“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, December 23, 2016

The next human epoch

Meet Lilly, a french robotics technician who 3D printed this anthropomorphic robot herself, then fell in love with it(him). They've been "cohabitating" for a year and she intends to marry it when human/robot marriage becomes legal. Apparently she has some mental disorder by which intimate contact with male human flesh makes her skin crawl so this is her refuge.
I'm kind of surprised that this story isn't from those robot-obsessed weirdos in Japan. Still, objectophilic marriages are probably not that far off, especially as A.I. improves to the point that the human/robot line becomes more blurred and reproductive options become more technological and less traditional.
When this happens, I think it'll mark the beginning of a new epoch on the timeline of human experience in our, pardon the expression, brave new world.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

F4's to be retired after 50 years of service

Regular reader Dave gave me this heads-up. After 50 years of service, the last McDonnell/Douglas F4-Phantom in the US inventory will be retired in Alamagordo today. It is still in service in allied countries but the US will not be flying it.
It was THE cold-war workhorse aircraft for the AF, even though it started out as a Navy platform.
Shortly after I joined the Georgia Air Guard in 1980, we got a squadron of F-4's at Dobbins.....one of them is pictured here.
As a weapons loader, working under that plane was the worst job in the AF, but it was an honor to work on an airplane that served the US military for so long.

Local news graphics interns are funny

This is a screen-cap from the local B'ham news this morning. Apparently the new forensic term for a body found with the head and other parts removed is "dismantled".

Heh heh, maybe the underqualified graphics intern was thinking of "dismembered".

"Dismantled" will describe Obama's legacy when Trump is through with it.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Finally, Blade Runner II

YES, finally! In a Hollywood world where sequels and prequels abound limitlessly, the one sequel I've been waiting for, for 35 years, of the best film noir, sci-fi flick of all time. 


Saturday, December 17, 2016

British movies have diversity minimums, when will America follow?

The British version of the US's Motion Picture Academy has announced a new policy that prevents any film or TV show from receiving its award unless its cast is sufficiently diverse. With the Oscars in the US being under fire for not nominating any blacks for two years in a row, I wonder when they'll announce their diversity policy.
Not that I pay attention to awards anyway(I never agree with self-appointed "critics" of movies, books, music, food, or whatever) or ever watch the horrible awards shows, but I guess all American movies whose creators aspire to win an Oscar must soon feature at least three actors of the following list.....black, Hispanic, gay, handicapped, female, tranny, senior citizen, vegan, Muslim, atheist, or little person, or it won't be qualified for an award.

They think it's hard getting people out to the movies now, wait until "Saving Private Ryan" includes a female vegan with a peg-leg in the fox hole complaining about the meal rations. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Learn the difference between rigging and influencing an election

Ok, so in the media and even on Fox News, people are confusing "election rigging" with "election influencing". They're not the same.
There is no way anybody rigged the election. Because not even one voting machine is online, rigging the election would mean a person physically altering the programming of the voting machinery on-site, at many sites, one at a time. Ridiculous.
What definitely happened is that somebody, maybe the Russians, Chinese, or fed-up democrat operative, did hack the DNC emails and hand them over to Wikileaks, who then went public with them. That's not rigging an election, that's influencing an election.

In this case the election was influenced by the truth about democrat-party machinery, casual security, and an e-mail account of guy named Weiner.
Hillary is just pissed that the truth kept her from bamboozling the American electorate into installing her into the presidency. Tell me, how is more truth worse than less truth when it comes to politics?

Putin to Obama, put up or shut up

Hahahaha......through a spokesman yesterday, Vlad Putin basically told whiny American democrats and media who're accusing Russia of the Wiki e-mail hacks that exposed dark truths about Hillary's campaign staff, to prove it or shut up!
Obama responded ominously and laughably by saying that "impacting the integrity of American elections would result in action by the US at a time and place of our choosing".
Really? Russia is prehistorically analog by comparison to our total dependence on the Interwebs. We would lose badly in a digital tit-for-tat with Russia....not a good idea.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's how the world works, get over it

The hypocrisy of democrats, who faint with the vapors over Putin's supposed meddling against Hillary in our election, is as shameful as it is transparent.
When Israel's Netanyahu was running for re-election, Obama sent a team from his original election staff and a ton of State Dept. money to Israel, specifically to defeat him, as payback for his addressing our Congress against his(Obama) wishes.
No doubt the US meddles, to one degree or another, in every election around the world in which we feel we have a stake. Is there anybody naive enough to not believe that a prime directive of the CIA is to influence foreign elections to get an outcome favorable to the US?
How arrogant of us to believe that we are so morally superior that it's OK for us to influence the elections in other countries but feign outrage when it happens to us.

