“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A little pee never hurt anybody

Regular reader Dave sent this story in.....and you all know how I like a good pee story.

Up in Portland, Or, some kid peed in their reservoir and this freaked out the retarded water authority manager, now he's draining the entire 38million gallon reservoir.....for like the 3rd time because of some imagined contamination involving pee.

Let me break it down for you: first of all, urine is sterile. It won't hurt you. Even if you are irrationally afraid of a little urea, the ppm of a bladder-full in 38M gallons breaks down to the nanoMolar scale(the most toxic, poisonous substance known(Keith Richard's blood) won't hurt you at that concentration).

It's an open air reservoir, dead animals, bird poo, and who knows what else are rotting in that water 24/7. It gets filtered before it goes to your tap.

This guy probably ducks his head in the YMCA pool during "adult swim" every summer Saturday.....think how much pee he's actually drinking then? Who in his right mind is that grossed out by a little pee in the town reservoir?

Powdered alcohol? Is this for real or are we being punked?

This might be the dumbest idea ever. Powdered alcohol. Apparently they can separate the water from the alcohol molecules and absorb the alcohol onto some carbohydrate polymer, then reconstitute the powder with water to make an adult beverage.

Imagine how many stupid teenagers will kill themselves each year by snorting it, dissolving it in water at a concentrated level then injecting it, lacing food, spiking power drinks then OD'ing. The abuse potential far outweighs the benefits.....if there are any benefits.

Compare powdered alcohol to other drugs in powdered form, cocaine, heroin, etc., look at how idiots kill themselves with it, then decide if this is something that should be legalized.

On the other hand, as a libertarian, I think decriminalization of most drugs would be a good thing as far as getting the tyrannical government out of the private lives of the citizenry. And alcohol is already legal, so why not have a handful of new ways to kill ourselves with it?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Avery Molek defines second-grade cool

If there's ever been a cooler second grader than this kid, I haven't heard about him.


Getting shot doesn't earn you a namesake USS Navy combat ship

Would you want to be a sailor on the USS Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords? Construction has begun in Mobile, Al. on the tri-hulled, littoral combat ship that will bear the former-congresscritter's name.
Look, we generally name USS Navy ships for Presidents, distinguished historical servicemen, or very long-term, ex-military politicians, not for 3-term back-benchers who've done little that is noteworthy but get shot by a lunatic and then get used by her unemployed husband and current President as an anti-gun prop at paid speaking and political engagements.
If they want to name something after Giffords, why not the Gabby Giffords M.A.S.H. unit for gun-shot trauma? Wouldn't that be more appropriate?
Or am I being too harsh and uncaring?

Bonobo's, smarter than we thought

I'm generally against forcing animals, using punishment, to learn to perform stupid tricks for our amusement, but I think this complex set of executions demonstrates a heretofore unrecognized level of primate intelligence.
I realize this sort of thing is illegal, unethical, immoral and violates every self-imposed code we humans have for our conduct toward other living things, BUT, wouldn't it be cool if we could engineer at conception a human Broca's Area(speech center) in the Bonobo brain along with the concomitant vocal chord genes necessary for speech? The FOXP2 gene is really the only genetic difference in brain speech development between Bonobo's and humans. Then we could really asses the intelligence of these creatures.
The fact that it can be done means that somebody somewhere WILL do it, and I for one, can't wait to see the results.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Absurd sentence turns one tragedy into two

This is 16 yo Kristan Davis, of St. Claire County, Alabama. She died in 2012 when she was thrown in a crash, from the back seat of a car driven by a drunk 17 year old boy.

Tragic? Yes. Avoidable? Absolutely.

The man who bought the 17 yo driver the alcohol just got sentenced to the maximum 3 years in prison. All he did was buy some beer for the kid.

The DA in the case lectured, "This should be an example that providing alcohol to school aged kids can be deadly."

Well no shit Sherlock! But how about listing all the horrible life decisions that were made by Kristan herself, each one of which, if made differently, could have saved her life.

