“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, December 31, 2010

Katie Cupcake.....useful idiot

Boring news reader Katie Couric laments the Islamophobia that bad Americans express toward the religion of peace by stupidly proposing a Muslim Bill Cosby Show.....

I also think sort of the chasm, between, or the bigotry expressed against Muslims in this country has been one of the most disturbing stories to surface this year. Of course, a lot of noise was made about the Islamic Center, mosque, down near the World Trade Center, but I think there wasn’t enough sort of careful analysis and evaluation of where this bigotry toward 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, and how this seething hatred many people feel for all Muslims, which I think is so misdirected, and so wrong—and so disappointing. “Maybe we need a Muslim version of The Cosby Show.”

Our enemies must love when our "objective" news people take their side against America. If black people were regularly killing innocent people around the world in the name of Africa, the Bill Cosby Show as a diplomatic tool would have been laughed off the air....much like a Muslim version.

Will the patriarch of the Muslim Cosby's beat his wife and daughters on the sitcom....that'll be hilarious!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thug union tactics cost New Yorkers' lives

This type of behavior is typical of union thugs who demand lavish salaries and benefits and use extortion as a means of achieving it....

From the NYPost -- Sanitation Department bosses from the snow-slammed outer boroughs ordered their drivers to snarl the blizzard cleanup to protest budget cuts -- a disastrous move that turned streets into a minefield for emergency-services vehicles, The Post has learned.

Miles of roads stretching from as north as Whitestone, Queens, to the south shore of Staten Island still remained treacherously unplowed last night because of the shameless job action, several sources and a city lawmaker said, which was over a raft of demotions, attrition and budget cuts

Public sector unions are the primary reason in my opinion why municipalities around the country are flirting with bankruptcy. The value of individual labor should be negotiated the same as any other commodity. Forcing wages and benefits far above what that economic model would otherwise define is unsustainable and we are learning that the hard way. And on the local scale, these strong-arm, union tactics cost at least 3 New Yorkers their lives because emergency vehicles couldn't reach them because of impassable roads that would have been cleared but for the union slow-down.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dumb TIME columnist blames the snow on global warming

Here was the hilarious headline that TIME elected to go with on Dec 28th.....

Holiday Blizzard: More Signs of Global Warming

The dwindling number of man-made global warming believers can't resist spouting off dire warnings about green-house gas, and petroleum consumption, and compact fluorescent light bulbs every time the weather turns bad. Tell the 3 people who died in NYC because emergency vehicles couldn't reach them because of the massive amounts of snow blocking the way, that global warming is a threat to the planet.

Bryan Walsh, the author of this article went through amazing contortions to convince the reader that global warming actually causes global cooling and deadly blizzards, pausing only briefly to mock the idea that there are non-believers. The climate-change crowd is so invested in the global warming myth that they must double-down at every opportunity to convince people who're freezing that global warming is real. It's pathetically sad for them, but it's an endless source of hilarity for me.....heh heh.

Apparently we're not giving Muslims enough attention

Remember back in 2005 when irate Muslims around the world got their collective panties in a bunch over the Danish cartoons of Mohammad? Well apparently they're still pissed.....

From YahooNews -- COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Police in Denmark and Sweden halted an imminent terrorist attack Wednesday by arresting five men who planned to shoot as many people as possible in a building housing the newsroom of a paper that published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, officials said.

The sheer irrationality of the world's Muslims boggles the mind. It just doesn't make any sense that they would still be upset about the cartoons enough to kill people over it 5 years later. I think they just want attention like spoiled, petulant children and the grown-ups' attention is elsewhere on the economy, winter weather, North Korea, border violence, etc.

We should probably throw them a bone every now and then by dropping a bomb on some remote village or making a big show of arresting some random Muslims somewhere. Blatantly violating some American Muslims' civil rights every now and then is a small price to pay for pacifying the true radicals who'll actually try to kill us if they think our attention isn't on them.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Throwing good money after bad

You thought the bank bailouts and TARP were over? They aren't over....

From the WSJ via Hotair -- Nearly 100 U.S. banks that got bailout funds from the federal government show signs they are in jeopardy of failing.

The total, based on an analysis of third-quarter financial results by The Wall Street Journal, is up from 86 in the second quarter, reflecting eroding capital levels, a pileup of bad loans and warnings from regulators. The 98 banks in shaky condition got more than $4.2 billion in infusions from the Treasury Department under the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Democrats can't, but even the stupidest econ 101 student can tell you that when you subsidize failure, you get more failure. Rewarding reckless, failed bankers with free money tells these guys that they can keep engaging in the bad banking practices as before, without penalty....just as rewarding guys like Barney Frank, the criminally derelict author of the banking/housing collapse, with re-election tells him that he can repeat his awful decisions without penalty.

I swear, if we taxpayers have to fund another round of bank bailouts, only to watch the corrupt executives reward themselves with enormous bonuses of our money, I'll go ahead and declare this country officially done.

People who are "furries" have something wrong with them

Everybody knows that I don't hunt. I own guns but I don't have any desire to shoot a dumb animal that I unfairly lured into position with salt, grain, and green grass. I don't care if others do, I just don't get the thrill.

I could however, make an exception if I caught this guy on my lawn. Is there anything more annoying and worth the price of a bullet than people who dress up and act like animals for the fun of it?

NOTE: if you want to impress me with your hunting prowess, strip down to nothing but a loin-cloth and jump out of a tree with no weapon but a Bowie knife onto the back of a mature buck and kill it before it kills you. Any hunting story that involves a hunting blind, scoped sniper rifle, and dousing yourself in deer piss just seems lame to me.

Thanks to Pat over at Belchspeak for the vid.

Chairman Zero injects himself into Michael Vick's success

I thought Obama was supposed to be focused squarely on jobs and the flagging economy, not on weird phone calls congratulating an NFL owner on a good employment decision....

From SportsGrid -- Obama called Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and commended him for giving Vick the second chance many ex-prisoners never receive.

Would this phone call have been made if Vick's season had been a flop and he wasn't even starting? Like all politicians, Obama wants to be associated with the success and popularity of others. Also, would this call have been made if Lurie wasn't a big democrat donor and supporter of Obama's?

And lastly, call me racist if you want to but, would this call have been made if Vick was a white quarterback? You and I both know the answer to that....that's right, I said it!

EPA deems itself 4th branch of government

In the absence of congressional support regarding Cap-and-Trade, the Obama administration is following through on it's promise to fundamentally transform America by using unelected and unaccountable political radicals, place in positions of power, to do it by issuing CO2 regulations that once in place, will be difficult if not impossible to rescind by subsequent congresses....

