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Monday, June 09, 2014

Artificial Intelligence takes another leap forward as human relevance takes a small step back

Alan Turing created the "Turing Test" about 65 years ago to test whether an artificially intelligent system could mimic or "think" in a way so close to how humans think, that it would fool an impartial judge interacting with both. Essentially it tested "humanness" and is a staple of any serious AI discussion. Apparently a couple of Russians created a program that fooled judges in a London comp-sci meeting for the first time ever.
Well, It's all downhill from here for us humans......and I for one, welcome our mechanical overlords as our benevolent shepherds, guiding us to a better tomorrow.
A good example of the Turing Test in cinema was when Decker(Harrison Ford) administered a modified version of it to Rachel(Sean Young) in "Blade Runner".

As a side note, Alan Turing was gay, back when being gay was illegal in Great Britain. He was actually convicted of being gay if you can believe it and offered jail time or chemical castration.....he chose chemical castration and then killed himself with cyanide. What a screwed up society western civilization was.....not that long ago. 


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Like many of us, Sean Young has not aged well. today she looks a more like Queen Elizabeth than like Rachel.

Ed said...

I know. I had, and still have, a huge crush on Rachel....and it's not because of my robot-sex-doll fetish.

I'm sort of excited about Katy Perry playing Rachel in the new Bladerunner, if that's who they select. At least looks wise, she'd be a decent Rachel.