Facebook this morning. Did anybody spot the mistake, I mean other than the fact that airport coffee is at least $7, $4.75 is laughably low?

Clue: these guys aren't Muslims, they're most likely Sikhs. And this redneck who thinks he's photo-bombing Muslims is a retard.

Look, if you're going to hate-crime some Muslims, make bloody sure they're Muslim.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

We created ISIS, now we have to kill it

Good grief! ISIS is setting up a shadow "government" in Libya just in case they get kicked out of Syria and Iraq.
Does everybody understand what happened here? The US decided that we would assist the "Arab Spring" by getting rid of dictators Saddam Hussein, Mubarak in Egypt, Qadaffi in Libya, and Assad in Syria and we left a vacuum for ISIS and/or Iran to fill. There's no way in the world any of the above mentioned evil dictators would have allowed these ISIS rabble to operate in their countries for 5 seconds.  
But for our short-sighted, idiotically naive belief that the Muslim world would be better off without strongman dictators, ISIS would not even exist. Now they're going to have a nation state in what was Libya.....which comes with unrestricted ocean access. 
The U.S. is the Dr. Frankenstein who created the ISIS monster. How much blood and treasure will we now have to spend to kill it?

Another case of instant karma

Regular reader Dave sent this amusing story in: Apparently a couple of idiots decided to go on a robbery spree in Florida and when the cops showed up, one of them jumped into a nearby lake to hide. Unbeknownst to him, a lake where an 11 alligator lived. His body was found a week later and his hand and foot were found inside the gator.

Heh heh, there are gators in every body of water in Florida......do not swim there unless at the beach.

The only sad thing about this story is the gator was caught and euthanized.......but why? He was just doing what gators do. It's not like he barged into somebody's house and ate them while they watched Dancing With The Stars or something.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Anything you say displeasing to Muslims, now might be hate speech

In spite of the treacherous media's attempts to obfuscate the truth, it is known that the San Bernardino shooters were waging jihad on behalf of Islam, here in America. Clearly more worried about how Muslims in the US are being affected, the federal government made no bones about whose side it is on. Let Loretta Lynch resolve any lingering doubts you may have regarding which comes first to this administration, your right to speak freely about those who would kill us or the Muslims........

Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Thursday warned that the Justice Department could take aggressive action against people whose anti-Muslim rhetoric “edges towards violence” and told the Muslim community that “we stand with you in this.” 

President Obama told us he would abandon us for them, here's a little refresher.....

Americas gun culture

Predictably the first thing pointy headed government and media types did after San Bernardino, was to blame Americas "gun culture" for the massacre, when it is thug culture, insanity, and political correctness that leave us all at risk.

I think this poster pretty much sums up accurately Americas "gun culture".

"Moderate" Muslim silence is deafening

The first worry from so-called "moderate" Muslims in the US concerning the San Bernardino massacre was not grief for the families, but how is this going to affect us? 

They're already petitioning for the highly coveted "put-upon minority" status which will put them equal to blacks and gays in terms of protection from hate-speech and all manner of perceived micro-aggression real or imagined. I guess they figure they'd better start acting like victims even though they haven't been victimized by anybody. 

Obama, Hillary, and the treacherous media love to point out that Muslims are peaceful pacifists, and that their very honorable religion is being hijacked by radicals, but their own holy book commands all Muslims to convert infidels to Islam or slay them, yet the "moderate" Muslims sit on their hands and say nothing. 

Where is the Muslim reformation movement when the de facto spokesmen for your religion are slaughtering children and women by the tens of thousands? 

