“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, June 30, 2014

Race solidarity supersedes federal law in Washington

We now have proof that Lois Lerner and Elijah Cummings each are guilty of felonies when they exchanged e-mails and then private tax information regarding the tax-exempt status of True-the-Vote, a conservative group. 

We already know that at Obama's direction, Eric Holder has a policy of not prosecuting any, ANY, black people for crimes.

Holder will ignore this violation of federal law, Obama will ignore this, Lerner and Cummings will suffer nothing for their crimes, and the media will protect them all by deliberately ignoring it. It's all about black power and race solidarity with this bunch. Lois Lerner is white, but she's a useful tool and she knows too much, so they'll protect her too.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Mexicans have no respect for US authority

On Thursday night, a Mexican military chopper entered US airspace and fired on US border patrol agents. Nobody got hurt and the Mexican government called to apologize. Please!

Since 2004 armed Mexican authorities have entered the US unlawfully at least 300 times, that we know of. This is unacceptable. Our government's absolute refusal for 30 years to enforce border control might be their biggest failing of all.

I wonder why the agents didn't return fire with their side arms. Perhaps because Obama made sure all they have to shoot with is bean-bag guns......I mean we wouldn't want to hurt any of the MS-13 gang members, drug mules, or heavily armed coyotes coming into our country, would we?

If I was a border guard, I would have a side arm whether the administration approved it or not, and I'd have shot at the tail rotor of the helicopter. In the movies, that always results in the most spectacular and entertaining, fiery crashes. They should have at least returned fire somehow. What were they thinking?

Obama middle-east folly

Following senile, neo-con John McCain's lead, Obama requested $500 Million in taxpayer money and advanced weaponry be given to some rag-tag bands of so-called "moderate" Syrian rebels to help them destabilize Bashar al-Assad's regime there. (You may remember that it was McCain who visited with the rebels in Syria last year, gleefully having his picture taken with them, only to find out they were Taliban and he'd been punked.)

Have we not learned our lesson in Iraq? The very people we intended to fight now have some of the most advanced weaponry and hardware in the world, certainly to be used against us at their earliest convenience. And the same thing will happen in Syria.

We arm these morons in camouflage fishing vests doing calisthenics today, and tomorrow they join ISIS or Al-Qaeda and kill a bunch of Americans with those weapons. Obama wants to appear as if he's doing something, but it's sheer stupidity.....pointless, meaningless, pro-forma stupidity!

Free-the-Nipple movement, about as silly as you'd expect

Regular reader David sent this in. No it's not pornographic and let's assume not his wife, it's the TaTaTop bikini. It's part of a ridiculous campaign called the Free-the-Nipple movement, by some misguided feminists to have equality with men regarding public toplessness.

The Free-the-Nipple movement, if you can call it a legitimate movement rather than just a gaggle of hippie, feminist exhibitionists, can inadvertently cause crime sprees as cops, undoubtedly by the hundreds, respond to reports of topless babes running around. The TaTaTop lets women "expose" themselves as they like, while not technically breaking any decency laws.

Now, speaking for men everywhere, I fully support the Free-the-Nipple campaign.....if there's anything this world needs more of, it's chicks without tops on. Color me....ahem....titillated.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Racism and entitlement politics, now tools of entrenched republicans

Well I guess we see now the entrenched, republican incumbents' strategy for clinging to their seats in November........accuse Tea Party challengers as racists and dangle welfare handouts and entitlements to minority democrats to get them to vote for you. It worked for 76 year old, senile old man, Thad Cochran in the Mississippi senate primary yesterday and other moderate republicans will use the same craven tactic in the general election to try to siphon off votes from their democrat challengers.

When you have republicans trying to win votes by being democrats, the political game is over in this country. It's a charade to make us think our votes matter......they do not. Elections are little more than kabuki theater to keep us distracted from their corruption, graft, and dishonesty and I'm finding it increasingly difficult if not impossible to garner any desire at all to participate.

If I lived in Mississippi, Thad Cochran would never get my vote, I wouldn't care who's running against him. He and the DC GOP establishment who bankrolled his despicable campaign are beneath contempt and would receive neither my money or my vote.   

