“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Google Chrome doesn't display all images

I've got a question for the net nerds out there. I switched over to Google Chrome for my web browsing because Explorer was no longer supported by Blogger who hosts this blog.

I'm very happy with Chrome but when I view this blog, only some of the pictures I use to illustrate my posts show up. Most are panels of nothingness and some aren't there at all. When I view it with Explorer, it looks perfectly normal. Anybody know what is up with that?

Friday, June 29, 2012

California teachers' union thinks child molestation is OK

If unions are the ass of the body-politic, then surely teachers' unions are the dingleberry. The California teachers' union succeeded in defeating a bill that would make it easier to fire teachers who're child molesters.

My question is why are teachers who molest children still teachers and not inmates? This tells me all I need to know about labor unions.

Keep it classy, Barry

This is the smug victory tweet from the President of the United States regarding the supreme court ruling on the Affordable Care Act. Is this the kind of language the President should be using to communicate with the American people?

The media won't care. They think it's cool for the leader of the free world to use the F-word to describe his ideas. What a clown!

Abound Solar goes belly up

Is anybody surprised by this?

From Businessweek -- Abound Solar Inc., a U.S. solar manufacturer that was awarded a $400 million U.S. loan guarantee, will suspend operations and file for bankruptcy because its panels were too expensive to compete. 

U.S. taxpayers may lose $40 million to $60 million on the loan after Abound’s assets are sold and the bankruptcy proceeding closes, Damien LaVera, an Energy Department spokesman, said in a statement today.

Solar power is a good idea, but one that is nowhere near market-ready. For Obama to have dumped so much taxpayer money into an industry that cannot compete in the energy market, rises to a level of incompetence, corruption, and outright stupidity that it is breathtaking.

Any industry that cannot compete on its own without government subsidies, shouldn't exist. It's that simple.

Dumb parent takes 4 hour nap, and her kids drown

In Union Country, N.J. yesterday, two boys 3 and 5 were found dead in a neighbor's swimming pool. Their mother had taken a nap from 3:00 to 6:45 and when she awoke, they were gone.

What a tragedy! But what parent takes a 4 hour nap in the middle of the day, period? Much less when there are 3 and 5 year olds running around? Good grief, talk about parental negligence.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthcare mandate upheld at tax, not commerce

The conservative turncoat John Roberts says that the mandate is a tax and the gov't can force you to pay it to the insurance companies in the form of a premium. 

-What happens when our benevolent overlords decide at the behest of the unions, that a new hybrid car is in the best interest of every family? What's stopping them from mandating that we purchase a new car or face penalties?

-What happens when gov't decides that 1lb of vegetable is best for every adult and they mandate that every household must purchase 1lb of vegetables for every adult in that house or face penalties?

-What happens when the gov't decides that going barefoot is bad for you and mandates that all citizens purchase 1 pair of new shoes every year or face penalties?

Somebody please tell me, after John Roberts today crushed with his thumb the sovereignty of the individual, what in the law is stopping any of these absurd things from happening?

Healthcare ruling expected in minutes

The SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare might come as early as 9:15 this morning, or like within 3 minutes of typing this sentence. The lynch pin of Obamacare lies with the funding mandate through which all the rest of the bill is funded. The constitutional question before the court is whether the federal government can compel citizens at the point of a gun, to engage in interstate commerce. (Article 1 Section 8 Clause 3 of the Constitution gives the federal government authority to regulate commerce among the states.)

If that mandate is ruled unconstitutional, the the funding mechanism of the rest of the bill goes away and the whole thing crumbles. The question is what happens to the popular parts of Obamacare such as allowing children up to 26 to be covered on parents' policies and the pre-existing condition mandate? These are wildly popular with people who need them, but they cost the insurance industry tons of money to fund. So how to not throw these parts out with the bathwater that is Obamacare?