The only conclusion one can draw is that all Muslims may be categorized in one of two groups: those who would, given the chance, cut your throat and slaughter your family for being infidels, and those who by their silence, secretly approve of the slaughter because Mohammad and the Koran command it. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

We don't fear all orphans, just Muslim orphans

President Obama mocked conservatives for "fearing 3 year-old orphans" the other day.
No Mr. President, we fear 3 year-old Muslim orphans, because they invariably grow up to be Muslim adults and there is no greater indicator of the plunge of a functioning nation into a cesspool of primitive savagery, unproductivity, and hopelessness, than the presence of unassimilated Muslim adults.
What we fear is that pockets of this nation will turn into Somalia, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Yemen, or any other Islamic idological hotbed you can name.
I wouldn't turn my back on these orphans......

Campus Bias Response Team, essentially speech police

Apparently Framingham State University in Mass., has a, and I'm not kidding, "Bias Protocol and Response Team".
The team was dispatched STAT!, to deal with an oppressed and traumatized student who saw a confederate flag on a classmate's laptop. THE HORROR!!!!!
The student was rushed to counseling before any permanent damage to her delicate psyche could be done. Apparently the mere image of a rebel flag violates the campus doctrine of inclusivity.
Here the Orwellian definition of "inclusivity" means the exclusivity of anything that might offend the hot-house orchid sensibilities of left-wing ideologue students who've been conditioned to have a zero-tolerance policy toward others. 
If you make the mistake of displaying anything that finds disfavor with classmates of politically perferred skin pigmentation, you might see your school's Bias Protocol and Response Team show up at your door......

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is it too early to start bashing Bill Clinton again?


Justin Trudeau, Islam's stooge in Canada

The adolescent that Canadians stupidly elected as President, Justin Trudeau, is kicking Canadian troops out of the barracks where they live, in one town so far, to make room for the droves of Islamic hordes posing as "refugees" he's deliberately importing from the terrorist hotbed of Syria, 25,000 of them by the end of 2015.
As if this hadn't already happened in Paris, London, and Brussels, the easily foreseeable consequences of this lunatic's actions are malignant, dysfuntional, welfare-dependent Muslim ghettos where even police dare not tread, and still more obviously, innocent Canadians dead of terror attacks.
As commanded in the Koran, the Muslim diaspora continues, outrageously with the help of the quisling, useful idiots in the infidel West

Hat tip to Moonbattery

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another hate hoax, this time at Vandy

Apparently inspired by the dopey miscreants at the U of Missouri, black Vanderbilt students decided to get in on the grievance game by holding a demonstration on campus bemoaning the white patriarchy, blah blah, disenfranchizement, blah blah, white privilege, blah blah, safe space, blah blah blah. 

Nobody was paying them any attention until the next morning when like out of the heavens a bag of poop showed up on the door step of the Black Student Union building. Of course that eventuality was exactly what they needed to get the attention they deserve........."Racist hate crime, racist hate crime!"

Of course the horrified Vandy administration took this very seriously, and upon a brief but thorough investigation, it was discovered that a blind student's guide dog had pooped, and unable to locate a trash can, the student left the closed bag of dog poop where somebody could throw it away for her. 

Heh heh, the only minority group that trumps aggrieved students with politically preferred skin pigmentation is handicapped students. 

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

I think I'm witnessing a hate crime.......

Monday, November 23, 2015

Perhaps it's time for another round of Crusades

I'm a retired biologist, not a history whiz, so I cannot confirm these exact dates, but knowing what I know about Islam and the koranic commandment to conquer the world, violently in the name of the pedophile cultist Mohammad, I'm going with it.

Is it time for another round of Crusades? Let's ask France, Belgium, and Sweden.

Another likely hate-hoax, this time at Harvard

You'd think that students enrolled at infamously liberal Harvard Law School, even the affirmative-action ones, would be brighter than most........apparently you'd be wrong. After "discovering" black electrical tape over the faces of HLS's black faculty members' portraits the aggrieved students got the victimhood-vapors. Predictably, the law school dean called for an immediate meeting to address the hate crime.  

Curioslly however, the black electrical tape is identical to that recently used as part of a demonstration by the same aggrieved black students demanding that the HLS coat of arms be changed because the current one was taken from the slave-owning family who endowed the first tenured professorship there.