Obama opposes Keystone + Obama takes money from guy who wants Keystone opposed by him = bribery

With the democrats vilifying the right-leaning Koch brothers for being rich, you'd think they didn't have any rich friends. Meet Tom Steyer, billionaire hedge fund manager, green energy investor, and holder of $100 Million pledged to the democrats in November.

Obama is meeting with Steyer today, in all likelihood to kiss his ass and keep Steyer convinced that he(Obama) will continue to oppose the Keystone Pipeline. Steyer has many green-energy holdings and stands to profit by the billions if the price of fossil fuels and electricity in the US skyrockets, as Obama promised us all it would.

The hypocrisy and corruption of this administration is evidently boundless and Obama knows that he doesn't even need to hide his fecklessness because the media and democrat voters will obligingly look the other way. He's the first black President and they are committed to him because of that alone, regardless of what it cost them.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Democrat and lawyers, railroading the tax payers again, this time on behalf of the children

Craven democrats want to make sure as few illegal-alien children leave the country as possible, by giving each one of them a tax-payer funded immigration lawyer. There are currently 57,000 illegal kids(though most are 16 or older) being warehoused in border states and another 30,000-40,000 are expected to come across before year's end...... maybe more when they hear they get free legal representation.

What is this going to cost tax payers? No doubt the immigration lawyers have promised to kickback a lot of the wealth they acquire from this theft of the taxpayers to the campaigns of these democrats who proposed this bill.

The adolescent in chief goes out to Chipotle for lunch

Gross! The sneeze guard is there for a reason Mr. President and the rules apply to you too.....

 Why can't he point from the other side of the glass like everybody else? Or just name the topping he wants, pointing is unnecessary. 

Toddlers point at what they want, adults communicate with words and the employees respond accordingly. But what else would you expect from a two-bit, unaccomplished adolescent in a suit?

Islam, the scourge of the modern world

Want to see what the scourge of Islam does to a nation? This is a picture taken in the 60's in Afghanistan by an American teacher from Tempe who took his family there for the summer while he taught at the American school in Kabul. Click on this link and have a look at all the photography and see what a nice country Afghanistan used to be before the Taliban and radical Islamists took over.

That's some great religion, Islam.

Ed's musical interlude

I'm not generally a fan of rapping or electronica-type music, but Twenty One Pilots is starting to win me over......


Dodd-Frank continues to harm America

Because Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank were more responsible than any other two people, for the financial and housing collapse in 2008, they scrambled to posture themselves as populist regulators to fix the problem they caused, as they were conveniently leaving office. The disastrous result was the Dodd-Frank regulatory bill that supposed to grant more government oversight into the financial dealings, the purpose of which was to prevent another collapse, but really only inserted the government further into business and commerce, and not in a good way.

This week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau used a provision in the Dodd-Frank bill to assert its right to issue cease-and-desist orders against any, ANY business it chooses, for any reason whatsoever. And that business cannot reopen until after the hearing. This is the Obama administration's extension of its own Operation Choke Point by which it intimidated banks into not issuing loans to businesses of which it disapproved, namely gun manufacturers and sellers. Now the CFPB has granted itself the authority to effectively shut down a business on literally any trumped up grounds, with the knowledge that it will go under during the intentionally slow time it takes the federal bureaucracy to grant and conduct a hearing.

The level of self-granted power of this administration is unprecedented and congress is at a crossroads here. They can either allow the first black President usurp congressional powers not granted to the executive branch, or it can do its job and reign in the executive branch by legislation. Honestly, I don't think the congress has the balls to go up against Obama and the American media who carry his water.

Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank......you'll never see two bigger assholes, and DC is full of them.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Chelsea Clinton, poor little rich girl

Chelsea Clinton says she just can't bring herself to care about money the way her parents do. Really?
That's a little insulting coming from somebody whose estimated networth is $5M, whose parents are worth $150M, whose husband is worth $15M, who BOUGHT a $10.5M Manhattan condo, receives $600,000/year from NBC for doing who knows what, and banked $28,000/minute interviewing the Geico lizard.
Boo hoo, poor little rich girl. It's easy to claim not to care about something when you can afford to wipe your butt with it.