First, she hung out with a kid who begged strange adults to buy him booze. Who but a loser does that?
Second, she willfully crawled into the back seat of a car driven by a 17 yo who was drinking.
And critically, Third, she didn't wear a seatbelt. (Both front seat passengers had their belts on and walked away essentially unharmed)

The 17 yo driver enjoyed youthful offender status so his punishment was a slap on the wrist. Sure punish the guy who bought the beer, that is against the law, but 3 years in jail? That's ridiculous!

Silky Pony's back in the courtroom

John Edwards and his former law partner started another personal injury firm, EdwardsKirby, and their first big case is attempting to bilk a hospital out of millions by suing an ER doctor alleging that he didn't do enough to make sure a 4 year old patient got enough oxygen. The boy is brain damaged and of course the parents are blaming the deepest pockets around on the advice of charlatan Edwards.

Edwards is a degenerate, piece of shit trial attorney who made his millions falsely blaming a long line of North Carolina obstetricians for not performing C-sections fast enough. He even once pretended to channel the soul of an infant in open court to convince a jury of 12 morons that the family deserved millions in damages, of which he happily helped himself to a third.

If I could make only one reform in the US, as much as I'd like to reform the tax code, reforming tort adjudication might be first on the list. I hate that ass-holes like John Edwards can play on the sympathies of 12 people too stupid to know better and extract millions in phony damages, to pay for their lavish life styles.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ukrainian Jews in trouble

Good grief, Jews living in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk were told by authorities who're trying to turn the city over to Russia, to register with the government.

From FoxNews -- "Jews emerging from a synagogue say they were handed leaflets that ordered the city's Jews to provide a list of property they own and pay a registration fee "or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportation and see their assets confiscated,"

It is not clear if any other religious minorities are being harassed this way, but the last time expatriated Jews were told to register with the government, we all remember what happened. 

Workers are worth precisely what the labor market says they're worth, not a penny more

A friend of mine was complaining about how much more undeserving CEO's, entertainers, and pro athletes make compared to the working stiffs at the bottom and how that income disparity is what's wrong with America. Here was my response:

Seriously? Working class jobs taken individually aren't worth much to a company because anybody can do them. CEO jobs are worth 100s of times more because very few people can do them well. 

LeBron James, Jay Z, and Jen Aniston make tens of millions a year for two reasons, because millions of people want to watch them do what they do and because only a few people, if any, can do the same thing. The CEO's of Wal Mart, Amazon, and GE make tens of millions a year because the stockholders of those companies know that not everybody is capable of shepherding $Billion companies into profitability and if the guy at the top makes decisions that make their stock rise, then he deserves a fat reward. 

The guy who bolts bumpers onto F-150's makes a 1,000th of what the CEO of Ford makes for the same two reasons, nobody wants to pay to watch him bolt bumpers on F-150's and there are literally millions of people who can do that same job tomorrow if he decides to quit because he feels underpaid. 

Unless you don't believe in the laws of supply, demand,and price in the free labor market, and prefer that some governing body impose income equability onto private companies, then to make more money, become more valuable to your employer. 

Who are we to tell somebody else that they aren't worth what they earn?

Every employee, from the Fortune 500 CEO to the guy who refills condom machines at interstate truck stops, is worth exactly what the labor market will bear for his effort.

Anybody like to tell me where I'm wrong?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

IRS still in the business of intimidation on behalf of democrats

Ron Paul's non-profit, Campaign for Liberty, has been predictably targeted by the IRS for scrutiny and fines for not providing the IRS with its donor rolls. If his son Rand Paul wasn't the current front-runner for the GOP nomination in 2016, his group wouldn't even be on the IRS radar.

Apparently 501(c)(4) organizations are supposed to provide donor lists to the IRS for some reason, with the guarantee that the information is private, but many times in the past those lists have been "leaked" to political opponents of that organization, presumably for the purposes of intimidation so those donors will stop giving money.

Ron Paul is correct in fighting this obvious first amendment violation. The federal government has no legitimate purpose for knowing who donates money to what causes, only to candidates themselves. If an organization wants to be non-profit, then it must show that it makes no profit, who donates money is irrelevant, only that all the money it takes in goes toward the operating and salary budget of its employees.