While not proof of a hoax, it certainly smells of one....as do nearly all campus hate-crimes turn out to be.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The rise of ISIS stubbornly didn't fit the Obama narrative for Islam

Lt General Michael Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, reported that the Obama administration ignored reports that warned of a rising radical sect called ISIS, because a violent, extremist Muslim organization in the middle east didn't fit Obama's ridiculous Arab-Spring narrative.

In every country where the US had deposed an evil, barbaric dictator, ISIS or the Muslim Brotherhood(essentially one and the same) has taken control and turned a functioning nation into a shithole of lawlessness, genocide, and savagery in the name of an abhorrent cult the media tells us to regard as a religion.

Obama's legacy may well be the purposeful and complete dissolution of the middle east into a dark, primitive cesspool of despair and suffering.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Where are all these fictitional "moderate Muslims" we keep hearing about?

In the wake of the worst attack in France since WWII, moderate Muslims by the thousands marched in protest of the terrorists who share their religion. Claimed one brave marcher, "We stand in solidarity with our adopted French brothers and in defiance of the vermin who......"

Oh wait.

Even "Anonymous" has had enough

The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

This is interesting. Apparently the enigmatic hacker group "Anonymous" has declared war on ISIS and claims to have already closed hundreds of donation accounts on the Dark Net.

Good luck fellas, put all that evil scheming energy to good use for a change.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The French are handling their business, toute suite

Woah, France is bombing ISIS in Syria already, collateral damage be damned.
I wish we retaliated for stuff that fast, instead we let several months go by before we drop fliers warning civilians when we're coming and to run away, apparently certain that the terrorists among them will hang around and won't run away too.
Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out!
Vive la France!

There are terrorists among us, hiding in plain sight

The first words out of journalists' mouths upon learning about the Paris attacks was, "How could this have been prevented"? As if they didn't know. 

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but when you allow millions of Muslims to colonize your country and not adopt your culture, language, and customs, as they've done in virtually every European country, then the terrorists among them can hide in plain sight. 

The way to prevent Paris from being repeated in every infidel city in the world, is to deport all non-citizen Muslims from infidel countries, do not allow any "refugees" from Muslim countries into your country, and watch like a hawk, the ones you let stay. 

Sound extreme? But wait until these attacks on behalf of ISIS are happening with alarming regularity in your city, then you'll change your tune. And as long as leaders like Obama who are essentially Muslim-terror sympathizers, refuse to name the enemy, the entire western world is much more dangerous. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Obama refuses to name Islam regarding Paris attacks

Predictably, Obama refuses to speculate on who staged the multiple coordinated terrorist attacks on Parisian civilians, despite multiple reports that the attackers yelled "Allahu Akbar" or "This is for Syria". After all, maybe the Amish did it, or Falon Gong. 

This is France's 9-11 for heaven's sake. How can anybody pretend not to know what motivated this atrocity? Radical Islam, Mr. President, the malignant scourge on modern humanity is to blame. 

And watch, the deliberate importation into the US of fighting age Syrian men claiming to be "refugees" will continue unabated.

Maybe internment camps and aggressive repatriation programs for even marginally questionable Muslims should be considered for all western nations who value their culture and citizens. 

Black Lives Matter dope, Kyle Canty gets maple fever

This is Black Lives Matter agitator Kyle Lydell Canty. He has a brilliant suggestion:

Black people or people of African descent living in the United States should consider seeking asylum in other countries. That’s what I did. On 23 September, I applied for asylum in Canada. We were brought to America as slaves, and the country hasn’t changed its ways at all since then.

Good riddance Kyle, enjoy being cold year round. 