NASA and NOAA scientists proven to be liars and charlatans

Any thinking person can tell you that the 30 year hysteria regarding imaginary global warming has been perhaps the most colossal hoax perpetrated on the citizens of Earth.....ever. In fact according to James Hansen himself, NASA's leading climatologist, the 1930's were the warmest years in history, not the 1990's as he now claims.

In the GIF animation above, you can see the red temperature line stays basically in the same place until you get to the 80's when it dramatically changes from a downward(cooling) trend into an upward (warming) spike. The reason for this change in the data was NASA deliberately altered the data because it was fashionable and profitable to report warming rather than cooling. NASA and James Hansen were raking in millions in research grants from democrat politicians to report that the Earth was warming due to green house gases, something everybody but dirty hippies, grade school kids, and oblivious democrat voters know to be false.

Click on over to Real Science and read the report for yourself. Clearly the data were doctored to yield a predetermined conclusion. Anybody who proffers any legislation, regulation, or government edict on the basis of saving the world from man-made global warming is a liberal-agenda driven liar. Do not listen to these charlatans.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

D.A.C.A.....Obama's contribution to Cloward-Piven

The D.A.C.A. Act, or Deferred Action on Child Arrivals, has been sold to the American people as a humanitarian effort to help children from violent, poverty-ridden third-world nations, but when interviewed, it's not about that at all. They say that in their countries, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and Panama, the governments are promoting openly that the US is taking any children who can get here and basically giving them whatever they need, plus they can stay permanently. Obama and the democrats know this and are actively welcoming these diseased waifs into our country by the tens of thousands.

My guess is their goal is to permanently change the makeup of America by displacing over time, resident Americans with unassimilated welfare colonists who they know will breed like rabbits and who'll be reliable democrat voters for generations.

Joe Biden tries to tell us how good this is for the US and how we need massive immigration, but how can depressing wages with tens of thousands of unskilled laborers, overwhelming the welfare system with demand, bringing once eradicated diseases back into the country, and flooding the schools with non-English speaking immigrants be a good thing? We're already in a recession.

You can't tell me this isn't intentional.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ed's Friday Tunes

Ed's Friday afternoon tunes. If you're heading to the lake to cool off for the weekend, you could do a lot worse than having some Bear Hands to listen to......


Book Review

I just finished "Eifelheim" by Michael Flynn. It's about a ship of aliens who crash land near a small village in Germany in the late 14th Century, during the Plague, and befriend a priest who lives there. 700 years later, a European historian and his physicist girlfriend discover in the priest's archived diaries, evidence of the aliens and a possible diagram for how they travel in time. The story jumps back and forth from then to now, but it's really about the friendship between the priest and one of the aliens and how they debate basic philosophical and theological questions that would naturally arise from a meeting like this. Flynn brilliantly captures the perspectives of future technology by a 14th Century priest and the communication of advanced beings with relatively primitive humans.

If you're looking for an interesting read this summer, grab this and give it a try.

Russians suffer their own version of Mike Bloomberg

Among the worst ideas in history are New Coke, Members Only jackets, and "Too Big to Fail". One of the best ideas of all time is the high heeled shoe. But don't tell that to a meddling Russian lawmaker who wants to ban high heels because he thinks they are medically bad for women.
Look, the dystopian misery that describes life in Russia becomes wholly intolerable if women cannot walk around in high heels and enjoy men looking at them. This guy sounds like Moscow's version of Mike Bloomberg.
Stop banning things and let women live their lives......preferably in 5 inch platform, Louboutin stilettos. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Iraq comes full circle

It is being reported that some Baath military men, former Saddam Hussein loyalists, are helping ISIS. This certainly explains their strategic acquisition of so much land in Syria and Iraq so fast. 

From NYTimes -- Many of the former regime loyalists, including intelligence officers and Republican Guard soldiers — commonly referred to as the “deep state” in the Arab world — belong to a group called the Men of the Army of the Naqshbandia Order, often referred to as J.R.T.N., the initials of its Arabic name. The group announced its establishment in 2007, not long after the execution of Mr. Hussein, and its putative leader, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, was one of Mr. Hussein’s most trusted deputies and the highest-ranking figure of the old regime who avoided capture by the Americans.

