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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Adrian Peterson with his kid

Everybody's got their panties in a bunch because the Vikes are paying Adrian Peterson his $12 Million salary for this year, despite being put on the "exempt" list....essentially he's suspended from all team activities after he severely beat both his kids with switches.
First, getting harshly disciplined with beatings is part of the African-American culture. That's right I said it, everybody knows it, and unless you live in a cave, you've witnessed it numerous times in public, cringing, unable to look away.
And second, unless he has a domestic violence exclusion in his contract, the Vikings are contractually obligated to pay him whether he plays or not.
I'm guessing every professional sports employment contract from now on will, and should have a domestic violence exclusion clause, but most of the current ones apparently do not.
The question is, is there a difference between Ray Rice knocking out his then fiance' with a punch to the head in a casino elevator, and Adrian Peterson switching his kid and leaving skin lacerations on his backside? Are both equally horrific examples of domestic violence? 
I say there's a difference, which is probably why Ray Rice isn't getting paid and Adrian Peterson is. 

Barbara Streisand's fans are among the stupidest of all time

Barbara Streisand's fans might be the dumbest, most gullible of all entertainment fandoms. In 2000 she "retired" and sold out a "farewell tour" at like $70 Million, followed by a comeback tour which made her another $100 Million, followed by another "retirement" which rocketed her record sales since people believed her latest album was her last. 

Now she's announced yet another album which is certain to hit #1 and with the tour that'll go with it, she'll rake in another couple hundred million off her stupid fans. No doubt she'll hint that this is really her last album and her final farewell tour.......at least until the next one.  

When are you morons going to learn that these celebrities are playing you?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Obama declares war on Ebola, but not ISIS

Obama will only send a token amount, about 1,600, "advisory" troops to combat ISIS, the gravest terrorist threat in the world today, but he's sending 3,000 troops to die in Liberia from Ebola.

Liberia is a forgotten, God-forsaken abyss of a country that no modern nation cares anything about, yet Obama is willing to have our soldiers go there to do what? Apparently they will be "supervising" the movement and transport of things. Why can't the Liberian troops supervise the movement and transport of things?

If there's anyway to get American 18 year olds to NOT join the military, tell them they'll be fighting a well armed and well funded terrorist organization in the Iraqi desert for the next 10 years or he'll be fighting Ebola in the jungles of Africa.

If I didn't know any better, I'd think Obama was intentionally trying to destroy what little morale was left in our military.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Here come the judge

If you haven't read Judge Andrew Napolitano's article, "An Unhappy Summer for Liberty", read it now. With the possible exception of the Ferguson, MO affair, from which we don't yet have all the evidence, I pretty much agree with his points regarding domestic violations of the Constitution as well as our suspect motives for endless war in the middle east. Give it a look-see.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obama's ISIS plan is an optical success, but a results failure

So, Obama's plan is to destroy ISIS with overwhelming air power and by arming Iraqi and Syrian soldiers and rebels to do the fighting for us/themselves. 

Does anybody think this will work?

First, ISIS fighters are indistinguishable from civilians when viewed through a gun-sight camera at 20,000 feet. Unless we personally interview every person i
n Iraq, face-to-face, while pointing a gun to their head, we cannot eradicate them. 

Second, the Iraqi soldiers Obama wants to now further train and arm are the same ones who we've been training for the last 10 years and who at the first sign of trouble from ISIS, dropped their weapons and ran away. Have they suddenly discovered some guts?

Third, who the hell knows what we'll be getting by arming ANY Syrian rebels? The last time we armed Syrian rebels, they turned out to be ISIS. And the last two times we supported rebels who fought for regime change we ended up with a lawless Libya and an Egypt controlled by ideologues whose affection for the US is uncertain at best. 

How stupid are we? Without a total re-occupation of Iraq, we cannot defeat ISIS to the point that they are not a threat. Even then, they'll just flee to Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, or somewhere else to regroup. 