Mizzou, now a national joke

Heh heh, Missouri revealed their all-white uni's for the game with BYU on Saturday. All white? That's racist!
Here are the new helmets they'll be sporting.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Missouri's poopy-swastika joins the hate-hoax list

The poopy-swastika that gave rise to all the recent nonsense at the Univerity of Missouri turns out to probably have been a hoax as no witnesses exist nor any pictures(how many college kids would see something like that and not grab a pic with their cellphone?) This is just the latest in a long and distinguished list of hate-hoaxes perpetrated by the very people who claim to be the victims of them. 

Apparently these people can't find any body to actually victimize them so they do it to themselves to get attention. 

If you want to see the entire hate-hoax list, head on over to the esteemed counter-moonbat site Moonbattery and read all about it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Univ of Missouri dives down the rabbit hole

Good grief!!!! I'd like to vote Missouri out of the SEC. This might be the stupidest thing I've read this year.
Now that the campus blacks forced the president of the university to resign, in a demonstration of embarrassing obsequiousness, U of M cops sent out a campus wide e-mail advising students to call them if they get their feelings hurt by what they termed "hurtful" speech. They followed that idiocy with this," if it is an emergency occurrence of "hurtful speech" call 911"
Hahahaha, "emergency hurt-speech". I've heard it all now.
"911 response, what's your emergency"?
"Um yeah, like my astronomy professor used the term "black hole" to describe objects at the center of most galaxies and I feel like that term might be hurtful to sex workers of color in our community. And because hearing it like denied my right to a safe space in which to learn, I'd like the professor arrested and like fired. We don't need that kind of unkindness at U of Missouri."

Monday, November 02, 2015

Never drink and then pet a tiger

Regular reader Dave sent this entertaining (for me) story in.
So this drunk chick decided to sneak into the Omaha zoo on Halloween night so she could pet Mai, the Malayan tiger, and since I'm writing about it, you can guess how that turned out.
Not so good for her hand and arm, but hilarious for me.
The tiger mauled her to the point that she might lose a couple of fingers. Heh heh, the moral of the story: drinking and wild carnivores don't go together.
Would you want to pet Mai, the Malayan tiger, drunk or sober? Me neither.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

If you're a woman, don't visit Sweden

If you were asked to name the country with the highest per-capita rape, what would your answer be? South Africa? Bolivia? Mexico? Somalia? 

You'd be wrong. The answer is Sweden where an estimated 1out of every 4 adult women gets raped at some point. Why so many rapes? Because 77% of Sweden's rapists are recent Muslim immigrants. 

The Muslim attitude toward women is renown for it's primitive loathsomeness. And still Sweden's quisling government bureaucrats, whose daughters I'm guessing have not been raped, are inviting in 190,000 of them to immigrate just this year, mostlly from Syria.......and that same amount every year until the middle east runs out of Muslims I guess. 

190,000 represents about 2% of Sweden's population so it won't take long for that country to be overrun by needy, unassimilated, savages. They are already stressing the generous welfare system to the point of collapse, but it might be too late. 

25% of your women being raped is a high price to pay for tolerance and diversity......just ask the women.  

Mark Richt must go

Historically under Mark Richt, Georgia doesn't show up to play in big games and almost always loses big. This year is no different. Against Alabama, we didn't show up at all and that pretty much ended our season. Since, we haven't shown up to play UT, Missouri, and yesterday we didn't show up to play Florida. It's likely we'll lose to Tech, Kentucky, and Auburn as well.
It's as if the Georgia players have been getting participation trophies and hearing their mommies telling them how wonderful they are all their lives. And I think that's what they get from the "nice" Richt staff......nothing but praise regardless of how pathetic their effort was on the field.
Richt and his entire inept staff must go, sooner rather than later. Maybe there's a kindergarten somewhere for underprivileged amputee orphans who deserve constant praise and mollycoddling, maybe Richt can do some good there.