The only answer is to tell every current policy holder up front that their premiums will necessarily go up significantly if these things are preserved by law. If the American people want their neighbors to enjoy these coverages, then we have to be prepared to pay for them in higher premiums. The other thing to offset some of these costs is to immediately allow interstate shopping of policies rather than restricting people to in-state only policies. The competition alone would reduce significantly the costs of policies.

Either way the ruling goes today, the media will be afire with punditry and spin so pay attention and don't believe everything you hear.

UPDATE: It passed with disappointing support from John Roberts and refreshing dissent from Kennedy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama corruptocrat double-dips from taxpayers

Very few exemplify the corruption and cronyism of the Obama administration that Tom Donilon......

From FoxNews -- National Security Adviser Tom Donilon collected more than $148,000 in pension payments from bailed out mortgage giant Fannie Mae in 2011, on top of his White House salary of $172,200, according to a Free Beacon analysis of White House personal financial disclosure forms. 

Donilon netted more than $320,000 in income in 2011 between the two taxpayer-funded sources, including monthly payments totaling $12,391 as part of Fannie Mae’s “Executive Pension” and “Qualified Benefit” plans, the documents show.

How is it even legal to double-dip like that. I know I can't as an employee of the state of Alabama. But when you're a friend of Obama, the rules don't apply to you.

Not only should this guy not be double-dipping, for his role in the Fannie Mae debacle, he should be in prison, not collecting hundreds of thousands in taxpayer-funded salary.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OREO celebrated gay pride day on Facebook.....why?

This is the picture on the OREO facebook page. Seriously? Come on!

Does everything have to be politicized? Why must gay people be pandered to by everybody? Not sucking up to gay people(pardon the double entendre) doesn't make one homophobic, but politically correct groveling might lose you some customers.

Must every group who can claim some sort of minority status be adored and celebrated? Gay people are just people, not special or privileged, just people.

Racism on the left goes unnoticed by media

Here's a sample tweet from a member of the New Black Panther Party regarding the RNC convention that'll take place in Tampa later this summer.....

Where's Obama's racist tool Eric Holder to investigate this hate crime? Where are the idiots Jackson and Sharpton to whine about racism having no place in public discourse? Where's the national media to run story after story about race hatred and how racism is seething just below the surface of Americana?

 The short answer is that you won't hear Obama, Holder, Sharpton, or any media type even give this story a second look because it's black-on-white racism and promised violence. Blacks are given carte blanche to be as hateful and racist as they like toward whites because whites deserve to be hated for it, especially the whites who don't want to give blacks every penny they demand in reparations.

 It's political correctness plain and simple. All whites are assumed by the media to be hateful racists and all blacks are assumed to be virtuous and noble. Any deviation from this by the truth is to be ignored as an anomaly.

Monday, June 25, 2012

In Greenville, SC a grieving mother was sent several bills from the city regarding her son's death by an illegal alien drunk driver. Though the crash was no fault of her son's, she received bills to tow her son's car and $50 to pay for the clean up of her son's blood on the street where he died.

The politically-correct debasement to which our overlords will go in order to appease the third-world hordes who stream freely across our border to take advantage of the lavish welfare programs with which our quisling politicians shower them, is boundless.

"But Ed, the girl got sentenced to 17 years in prison for killing that boy."

Sure, let's compound the situation by costing ourselves another $50,000 a year for incarceration of a criminal who should never have been here in the first place but for the lackadaisical attitude politicians have toward the presence of what might become a powerful voting block.

Put it this way, if closing the border meant certain re-election, politicians would appropriate money to close it  before the next election.

This is what much of the Hispanic horde thinks of you and your generosity, America....  


Germany humiliates President Obama

President Obama to Germany: "Hey, how's about bailing out Greece?"
Germany to President Obama, "Shut up and bail yourself out."


With the US in the economic mess we're in, how Obama can dole out financial advice with a straight face is one of the modern world's great mysteries, but that's exactly what he did when he advised Germany to bail out Greece....

From BERLIN (AP) -- Germany's finance minister is rejecting U.S. President Barack Obama's calls on Europe to move faster in fighting its debt crisis, telling him to get the American deficit under control instead. 

