“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, July 25, 2014

Welcome to the neighborhood

Through executive action Obama has hatched a scheme to start shipping "children" by the tens of thousands (who claim to be under 21 but from whom no proof of age will be required) from Honduras directly to the US, at taxpayer expense, and designate them as official "refugees" so they can immediately start gobbling up the welfare resources that US taxpayers work so hard to generously provide.

Many of these "children" are already in the Latin gangs, the most violent in the world. Depositing them into America's neighborhoods guarantees that they will eventually become gang-infested slums, but in the short-term self-satisfied liberal politicians can smugly claim to the media cameras that we are saving them from gangs back home.

Obama has no plans of any kind for assimilation, just come here, be taken care of by our absurdly generous welfare programs, become citizens, breed like rabbits, and above all, vote democrat. If this program works out he plans to expand it to El Salvador and Guatemala.

I swear, the scale of the treason we are witnessing dwarfs anything Vidkun Quisling was accused of. Yet there is virtually no resistance. (Moonbattery)

Meet the "children" who'll soon be showing up in your neighborhoods and at the schools with your kids. Better lock up your daughters.

Attention NJ housewives, put down the gin and start ironing

If your wife is a horrible housekeeper and it infuriates you, do you A) tell her to clean this crap up, B)hire a maid to help her out, or C)stab her 84 times and leave her body with a pig mask on it....ostensibly to let the police know when they find her body, why she deserved to be murdered.

Apparently, according to this article, if you live in New Jersey, the answer is C.

Nigel Sykes knows how to game the currupt legal system

Meet oppressed victim Nigel Sykes. He's suing the owners and employees of a pizzeria because they were "unnecessarily rough" on him when they detained him as he tried to rob them at gun point. And for good measure, he also names the cops in the lawsuit claiminging they used a racial slur when they tasered him. He demands to be paid $260,000 for his trouble. 

Of course a big pile of free cash is coming his way from the cops because calling any minority a liar is itself a de facto act of racism in the eyes of our upside down kangaroo criminal justice system. He's got them either way. 

The only question left is whether Nigel will bankrupt the pizzeria with legal costs and put all those people out of work?

Moral of the story: if you get the jump on a guy who's mugging you with a gun, don't detain him, kill him. That way the cops only hear your story.  

Obama steps on the gas with Cloward-Piven

With what probably the most sweeping executive action of his presidency, Obama plans to strike a deal with Honduran officials to designate their children as "refugees" so they can be brought, at US taxpayer expense, directly to the US without traveling dangerously through Mexico.

This is how Obama will bypass entirely the US congress when it comes to setting immigration policy. He'll essentially redefine "refugee" to include any children who live in a country where drug cartels operate and there is violence and who would like to come to America. Once defined as refugees, these kids are legally entitled to legal INS council at taxpayer expense, after which they become full citizens with critically-important voting rights. If these kids couldn't grow up to be loyal democrat voters, Obama wouldn't give them the time of day.

What we are seeing is the intentional displacement of the American citizenry with welfare migrants by the hundreds of thousands. If you think Honduras won't shove every diseased, mentally ill, delinquent they have to the front of the line, you're an idiot of the highest order. These colonists' demands will cripple if not collapse the welfare state. If the deal with Honduras works out, he'll duplicate it with El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, and eventually Mexico too.

Where are we going to warehouse all these new citizens? State-run orphanages? How will they ever assimilate when liberals will cater to their every whim in Spanish?

Obama has struck Cloward-Piven gold here with the immigration crisis. By turning it into a humanitarian mission for the children, he'll be allowed to bring the lice-infested waifs in by the hundreds of thousands.

The Obama presidency summed up in one cartoon

Nothing seems to distract Obama from the fund raising, golf, or lavish family vacations on the taxpayer dime. The world is crumbling yet Obama only pays perfunctory attention to the multitude of serious scandals by his administration, war between Russia and Ukraine, war between Israel and Hamas, the border immigration crisis, ISIS instituting Sharia law in Iraq and purging whole regions of Christians, etc.

He's the most disconnected, uninvolved, disinterested President I can remember.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Capital punishment shouldn't be this difficult, I mean technically, not politically

So after a number of recent "botched" executions, where the condemned men took too long to actually die, many states are scrambling to find a new drug cocktail that is more reliable and kills the prisoner faster. Currently, the three drugs used by most states are, in order of injection:

-Sodium Thiopental, a barbiturate that is used in the Netharlands for medical-assisted suicide. US execution use 3 times that amount for executions.
-Pavulon, a paralytic that binds neuro-muscular junctions, including the diaphragm, causing rapid respiratory arrest or asphyxiation.
-Potassium Chloride changes the electrical potential of the heart muscle which causes it to stop beating.