The media jackals think you're stupid

This sums up perfectly the pompous jack-asses in the mainstream media and how they view their roles in the delivery of the news. They are more sophisticated, educated, and worldly than we are, so nautrally our information should be filtered(read "twisted") through them.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Time change this weekend

All you adolescent jihidis out there, don't forget to set your science project "clocks" back an hour on Sunday night or you might miss an opportunity to terrify your school teacher, a visit with the Islamophile President, and a free trip to the radical Islamist country of your choice.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Islam summed up in a single telling graphic

When are our quisling rulers going to stop bending a knee to this virulent scourge, and start treating Islam like the metastatic cancer it is?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

It's almost time, Nerds

Nerds, in less than two months the Star Wars movie will be out. If you happen to need a couple of coffee mugs, you could do a lot worse than these two that commemorate the most famous exchange between Han and Leia.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sears cowers in the face of the enemy

Sears used to sell this infidel hat, but when one Muslim complained about it, the media cheered, and Sears obsequiously caved and pulled it from sale entirely. 

I'd bet that if he demanded that all Sears employees grovel on the floor in the general direction of Mecca five times a day, they'd issue prayer rugs for that too. 

Never has the conquering Islamic hordes encountered less resistance than from modern western civilizations. It's embarrassing. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

First Sweden, then Germany, then who?

At current colonization rates by Muslim "refugees", Swedes will be a minority in their own country by 2025. Happy to be taken care of by Sweden's generous social welfare programs, Muslims' demand on the system will collapse their economy shortly thereafter. 

Germany, apparently undeterred by Sweden's imminent moribundity, will be only a few short years behind. 

And John Kerry announced recently that the US will invite no less than 175,000 additional derelict Muslims to come aboard the US welfare gravy train by 2017. 

Here are the Muslims in Sweden showing their gratitude and thanks to their host country. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Germany, it's been nice knowing you

This is a disgusting refugee center in Lubeck, Germany. (Thanks to quisling chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany is expected to receive 1.5Million refugees this year alone) Of course expecting third-world welfare colonists to clean up after themselves, or even make their own beds, can be considered xenophobic and anti-Muslim, so the town decided that local high-school kids should do it for them as part of their "practical curriculum".

Instead of learning math and physics, dozens of 8th and 9th graders are being conscripted to make up the beds and clean up the filth, including urine-saturated clothes, left over from the refugees.

Bizarrely, a few small villages are being saddled with more refugees than there are citizens in the village, essentially erasing the village entirely.

At this pace, Germany will cease to exist as a functioning democracy in about 2 generations and the economic engine of old Europe will be a moribund shell if its former self, overwhelmed by the pressure of welfare demanded by millions of hostile, unassimilated colonists.

Israel gets the typical media treatment

This pretty aptly sums up how the media treat the poor, put-upon Palestinians and how they treat the evil Jooos. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

When karma strikes, it can burn

I swiped this pic and story off Twitter so I can't vouch for it's authenticity, but it's too funny not to share. 
Heh heh, this idiot Palestinian rioter tried to throw a Molotov cocktail at Israeli soldiers and accidentally set himself on fire instead. Instant karma, epic fail!
The irony is that he'll probably have his burns treated by Israeli doctors.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Daniel Craig, meet the hand that feeds you

Would anybody know who Daniel Craig was, I mean other than arm-candy for wife Rachel Weisz, if not for the James Bond role? He made $31Million for Skyfall alone.
That's why it's so odd that he suddenly thinks he's above the Bond role, squeaking recently, "I'd rather slash my wrists than make another Bond film".....whining that it doesn't allow him enough "range" as an actor.
Talk about biting the hand.
Just shut-up Daniel, keep making Bond films that are fun to watch, and take the money and run.

Friday, October 09, 2015

anti-gun idiocy summed up in a single meme

This sums up the stupidity of the concept of a gun-free zone as aptly as anything I've seen....