From Directorblue -- The Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday that it will regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and oil refineries next year in an attempt to curb global warming.

The Obama administration intends to create a Soviet-style, centrally-planned economic society overseen by smarmy bureaucrats with no accountability to tax-paying voters who're forced to fund them. New regulations on the FCC, land management, and CO2 use will irreparably harm the economy such that throwing out the old rules in two years will not be able to repair the damage.

Only the most retarded democrat voter still believes in man-made global warming. Even Obama's EPA doesn't believe it, they're just using it as a scary justification for seizing control of the domestic energy industry. With these regulations in place, the prices of literally everything that uses energy to be produced, will necessarily go up.......everything!

I hope you people see what despotic evil arises when messianic politicians are given unlimited control over us and our activities.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Obama and the UN team up to plunder America

The utterly corrupt despots that comprise the United Nations have written a document regarding the "rights" of indigenous peoples to claim redress for "wrongs" that were committed against them at any time in the past by colonial nations. The US has wisely refused to sign on to this document but predictably, Obama had done just that. Essentially it opens the door for American Indians to sue the US government for reparations....

From FoxNews -- The non-binding U.N. document includes dozens of provisions but generally states that indigenous people should not be discriminated against, should be able to sustain their own political and social systems, and have rights to the "lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned" or used.

Several sections in the U.N. document explicitly outline those rights. One article in the middle of the declaration states that indigenous peoples can be entitled to "restitution" for land and resources that were damaged or confiscated from them. The document says compensation "shall take" the form of land or resources or even money.

So I guess that fact that Indians can operate casinos on reservation land isn't enough? For the social justice-minded minority classes, who blame colonialists or white-America in general for their failure to succeed in what was once the easiest country in the world in which to succeed, demonstrates the wrong-headedness of entitlement fever. Just because some ethnic groups such as native Americans have failed to thrive, choosing instead to cling to tribal living and alcoholism over assimilation, doesn't mean the smirking moonbat messiah can loot the public treasury and award these folks some of what others have earned.

Ask not for whom the moonbat messiah smirks, for he smirks at you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Al Sharpton is a moron

Al Sharpton is famously opposed to as racist, anybody saying anything that contradicts his world view. Obviously this includes Rush Limbaugh. On the Ed Shultz show that nobody watches, Sharpton says that the federal government shouldn't just "let people say what they want.".......

I guess Al isn't familiar with the first amendment to the Constitution. Liberals have been incensed with talk radio for 30 years because it represents a contrary view(read, the truth) to their far-left propaganda with which they indoctrinate Americans day in and day out. As long as there are conservative voices out there, it makes herding the American people like sheep impossible, so they want to shut it down. And they use the same old name-calling they always use to do it....racism, homophobia, sexism, etc.

Because the FCC consists of unaccountable, political appointees, the democrats currently control it for the next 2 years. Al knows that if he can get the FCC to rule in his favor and force talk stations to offer opposing viewpoints to Rush, it'll be the same as a backdoor Fairness Doctrine and all talk radio will disappear....exactly what democrats want.

The Lord of the Flies......in Haiti

This sort of reminds me of William Golding's allegory, The Lord of the Flies.....

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Angry Haitian mobs have lynched at least 45 people in recent weeks, accusing them of spreading a cholera outbreak that has killed over 2,500 people across the country, officials said Wednesday.

The number included at least 14 suspected sorcerers previously known to have been lynched in the far southwestern region of Grand'Anse as local people feared they were spreading cholera with a magical substance. The area has been largely spared by the outbreak.

"We have counted 40 people dead in Grand'Anse department alone, where people are attacking natural healers they accuse of cholera-linked witchcraft," said communications ministry official Moise Fritz Evens.

"The victims -- most of them voodoo priests -- were stoned or hacked with machetes before being burned in the street."

The tendency of humans to descend rather quickly into anarchy, chaos, and savagery in the absence of any regulatory forces is chilling.

I am regularly shocked to hear about entire nations who still believe in witchcraft, sorcery, and magical substances. It's 2010! Will somebody bring these barbarians forward into the modern world? They behave as if it's 1410 in stead of 2010.

The media cross the line.....again

The media for the most part are leering jackals who think that everything is their business and nothing is out of bounds. Even when there is no wrong-doing of any kind they can't leave a person's private life alone. It's disgraceful!

From People -- The coach is declining to comment after he and his wife Michelle have allegedly been linked to online profiles on several foot-fetish dating sites, reports the New York Post. Mildly kinky videos have also surfaced allegedly showing Michelle modeling her feet for her husband.

Ryan, 48, was barraged with questions about the issue at a press conference on Wednesday but repeatedly insisted it was "a personal matter" that he would not discuss.

As far as I can tell, no crime has been committed here except the media's asinine assumption that Rex and Michelle Ryan's private life is any of their business. That a reporter would dare ask even a single question about a person's sex life with his wife shows what lecherous, detestable jackasses members of the press are.

So Rex Ryan is still hot for his wife and her feet after all these years. Good for him! All couples in their 50's should be this hot for each other. No crime was committed. Nobody hit anybody with a 4-iron. No body got hurt or otherwise mistreated. What's Ryan's transgression that the despicable media think it's any of their business to even ask?

I'd like to see somebody hire a private I. to check up on, and then publicize the private lives of some of the reporters and reporterettes who think they have the right to pry into the Ryan's private lives.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When you're too stupid to join the Army, you're pretty stupid

On one hand this is a sad commentary on the state of public education in the US, but on the other hand it's nice to know the US Army has some intelligence standards for recruits....

From FoxNews -- Nearly one-fourth of the students who try to join the U.S. Army fail its entrance exam, painting a grim picture of an education system that produces graduates who can't answer basic math, science and reading questions, according to a new study released Tuesday.

The report by The Education Trust bolsters a growing worry among military and education leaders that the pool of young people qualified for military service will grow too small.

Obviously you can lay the blame for this outrage squarely at the feet of the malignancy known as teachers' unions and their unholy alliance with the liberals in the federal government. Most high-school graduation exams are given at an 8th grade level so that most of the students can pass it. This is how abysmally stupid most American high-school graduates are.

Why isn't it at a 12th grade level? Because the teachers would have to teach at a level at which most of them aren't willing to be trained. But I'm glad the Army, not exactly famous for hiring Rhodes scholars, is pointing this out. I mean how stupid do you have to be to fail the Army's acceptance test?

Army recruiter: "State your SSAN"

Potential recruit: "253-1.....dude, check out this youtube clip on my iPhone"

Army recruiter *rolls eyes*: "Next!"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's in Ed's iPod?