This is a perfect example of why we don't need to involve ourselves in the long term, in any third-world, Islamic shit-holes. The military guys we work with cannot be trusted from one day to the next, much less years. One day they're our friend, the next our enemy, but now heavily armed with high-tech weapons we gave them and taught them to use. 

How perfect a circle will it have been if this ass-hole ends up being Iraq's next dictator? The world will get the same Iraq it had a decade ago, but the US will be 2 trillion dollars and like 4,500 lives poorer.

The hyper-politicization of government

Three smarmy bureaucrats in the US patent office, who're not accountable to anybody, decided this week to rescind six of the copyright patents held by the Washington Redskins football franchise. Because Obama and Harry Reid, the most outspoken advocates of name change, cannot legally force owner Dan Snyder to change the name, they encouraged the patent office to apply economic pressure instead.

The whole issue about the Redskins name was brought by 5 Native Americans who apparently don't have jobs and have all this idle time to whine about how offended they are by the team mascot. The Redskins have been around since 1935 and not a whine from anybody. Now, political correctness is all the rage and literally any word, mascot, speech, symbol, or title that offends even one person is subject to intimidation by busy-body liberals in government.

Dan Snyder should appeal this wholly political ruling by a board that should be completely impartial.

What other names might be the target of politicized weasels at the patent and trademark office? No doubt the Braves, Blackhawks, and Cleveland Indians are on the chopping block next. Are we going to rename Illinois, Oklahoma, Iowa, Alabama, and the 22 other states with Indian names? How about we force McDonald's to change it's name because it offends who, Irishmen?

The government cannot capriciously deprive a citizen of his property and income because three underachievers in government become suddenly and arbitrarily offended by the name he chose for his business.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kim Jong-Un personally trains the troops for war, and based on their uni's, jobs as maitre d's.

Fierce Nork leader Kim Jong-Un searches the horizon determinedly for aggressors while the captain searches for land. 

As regular reader Bill observed, "Is there anything Kim Jong-Un cannot do"? 

Nork propaganda claimed that the pudgy dictator of the most reverted nation on Earth provided training and instructions on navigation and dive technique to the captain of this 1950's era diesel submarine that the Norks cobbled together using Russian plans with surplus Chinese parts. The same "news" agency reported that he shot an 18 in golf once and was the first man to walk on the moon. 

Any modern sub built in the last 20 years could sink his entire fleet of 20 subs from 100 miles away.....and they'd never see it coming. I'd pay cash money to watch that.

What a character! If his people weren't starving, that is when he's not murdering them, his cartoonish buffoonery would be funnier.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Obama should start practicing his pucker....and probably get some shots

Heh heh, the US(using bumbling gigolo John Kerry) will soon be groveling obsequiously, hat in hand, to our enemy Iran to get Obama's ass out of the fire in Iraq, because if Baghdad falls to ISIS on Obama's watch, it won't matter that Bush arrogantly started it based on crap intel. and media pressure 11 years ago, only that Obama let it happen today. It'll be his biggest failure as President that the world's best spy/intelligence service missed the wealthiest terrorist organization in the middle east seize control of an entire nation that we just left.
I mean what are our squadrons of $20million intelligence drones and dizzying array of spy satellites looking for, if not insurgent activity in our delicate puppet democracy in Iraq? I'm guessing they're scouting property in Kauai, Hawaii for the Obama's retirement compound or following princess Kate around to see if the wind blows her dress up again.   
The question is will Iran choose to enjoy the humiliation of the US losing Iraq after all the blood and treasure we have invested there, or will Iran help purge Iraq of ISIS because the Iranians, who share a 1,500 kilometer border with Iraq, don't want crazy insurgents controlling Iraq any more than we do. 
Ah, questions questions. What ever their choice, if they are to help the US, Obama will have to kiss the ass of one or all of these characters.....

RIP Tony Gwynn

Tony Gwynn was my favorite baseball player. A lifetime .334 hitter, he was clearly the best hitter in baseball since Ted Williams. In '94 he hit .394, when flirting with the elusive .400 barrier was unheard of. He was a super nice guy who never got in trouble on or off the field and epitomized to me what a disciplined, student of using a round bat to hit a round ball traveling at 90mph should be.