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Pets delight us by trying to kill their owners......#2,482

Heh heh, this idiot pet-store owner in Kentucky was cleaning the cage of his 125lb, 20 foot python when it grabbed him and strangled him almost to death.
Somebody called the cops and they found him unconscious with the shake wrapped completely around his head. He was revived and taken to the hospital in critical condition.
Is it just me, or should the snake have been allowed to dine on its moron owner? If anybody's stupid-genes deserve to be lost to the greater pool, they're this guy's. I mean the time he spent not breathing probably made him a little dumber and he didn't have any smarts to spare.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, reptiles aren't your friend. To them you are either a predator or you're food, neither will work out well for you.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Feminists fall for "Pee For Equality" hoax......hilarity ensues

To be quite honest, I cannot name a group with less humor and more smug self importance than feminists. That's why they're so much fun to ridicule and why this story is so hilarious.  

Remember when feminists performed "slut walks" to oppose something called "slut shaming" and wore tampons as jewelry and posted pics of themselves bleeding to oppose imaginary "period shaming", whatever that is? Some guys over at 4Chan created a phony movement called Piss For Equality, knowing that stupid feminists would jump at the chance to wallow in their own urine to make some stupid statement. 

Well here's one. Hahahahahaha. I'll bet the 4Chan guys couldn't stop laughing at these dumb broads peeing on themselves. I know I couldn't. 

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Putin bullies Obama and Obama takes it

Russia claimed that it was in Syria to help Assad destroy ISIS, and after establishing an air base there, Russian planes began attacking positions around Syria. Turns out, those positions weren't ISIS positions, but those held by anti-Assad Syrian rebels.

Obviously Russia is there solely to prop up the murderous Assad as an ally, not to kill ISIS. That may come later once Assad is once again firmly in control of Syria.

Putin knows that Obama is not only a weak metrosexual who cares more about imaginary climate change than American national security, but that he is hostile to the interests of his own country. Further, Putin knows that Obama cares only that his legacy includes that HE got the US out of the middle east, and that he cares not about the aftermath, which we now know includes a Russian political hegemony to replace the American presence there.

Unfortunately it's too late to do anything about it short of a limited fighting war with Russia in the air over Syria. We aren't going to get into that, Obama will pull back entirely before that happens.

Bottom line, Obama just got his lunch money taken away by the playground bully, Putin.

It's embarrassing.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Daylight Saving Time Movie - Trailer

    I don't see the purpose of DLS any more, we should end it, toute-suite.    


Monday, September 28, 2015

Putin makes his play to replace the US in the middle east

Everybody's upset because Vladimir Putin is making a play to establish a Russian influence hegemony in the middle east, to replace the American influence hegemony that has worked so splendidly for us there.

He wants to prop up Syria's ruthless dictator Bashar Assad the way the Americans propped up Iran's ruthless dictator Shah 40 years ago, Egypt's ruthless dictator Hasni Mubarak, and even Iraq's ruthless dictator Saddam Hussein, at least until he became public enemy #1 by invading Kuwait.

Do we Americans think that we alone have dibs on middle east meddling? Putin wants to help Assad stay in power by destroying ISIS for him. At this point, given that Obama has done nothing to deter ISIS in the slightest, why not approve of Putin installing a puppet regime in Syria if it means ridding the world of ISIS? We can worry about the Russian presence later. If Assad falls, ISIS takes over the entire country of Syria and they hold most of Iraq already.

Do we want that? Which is worse, ISIS running rampant all over the middle east or Assad treating his people barbarically, while keeping his boot on the necks of the ISIS rabble? Additionally, if Russia exerts its influence in the middle east, maybe ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban will direct their collective ire toward Moscow rather than the US for a while.

I'll go with Assad for now and I'll bet all the Syrian and Iraqi Christians with headless family members would agree.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Somali beggars want to be choosers too

They shamble here by the tens of thousands, ostensibly looking for a better life. But apparently the absurdly lavish welfare state through which taxpayers provide a lifestyle of idleness and leisure only dreamt about back home, isn't generous enough. Citing basic human rights, indigent Somali immigrants are now whining that the free food they receive be halal compliant.