I know it's a drag languishing in your tiny cubicle, barely able to keep from stabbing your annoying office mate who reeks of BO and the Indian food he had for lunch. And you're listening to tired Muzak tracks over crappy office speakers as you pretend to work on another spread-sheet your ass of a boss gave you. And you're probably wondering where it all went wrong and you're questioning every choice you ever made.

Join the club.

Here are some bands that I've been grooving to that'll help get you through the soul-crushing disappointment and despair......

Silversun Pickups

Echo and Bunnymen



Broken Bells

Edwyn Collins

These tunes won't fix your life but they'll take a little of the edge off.

Models are as dumb and self-centered as we've always thought they were

This is vapid Victoria's Secret model Jess Hart. Here she is doling out dating advice to "ordinary" guys who might want to ask her out on a date....

From FoxNews -- The beautiful aren’t interested in the bold, according to Hart.

"If you see me, or another model, in a bar wait until you are spoken too before you speak,” she orders.

“If we are interested in you we will make the first move," she says.

Here's my advice to ordinary guys everywhere: there's no such thing as a girl who's too beautiful for you, but there are plenty of beautiful girls who're far too stupid to be datable. Jess Hart would be one of those. As a date she would prove the axiom that goes....behind every beautiful woman is a man who's tired of putting up with her s#!*.

With republicans like Arnold, who needs a democrat?

Arnold Schwarzenegger plunges from simple incompetence as governor, to sheer and utter idiocy as a soon-to-be ex-gov. by asking for a job fighting an entirely imaginary menace, global warming, in Chairman Zero's administration.....

From YanooNews -- "I'm a big believer in environmental issues," Schwarzenegger said, who added that he wanted a post where he could use his "celebrity power … knowledge and experience" to impact public policy. "I've traveled the world. … I'm very familiar with the world."

With copy like, "I'm very familiar with the world.", Arnold shows that celebrity, despite ditziness, is all that's necessary to rise to the level of your own incompetence. No doubt there's room in Obama's shadow-cabinet of corrupt czars for another mentally deficient global-warming believer.

It's come to this

Over on RealClearPolitics, there's a clip of NPR's Nina Totenberg actually apologizing for using the phrase "Christmas party" on the air....

Is it really that awful and offensive to say "Christmas" now? I guess if you are a member of the politically correct class and you work for far-left NPR, you probably have nothing but contempt for such pedestrian celebrations enjoyed by middle America's proletariat. No doubt at their fashionable, upper west-side holiday cocktail parties, trendy elitists like Totenberg sneer at us working stiffs who revere ideals and symbolism that don't include immediate gratification, self-indulgence, and Godlessness.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Then they came for the Internet

First they came for trans fats and I did nothing, then they came for light bulbs and I did nothing....now they are coming for the Internet....

From WSJ -- Tomorrow morning the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will mark the winter solstice by taking an unprecedented step to expand government's reach into the Internet by attempting to regulate its inner workings. In doing so, the agency will circumvent Congress and disregard a recent court ruling.

Is there any body out there who thinks Obama's FCC can regulate the Internet any better than it regulates itself? This is an unprecedented power grab....that is unless you count Chairman Zero's seizure of the domestic banking and insurance industries, 2 of 3 US auto manufacturers, and the entire health care system....but still. It's the Internet.

The flowery but dishonest canard is that FCC oversight will provide gentle guidelines to make sure users of the Internet get a fair shot at information without being guided by providers who've been paid to do so.

What it's really about is the eventual taxing of every transaction that takes place on the Web. Not only will the US government take a slice of the Internet pie, Obummer wants to cede to the United Nations as well, a piece of every monetary transaction that takes place. Once the FCC establishes that it controls the Internet, it'll be much easier for a future administration to include the UN in the beneficiaries of taxation.

Don't be deceived by the reasonable-sounding jargon they'll use to convince us it's a good idea.....it isn't. If you've never place a call or written a letter to a congressman in your life, this would be a good time to start and tell them to vote NO on Net Neutrality.

Never take a bean-bag to a gun fight

If this turns out to be confirmed, then it is the mother of all outrages and Janet Napolitano should be removed from the office she shamefully occupies.....

From San Francisco Examiner -- Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry, who was killed on December 14th, was armed with “bean-bag rounds.

BEAN BAGS? Our border-patrol agents should be armed at least as heavily as the hostile criminals that nightly sneak across our border. And they should have standing shoot-to-kill orders to boot. I wonder if Obama or Napolitano even called the family of Terry to offer a token, lame excuse for their son's pointless death?

These are heavily armed drug mules operating in the same area in which agent Terry was killed.

DADT repeal presents more problems than it solves

The Senate this weekend voted to repeal DADT and lift the ban on gays serving openly in the military. My position as a former national guard member on allowing gays to serve is known, and as long as no special treatment is expected or given, I don't foresee any problems, but the minute somebody demands any special treatment because they are gay, then the jig is up. Still, a Pandora's box of questions about the long-term present themselves as they have in civilian life....

For instance:

-What happens when a soldier tells his commander that he more identifies as a woman than a man. Can he start wearing a skirted uniform? How about transgendered soldiers?

-What will happen to the chain of command and unit discipline when a gay soldier is punished, but claims that it's just because he's gay?

-What about the inevitable problems that'll arise from the communal-style living of low-ranking enlisted soldiers? Showering? Will all base commanders be required to give gay soldiers private quarters to avoid problems?

I'm just saying, as long as gay soldiers kill the enemy as effectively as their straight comrades and keep their personal lives personal, there shouldn't be problems. But that's never how things play out.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Deadbeats have some nerve

This is shiftless deadbeat, Raymeica Kelly.....

Showing her Georgia Power bills in the one warm room of her home, Raymeica Kelly explains how her mother, sister and herself were turned away from the Energy Assistance Program on Wednesday morning after standing in line for four hours.

Notice anything peculiar about this picture? This bum who is complaining about not getting free power to her house, to which she obviously feels entitled, is standing absurdly in front of her flat-panel HD TV and X-box game station.

She has better electronics than me, yet she wants me to pay for her power bill? I wonder if the reporters doing this sad-sack holiday story asked her about the obvious conflict of begging for bill-payers to foot her power bill in front of some of the best electronics money can buy? I doubt it. Asking the poor to be responsible doesn't fit the media's template of "the rich don't do enough to help the poor around Christmas time".

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Freaky deaky detached lungs....breathing!

I don't know whether this is cool or gross....guess it depends on if you need a set of pipes....

Exit questions: is there some line over which medical science can cross that is just too far? Death is the most natural part of life and should doctors prolong it artificially just because they can, regardless of how bizarre the procedure is? At what point will they be able to cobble together parts from many different people and make an actual Frankenstien? Will that "person" have a soul, be self-aware, and most importantly, be trained to fetch my slippers and the mail?