Besides, Russia hacking DNC e-mails only exposed the truth about democrats that we've long known or suspected. The democrats are just embarrassed that they got caught and are deflecting their outrage onto the hackers. Heh heh, who cares?

Monday, December 05, 2016

The US used to be a manufacturing juggernaut, Trump's bringing that back

By trying to get companies not to relocate production to Mexico, China, or elsewhere, Trump isn't "picking winners and losers" in an otherwise free market, as he is being criticized for.

The US doesn't compete in a free market, through heavy taxation and ridiculous regulations, US companies cannot compete at all with companies in other nations with virtually no regulations and very low tax and wage burdens.

I think Trump is merely saying, "don't leave until I can make the business environment here in the US competitive with other countries in the global, open-border economy."
And if the threat of tarrifs gets their attention, good. When the taxes are reduced, right-to-work laws are passed in each state, onerous regulations are rolled back, the domestic energy industry is revived, and trade deals are entered into such that there is actually the semblance of a free global market, THEN and only then will US companies be competing on a level playing field.

As a free-market guy who left the GOP because of the bailouts and the notion of "too big to fail", I don't have a problem with that.

Trump and I are A-OK with his plans to repatriate US businesses.


Sunday, December 04, 2016

Hollywood still doesn't get it

Sally Field whined to Chelsea Handler about the outcome of the election saying she wants to know what Trump voters are thinking. Among the things Sally doesn't understand are.......
-“I want to know why they voted for this man who does not stand for anything.”
-“I don’t understand why they call this a democracy and yet the people are not getting the representation that they voted for.”
Doesn't stand for anything? He stands for lowering personal and business taxes, halting illegal immigration, making better trade deals with our partners, streamlining the tax code, destroying ISIS, improving national infrastructure, building up the military, not cowing to our enemies, etc, etc, etc.
As for this being a democracy, take a 4th-grade civics class, Sally. We are a representative, constitutional republic, not a democracy. You're an adult and should understand the difference. 
You're a terrific actress Sally, try sticking to that instead of politics.....oh, and get used to that perplexed expression, if you don't get by now why regular Americans voted for Trump, you probably never will.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Trump thumbs his nose once again at the establishment

Can anybody name the president of Taiwan?
Me neither.

Meet Tsai Ing-wen, the current president of the independent state of Taiwan. The reason nobody knows her, or any Taiwanese president for that matter, is that the US officially only recognizes the one-China paradigm in which Taiwan is a province and will eventually, through hostile military action, be reabsorbed into the Chinese collective, despite Taiwan having functioned as a free republic since at least 1971.
I don't understand why we are kissing China's butt regarding Taiwan. Taiwan ranks 10th on the list of US trading partners. They buy billions in military hardware from us, specifically to resist the Chinese threat to their sovereignty. Additionally, [Taiwan is the 21st-largest economy in the world, and its high-tech industry plays a key role in the global economy. It is ranked highly in terms of freedom of the press, health care, public education, economic freedom, and human development.]-Wiki. All of which are incompatible with the Chinese communists.
Establishment types are upset today that Trump accepted a congratulatory call from President Ing-wen. No US president has had official communication with the Taiwanese president to keep from hurting China's feelings on the matter.
What is China going to do, increase the price of rubber dog crap sold in the US? We should officially recognize Taiwan, I've always assumed we had, as a nation state, independent from China.....and Trump is the president to do it.

Friday, December 02, 2016

There's a revolutionary right here in Hoover

I just learned that there's an actual revolutionary living right here in Hoover, and I've bought nails and screws from him.
Meet Gustavo Diaz, a 60 year old former colonel in the Venezuelan army. He was part of the failed coup attempt in 2002 of Hugo Chavez. For that crime, he and his familly fled Venezuela, requested political asylum, and are now citizens right here in Hoover, Alabama where he works at the Home Depot where I shop every week.
Mr Diaz operates in his spare time, DollarToday.com, a web site that essentially sets the real daily exchange rates on the street in Venezuela between bolivars and US dollars, not only allowing the real-time exchange of black-market US dollars, but defining the daily prices for virtually everything in the crumbling Venezuela. By letting people get around strict government currency controls, this web site creates a tremendous instability in the socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, making Gustavo public enemy numero uno to the regime of Maduro.