I'm teary eyed just thinking about their desperate plight. *sniff sniff*

Looks like the clock/bomb case may have been a hoax

Apparently this kid with the clock in Texas was a set up. His father is a known Islamic activist. Other people went onto eBay and bought the exact same "clock" already in the disassembeled state the kid claims he "rebuilt" it. And the kid has already lawyered up for an unknown reason.

The dad has a beef with the local mayor and has already been in front of the camera blaming the mayor for the school's handling of the "clock".

It sounds like the dad concocted whole charade as a way to embarrass the mayor and make him look unreasonably hostile to Muslims. I don't know for sure, but a lot of people are making the case.

Of course, Obama jumps to support a "victimized" Muslim without knowing the facts, same as he did with Trayvon.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Book review

Achtung nerds! If you are a sci-fi geek like me, or you aspire to be one, run don't walk to the nearest book store and pick up a copy of The Martain by Andy Weir. One of the most enjoyable books I've ever read. 

Can't wait to see the movie now. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Refugees" not as pitiful as we're told

Here is a sampling of the "desperate Syrian refugees" for whom we're told to weep by our moral superiors in the media. 

What's that you ask? "Where are the women and children"?

Relatively few of them make it over by boat because these brave men with cool sneakers and selfie sticks, usually throw them overboard to drown if they don't like how crowded the boat is. 

We're also lectured by the media that all cultures are equal (except for white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant culture which we're told is evil and inferior) so we should welcome with open arms the culture that has kept the middle east mired in hopelessness, poverty, and violence since the 7th century.

Don't pee on snakes, they don't like it

It is well documented that I find amusement in people stupidly getting themselves harmed by wild animals.
And I would say that urinating on an aggressive, poisonous snake qualifies as stupid.
A farmer in India was bitten by the Levantine viper(picture) on his pecker as he urinated near one of his fields. Clearly the snake didn't appreciate being peed on.

Apparently the unfortunate farmer had to make a hasty trip to the local hospital as he couldn't find any farm hands willing to "treat" him in the tradtional snake-bite way.   ;-)

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Europe invites trouble in through its front door

So the Syrian civil war and ISIS operating there has created a mass exodus of refugees from Syria to virtually every country in Europe. ISIS announced months ago that they would be embedding loyalists in with the refugees in order to spread their radical form of Islam to the four corners. Obviously a problem for what ever country hosts them, right now that's Hungary, Germany, and Austria. 

Most of old Europe is culturally moribund already, but Germany specifically has a pathological racial guilt-complex so their downfall may happen sooner rather than later due to their willful acceptance of these thousands of undocumented Syrians, many of whom are probably radicalized terrorists. 

Many are asking what the US's role should be here. We don't have a role here accept to warn Europe that they are inviting their own doom in through the front door. We should let Europe deal with the refugee crisis and keep a careful watch on our own immigration situation in terms of Syrians moving from Europe to the US. 

Friday, September 04, 2015

To liberals, Obama personifies "manliness"

Up at Vanderbilt's women center, they are hosting a conference to help men understand "healthy masculinity". According to one of their speakers, normal concepts of masculinity lead to violence and abuse, so until all of our ideas of being a man change, we are all potential abusers.
I'm guessing President Obama fits perfectly their concept of what it means to be "masculine" in the modern world of moonbats.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Evolution at work

Meet Deleon Alonso Smith. As you can see, Deleon likes to take selfies. The other day Deleon, the father of two small, I'm guessing illigitimate, kids, decided to take a selfie with his gun......you can see where this is going,
While posing for his selfie, Deleon inadvertently pulled the trigger and the round he forgot was in the chamber blew a hole in his throat, killing him.
Will Deleon be missed? Maybe by his two kids, his parole officer, and the guy he buys weed from, but probably not by too many other people. Hopefully their mother is brighter than Deleon and can override the stupid genes he may have given to his kids.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Germans naively think Bush had nuke-fever after 9/11

So, former-German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, is reporting that immediately following 9/11, George Bush considered using nuclear weapons againt Afghanistan in retaliation. 