Fox Sports may be ruining football for me

Fox Sports announced that it will start using situation-appropriate bumper music inbetween plays and during replays, kind of like a soundtrack to a movie.

I don't need to have my mood manipulated by music in order to be more emotionally involved in the game. If you are watching the game, you understand the situation and the addition of music would only be a distraction and a cheap trick to enhance the NFL experience. It's stupid and I predict it will last about as long as the no-announcer games 30 years ago....exactly one game. Why does the NFL need to mess with something that is working? Are there not enough viewers? Why make every game be like NFL Films? It's stupid!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Al Franken is a tool

Here's village idiot Al Franken, the absurd senator from Minnesota, discussing his reservations about his vote for the compromise tax bill yesterday......

From HuffingtonPost -- A lot of people are unhappy that the president punted on first down, and I'm one of them. Extending the excessive Bush tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires will explode our deficit over the next two years without doing anything to help our economy. I think it's simply bad policy.

Extending tax cuts will explode our deficit only if congress fails to cut spending by the same amount, something it should be doing already if reason and common sense played even the smallest role in political decision making.

We are reaching the tipping point in the US where 50% of citizens have no federal tax burden, and therefore no vested interest in tax policy. And 30% of those actually receive credits from the government. How sustainable is a system where the government pays for votes from one group of citizens by taking money from another group? Short answer: it's utterly unsustainable. When a plurality of citizens realize they can vote to take by force, other peoples money, it's game-over for that society. You can't loot the productive class over and over in order to fund the dereliction and laziness of the degenerate class, and expect the productive class to keep working forever. Obama and the democrats seem to think America's producers represent a bottomless well from which they can plunder money whenever they want.

"Victim" plunders undeserved millions from tobacco company

Once again the criminal syndicate that masquerades as our court system has completely thrown out any shred of common sense or legal reason......

From Boston.com -- The son of a Roxbury woman who died from lung cancer said today he wished his mother was still alive – and not the reason Lorillard Inc. has been ordered to pay her $152 million in compensatory and punitive damages for starting her lifelong addiction to smoking when she was a child.

“She was addicted,’’ William Evans said today. “Obviously, had she had a choice, she would not have smoked, and the record was clear about that. She made over 50 attempts to try to stoop smoking and she was addicted. She had no free will.’’

Millions upon millions of Americans have stopped smoking using their own free will. That this woman was so weak minded and lacking in determination were the primary contributing factors to her failure to stop smoking and eventual death. But stupid juries don't consider the notion of personal responsibility when the "victim" is a poor, black woman and the evil tobacco company has so much money.

The legal system in this country has been twisted by lawyer-politicians and the powerful trial-lawyer lobby, into a vehicle of plunder through which phony "victims" can legally burglarize other citizens and companies for outrageous jackpots of cash. I hope Lorillard keeps this case in appeals for decades until this bum and his lawyers have long died.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

TRR poll question

You know how I feel about government shutdowns....I love them. If a continuing resolution isn't passed by midnight this Saturday, the government won't have any money to pay basic bills. Right now, the democrats, clinging to power for a little longer, have attached the CR to Bush's tax-cut extension bill along with hundreds of ear marks. Many politicians of both parties cannot in good conscience vote for such a crap sandwich just to get the tax cuts extended. What do you think will happen?

Should republicans force a government shutdown by blocking passage of the pork-laden tax bill?
No, the peoples' business must continue
Yes, republicans can fix it retroactively on 5Jan
Who cares? There's a British royal wedding to think about
Free polls from Pollhost.com

The continuing and sad decline of Airstrip 1

The withered husk of a once-great nation that has succumbed to dhimmitude and apathy shows once again why the UK might be the first domino in Europe to willingly and embarrassingly accept hostile, Islamic colonization.

This is Amy Houston. She was run over by Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, a Muslim immigrant from Iraq who had an extensive rap sheet which included a revoked driver's license. After running her over, he left her under the wheels of his car and fled. Days later, her father had to make the awful decision to turn off her life-support. For this crime, Ibrahim served only a token sentence and is now free.

After all that, the British immigration courts have decided to grant Ibrahim asylum and allow him to remain in the UK permanently rather than deporting him, citing his absurd "right to a family life", which is stated in the UK's stupid Human Rights Document.

The pernicious creep of political correctness and apathy have reduced the UK into a moribund society that cares not, even for it's own survival.

Hat tip to DailyMail.

The religion of peace strikes again

This shocking video from the Sudan where a woman was whipped in the streets for wearing pants under her burqa, has just been made public. I posted this a couple of days ago but it needs to be reposted.

WARNING: violent content. Watch with caution.

How many of these incidents have to happen each week before the West finally acknowledges that as practiced by most of the mid-east and Africa, Islam is a barbaric cult of backward savages?

From FoxNews -- Footage has emerged of a woman being publicly whipped in Sudan for wearing pants.

The video offers a rare glimpse of the type of punishment inflicted on women who break the country's strict morality code.

The victim was punished under Sharia law for wearing pants under her Islamic clothing.

The footage shows her crawling on the ground, raising her arm to try to ward off the attacks and screaming as the whip strikes.

As usual, the feminists' yaps are shut since adherence to politically correct dogma compels them to remain silent....ironically, the lone feature of Islam.

Condi Rice schools Katie Cupcake

Because we have such a lively comment thread going, I've decided to repost this back to the top of the blog:

Light-weight Katie Couric tries to box Condi Rice into admitting that the Bush administration was wrong in it's decision to invade Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein.....sadly for Katie Cupcake, Condi is an adult and far smarter than she is.....

At least Katie is somewhat civil to and respectful of Condi, even though she blindly persists with the Bush-was-wrong-on-Iraq meme, despite Condi's salient, repeated rebuttals.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meet the new congress, same as the old congress

Included in the $1.1-trillion, 1,924-page omnibus crap-sandwich that the lame-duck congress is cramming down our throats are these examples of sheer spending lunacy.....

$277,000 for potato pest management in Wisconsin
$246,000 for bovine tuberculosis in Michigan and Minnesota
$522,000 for cranberry and blueberry disease and breeding in New Jersey
$500,000 for oyster safety in Florida
$349,000 for swine waste management in North Carolina
$413,000 for peanut research in Alabama
$247,000 for virus free wine grapes in Washington
$208,000 beaver management in North Carolina
$94,000 for blackbird management in Louisiana
$165,000 for maple syrup research in Vermont
$235,000 for noxious weed management in Nevada
$100,000 for the Edgar Allen Poe Cottage Visitor’s Center in New York
$300,000 for the Polynesian Voyaging Society in Hawaii
$400,000 for solar parking canopies and plug-in electric stations in Kansas

Both democrats and craven republicans have hidden earmarks in this bill so that in the new congress they can get on their high-horses and swear about how awful earmarks are. It's just like the indulgence of Mardi Gras leading up to lent....sin as much as you can today, so that next week you can pretend to be saintly.

