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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Delusional Muslims see Allah in nature

There must be something about religion that compels believers to "see" visions of their particular religion in nature or other non-religious items, as validation of their beliefs. Christians swear that Jesus reveals himself in cheese-toast and tortilla chips, for instance. Allah, the imaginary ruler of the most savage, barbaric, violent, humorless, backward and ignorant group of thugs, the Muslims, is no different apparently.

Here is how Allah's name is written in Arabic, and here is one sample of dumb Muslims "seeing" his name in nature, in this case the Aurora over Alaska.

There is actually a website, evidently serious but hilariously ridiculous to me, of images of Allah's name occurring in nature called MiraclesofIslam.

For believers of any religion to insist that their deities reveal themselves in bizarre ways, demonstrates to me that there is a lack of faith on their part. Why do you need that validation if you believe? It makes no sense. 

Anyway, head on over to MiraclesofIslam and have a good laugh at their expense.