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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, December 17, 2010

Al Franken is a tool

Here's village idiot Al Franken, the absurd senator from Minnesota, discussing his reservations about his vote for the compromise tax bill yesterday......

From HuffingtonPost -- A lot of people are unhappy that the president punted on first down, and I'm one of them. Extending the excessive Bush tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires will explode our deficit over the next two years without doing anything to help our economy. I think it's simply bad policy.

Extending tax cuts will explode our deficit only if congress fails to cut spending by the same amount, something it should be doing already if reason and common sense played even the smallest role in political decision making.

We are reaching the tipping point in the US where 50% of citizens have no federal tax burden, and therefore no vested interest in tax policy. And 30% of those actually receive credits from the government. How sustainable is a system where the government pays for votes from one group of citizens by taking money from another group? Short answer: it's utterly unsustainable. When a plurality of citizens realize they can vote to take by force, other peoples money, it's game-over for that society. You can't loot the productive class over and over in order to fund the dereliction and laziness of the degenerate class, and expect the productive class to keep working forever. Obama and the democrats seem to think America's producers represent a bottomless well from which they can plunder money whenever they want.


Bill said...

For a guy who stole his seat, he sure is arrogant. It was "for the greater good" of course.

David said...

This guy is a member of congress? Shame on us!