I will be taking names of every republican who requests funding for a frivolous earmark and adding it to my 2012 purge list, and you should too. If these guys are so dumb that they need two electoral lessons about fiscal responsibility and small government, then we'll be happy to provide it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pence throws down the 2012 gauntlet?

I think Mike Pence just threw his hat in the ring for President in 2012. By casting a difficult "no" vote on the dreadful, pork-laden tax bill, he has served notice to Obama, beltway republicans, and tea-party voters that he's sticking to his guns when it comes to limiting unnecessary federal spending....

From Hotair -- “At the end of the day, I’ve just come to the conclusion: the American people did not vote for more stimulus,” Pence said on conservative talker Sean Hannity’s radio show. “Therefore, I will not vote for this tax deal when it comes to the floor of the House of Representatives.”

I like this guy more and more every time I hear him. If he continues to stick to the constitutional, limited government ideals he ran on and that are exhibited by this "no" vote, he could easily defeat Obama and the other moderate republicans who're running too. I can see a Pence/Palin, or Palin/Pence ticket sweeping the nation.

Government shutdown is a good thing

If the republicans and democrats cannot come up with a continuing resolution by Saturday.....THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHUTS DOWN.....YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!

From FoxNews -- Republicans poring over a 1,924-page overarching spending bill proposed by Democrats to cover the rest of the fiscal year are threatening to grind the legislation to a halt, citing hidden earmarks and massive spending that would be enacted into law without a review process.

The fiscal year runs from Oct. 1-Sept. 30. Currently, a continuing resolution, the stopgap measure to keep government operational until a budget is passed, is set to expire on Saturday. If another CR or the bill itself isn't passed and signed into law by President Obama by then, the government will shut down.

Craven politicians can't help themselves. They reflexively hide earmarks in every bill that gets passed. If tea-party minded republicans can prevent it this time, much will have been accomplished in terms of setting the operating practices for the next congress. And if the federal government shuts down, then that's one more day that our freedoms aren't curtailed, out liberties encroached upon, and our wallets plundered.

Kate Gosselin gets "the look" from Sarah Palin

As big of a douche as John Gosselin is, I'm starting to see why he bailed on that marriage. Kate is a miserable, raving shrew! In a curious cross-promotion for TLC, Sarah and Todd Palin hosted Kate and her litter of brats on their show in Alaska. Kate hated camping outdoors, whining like a petulant child, "There are no towels or hand sanitizer. I'm cold and hungry! Why would anybody pretend to be homeless?"

Clearly not sure what to think of Kate, Sarah gives her "the look".

From Linkiest.

Happy Winter Solstice

Because we are forced by our overlords to slavishly observe political correctness in all things regardless of how absurd, I thought it would be appropriate to offer the PC version of The Twelve Days of Christmas......

Hat tip to Moonbattery.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I told you so

People are always responsible for themselves and the decisions they make but who didn't see this coming?

Miley Cyrus is now the inadvertent celebrity face of the hallucinogen salvia.

Ever since a video of her smoking a bong packed with salvia was published online Friday, sales of the herbal drug are way up in California, TMZ reports.

According to people TMZ talked to who deal, legally, in salvia divinorum, sales have increased up to three times since Friday.

Since sales of salvia have gone up because of her, I hope sales of Miley Cyrus swag go down by at least that much. She's a role model whether she likes it or not and she's has influence on a lot of irresponsible, impressionable, stupid people. If some kid gets hurt because she was trying to be like Miley, Miley's partially to blame for allowing that video to be taken and distributed.

Media make fools of themselves......again

You know when the main-stream media are terrified of you when they start literally making stuff up about you to whine about...and the media hate no one if they don't hate Sarah Palin.

As the guest of Rev. Franklin Graham, the Palin family visited Haiti over the weekend. The intrepid AP photographer shot this image of Sarah "getting her hair done", after which she was widely ridiculed by the media as using the suffering and despair in Haiti as a photo-op, mocked for bringing a hair-dresser to a place where "nobody cares what her hair looks like", and roundly criticized for even thinking of her hair while in Haiti.

It turns out, the "hair dresser" is none other than the person the media hate second most....Bristol Palin. She was fixing a stray strand of her mother's hair, that's all. There were no hair dressers, stylists, or make-up artists, yet the media couldn't resist taking a jab at Palin even they know what they were saying was a lie.

If media hatred of you is a measure of the likelihood of your future success, then Palin's future is brighter than the white-hot light of a thousand suns.

Friday, December 10, 2010

President Narcissus

The worthless Nobel Peace Prize this year was awarded to Mr. Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese dissident who languishes in a Chinese prison for his non-violent activism for human rights in that country. In Xiaobo's absence President Obama honored him with these gracious words.....

One year ago, I was humbled to receive the Nobel Peace Prize -- an award that speaks to our highest aspirations, and that has been claimed by giants of history and courageous advocates who have sacrificed for freedom and justice."

Wait, I thought Xiaobo was receiving the prize. So why is Obama still talking about himself?

Answer: because in the fever swamp that serves as Obama's mind, it's all about him. He's been praised like a messiah and worshipped like the Christ-child by the mindless drones who occupy the democrat party. It's no wonder he thinks so highly of himself that he opens by referencing himself.

Move Hannah Montana up on your celebrity dead-pool

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later, it always does. Miley Cyrus, the good girl who played Hannah Montana for years and served as a role model for millions of impressionable young girls, allowed a friend to shoot a video of her hitting a bong 5 days after her 18th birthday.....

The Cyrus camp is claiming that it was only Salvia, a psychoactive plant similar to pot, but is still legal in California. I call BS on that! Besides, who cares? Whether it's pot or Salvia, this stupid girl's experimenting with drugs. She can OD on drugs for all I care, but she's got young fans who want to be like her and will experiment with drugs for the first time in the coming days because Miley did it.

I imagine she'll end up in a few years like Lindsay Lohan. Embarrassing herself every time she leaves the house with DUI's, minor possession busts, and cooch flashes....that is if she can keep from getting unexpectedly pregnant. Finally, after flagging record sales and sparsely attended concerts, she'll end up taking her clothes off to try to generate some interest, but it'll only be pathetic and sad. By 30 she'll be washed up, tired, and haggard....a mere shadow of her former self. Hollywood does that to people.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The higher the pedestal, the further the fall

The Messianic Moonbat was the most over-hyped political candidate of all time. Just slightly less than half of American voters knew that he was nothing but a skeevy, street-corner pamphleteer with a fancy degree, brown skin, and mad teleprompter skills. Now the bloom is long gone from the Obama rose and the weak-minded zealots who voted for him are starting to have buyers' remorse. Over at the Huffington Post, some guy had this to say among dozens of angry posts by former Obama groupies.....