Wolfgang Schaeuble told public broadcaster ZDF in an interview late Sunday that "people are always very quick at giving others advice." 

He says: "Mr. Obama should first of all take care of reducing the American deficit, which is higher than in the eurozone."

I don't blame Germany for hesitating one bit. Germany is one of the few, if not the only, fiscally healthy nation in the Eurozone and why should it throw perfectly good money down the rat hole that is Greece? Obama needs to let Europe worry about Europe and instead, fix what's wrong with America.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Why are e-mail scammers from Nigeria and bad spellers

If you've been bamboozled by a Nigerian e-mail scammer, then you're probably too stupid to be reading a political blog and you need to return to keeping up with the Kardashians or Court-TV. That said, your stupidity is precisely what got you targeted by the scammers. Or more precisely, you targeted yourself through your stupidity.

If you read the text of the message pleading for help getting millions in cash out of war-torn west Africa, you'll notice plenty of spelling errors, and of course the idea that a prince of Nigeria would have trouble getting millions out of the country, and needs the help of strange Americans to do it, is itself a hilariously implausible scenario. The scammers know this and purposefully make those errors and the scenario as ridiculous as possible to weed out the smart people, leaving a target-rich environment of gullible idiots. So actually the scammers are brilliant in that they use known human weakness, in this case sheer idiocy, to increase the likelihood of a score in their favor.

Obama condones this behavior

Obama hosted a group of gay activists in the White House and this is how they behaved. Each had a picture taken shooting a bird under Reagan's portrait. I don't care what your position is on gay marriage, this kind of asinine, juvenile behavior from adults in the WH is unacceptable. But these are the kinds of people with whom Obama surrounds himself.

If any, ANY conservative had done anything close to this during the Bush years, there'd be hell to pay from the media and other conservatives, but the feckless media and rank-and-file democrats see nothing wrong with this. They think it's funny.

What a despicable disgrace this hag is! I hope she gets hit by a truck on Pennsylvania Ave. when she leaves.

With Kris Kardashian as a mom, who needs a pornographer?

Kris Humphries is claiming that Kris Kardashian orchestrated the sex tape that kicked-started Kim's "career". 

If it turns out to be true that Kris Kardashian orchestrated Kim's(her own daughter) sex tape, from which Kris has profited greatly, then she'll displace Dina Lohan as the worst celebrity mom of all time. 

The corrupt morals and degeneracy in Hollywood are boundless, yet we idolize these awful people. 

I think America is sadly unique in that we prefer our heroes to be no better than the worst of us. 

And on that cheery note, have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Without property rights, there are no rights

Thomas Jefferson observed, "Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms (of government) those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny".

In Tulsa, the city government decided that based on the power of one neighbor's complaint, a woman's entire garden of edible plants, herbs, and fruit trees needed to be cut down, though she was not in violation of any city ordinance. City-employed thugs came onto her property and destroyed the plants she harvests for medicine and food without giving her any opportunity to protest or have her case adjudicated. 

Since when did government become so all-powerful? Since when did public officials assign themselves arbitrary dominion over other citizens? I hope this woman sues the city into insolvency, just to make a point to any other busy-body tyrants who think they themselves make the laws.

Supreme Court slaps labor unions in the face...heh

It's awful that unions get to take money away from employees, including non-union members, in closed-shop situations, whenever they want to increase dues or take special assessments for political donations to democrats. Finally some workers were fed up and sued the unions for the right to opt out of what amounts to coercive political speech. The case finally made it to the Supreme Court.

The Court ruled today 7-2 that labor unions must give advanced notice if they want to assess non-members for political donations so they could opt out of they wished. This decision rightly chips away at the thuggery with which labor union bosses intimidate non-union workers.

p.s. is Ruth Bader Ginsberg still alive? Somebody should prop her up with a stick or something.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obama's claim of executive privilege makes Holder a liar


Eric Holder is scrambling desperately to protect Obama from the dirt associated with Fast and Furious, the gun scandal which lead to agent Brian Terry's death with one of those guns. Like Nixon before him, the question is what did Obama know and when did he know it?