It is my belief that we are too late to the ISIS game to do anything useful except waste a ton of money dropping bombs almost uselessly in the desert. 

But at least we'll be creating weapons-manufacturing jobs back home......which if we were brutally honest with ourselves, is the real reason we are so eager to make war in the middle east on a continuous basis......how else would our politicians funnel money to the defense contractors who bribe them with lavish vacations, parties, and gifts? Or am I being to cynical?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sanctimonious Americans love to hate Apple

This is the image bouncing around Facebook today. Of course sanctimonious Americans like to pretend that they are empathetic toward the plight of the third world "iSlave", but let's be honest, how many of them would give up their personal electronics, shoes, or other third-world produced goods that make easy, their lives of idle decadence? 

In fact, I'll bet there isn't much in our lives of relative comfort and leisure that isn't produced at some level by grateful peasants in third-world countries. And I would argue that by not consuming these items, whether for moral or solidarity reasons, you may contributing to their lives of squalor and misery, for without sweat shops and dangerous factories to work in, what would they be doing? Begging, panhandling, waiting for relief organizations to hand them a bowl of rice each day......or maybe nothing at all?

But one thing is for sure, phony, self-righteous American sanctimony won't fill up the stomachs of starving babies in Africa and China. 

Joblessness is OK in the age of hope and change

A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics survey showed that only 19.8% of people collecting unemployment checks actually looked for work on an average day, spending 2.5 hours doing so when they did it, while 40.8% spent time shopping.
But 96,7% of the unemployed admitted to spending time "socializing, relaxing, and on leisure activities", spending 5.98 hours doing so.....more than twice what they spent job hunting.
The chronically unemployed also reported that they got 9.76 hours of sleep each night, which is roughly 50% more than I get working my two jobs.
In the age of hope and change, it's good to be unemployed apparently.....not so much for those of us paying for their lives of idle leisure.

Putin leverages his space-travel monopoly

Alert reader David sent this in: "On Monday, the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) announced plans to move survival training for all Soyuz passengers to a Russian naval base in Sevastopol, Crimea."

Vlad Putin brilliantly played his monopoly on space travel card. If nations with space programs want to access the ISS, their astronauts must pass splash-down survival school run by the Russians since only they are currently transporting people to the space station. 

Sending astronauts to the Crimea for training amounts to de-facto acceptance of Russian "annexation" of Crimea from the Ukraine. If countries like the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, etc want to go to space, we have to go through the Russians to get there. 

I guess we're just lucky to have Putin to give us a ride to space since Obama made it NASA's primary mission to make Muslims feel better about their imaginary contributions to science, technology, or pretty much anything that improves western civilization. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Obama and ISIS

When Ronald Reagan unwisely trained and funded the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan to resist the Russians, he never thought they would eventually morph into the Taliban and Al Qaeda and turn against us with the same money, weapons, and expertise we gave them. 

25 years later, you'd think Obama would be able to resist stepping on that very same rake, but you'd be wrong. As recently as June, Obama was still requesting $500 Billion to fund the ISIS terrorists...I mean rebels, to resist Bashar al-Assad in Syria......that is after our CIA funded, trained, and armed them in Jordan.

Now they too have turned against us and are committing atrocities with our money, weapons, and battlefield expertise, yet in combating terrorism, Obama seems oblivious to his direct, ironic role in the creation of the world's worst terrorist group.

 With a hat tip to Moonbattery.

Monday, September 08, 2014

California cougar just doing what California cougars do

You all know how I love a good, wild-animal-mauls-human, story. 

Well, some dumb family in Cupertino, Ca went hiking in a park where signs are clearly posted warning of the presence of mountain lions and predictably, their 6 year old son was attacked by a mountain lion during their hike.
Now the authorities are hunting down the lion to kill it. WHY? They were in his territory. He was just doing what mountain lions do.....because he's a mountain lion.
I hope the cougar gets away and attacks the hunters, mauls them badly.....then eats some more dumb hikers.