Diaz is as surprised as anybody that he's able to do far more to topple the regime of Maduro and his corrupt government with a computer here in Hoover, than he could as part of a revolutionary coup d'etat.
I think that's pretty cool. Kids should be wearing Gustavo Diaz on their T-shirts instead of Che Guevera

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Arrival" -- a movie review

Edward's movie review.......
Just saw the cerebral, sci-fi alien flick "Arrival" with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. I followed it fine, or at least thought I had, right up until the last 5 minutes, then it took me the entire ride home to work out what I'd just seen.
Without giving anything away, Arrival follows the usual Hollywood aliens-visit-Earth tropes......we can't communicate, armies are arrayed, fear and loathing are the rule of the day because comparatively unevolved humans aren't capable of anything but killing what we don't understand, blah blah blah.
It departs from typical alien movies by cleverly weaving into the main plot, the sub-plot which addresses personal choices and knowing one's own future.
I recommend it and would enjoy hearing any thoughts you have on the sub-plot.

Monday, November 28, 2016

OSU experiences multiculturalism, and not in a good way

Multiculturalism strikes at Ohio State University. A Somali immigrant student ran over and/or stabbed 9 students at OSU this morning. First he ran over pedestrians then got out and started stabbing them with a butcher knife before a campus cop shot him dead. Thankfully no student victims have died. 

Predictably the OSU administration pretended to be perplexed as to the motive, but given that ISIS recently commanded its followers in the West to randomly attack civilians with "cars and knives", the motive isn't too big a mystery. 

Because the people being radicalized against us are already legally here, there isn't much we can do unless there is a multi-person conspiracy and the authorities can detect it. If the attack is by one person, there isn't much we can do to protect ourselves except be armed and ready to fight back. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel "not surprised" to find self in Hell this morning

An exclusive interview by the Miami Herald revealed that murderous, thug dictator Fidel Castro reportedly "not all that surprised" to find self in Hell this morning.
When asked what he thought of burning in the fiery pits for all eternity, Castro shrugged and added, "Meh, ees a small price to pay for the joy of being a pain in the ass of the running-dog, capitalist, American peegs for 50 years".

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Justice for Hillary is not Trump's job as President

So Trump says he has no interests in pursuing Hillary Clinton for whatever crimes she may have committed while Secretary of State.
Candidate Trump may promise prosecutions out the wazoo, but President Trump would be wise to abstain from that process altogether, because it's not his job as President to pursue any specific American citizen for any crimes, nor direct or otherwise influence the Justice Department or the FBI to do so on his behalf. If her crimes rose to the level of a federal indictment, they'll figure that out, Trump need not involve himself in any way.

Dude has a country to manage and instructing the justice department or the FBI to go after Hillary would not only be outside his purvue as President, it would look like a petty, political vendetta for which he doesn't have the time.
As President, he should wash his hands of the Clintons and not be part of whatever Sessions at Justice and the FBI decide to do. And if the investigations don't lead AG Jeff Sessions to indict her, then let her slink out the back door of US politics and mercifully fade away.
Americans have to believe that the FBI and Justice Dept. are apolitical, otherwise the rule of law breaks down.

Bus drivers are good drivers, Johnthany is not

Apparently this moron intentionally wrecked a school bus in Tennessee a couple of days ago, killing 5 kids and injuring many more.
Predicatably the news media and hysterical government regulators are screeching about 3-point belts on every school bus being mandatory, but has anybody stopped to marvel at the costs and problems that would arise, not to mention, seat belts weren't the problem here.....hiring this idiot thug with the dumb name, Johnthany, to drive a bus in the first place was the problem?
-Retrofitting every school bus in the nation with belts would cost millions if not billions and take many years.
-3-point harnesses require a sufficiently tall seat. Most school bus seats are fairly short. Must they also purchase and install taller seats?
-not every kid fits the same belt. You can't have football players using the same belt as 2nd graders.....that might be MORE dangerous in a wreck.
-Will every bus driver now have to play flight attendant too and check every belt for security before driving to the next stop?
-what's the legal liability if a kid does get hurt? Once the government belt mandates begin, dumb juries will award a hurt kid millions and bankrupt school systems all over the country. Trial lawyers will see to that with frivolous, pay-day lawsuits.
The list of problems with belts goes on and on. Wouldn't it be better to not hire thugs named Johnthany who look like Snoop from 1983, to drive kids' buses?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Great Rutabaga Deception

It's late November so this story must be retold so as not to be forgotten.......

Some families go around the table at Thanksgiving and say what they're thankful for. Some families retell the story of Squanto and the Pilgrims. In our family, we tell the sad tale of Uncle Ed and the rutabaga incident of '76-'77, which I will recount to you now.......

The Great Rutabaga Deception of '76-'77...........