" Clearly, we were all victims of one of history's all time frauds. I personally was very much aware of many of his shortcomings, but I truly believed he was up for the challenge. What a stunner to realize just how worthless a Harvard education truly is when combined with lack of conviction, and an overabundance of arrogance." -- Avere Fede

Heh heh! Right you are Avere, right you are.

Eco-nitwits prove their smarts once again

Stupid environmentalists will sign literally anything if they think it'll cripple the US and/or ban what they think is a harmful chemical. These are attendees to the UN global conference on climate in Cancun, Mexico being easily tricked into signing a petition to ban H2O and voluntarily signing a petition that they think will devastate the US by reducing it's GDP by 6%.....

Are there any stupider ass-holes than what you find at any modern environmental meeting? Seriously! These retards can't figure out that they are signing a proposed ban on the very water they're drinking, yet we're supposed to accept that they did their homework regarding the dangers of CO2?

When are you people going to get it? Modern eco-kookery isn't about the environment or CO2 or any of it. It's about taking by force, money from the US and redistributing it among poor countries....a process that must be overseen by the criminal enterprise known as the United Nations.

Is the GOP the party of intolerance? If SoCons get their way, the answer is yes.

Single-issue social conservatives are just as myopically stupid as single-issue liberals.....

From NationalJournal -- Several socially conservative organizations have threatened to boycott one of the largest gatherings of conservative activists of the year if a group of gay Republicans is allowed to serve as a participating organization at the event.

Social conservatives, including the National Organization for Marriage among others, staged a walk-out at a meeting of board members of the Conservative Political Action Conference, according to multiple board members, to protest CPAC's decision to allow GOProud to join the event as more than just a vendor organization.

Listen up you moralistic social cons, not every conservative is a carbon copy of you. The country is sliding quickly toward fiscal disaster with $4trillion in debt and $30trillion in unfunded future liability, the Marxist nanny-State is rapidly expanding it tentacles into every facet of American life, and unchecked liberalism poses a very real existential threat to the constitutional republic the framers envisioned, yet you wring your hands and get your shorts in a wad over some good conservatives who happen to be gay being allowed to sit at the table at the CPAC conference? Seriously? Republicans claim to be the big-tent party but your heterosexual litmus test makes you, and us libertarians by association, look like exclusionary moralists.

Why do you care if gay people want to call what they do "marriage"? How does that affect you exactly? In a free country, people can pursue happiness in any legal way they like, as long as it doesn't impede anybody elses' pursuit of happiness. How do gay people being gay impede your pursuit of happiness?

If you are so intolerant of people who are slightly different from you, then go! Leave and form your own straights-only conservative caucus. Good riddance!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Saudi royals party like Caligula when nobody's watching

I don't care what anybody says about the Wikileaks scandal, the Saudi royals getting outed as being total and utter hypocrites when it comes to observing their Wahhabi Islamic religion can only be a good thing. Go on over to the Guardian, and read all the sordid details that describe the kind of fraternity-gone-wild parties they throw for themselves.....

"Alcohol, though strictly prohibited by Saudi law and custom, was plentiful at the party's well-stocked bar. The hired Filipino bartenders served a cocktail punch using sadiqi, a locally-made moonshine," the cable said. "It was also learned through word-of-mouth that a number of the guests were in fact 'working girls', not uncommon for such parties."

I've been reading stories about how decadent western culture is having a "bad" influence on strict Islamic culture in harshly oppressive nations like Iran, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. Apparently the youth in these countries would much rather watch Desperate Housewives and Two and a Half Men than memorize passages out of the Koran and they are rapidly losing their strict national and Islamic loyalties in favor of American-style moral turpitude.
If the leaders of these nations are exposed as religious and moral hypocrites, perhaps it's not too late for the next generations to be more moderate and less hostile to the West.

The Gore Effect strikes again

No matter which year or what location, when the UN hosts it's annual Climate Change Conference and Al Gore is an attendee, the local temperatures always set records for cold. And Cancun is no exception. For the last three days, Cancun has experienced record cold days with temperatures dipping into the low 50's. Seems kind of balmy to most people but Cancun isn't really that far from the equator. It should be much warmer.

And that's the Gore Effect. Where ever he goes to talk about imaginary global warming, it gets bizarrely cold. But I doubt Gore realizes what the temp is outside, he's in his room releasing his 7th Chakra by molesting the housekeeping staff.

Government thug enforces stupid, Draconian rule for the little people

I saw this story over at Moonbattery this morning and had to repost it....

From the NYPost -- An elderly Manhattan woman living on Social Security was slapped with a $100 ticket -- just for throwing away a newspaper in a city trash can.

Delia Gluckin, 80, tossed the paper in a bin right outside her Inwood apartment building Sunday morning, only to be ambushed by an overzealous Department of Sanitation agent wielding a citation book.

The green mesh can, at the corner of Beak Street and Seaman Avenue, is marked with signs that read "litter only" and "no household trash."

Who's to say whether a "fishwrapper" is litter or household trash?

The heavy hand of the government will not stop tormenting us until the neck of every free American is imprinted with the tread pattern of the jack-boot of a government thug.

Taxpayers don't cost the government, government costs the taxpayers

I'm watching the news this morning and for like the 100th time, I hear some half-witted reporter refer to the extension of tax cuts as "costing the government". Am I the only one who sees the outrageous idiocy in that statement?

To say that letting citizens keep a little more of the money they earned costs the government, you have to believe that all income first belongs to the government and it decides how much of it you can keep each year. Democrats and the media act as if we long suffering Americans are committing some egregious crime against our country by wanting to keep a few dollars more of our paychecks. They treat us as if we're being greedy by not wanting our income taken from us to be given to some poor, unworthy slob in exchange for a reliable democrat vote.

The government exists at the pleasure and consent of the governed, not the other way around. If we decide through our representatives to keep more of our paychecks by lowering taxes, then the government is obligated to reduce it's spending by at least that much. That's the definition of fiscal conservatism and responsibility, a concept with which few politicians are familiar.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards dies.......RIP

CHAPEL HILL (WTVD) -- Elizabeth Edwards has passed away after a long battle with cancer. The 61-year-old wife of former presidential candidate John Edwards died at home Tuesday afternoon with her family around her.

The news came after the Edwards family announced Monday that cancer had spread to her liver and doctors were recommending against further treatment.

