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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Freaky deaky detached lungs....breathing!

I don't know whether this is cool or gross....guess it depends on if you need a set of pipes....

Exit questions: is there some line over which medical science can cross that is just too far? Death is the most natural part of life and should doctors prolong it artificially just because they can, regardless of how bizarre the procedure is? At what point will they be able to cobble together parts from many different people and make an actual Frankenstien? Will that "person" have a soul, be self-aware, and most importantly, be trained to fetch my slippers and the mail?

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David said...

This is bizarre.

"Frankenstein" is a GREAT book. Forget about all the corny, inaccurate movies and read it. But the outcome could be prophetic as the monster is rejected by all including his creator and all hell breaks lose.

There is another good book: "The Casebook of Dr. Frankenstein". This one spins the story and you finish the book wondering which is the more likely scenario: this version or the original Frankenstein? (I will not spoil the story for you but it is a great story.)