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Monday, June 16, 2014

US leaving Saigon, and by Saigon I mean Baghdad

With ISIS(Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) marching on Baghdad and the elite, US-trained Iraqi troops doing their best impression of the French troops as Hitler marched on Paris, the US is on the verge of abandoning for the most part, our $750 million embassy in the Green Zone.....

From Newsmax -- The $750 million embassy is the largest in the world, and boasts amenities for staff that include a six-lane swimming pool, regulation-size basketball court and a "palatial dining room."

It is completely self-contained with its own power supply, well water and sewage treatment. It is only 3/10ths of an acres smaller than Vatican City and is surrounded by blast walls to protect those inside from attack.

Look at this monstrosity! I'd bet that only the Pentagon is a larger US government building. It won't even fit in a photo taken from like a mile away in a helicopter. And now we're considering abandoning it? Why do the US taxpayers need a 5,500 person diplomatic presence if blast walls are necessary to keep the locals from killing us? 

We're even thinking of groveling to Iran to help control ISIS before Baghdad is completely overrun by Islamists. How embarrassing. 

We don't need an embassy this big in any country, certainly not one we might have to abandon to our enemies. This is just a pay-off for some contractor who funded somebody's campaign, or in other words bribed them.....and it's ridiculous. 

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