My family celebrated T'giving at the home of friends in '76 and I was delighted to see a casserole dish filled with my favorite, sweet potato casserole. My sister Andra cautioned me that she didn't think those were sweet potatoes. I snorted, dismissing her tomfoolery even as I piled my plate high. Turns out, they were rutabagas, the single most disgusting food stuff there is. I had to force them down so as not to embarrass our hosts. The following year we ate there again, but my desire for sweet-potato casserole was known to them from my humiliation the previous year, so I safely and eagerly anticipated dinner with my favorite Thanksgiving dish. Again I dove into the sweet, orange mountain with abandon and again Andra warned me that those might not be sweet potatoes. "Surely not. They wouldn't do that to me again" I exclaimed, incredulous at the thought. As I sat down, I realized that I smelled not of lightly roasted pecans, caro syrup, and the ambrosia that is caramelized brown sugar....instead I smelled a combination of fart and kimchi. RUTABAGA'S AGAIN!!!

To this day I do not eat rutabagas and for years, every Thanksgiving, my son Michael and my sister's kids J.P. and Julia gather 'round to hear the cautionary tale of Dad/Uncle Ed and The Great Rutabaga Deception of '76-'77.

Consitutional scholar? I doubt it

During an interview from Peru over the weekend, as part of an explanation for the election outcome, President Obama complained that small red states have two senators just like massive blue states like California. Apparently he thinks this is part of some sort of system rigged against him.
I thought he was a constitutional scholar. The whole purpose of having two houses of congress is that one(the Senate) represents the interests of the states and no one state is more important than another. The other one(the House) represents the people based on population so California gets 55 reps while North Dakota gets 3.
Originally, senators weren't voted on by the people as they are today. The state legislatures voted on two representatives to the Senate to represent equally, that state's interests in competition(or cooperation) with the interests of other states.
Either he doesn't understand the Constitution or he's being intentionally misleading, knowing that dumb Americans haven't learned an iota about the Constitution in school.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Eric Bolling for Commerce?

Fox's Eric Bolling, one of the first anchors at Fox News to jump all-in on the Trump bandwagon, is reportedly being considered for the job of Commerce Sec.
Of all the useless agencies, Commerce might be the most useless, along with Education, Energy, Interior, and the EPA, which all need to be eliminated, but if you have to fill these vacancies for reasons other than to supervise their shuttering and closing, then you could do a lot worse than Eric Bolling, who seems to know a lot about job creation.
As his first order of business, he should appoint Mike Rowe as his under-secretary and send him out to get some things done, post haste

Does anybody know what the Department of Commerce does?

Heh heh, SNL is finally funny again

This is the funniest election-season ad from SNL I've ever seen. 

The skewering of the pouty left over the election outcome is brilliant. 


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sec State needs to be less hawkish

Just heard Rand Paul talking about how Rudi Guiliani and John Bolton are too hawkish when it comes to the wisdom of American-driven regime change in the middle east, with regards to their possibly being the secretary of state.
I have to agree. While I'm a fan, both Guiliani and Bolton still believe it was a good idea to occupy Iraq and get rid of Saddam Hussein and Qadaffi in Libya. Both are provable disasters and not only would the middle east be more stable had we left them alone, we wouldn't be there at all getting maimed and killed now 14 years later with no end in sight.
Can anybody point to a single positive result of our meddling, hawkish agenda in the middle east, that balances the costs to us in blood and treasure of that meddling?
Rand Paul(and I) believe it would be better, not to mention more consistent with Trump's position, for the Sec State to understand that American-driven regime change in the middle east was a mistake.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Typical millennial snowflake

By now everyone on the Interwebs has seen this hilarious pic of some of Obama's staff waiting sullenly at the white house yesterday for their first meeting with the Trump transition team.
The sad faces are too funny not to mock, but that chick in the back is absolutely hilarious. I think the caption sums up nicely the problem with millennials on the left.

How many times in that girl's life do you think she cried when she was disappointed? When her brother ate all the Coco Puffs, she didn't get picked for the cheer squad, and when life slapped the snot out of her with the truth that unlike what her dopey parents told her, she's not perfect or deserving of anything she doesn't work for and earn.
Heh heh heh, this one meme and her expression perfectly captures the protesters that are currently destroying their own cities because they didn't get their way.

Sad democrats

Sad democrats being sad......heh heh. 

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Clinton Foundation has no purpose

I'm guessing the Clinton Foundation will be shuttered shortly, as there are no favors of state to be sold to "donors". 

