“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Patrick the proctology-exam simulator

Meet "Patrick" the robotic proctology-exam simulator.
At first glance before I read the article I thought, "This might be the worst Xbox game controller, ever." wink emoticon
Best caption: "The napkin dispensers at Barney Frank's house are very avant gard."
As any sane observer could explain, importing uneducated imbeciles from the third world by the millions as we are doing, would naturally depress the collective national intelligence. And
pinheads at Columbia University are dutifully twisting the reasons for America's declining IQ as "research".
Because it is politically forbidden to acknowledge that being dumb is a causative factor in poverty, the researchers have concluded that poverty causes people to be dumb. And predictably they have an actionable reason for it......poly-aromatic hydrocarbons(byproducts of fossil fuels and grilling burgers), which not coincidentally are regulated by the EPA.
Fortunately for poor people everywhere, in the eyes of our malevolent government overseers, the alleviation of socioeconomic disadvantage is a valid reason to redistribute even more wealth from those who've earned it to those who vote to have it given to them.
If you drive a car or grill burgers, don't be surprised if there is a specific tax on PAH use in our future.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Government regulators...the worst people in the world

Alert reader Bill sent this WSJ article in. As you know, I am of the opinion that less regulation is ALWAYS better than more regulation. Government busy-bodies needlessly regulating the economy harm everybody......except the regulators who earn promotions, bonuses, and raises proportional to how much they depress the economy. In any market place, if something doesn't work economically, the people will see to it that it stops being done, by buying something else.

Briefly, a small wine maker wanted to see if Cabernet wine in bottles submerged in the sea, safely sealed, would age differently than in a climate-controlled warehouse. Sounds kind of gimmicky, but who cares what I think?

The ATF and FDA got wind of it and sent them a warning to stop.....before they had sold a single bottle. Why? Here are the possibilities:

-overpaid government regulators have God-complexes and believe they have to right/duty to regulate every human activity, regardless of how innocuous.

-any "new" economic activity must be regulated and taxed, even if it's not new at all, just different, using "safety" as the premise.

-the government sees an opportunity to tax "ocean related" economic activity so they must stop the activity as the figure out how to maximally tax it.

Sadly for the average American who might like to try sea-aged Cabernet, all of the above probably come into the decision to stop the winery from this activity.

What an awful government we have that feels that it must regulate literally every aspect of our lives. I think all regulatory agencies should have their budgets and staff slashed by 90% and only issue new regulations in response to a public health or safety crisis.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stop mistaking Sikh's for Muslim's

Because many ignorant, uneducated Americans react with emotions rather than thought, practitioners of the venerable Sikh faith often find themselves the victims of violence, having been stupidly mistaken for Muslims. As a rule, Sikh's must wear a turban at all times outside their homes and dumb Americans don't know the difference. 
Luckily this Sikh lives in New Zealand. He came to the aid of a child hit by a car outside his home and removed his turban to aid the child, possibly saving his life.
This guy's a hero, not a Muslim.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Another well-deserved Jack-ass card handed out

Guess who just received a Jack-ass card from me? Heh heh, this thoughtless ass-hole.

I was inside Publix when this person left so I didn't get to enjoy their rage at me. What a pretentious, miserable jerk!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

America's slow, pathetic submission to Islam

Now that our media and government superiors have established that it is racist and Islamophobic to draw pictures of the insane, pedophile who deranged Muslims regard as sacred, how long before we are told not to even utter the name Mohammad, lest we provoke violence against ourselves?
In India, a grammar professor was almost hacked to death with knives because he used the word Mohammad, the most common name in the backward world of Islam, as a punctuation exercise.
Our own leaders, which disappointingly include many freedom-loving conservatives, would say that he had it coming for failing to bow to Islam with sufficient obsequiousness.

Friday, May 08, 2015

IRS, every bit as corrupt as you'd expect

The bludgeon democrats use to intimidate critics and political opponents is the bloated, malevolent, unaccountable IRS. It was discovered recently, not to anybody's surprise, that 1600 IRS enforcement drones were actively and knowingly cheating on their taxes. 

Did they have their wages garnished, savings accounts raided, or thrown in jail as you or I would be? No, any who wanted to, retired or resigned, and the rest, about 60%, were given counseling and compliance classes.....that is after they were given promotions, raises, and extravagant bonuses. 

The list of reasons to despise and distrust our government are too numerous to list, but chief among them is the despicable IRS whose workers understand that the rules are only for the little people. 

Ask not at whose gullibility Obama snickers, for he snickers at every American who plays by the rules. 

Monday, May 04, 2015

Donald Trump is an idiot

Over the weekend, esteemed free-speech organizer Pamela Geller held a Mohammad art exhibit in Dallas. Predictably, a couple of crazed gunmen attacked the facility but thankfully were killed by the cops in about 15 seconds.

Blowhard Donald Trump wondered on Fox News this morning why they didn't exercise their free-speech rights in some other way that didn't agitate and insult Muslims.

That's the whole point you moron! You must say precisely what the illiterate, backward savages demand that you do not say, or you aren't speaking freely, are you?

By NOT hosting a draw Mohammad event, we are granting the Muslim barbarians the right to dictate what we can and cannot say.

Donald Trump has always been a self-promoting jack-ass but otherwise he seemed like an OK guy, but he just lost me on this.

In order to exercise my right to insult anybody I like, enjoy these cartoons of Mohammad.....

Monday, April 27, 2015

New gas-can regs are idiotic

The list of things I resent grows ever longer by the day it seems. The latest is the idiotic, mandatory, no-spill, safety gas-can nozzle.
After being lobbied heavily, where bribes almost certainly played a role, by the Portable Fuel Container Manufacturers Association, compassionate conservative George W. Bush ordered that OSHA mandate these stupid no-spill and no venting gas cans be the only gas cans sold. Quite an economic windfall for the container makers, wouldn't you say?
These stupid things barely work, if they work at all, and I usually end up taking the whole nozzle off and pouring the gas with a funnel into the motor.
Regular reader Kevin says he usually just fills up empty 1gal milk cartons while giving the finger to the alarmed gas station attendant, since that's been added to the list of things made illegal for the benefit of political donors. 
You can't convince me that morons all over the US were dousing themselves with gas to the point that a government solution was necessary.
I know where an Army/Navy surplus store is nearby....I'll bet they have those old metal jerry cans from WWII......now that's a gas can I can use.

Friday, April 24, 2015

the Democrat creed in a nutshell

The rise of the welfare state is no accident and when you combine phase II of the master plan known as Cloward-Piven, which is the intentional, malevolent displacement of Americans with massive numbers of disease-ridden, illiterate welfare colonists from wretched hell-holes like Somalia, Syria, Libya, Mexico, etc, all of whom are hostile to American culture, and you have the formula for a permanently democrat-controlled husk of a nation, where the few finance the lifestyles of leisure of the many, through coercive taxation.

This process is accelerated geometrically when you consider the alarmingly high birth rate for this tidal wave of immigrants, where the generous welfare state has relieved them of the necessity to raise their own young.

Want to see what the US will look like in a few decades? Look at Zimbabwe and South Africa where productive, educated whites have been forcefully displaced by illiterate criminals.