IRS, public enemy #1

Want to see the epitome of government corruption and arrogance? I present Lois Lerner.

The IRS thinks everybody in the modern world is stupid. The story that her e-mails were lost in a computer crash is less plausible than the alien autopsy story from Area-51. E-mails are saved on any number of places, but not on the workstation terminal, especially government e-mails. They are backed up by law, archived, and then backed-up again on tape and stored in a secure place. To not have done so is itself a violation of federal law.

I want to know why there aren't bureaucrats all over the IRS in jail today, including Lois Lerner herself? Clearly there is a massive cover-up happening before us.

Almost by definition, government bureaucrats aren't that bright, and the degree of preposterousness of their lying is proportional to the status of the government official they're protecting with the lies. Lois Lerner answers only to the IRS commissioner and he answers only to the President. Who is the IRS protecting? Lois Lerner is only 2 people removed from Obama and Holder and smarmy, under-achieving bureaucrats like her do not lie this outrageously if they aren't protecting somebody far above them.

Additionally, if she didn't have the goods on Obama and Holder about the IRS tea-party scandal, they'd have thrown her under the Hope-n-Change bus long ago, rather than rewarded her silence with a six-figure lifetime pension.

US leaving Saigon, and by Saigon I mean Baghdad

With ISIS(Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) marching on Baghdad and the elite, US-trained Iraqi troops doing their best impression of the French troops as Hitler marched on Paris, the US is on the verge of abandoning for the most part, our $750 million embassy in the Green Zone.....

From Newsmax -- The $750 million embassy is the largest in the world, and boasts amenities for staff that include a six-lane swimming pool, regulation-size basketball court and a "palatial dining room."

It is completely self-contained with its own power supply, well water and sewage treatment. It is only 3/10ths of an acres smaller than Vatican City and is surrounded by blast walls to protect those inside from attack.

Look at this monstrosity! I'd bet that only the Pentagon is a larger US government building. It won't even fit in a photo taken from like a mile away in a helicopter. And now we're considering abandoning it? Why do the US taxpayers need a 5,500 person diplomatic presence if blast walls are necessary to keep the locals from killing us? 

We're even thinking of groveling to Iran to help control ISIS before Baghdad is completely overrun by Islamists. How embarrassing. 

We don't need an embassy this big in any country, certainly not one we might have to abandon to our enemies. This is just a pay-off for some contractor who funded somebody's campaign, or in other words bribed them.....and it's ridiculous. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

The absent President

As a back-bencher senator, Obama voted "present" more than he voted yay or nay. Of the 100 most powerful men in the US, shouldn't we expect more from them?

Now as President, he continues to vote "absent".....as the world burns, Obama takes another golf vacation......

-Iraq is about to fall into civil war as the terrorist group ISIS(Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), establishing a caliphate while in possession of massive amounts of high-tech military weaponry left by US troops, marches toward Baghdad.
-At Obama's invitation, tens of thousands of diseased and/or pregnant alien children flood the US southern border, establishing a serious humanitarian/refugee crisis that will overwhelm our system.
-New revelations about the VA scandal come out every day and no heads have rolled.....except those of veterans who died waiting to be seen
-If Iraq descends into chaos, a nuclear armed Iran will surely involve itself.

But Obama cannot be bothered with all this. He's got California moonbats to hit up for campaign cash for the mid-terms and his golf swing could certainly use re-tooling.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Heh heh, this might be the most clever bit of vandalism I've seen in a while....

The pointlessness of our Iraq adventure is about to be fully realized

The large Iraqi city of Mosul fell to Al-Qaeda in the last few days, as did Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit, 80 miles north of Baghdad. Oil fields and pumping stations have been seized and all that's left is the sack of Baghdad by Islamist militants, and the sad story of our pointless adventure in Iraq will finally and mercifully come to a close.

The only problem is Iraq is OPEC's second largest oil producer. Unless the Saudi's supplement the production, world prices will necessarily go up. Our economy doesn't need an energy crisis right now. At least with Saddam in power, the oil flowed reliably. Of course there's the small matter of his rape-rooms, torture chambers, and chemical attacks on the Kurd's, but lets be honest, those were the excuses we used to depose Saddam, but isn't everything we do in the middle east really only about keeping the price of gas at our pumps as low as possible?