I don't know why or how this cocktail fails to kill a man in mere minutes. Apparently prison infirmary orderlies aren't skilled at administering it. Also, states are having to resort to different, more exotic, cocktails as drug companies are not granting permission for their drugs to be used for capital punishment. If the drug is sold publicly, I don't know how they have anything to say about it one way or the other.

Having said all that, there must be scores of drugs that will kill a dude in seconds, why all the trouble? How about a cyanide drug? Or how about a version of the gas chamber where instead of cyanide gas, they just raise the CO2 level? He'll go to sleep very quickly and within minutes die of hypoxia. That's the currently approved method of humane animal sacrifice in research labs.

For some reason we've made capital punishment much more difficult than is necessary.

NYPD very good at crime response. Crime prevention? Not so much

Heh heh, two days AFTER clever pranksters replaced the two American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge with white surrender flags, NYPD decided to have a presence there. Police boats were churning up the river, NYPD choppers were circling above, and foot patrols stood vigil at each end while one cop on some sort of scooter rode back and forth across the span.

FOR WHAT? It doesn't do any good to slam the barn door after the horses have run away. Why pull these guys off of actual crime fighting and terrorism watch to patrol a structure after the vandals have already struck? The idea is terrorism prevention, not reaction to terrorism after it occurs.

Let's be honest, NYPD doesn't exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to scofflaws. Remember that one kid who snuck to the top of One WTC and took pictures for like 2 hours, and then the guy who did the same thing, but videoed his base-jump with a GoPro camera?

Where's all the security at these high-value targets before the vandals strike? It's ridiculous.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Breanna Mitchell's irreverence goes viral. Breanna doesn't care. Good for Breanna.

Typically self-involved teenager Breanna Mitchell tweeted this pic during a recent trip to Europe. And predictably the twitter-verse exploded with criticism and condemnation.

I don't see what the big deal is. She's what, 17? You're not allowed to smile, ever, if standing on concentration-camp grounds? This happened 75 years ago, not last week. What is she supposed to do, tweet a weeping selfie? Or a "frownie"? Or how about no selfie at all? It's 2014 people, get over yourselves.

Of course Breanna's reaction to the outrage directed at her embodies the delightful irreverence you'd expect from a teenage girl.

"Like apparently it's such a big deal that I smiled. Good Lord."

I'm with you Breanna.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A handful of folks in LA show up to remember Saint Skittles

In LA over the weekend, literally tens of people staged a protest against racial profiling and gun violence in honor of Saint Skittles (Trayvon Martin). The sign says, "Walking home is NO crime!". Correct, but stopping to repeatedly bash a guy's head on the sidewalk is.

No word on how many people got shot at the rally. Hilariously, at least for me.......people always get shot it seems at anti-gun violence demonstrations. What is up with that?

Change the term "democrat plantation" to "democrat hacienda"

Somebody took a poll over in my home state of Georgia and reported that as much as 97% of the population of that state wanted the border closed by any means necessary. Now I'm not convinced you can get 97% of people to agree that the sky is blue, so let's just say a vast majority of Georgians want the southern border closed and no doubt that would translate into every other state as well.

That said, the democrat party, and maybe even the republican party, will never build a fence, snake-infested moat, mine field, whatever, because it's not in the political interests of democrats or the media to do so. Obama wants to dilute the existing voting citizenry with a new population of reliable democrat voters.....Hispanics. To these newly legalized immigrants, and voting rights will always be part of whatever amnesty deal is struck, the democrats will bestow all manner of welfare and government assistance to insure that they never stray from the democrat hacienda.

What we are seeing now is the fulfillment of the long-term scheme for the democrats to never lose another election. If that means depressing wages, they'll just use that as an excuse to raise the minimum wage again. If that means the introduction of diseases we had eradicated 30 years ago, then we have Obamacare to offer them. If that means unemployment skyrockets because of hundreds of thousands of people suddenly entering the workforce, then we have unemployment benefits to support them in their lifestyles. If that means the urban centers become war grounds between Mexican gangs and black gangs, democrat politicians don't care, they live in gated neighborhoods out in the 'burbs.

America is being railroaded by the democrat party led by Obama and we are too lazy or preoccupied with Twitter to gin up enough outrage to do anything about it.