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Monday, March 19, 2018

Don't cry for McCabe

Contrary to what the media is reporting to try to make you feel sorry for poor old Andrew McCabe getting fired hours before his pension-heavy retirement kicked in, Trump did not fire McCabe. AG Sessions did it on the recommendation of the FBI's office of professional responsibility and the IG.

During his investigation of Hillary's email scandal, McCabe's wife was running for office in Virginia and received almost half a million dollars from a PAC connected to then Governor Terry McCaullife, a very close Clinton crony. 

If you believe for 2 seconds that McCaullife had access to half a million dollars to pour into a local election, you're an idiot. The Clinton's funneled that money, probably from their foundation, through McCaullife's PAC to McCabe's wife with the "understanding" that McCabe's investigation of Hillary go nowhere and uncover no wrongdoing.

Anybody with two neurons that have formed a synapse can see that's what happened.
McCabe's failure to divulge this tidbit to the FBI and recuse himself from the Clinton email investigation constitutes a fineable agency offense and any agent guilty of this would have been shown the door immediately.

Don't feel sorry for McCabe. He's a corrupt, lying tool and deserved it.