Thursday, November 03, 2016

European immigration is a bellwether for America

France, Germany, and Sweden are rapidly descending into violent, utter chaos in areas where the quisling government bureaucrats have deliberately imported hundreds of thousands of unassimilable welfare colonists from the Islamic third world.....calling them "refugees" to make it palatable to the media somewhat reporting it. Violent crime rates in all three countries are skyrocketing as a result. 
In Sweden an average of 3 cops per day turn in their badges because they aren't allowed to do their jobs and cop no-go zones are popping up everywhere, while citizens are terrorized with rape, home invasions, street assaults, and violent ethnic street battles between Islamic factions of different beliefs. 
The same thing is happening in France and Germany. 
But wait, this is America, that can't happen here. Let's go ahead and import tens of thousands more mysterious Syrians, Somalians, Libyans, etc and create Islamic ghettos in small towns for them to live in....none of that European stuff can happen here....they just want to be Americans and share in the American dream. 
Well looky here, that "helpless refugee" in Paris on the left, who is about to kill somebody with that stick, is already assimilating to western culture.......his pants are down below his ass. See, we have nothing to worry about.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween prank

Best Halloween prank ever......chocolate dipped Brussels sprouts for the kiddies.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

A celebrity exodus is a feature of a Trump presidency, not a cost

Hahahaha, a bunch of ass-hole celebrities screeched, again because nobody cared the first time they threatened it, that they'll leave the country if Trump is elected. 


If every one of these jerks were in a bus that plunged off a cliff, I wouldn't lose a second of sleep over it. 

Included in the list is justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg who threatened to go to New Zealand. The irony would be that Trump would get to replace her on the court with a conservative.

Idiot celebrities threatening to leave is an inducement to vote for Trump, not a cost. But these ass-holes would never under stand that. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Islam and western culture do not mix

I got a heads-up from regular reader Bill....
Islam is a pernicious and virulent ideology that is utterly incompatible with modern human values. A 10 year old child in Germany found this out the hard way.
A recent Iraqi refugee was taken on a "field trip" to a local public pool to help in the assimilation process. He promptly took a 10 year old into the locker room and violently raped him, then casually put on his trunks and went swimming.
The boy suffered horrible injuries requiring intensive medical care.
The Iraqi told the police that it was a "sexual emergency" since he hadn't had sex in 4 months. Obviously he was sentenced to do jail time, but an idiot judge decided that it was unclear to the refugee whether the boy said "No", and overturned the conviction. He awaits retrial.
There's no age of consent in Germany? Regardless, when you deliberately import a malignant culture that directly conflicts with yours, you're asking for trouble.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Media act surprised that Hillary wants Obamacare to fail

One of the recent Wikileaks revelations included this tidbit regarding Hillary's intentions for healthcare in the US......

"Given the politics now w bipartisan support including Schumer, I'll support repeal w 'sense of the Senate' that revenues would have to be found," Clinton wrote. "I'd be open to a range of options to do that. But we have to be careful that the R version passes which begins the unraveling of the ACA,".

To whom is this a surprise? Of course Hillary wants the Affordable Care Act to unravel, it was designed to unravel, just not as fast as it has. 

The democrat party has a three-legged Holy Grail:

1. If not the outright repeal of the 2nd amendment, then legislation and supreme court rulings that essentially make it pointless such that severe restrictions and probably confiscation are likely. 

2. Abortion on demand, by any woman of any age at any stage of pregnancy, including partial-birth abortions, all fully paid for by the federal government. 

3. European-style, single-payer health care by which the federal government is the sole dispenser of health care in the US.....essentially all 315 million of us on Medicaid, with nowhere else to turn. 

Obamacare failing was the plan all along because they can't cram universal single-payer down the throats of Americans without inciting an armed revolution. So they pass some absurdity like Obamacare, with its failure fully written into the plan and counted on, so that when it collapses the federal government can swoop in and save everybody too stupid to understand what just happened. 

You won't have been saved, you'll have been enslaved, for when the government controls healthcare for all the people, it controls the people. 