I'd like to think that John Edwards begged her for forgiveness before she passed away. She deserved at least that much. Those kids are still young......tough time to lose your mom.

Be careful what you wish for

It's never a good idea to complain to the authorities about people doing something that you might want to do later....

Holiday decorations of any kind have been banned from all toll booths along the 460 miles of toll highways run by the agency, which is part of the Florida Department of Transportation, a spokeswoman said.

The ban was put in place several months ago after some motorists complained about decorations.

"Some Christian organizations complained about Halloween decorations," said spokeswoman Christa Deason.

Dumb, busy-body Christian group to Florida DOT: "Hey, they can't celebrate Halloween in the toll booths."

Florida DOT to everybody: "Fine, if that's the way you want it, nobody gets to celebrate anything on the toll booth....even Christmas."

Way to go idiots! Ruin it for everybody by whining about Halloween.

Over? Was is over when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor?

Not that you'd know it by watching the mainstream media but today is Pearl Harbor Day. 69years ago today, the Japanese attacked the American surface fleet on Sunday morning as they sat in Pearly Harbor. Take a minute and remember why we dropped nukes on Japan.

Bonus virtual cookie to the first reader to name, without cheating, the movie referenced in the title of this post.

Will she or won't she?

Over at TheDailyBeast Matt Latimer has an interesting take on why Sarah Palin will definitely run for president in 2012. Here's an excerpt....

One of the great ironies of the GOP's current political success is that it is in large part driven by thousands, if not millions, of people who detest it. Palin benefits from the yawning frustration with a GOP hierarchy that Tea Partiers and party conservatives believe has lost its principles, commitment to fiscal and personal responsibility, and sense of direction.

"Robbing" their favorite of the 2012 nomination, at least without seeming to have given her a fair chance, may be something the party deeply regrets, especially if her millions of alienated, and fed up, followers stay home. Besides, Palin followers argue, would the party really be that much better off with a field of helplessly bland, middle-aged white males with the excitement of a ShamWOW! infomercial.

He's right. Do we want another election season to go by trying, and failing, to get excited about Romney and all the other carbon copies of Romney? I realize there is still the aging GOP establishment to win over but huge voter enthusiasm has a tendency of doing that. The only thing I worry about is if she loses early and badly, the Palin brand may be permanently damaged, and she's got a bright future doing exactly what she's been doing for the last two years.....raising money and support for strong, tea-party candidates and advancing conservative agenda items to the front of the national political discussion. The media will try to destroy her like they've never destroyed a candidate before and that would be hard to watch.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Carrots and grass for us little people, hamburgers for the elite

Under the sweeping tentacles of Obama's food safety bill, the federal government can now regulate even the content of the food at school stadium kitchens and bake-sales. If it doesn't meet some smarmy bureaucratic do-gooder's approval, you can't sell it.

Apparently Michelle and Barry didn't get the memo. They were caught stuffing their respective pie holes with greasy burgers and fries, two food items that will soon be disallowed for us little people but free for the President and First Lady to enjoy whenever they like it would seem.

And that's really a microcosm of liberalism -- "We in the educated, enlightened class will arbitrarily dictate the rules by which you unwashed masses must live, for your own good".

It's ok for the Obama's to eat whatever they want but we simpletons out here in America don't know what's good for us and cannot be trusted to take care of ourselves and our kids.

I'd better go grab another burger at 5-Guys tonight before it's outlawed.

The nanny-State creeps onward

As if Americans are too stupid to back out of their own driveways, here come the federal regulators to remedy the situation....

From Bloomberg -- U.S. auto-safety regulators proposed requiring backup cameras on all new vehicles by 2014 to prevent drivers from backing over pedestrians, a rule that may cost as much as $2.7 billion.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which published the proposed rule today, said an average of 292 people die each year from back-over accidents, which primarily kill children and the elderly. To equip a new-vehicle fleet of 16.6 million produced in a year would cost from $1.9 billion to $2.7 billion, the agency said in the proposal, calling the cost “substantial” and saying it might reduce back-over deaths and injuries by almost half.

I'm sorry if people run over their own kids with the car in the driveway, but come on! If you have little kids or wandering seniors at your house, how distracted and careless do you have to be to not take the time to check behind the car before backing up? This is a self-regulating problem and the government doesn't need to mandate anything. The consumer car market will determine if we want to pay for backup cameras on our cars.

I swear, it's like these federal regulators think that if they aren't restricting the activities of Americans either by force or by cost, they aren't doing their jobs. Or worse, they just dream up pointless regulations with which to torment us, just because they have the power to do so.

The silver lining to the Wikileaks scandal

For all the damage the Wikileaks saga is doing, there is a silver lining. The insidious attempt by the Obama administration to seize control of the US economy based on climate-change, and the lengths to which it will go to facilitate it, is exposed as utterly corrupt and baseless....

From Guardian -- Hidden behind the save-the-world rhetoric of the global climate change negotiations lies the mucky realpolitik: money and threats buy political support; spying and cyberwarfare are used to seek out leverage.

The US diplomatic cables reveal how the US seeks dirt on nations opposed to its approach to tackling global warming; how financial and other aid is used by countries to gain political backing; how distrust, broken promises and creative accounting dog negotiations; and how the US mounted a secret global diplomatic offensive to overwhelm opposition to the controversial "Copenhagen accord", the unofficial document that emerged from the ruins of the Copenhagen climate change summit in 2009.

Negotiating a climate treaty is a high-stakes game, not just because of the danger warming poses to civilisation but also because re-engineering the global economy to a low-carbon model will see the flow of billions of dollars redirected.

Can we once and for all dispel the notion that the industrious activities of man have anything at all to do with the overall climate? If man-made climate change was real, the hand-wringing Obama administration wouldn't have to dig up dirt on, black-mail, and cajole other nations into pretending that it's real too.

The rottenness and malfeasance of the Obama administration and it's craven attempts to control the US economy based on a complete hoax hatched in the deranged, patchouli-addled brain of Al Gore is breathtaking.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Vapid celebs are far less interesting than they think

Usher, Lady GaGa, and Kim Kardashian among other celebrities, are vowing to remain digitally silent until $1million is raised for AIDS awareness week on behalf of kids with AIDS. They're not posting on Facebook or Twitter until they reach their goal.

So the intriguing question before us is do we want a world where children are potentially AIDS-free or a world in which vapid, dumb celebrities don't annoy us with the idiotic minutiae of their every-day lives? I'm not going to lie, that's sort of a toss up for me. I can see both sides.

It is amusing that only $181,000 has been raised and the event has come and gone. What's an attention-starved celeb to do?