If only we'd start using our own oil, we wouldn't have to care what happens over there.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reagan on libertarianism

Establishment GOP types would be wise to remember this the next time they invoke Reagan, as they try to bamboozle grass-roots conservatives into believing they aren't really the milquetoast moderates we know them to be.

Cantor loss sends chills through entrenched GOP establishment

Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia lost big in the open primary last night, almost certainly terrifying the establishment-class republicans in DC. But he was questionable on immigration and a number of other traditionally conservative issues and his association with the unpopular speaker Boehner didn't help any. But the most damaging move was when he attended a beach retreat over the winter recess, highly publicized by talk radio, where the primary focus was defeating tea party candidates. Essentially the establishment GOP said to grass-roots voters, give us your money and your votes and shut the hell up. 

If nothing else, I think a lot of entrenched GOP incumbents are scared today and might move toward the right. But then, as always, with the election around the corner, they'll talk a good "rightward" game and then go back to being obsequious Obama-moderates thereafter.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fly the scary skies

If you plan to fly any where, do it soon. The FAA has changed it's air-traffic-controller hiring guidelines to make a more "diverse" workforce. Regardless of how high your air-traffic school grades were, how high your air-traffic aptitude was, or how motivated you were to pay for your own education, none of that matters. The only quality you must exhibit for now is to not be white or male.
Not only will it cost taxpayers millions more to train off-the-street candidates who have politically favored skin color but with no demonstrated aptitude or ability, it will certainly cost us in lost lives when these affirmative-action controllers are responsible for keeping your flight from crashing.

Obama throws patsy Chuck Hagel under the Hope-n-Change bus

Well, with the blowback the administration is getting from the Bergdahl fiasco, you had to know they'd be looking for a patsy to take the blame. And in Chuck "the schmuck" Hagel, they've found just the guy.

The administration is claiming that Hagel, not Obama, had the final say so on whether to make the deal to trade 5 Gitmo vacationers for one American deserter.

But wait a minute, you're telling me that it wasn't Obama, but Chuck Hagel, in the Rose Garden with Bergdahl's kooky parents bragging about not leaving anybody behind? I could have sworn it was Obama.

Oh well, when you serve at the pleasure of the first black President, you are eminently expendable. Anything to keep the dirt off him. Enjoy being under the Hope-n-Change bus Secretary Hagel.

Kooky activist gets raped, ironically

This is Amanda-Kijera. She's a volunteer down in Haiti. Her stated mission was to to dispel the “myths” that violence against women on the island was overstated by women’s rights organizations. 
The intention of Kijera’s trip was to push back on the portrayal of black men as “savages” in the media and against common views of black men imposed by “the man.”
Too bad the black man she was helping didn't get the memo. He raped her repeatedly and brutally. Kind of ironic, I'd say.
But being a good liberal, Amanda still doesn't blame the rapist, but patriarchal, societal oppression wielded by Caucasians. Chirped Amanda......
“Women are not the source of their oppression; oppressive policies and the as-yet unaddressed white patriarchy which still dominates the global stage are,” she explained.
Kijera makes the bizarre claim that dependence on white people makes emasculated Haitian men act out against them. Well here's a good way to stop the violence.....let's stop the hundreds of millions in aid we flush down the Haiti toilet every year and let the Haitians stand on their own two feet and by Amanda's twisted logic, the men will stop raping white women.  

Somehow I don't think Amanda sees it that way. She's probably argue that more aid is necessary. 

Monday, June 09, 2014

Men fighting over women.....it's evolutionary

Just read an article sent in by regular reader Dave, showing that the facial bones in modern man evolved to be far more robust than the same bones of our ancestors, probably because at about the same time we developed hands that could form fists. 