You'd have to be a mental defective not to know that Obamacare was designed to fail before it was ever drafted. That's why it's so unnecessarily complicated, so nobody can understand it fully enough to see that. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

The farcical Nobel prize strikes again

Obama being given the Nobel Peace Prize after only one year in office, based on a bunch of dopey rhetoric about the stupid, mythical Arab Spring and pulling out of Iraq was the epitome of moonbattery. So I guess it's not surprising that the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan?
Here's their justification.......
[The Swedish Academy’s permanent secretary Sara Danius compared Dylan’s lyrics to the works of Homer.
“But we still read them, 2,500-some years later… And in much the same way you can read Bob Dylan too. And you realize that he is great at rhyming, great at putting together refrains and great at poetic images".]
Nothing against Dylan, I'm a fan, but "he is good at rhyming"? Are you kidding me?
She added hopefully that 20 years from now we'll recognize the contributions of Jay Z and Kanye West to literature as well.
Maybe this line is what earned Dylan the Nobel....“Wiggle wiggle like a bowl of soup/Wiggle wiggle like a rolling hoop”.
If Obama can win it for peace, why can't Dylan win it for literature?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The self-important media want you to be distracted by Trump, and ignore Hillary's treachery

Contrary to what the carnivorous, left-wing media, and treacherous, establishment GOP representatives, would have you believe, this election isn't about Trump's chauvinism or even Bill and Hillary's treatment of all the women who Bill sexually assaulted.
It's about Obamacare, taxes, immigration, trade deficits, idiotic middle-east wars, cronyism and corruption, and perhaps most importantly, the Supreme Court.
If you like Obamacare, higher taxes, open borders, more job outsourcing, trillions added to the national debt, stupid green energy and the depression of the fossil fuel industry, more US meddling in middle east affairs, and the certain erosion of the 2nd, 4th, 10th, and possibly other amendments through appointment of leftist judges......then by all means vote for Hillary.
If you don't like those things and want the best chance of reversing them, then vote Trump.
It's not about what Trump said, or even what Bill did, it's about the direction of the country. 

You morons who let yourselves get distracted by the media's obsession with Trump's chauvinism, as if powerful men bragging to their friends about women is something new and disturbing, deserve exactly what you'll get with a Hillary presidency.  

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Afghanistan is a lost cause

Afghanistan, among many others, is a perfect example of why the US doesn't need to be nation-building in the middle east. US taxpayers are on the ongoing hook for about $114 Billion down the Afghani toilet since 2002. And what did we get for our money?
Since the US stupidly attempted to defeat the Taliban there and then stupidly decided to install our particular brand of democracy, from the top down the whole country has become a cesspool of Pentagon-financed corruption, graft, and violence.

The poppy warlords, Taliban rabble, military, and politicians all have their hands out snatching money, coercively taken from US taxpayers at the point of a gun, handed out like Halloween candy by the US government, desperate for something they can point to as an Arab-related victory in the middle east.
It is an utter failure, just as Iraq, Libya, Syria, and probably Egypt will ultimately be utter failures too as far as American influence there.
Enough already. Get out of there, wash our hands of the whole mess, and leave them to their own devices. If they ever decide to come this way with bad intentions, we'll know it and we'll kill them as their toes hit the water on their shores, otherwise who cares what happens to them?

Standing on her principles

Meet Nazi Paikidze, the current reigning US women's chess champion. A world chess tournament is being held in Iran later this year but there is a strict Islamic dress code that compels ALL women to wear the hijab.
Standing on her principles to not support the state-directed subjugation of women, she is boycotting one of the most important tournaments of her career.
Good for her!

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Clown lives matter

There have been numerous bad-clown sightings lately all over the country, usually featuring somebody dressed as Stephen King's Pennywise the clown.
Reports are that they are attempting to lure kids into woods near playgrounds, stalking people on the street at night, or simply standing near a road to distract terrified drivers.....and one school here in B'ham actually went on lock-down when somebody called in a clown threat, whatever that is.
As long as they don't actually hurt anybody, I think it's pretty funny, but there are just enough nuts out there who'll end up shooting one of these clowns and I'm not sure getting shot is worth the practical joking.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Muslims just want to culturally enrich us

Once again Islam has contributed to the rich multicultural tapestry that is American life, when Dahir Adan stabbed 11 shoppers at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota after screeching about Allah and asking victims if they were Muslim before stabbing them. Thankfully an off-duty cop shot Adan and sent him off to hell, before he could stab anybody else. 

We are constantly lectured to by our superiors that Muslims are noble victims of intolerant Americans' oppression and bigotry, rather than soulless miscreants of a barbaric cult. To that end, local authorities and the FBI are persisting in the fantasy that the motive for the attack is still unknown. 

Any observer with a functioning rudimentary ganglion knows what the motive was, but it would be impolitic to point it out. 

This guy isn't working for Habitat for Humanity, he's about to bash your infidel head in....

Friday, September 16, 2016

Obama imports our replacements

It's bad enough that our feckless government deliberately imports the unassimilable dregs of the Islamic world by the tens of thousands, whose dual purposes are to displace American voters and to impose a drain on the welfare system to the point that the government has no choice but to take more control, but then to appropriate $4.6Million/year for their "emotional wellness" is absurdity at its most preposterous.
The money comes with the promise of job placement, but 99% of similar welfare colonists in Germany stubbornly remain unemployed.
Why work when your host government forces its citizens to pay lavishly for your every need? And idle lives of leisure allow more time to agitate for "rights" and otherwise cause trouble.