Friday, December 03, 2010

Al Gore invented it, now Obama wants to regulate it

Yesterday FCC chairman Julius Genachowski announced his intention to add the Internet to the list of communications entities under the regulatory thumb of the federal government. You can kiss your browsing freedom goodbye....

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is poised to add the Internet to its portfolio of regulated industries. The agency's chairman, Julius Genachowski, announced Wednesday that he circulated draft rules he says will "preserve the freedom and openness of the Internet."

WRONG! Regulation has never made anything more free or open. Once under it's thumb, the Obama administration intends to start regulating content under the phony guise of "fairness". They failed miserably in reinstituting the absurdly named Fairness Doctrine because it was transparently about limiting conservative speech over the airwaves. This is plan B to do the same thing with the Internet.

The administration toadies will whine about the commerce clause but the framers intended that to guarantee free trade among the states, not an open-ended invitation for the federal government to do anything that suits its purposes. The FCC will say that it's only about making sure ISP's don't guide users unfairly to certain domains but that's a canard. It's really about regulating and drumming out content that opposes government in general.

Write, e-mail, fax, or phone your congressman and insist that this take-over of the Internet by the FCC not be allowed.

ADDENDUM: Don't be fooled. The real reason for the Obama administration to seize regulatory control of the Internet isn't really about limiting content it turns out. You see, like they did with "affordable health-care", they will declare that free Internet access to be a basic human right. That way the federal government can coerce taxpayers to provide Internet service to society's poor, unworthy slobs....i.e. democrat voters.

Tom Brady completes his metrosexuality

Add Tom Brady's endorsement of UGG boots for men to the list of things that make him a douche, by cancelling out the things that make him manly....3 SuperBowl victories, marrying a Brazilian supermodel, etc. His wife's control of his womanly hairstyle was bad enough, but is a man wearing hideous boots that make your legs appear short and your ankles fat really that step toward metrosexuality Tom wants to take? I wonder what's next for Tom Terrific, dark emo eyeliner and ear jewelry?

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Heartache....some tea-party reps actually big spenders

Remember in the halcyon days leading up to the midterms how many tea-party candidates ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility, drastically reduced spending, and balanced budget governance? Well, it seems many of the ones who've signed on to Michelle Bachmann's Tea-Party Caucus are among the worst pork-barrel offenders....

From NationalJournal -- Members of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus may tout their commitment to cutting government spending now, but they used the 111th Congress to request hundreds of earmarks that, taken cumulatively, added more than $1 billion to the federal budget.

According to a Hotline review of records compiled by Citizens Against Government Waste, the 52 members of the caucus, which pledges to cut spending and reduce the size of government, requested a total of 764 earmarks valued at $1,049,783,150 during Fiscal Year 2010, the last year for which records are available.

Bachmann and 13 others in the caucus did not request any earmarks. If these representatives who were elected with tea-party support morph into the same big-spending republicans their predecessors were, they'll likely get thrown out after only one term. The tea parties didn't organize and throw the democrats out of power only to be used by smarmy republicans to get elected and then ignored.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, unless the earmark is a road, bridge, school, or some other public work, no...NO money should be taken from one group of taxpayers and used for the benefit of another group.

Meghan McCain is a moron

Remember when Barbara Bush commented in an interview that “Sarah Palin should stay in Alaska.”? Sarah Palin responded on the Laura Ingraham radio show saying “of course they think that, the Bush’s are blue bloods.” Apparently Meghan was confused by the term "blue bloods" so she looked it up.....

Via Weaselzippers -- "I actually had to Google what the meaning of “blue bloods” was, although I could surmise that it was some kind of knock against education and coming from a family of some success. Yes, in essence that is what this statement meant."

That she even had to Google the term "blue bloods" demonstrates her limited general knowledge. And then to still conclude that it had anything to do with education shows that she can't research properly the meaning of a simple, common phrase. Who above the age of 16 doesn't know it's a pejorative term used by the proletariat for aristocrats or nobles? Sarah Palin went to an average school, came from an average family with an average income level, while the McCains and Bushes are fabulously wealthy, attended only the best Ivy League schools, and think of themselves as American nobility....most well-known political families do. This is why the Bushes and McCains don't like Sarah Palin.....she's a commoner. How Meghan missed that obvious point defies all logic and reason.

With Meghan's mad research skills, I can only conclude that Columbia must grade on the curve.

Why is Bernanke not in a pillory in DC somewhere?

We are just now learning of the utter corruption, at American taxpayers' expense, associated with the Federal Reserve's role in doling bailout money.....UNBELIEVABLE!!!

From WashingtonPost -- The Fed launched emergency programs totaling $3.3 trillion in aid, a figure reached by adding up the peak amount of lending in each program.

Companies that few people would associate with Wall Street benefited through the Fed's program to ease the market for commercial paper, a form of short-term debt used by major corporations to fund their daily activities.

By the fall of 2008, credit had frozen across the financial system, including the commercial paper market. The Fed then purchased commercial paper issued by GE 12 times for a total of $16 billion. It bought paper from Harley-Davidson 33 times, for a total of $2.3 billion. It picked up debt issued by Verizon twice, totaling $1.5 billion.

The Fed bailed out General Electric 12 times and not once did NBC news, a subsidiary of GE, report it. The astonishing stupidity of anybody who still trusts NBC do deliver honest news is......well, astonishing.

The Fed bailed out Harley-Davidson 33 times? Are you kidding me? Harley-Davidson might as well be GM or Chrysler now. That whooshing sound you hear is my respect for HD going down the toilet.

Additionally, hundreds of millions of dollars taken from taxpayers went to bailout foreign banks too. The Fed has become the international bank of the world, using our money to prop up the businesses of the country-club buddies of the Fed board members.

Maybe I'm missing something here because I don't fully understand the need for the Fed, composed of private, unelected citizens with little or no oversight, who have vested interests in the profitability of certain banks and Wall Street firms, to be in charge of US monetary policy. Furthermore, I don't really know who oversees their actions. If anybody can explain why any of this is OK, I'd gladly withdraw my outrage.

Iran gets owned

This is a satellite image of the roof of the Tehran International Airport in Iran. Clearly it shows a Star of David prominently displayed there. Apparently Iranian officials are livid about it and want it removed immediately.

The airport was built by Israeli engineers in 1979 just before the Islamic revolution. This has led to obvious speculation that they did it purposefully. And if so, it would certainly be the world's greatest prank.

Others think it's just a trick of the eye when sun light casts shadows but it looks pretty real to me. I hope we find out it's real. Who wouldn't love to have been a fly on the wall when the mullahs, imams, and other assorted Muslim politicians in bad suits, found out about a Star of David on their airport....heh heh.