Seems that millions of years ago, just as now, women were the subject of warring between men. I can imagine a sexy cave-woman, sashaying on over to the carcass of the mammoth her boyfriend just killed and batting her eyelashes at some other caveman who is not her boyfriend. And behold, the first ever fist fight.
Utah Biologist David Carrier sums it up for us: 

“When modern humans fight hand-to-hand the face is usually the primary target. What we found was that the bones that suffer the highest rates of fracture in fights are the same parts of the skull that exhibited the greatest increase in robusticity during the evolution of basal hominins. These bones are also the parts of the skull that show the greatest difference between males and females in both australopiths and humans. In other words, male and female faces are different because the parts of the skull that break in fights are bigger in males."

“Importantly, these facial features appear in the fossil record at approximately the same time that our ancestors evolved hand proportions that allow the formation of a fist. Together these observations suggest that many of the facial features that characterize early hominins may have evolved to protect the face from injury during fighting with fists,”
This actually makes scientific sense. Today of course, having conquered our environment and all of our predators, our brains are our primary "weapon" for competing for scarce resources and women. Even the most hideous troll of a man, if he is smart and makes a lot of money, can pull a top-drawer female who'll happily let him breed her. Conversely, a great looking guy who is dumb and poor, say a career bartender or pool boy, while attractive in her Lifetime-movie fantasies, generally cannot, at least not long enough to keep her. 

Of course it's best, evolutionarily, for women to find existential value in brains and wealth over brawn and looks, given a binary choice and the relative scarcity of rich, good looking men. To modern women, brains and wealth imply safety, stability, and a best-chance environment for raising offspring. To cave-women, the ability to kill predators, hunt prey, and fight off other cavemen implied all those things(think the infield at Talladega). To some cave-women, it still does, which is why we still have cave-men who exhibit those "qualities". 

So for all you gals who like a brutish, aggressive, physically imposing type of man without brains, money or prospects, here's your catch of the day -- Australopithecus (he liked to fight a lot)

Artificial Intelligence takes another leap forward as human relevance takes a small step back

Alan Turing created the "Turing Test" about 65 years ago to test whether an artificially intelligent system could mimic or "think" in a way so close to how humans think, that it would fool an impartial judge interacting with both. Essentially it tested "humanness" and is a staple of any serious AI discussion. Apparently a couple of Russians created a program that fooled judges in a London comp-sci meeting for the first time ever.
Well, It's all downhill from here for us humans......and I for one, welcome our mechanical overlords as our benevolent shepherds, guiding us to a better tomorrow.
A good example of the Turing Test in cinema was when Decker(Harrison Ford) administered a modified version of it to Rachel(Sean Young) in "Blade Runner".

As a side note, Alan Turing was gay, back when being gay was illegal in Great Britain. He was actually convicted of being gay if you can believe it and offered jail time or chemical castration.....he chose chemical castration and then killed himself with cyanide. What a screwed up society western civilization was.....not that long ago. 

Friday, June 06, 2014

Bergdahl, out of the Taliban frying pan and into the Obama fire

It's been five days since US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was traded to the US for five well-rested, Taliban vacationers at Club Gitmo, and he hasn't been allowed to talk to his parents or media yet. Why?

I think it's a very good chance that the Obama administration, clearly in damage-control mode, is interrogating him themselves to make sure they have plausible rationalizations for all the lies and mis-information they've told the American people, and additionally to help Bergdahl "remember" the events of his desertion in the most administration-helpful light possible.

The cover-up on this might be more politically necessary leading into November than was Benghazi, IRS, NSA wiretapping, or Fast and Furious.

Remember Normandy, 70 years ago today

Everybody, except most who were educated in government schools where they don't teach US history any more, remembers the date 7Dec1941. That's the day the US was dragged into the Pacific theater of WWII when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

But how many remember 6Jun1944? 70 years ago today, allied forces, mostly Americans, landed at Normandy Beach, France in the final push to rid Europe of Hitler. 4,413 allied soldiers, of which 2,499 were Americans, died. If not for that allied attack, the whole of Europe might be speaking German today.

Say what you will about the wisdom of the US meddling in the affairs of countries we don't care about in the last 65 years sine the end of WWII, but what other nation gives it's blood and treasure so freely to liberate others from the grip of despotism, tyranny, and barbarism?