These hordes of welfare colonists need emotional reassurance on our dime. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

British SAS snipers are bad asses

A British Special Air Service sniper has done it again. From a mile away, he hit the fuel tank on the back of an ISIS executioner who was about to slaughter 10 people with a flame thrower. I'm delighted to report that three of his buddies standing near by died in the conflagration as well.
The SAS sniper used the American made Barrett M107 .50 cal.
4 bad guys with one shot......I love it!

Kate Upton is not impressed with the Dolphins

Supermodel Kate Upton called the 4 Miami Dolphins players who knelt during the national anthem yesterday, "a disgrace".
 I knew there was a reason I liked her, I just could never put my finger on it.......her patriotisms are   spectacular! 


Steve Buscemi is a cool guy

Just in case you needed another reason to be a Steve Buscemi fan.......

"In 1976 Steve Buscemi took the FDNY civil service test when he was just 18 years old. In 1980 Steve Buscemi became a New York City Firefighter. For four years, Buscemi served on one of FDNY’s busiest, Engine Co. 55 in Manhattan’s Little Italy. He later left the fire service to become a successful actor, writer and director. After 9/11/2001… Brother Buscemi returned to FDNY Engine 55. On September 12, 2001 and for several days following Brother Steve worked 12-hour shifts alongside other firefighters digging and sifting through the rubble from the World Trade Center looking for survivors. Very few photographs and no interviews exist because he declined them. He wasn’t there for the publicity."

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Peckerwood sawmill

I spent the morning with my friend David cutting wood at his backyard sawmill. This thing is from the 20's when guys would haul the sawmill from place to place, set it up and cut trees for a few houses or barns, then pack it up and go to the next homestead.
It's called a Peckerwood Sawmill for its small scale. I'm impressed that David was able to reassemble something that old, build a shed and stage for it, then make it work.

Friday, September 09, 2016

No license plates, no food

Alabama's Holman federal prison is home to most of our death row inmates and the only prison in the state where executions are carried out. In three separate recent incidents, at least two guards and the warden were stabbed by inmates. 

Today 45 inmates staged a work stoppage in the kitchen and in the license plate stamping detail. No demands were made and no violence has ensued, yet.  

A friend suggested that the prison stage a food stoppage, heh heh, that should learn 'em. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Constitution doesn't protect Kaepernick, Godell does

Everybody's defending Colin Kaepernick's constitutional "right to free speech" and "freedom of expression". Let me learn you some truth: the Constitution only protects individuals' speech from government interference. Your speech is not protected by the Constitution when you're at work, unless you're a lazy, redundant, overpaid bureaucrat who works for the federal government.

Your private employer may restrict your speech pretty much any way it likes, with a few important exceptions such as the preferential application of restrictions based on race, religion, gender, orientation, etc. Obviously you can't do that.

Kaepernick isn't freely speaking because the Constitution allows him to, he's speaking freely because NFL commish Roger Godell allows him to.

All Godell has to do is make a rule this off-season stating "no political speech while in uniform or while officially representing the NFL or its franchises. What you do on your own time is your own business".

I think that would be a good rule, otherwise we're going to start seeing every disgruntled champion-of-causes making in-game political statements in all sorts of ways and it's going to turn off a lot of fans.

Besides, Kaepernick is only drawing attention to himself, not his cause.

Here's Kaepernick, exercising the coaches right to sit him on the bench. 

Breaking election news!!!

Heh heh heh.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

We are in the end-game toward single-payer

Single-payer health care is the holy grail of socialist/liberal agenda items, but the American people wouldn't fall for it. So Obama and the Pelosi shrew rammed through Obamacare as a reasonable facsimile thereof.

And as predicted by anybody with two functioning neurons, the Obamacare sham is crumbling by the minute. Insurers are pulling entirely out of Obamacare marketplaces leaving one and sometimes no providers, premiums are skyrocketing to the point that guess what? Millions of Americans are left with only one choice, which isn't really a choice is it?

It's what the administration blithely refers to as the "Public option". Or in other words, Medicaid.

This was the plan all along, obvious to everybody but the most retarded democrats. Obama and the democrats have wanted single payer for decades so they created Frankenstein's monster, Obamacare, knowing that eventually it would collapse and leave them no choice but to "rescue" uninsured Americans with the Public Option (Medicaid).