I seriously doubt that. 

First, war planning includes literally every eventuality, weapon, and outcome when the Pentagon war-games different scenarios. That's not the same as "considering" nuking somebody. 

Second, we would never nuke a country simply because a terror group operated  against us out of their country. If the Afghan government had sponsored it, planned it, and executed it, then yes, nukes would definitely have been seriously considered, though I'm not sure we'd have used them even then. 

Lastly, overreaction is always a possibility when 3,000 civilians are murdered in cold blood in such a spectacular way. Fortunatly Bush didn't overreact, he invaded Iraq a year later instead. We can argue about the wisdom and outcome of that, but overreaction isn't something normally associated with US military policy and it wasn't a factor in Bush's handling of 9/11 retaliation. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Do we need another U2 spy plane?

So the U2 spy plane was developed during the Cold War to snoop on the Ruskies from and altitude that surface-to-air missiles could not reach. Francis Gary Powers notwithstanding, the U2 has something like an 85% mission success rate. And it's still in service today. 

For some reason, Lockheed-Martin is being asked to design a replacement as the retirement date in 2019 for the U2, looms near. 


With satellites, why do we need manned space-craft zooming around the heavens taking pictures of our enemies? Can't unmanned drones to the same thing, and by orders of magnitude more cheaply? 

Generation Y has a bad reputation

Both of mine are Gen-Y kids but thankfully are not like the description here.

Still if you have one of these slackers loafing around your house, this probably strikes a chord with you and probably isn't as funny as it is to me.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ESPN has become disappointing

The morons over at ESPN suspended Curt Schilling for accurately comparing Islamists to Nazis in a tweet(above).
Schilling didn't call all 1.6Billion Muslims ISIS terrorists any more than anybody calls all 80MIllioin Germans at the time, Nazis.
He was merely pointing out that in both examples, radicalized individuals representing a small percentage of the population, along with a marginally supportive majority population, can cause a lot of trouble.
He was dead on point, but ESPN was more concerned about hurting the feelings of the imaginary moderate Muslims they naively believe are among us.
I used to watch ESPN all the time, but they've become so politically correct that I can't stomach that channel any more.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Government solutions are worse than the problems it created

Heh heh, in order to comply with EPA rules that all California reservoirs be covered with something, the Los Angeles mayor had some scientists fill the city reservoirs with millions of matte black balls. 

They bragged that it would save 300million gallons from evaporation and save taxpayers $250million. 

Not so fast.....because the balls were stupidly colored black instead of chrome or white, they have almost zero measureable reflectivity so they become extremely hot. So, while they may prevent evaporation from air movement, they accelerate it by heating the water.

More hilariously, the super heated water is now a very inviting bacteria trap making it virtually impossible to keep algae and slime mold out of the water, thus creating a dangerous health hazard for the citizenry.

Hahahaha.....once again, the government to the rescue creating a worse problem with its stupid solution, than the original problem it created to begin with.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

CNN owes detective an apology

A white B'ham police detective pulled over a black motorist for driving erratically. The motorist jumped out of his car, attacked the detective, sucker punched him and pistol whipped him with his own gun. Why didn't the cop just shoot the aggressive motorist, you ask? Because he didn't want to be a CNN headline and invite the Black Lives Matter goons to B'ham, which let's be honest, doesn't exactly have a great race history.

Rather than help, locals took pictures and video on cellphones and quickly posted them on social media, making fun of the cop with the hashtag, #FDAPOLICE......you can figure that one out for your selves.

Since the media, particularly CNN, has played a major role in fomenting hatred and distrust, almost all of it undeserved, among urban blacks for the police, let's revist the CNN hags from a year ago as they began their anti-cop campaign....