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Delusional Muslims see Allah in nature

There must be something about religion that compels believers to "see" visions of their particular religion in nature or other non-religious items, as validation of their beliefs. Christians swear that Jesus reveals himself in cheese-toast and tortilla chips, for instance. Allah, the imaginary ruler of the most savage, barbaric, violent, humorless, backward and ignorant group of thugs, the Muslims, is no different apparently.

Here is how Allah's name is written in Arabic, and here is one sample of dumb Muslims "seeing" his name in nature, in this case the Aurora over Alaska.

There is actually a website, evidently serious but hilariously ridiculous to me, of images of Allah's name occurring in nature called MiraclesofIslam.

For believers of any religion to insist that their deities reveal themselves in bizarre ways, demonstrates to me that there is a lack of faith on their part. Why do you need that validation if you believe? It makes no sense. 

Anyway, head on over to MiraclesofIslam and have a good laugh at their expense. 

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Just because they're scientists, it doesn't make them smart

Well this might just be the stupidest "scientific" conclusion ever to have been arrived at. Scientists, probably with PhD's in Gender Studies, published a report that claims people die more often in hurricanes named for women because Americans subconsciously don't respect them or feel as threatened and don't take the same precautions as they do when storms are named for men. The thinly veiled message being that women in the US still aren't respected. 

Heh heh, what a load of shit!

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita didn't kill a lot of people because as idiots, they didn't respect the feminine names. They died because they were idiots and refused to get out of the way of a Cat-5 hurricane.....or possibly because their neighbors were cannibals if you believe Geraldo.

It's random which hurricanes come ashore in heavily populated areas and It's blind dumb luck that they happened to have been named for broads. Dude-named storms of equal strength and in the same location would have killed just as many people.

What's next, gender sensitivity classes for the meteorologists over at NOAA?

Monday, June 02, 2014

Susan Rice, conniving liar or ignorant dupe?

Either Susan Rice is the dumbest woman ever in a presidential administration or she's the most pathetic of women to knowingly allow herself to be Obama's meme-test patsy not once, but twice. After being excoriated by the media and the American people for eagerly trotting out the Benghazi lie to protect Obama and Hillary, she allows them to use her again to advance the apparent tall tale that Bowe Bergdahl was an honorable serviceman and that he had gotten captured by the Taliban on the field of combat. Both are outrageous lies and Rice either knows it which makes her a liar too, or she doesn't know it which makes her a miserably stupid dupe of the administration, or the third option is that she calculated that she's damaged goods anyway because of Benghazi, how much more damaged could she be if she goes out and lies about Bergdahl? I'll let her choose her poison.

There's far more to the Bergdahl story than we're being told

So apparently Bowe Bergdahl wasn't captured as much as he essentially deserted his post, went AWOL, and then got picked up by the Taliban somewhere in the desert. He's been with them for 5 years. 

Obama then "rescued" this guy by executing an illegal prisoner swap by turning over a handful of well-rested vacationers at Club Gitmo to Qatar, where they'll cool their heels for a year, supposedly under house arrest, while plotting their next attack on the US.

Then Obama hosts this bizarre press conference with Bergdahl's dopey father who recited, in what sounded like perfect dialect, the most quoted phrase in the Koran, “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” —which means “In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate.” Since this press conference, Bob Bergdahl has been tweeting in support of the release of more Tunisian vacationers at Gitmo.

Why are we celebrating this as if this kid were an actual prisoner of war? He voluntarily left his post in civilian clothes and without a weapon.  

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Yesterday was National Dam Safety Awareness Day.....who knew?

I'm sure you all didn't forget to recognize this very important day.....it really should be a federal holiday.....

May 31st is National Dam Safety Awareness Day, an event that commemorates the tragic failure of the South Fork Dam in Johnstown, Penn. Although not a USACE constructed dam, the May 31, 1889 dam failure resulted in the loss of more than 2,200 lives and was the worst dam failure in the history of the United States.

Lot's of bad things happened in the 1800's. Do we need a day of observance for them all? And what are we supposed to do on dam safety day, perform a visual inspection of the dam nearest us, and stick our fingers in any wet cracks? 

Heh heh, I said, "stick our fingers in any wet cracks".

Here's the Jones Bluff Lock and Dam down around Selma. Maybe I'll take the wife on down there and we'll have BBQ sandwiches after we inspect it.