This removal of tens of millions of previously insured Americans off private insurance and onto welfare insurance, will ultimately cause the private insurance companies, at least the ones brave enough to remain in the dwindling market, to collapse for lack of customers.....eventually forcing literally everybody onto the public option.....ta da, European-style single payer.

Here is Obama indicating his regard for the American people and their preposterous, antiquated notions of free market capitalism.

The yoga spotter

When performing yoga moves outside, it's always a good idea to have a spotter.  ;-)

Chicks pumping gas, what could go wrong?

Hey blondie, that's the door handle.

Heh heh heh.

Chicks, I swear.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Rich people not welcome at Burning Man

The popular Burning Man festival takes place in Nevada's Black Rock Desert where 70,000 young people, mangy has-been hippies, and drug users from casual to hard-core, gather to listen to music and ponder a utopia, stated as based oddly on "radical self-reliance", in love and harmony through music....blah blah blah...gag me!
Predictably Hollywood has taken notice and many rich celebrities and .com billionaires drop in by helicopter or SUV caravans and pitch air-conditioned tents with full-time chefs, armed security, and DJ's......not exactly the egalitarian experience the purists prefer.

So what's a dirty hippie to do but engage in micro-revolution against the "rich parasites". Hooligans trashed camps of the rich and famous, cut electricity cables, stole their expensive food, and otherwise ruined their trip.
Heh heh, for once I'm siding with the celebrities.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Hillary's admitted brain damage DQ's her for president

When questioned by the FBI, who by the way behaved more as stenographers rather than interrogators when they interviewed Hillary about her 13 missing Blackberries, handling of classified documents, and suspicious disappearance of tens of thousands of e-mails from her illegal basement server, Hillary repeatedly croaked, "I don't remember" or "I don't recall" like 35 times in a single interview. She also claimed that the paragraph designations in virtually all State Dept documentation were alphabetical listings rather than how classified the information therein was. 

Among other designations, TS stands for top secret, U stands for unclassified, and C stands for classified...obviously. But Hillary claims to have no memory of the briefing she received regarding the designations, blaming her ignorance of them on a concussion she had during a fall.  

Here's Hillary exhibiting the same vacant, glassy-eyed look that Gabby Giffords has had ever since she got shot in the head. Neither should be trusted to drive a golf cart or handle sharp cutlery, much less have access to the nuclear codes. 


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Obama is nothing if not determined

As promised, the 10,000th Muslim welfare colonist from Syria this year, was deliberately imported by Obama yesterday, ahead of schedule. Here's the gist of what just happened:

Obama to welfare colonists: Welcome to America, here're your food stamps, section-8 housing, Obamacare vouchers, free phones, and clothing allowance.....No need to learn English or a job skill, guilty Americans will happily provide for your new life of comfortable idleness in your native language.

Obama to Americans: Shut up racist, colonial, infidel swine! Work harder, you're paying for all this.

Obama exercises his imaginary treaty powers

Tired of congress not cooperating on his idiotic climate change agenda, Obama is set to sign an "executive agreement" with Chinese President Xi Jinping, adopting the cockamamie Paris Accord, to control Earth's temperature.
The Chinese are straight-up liars and thieves so signing anything with them is stupid and reckless, yet as he did with Iran, Obama presses forward with child-like trust. China won't engage in a scintilla of adherence to any carbon limitations.....they know how stupid and economically self-destructive that would be, and they laugh at how the scrupulously naive Americans will destroy their own economy based on a farcical, pernicious hoax.
Here's the transcript of Xi Jinping's and Obama's toast to their new agreement........
[Obama in English: "Here's to economic tyranny, punishing racist America, and making it cooler outside"
Xi Jinping in Chinese: "Here's to America's fool of a president who despises his own country. With him in charge, it's good to be America's enemy."]

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Not everybody needs an emotional support animal

So I'm probably going to get in trouble for this, but I'm gonna go ahead and question the sudden rampant need for everybody and their brother to have an "emotional support" animal with them at all times. When did we become so woefully incapable of dealing with a little stress?
You have nervous students getting approval to take snakes to class rooms, anxious passengers taking monkeys, rats, emus, and ferrets on airplanes, and emotionally unstable housewives taking miniature horses and pigs into grocery stores.
Just medicate yourself already like the old days, with Xanax or Ativan, and leave your pet at home. Just because you have an unnatural emotional attachment to your weird pet and your indulgent shrink writes you a letter, doesn't make it a service animal.
You people are giving seeing-eye-dogs and monkey-assistants for quadriplegics a bad name.
Heh heh, this kid is about to become dinner for his service animal.