Trying to prevent his own Watergate scandal, Obama just today granted executive privilege in order to prevent Congress from seeing the documents pertaining to F&F. Here's the problem for Obama and Holder: if executive privilege exists, then Obama and Holder needed to have not only discussed F&F at length, but the program needed to also pertain directly to "secret deliberations and communications intended ultimately for the president that pertain to (a) military, or (b) diplomatic, or (c) sensitive national security matters." These are the criteria for executive privilege established by the Supreme Court regarding Nixon's claim of EP 40 years ago. 

Nobody can argue with a straight face that tracking Mexican drug cartel movements had to do with sensitive national security. 

That said, if Holder tries to now say that he and Obama discussed at length F&F, then that is opposite of his sworn congressional testimony in which he stated that Obama had no knowledge of F&F. 

Holder can't have it both ways. The administration must either turn over the documents or claim Ex. Priv. and in doing so, admit that Eric Holder lied under oath to protect Obama. 

My guess is that Holder will soon assume his rightful place under the Hope-and-Change bus so that Obama's re-election hopes don't get dragged down with him. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Zoo wolves make a menu change

This week's wild-animals-kill-and-eat-human story comes from Sweden....who let's be honest, should be smarter than this. In one zoo there a keeper went into the wolf display to feed the pack, but the pack had other ideas. Being a pack of wolves, they isolated her by circling her, then mauled and ate her.

When you take wild carnivores out of the wild and put them into close contact with humans, the humans sooner or later become dinner. I feel sorry for this girl and her family specifically, but I don't care that much in a general sense when this totally predictable thing happens. I'm just glad the zoo recognized this and had the good sense not to kill the wolves. They're just wolves being wolves.

Wildlife camera catches some wild life

An embarrassed Australian politician might be awarded ($25,000) because a wildlife camera set up to view animals feeding in the wild, caught him having sex with somebody instead.

Apparently Australia has some pretty broad privacy laws and it's likely the judge will rule that the subtle presence of the camera violated his reasonable expectation of privacy. But are the woods not technically public space? How can you expect legal privacy in the public woods?

Besides isn't the thrill of semi-public sex the possibility of getting caught?

President Obama plays golf while the nation crumbles

Over the weekend our country-club President played his 100th round of golf in the 3.5 years he's been CiC. It takes him about 6.5 hours to drive to the club and complete 18 holes. Unless you slept through what passed for math classes in government schools, this rudimentary math adds up to about 4months of equivalent working time that Obama has spent golfing while the nation toils in quiet desperation.

Hope you dumb democrat voters are happy.

Sarah Jessica Parker's support for Obama explained

This pretty much hits the nail on the head in terms of explaining the obsession Hollyweird nitwits have for Barry.

It's easy to pretend to be for the little guy by way of Socialism when you live in a fantasy world, want for nothing, and don't really have to come in actual contact with the unwashed, little people you pretend to care about. They believe that their pretense of caring about ordinary people insulates them from criticism about being so outrageously rich for doing little more than reciting words somebody else wrote.

Friday, June 15, 2012

More humor at the expense of Islam

Possible captions:

-Four ninjas

-Unable to tell the difference, Abdul decided to put them all on the curb and let the garbage man sort them out.

The celebrity President

With full credit to Rush Limbaugh who brilliantly coined the name for our celebrity President. Last night Obama and his bitter-half hobnobbed in Manhattan with vapid Hollywood nitwits who've got more money than brains or common sense and nothing but disdain and contempt for middle America . They paid $40,000 per plate to hear the celebrity in chief stroke their massively inflated egos regarding their cultural influence with voters. And he did not disappoint, telling them how key they are to his re-election.....

From FoxNews -- "You're the tie-breaker," he said. "You're the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes."

Is the equine-like Sarah J. Parker really that full of herself to think that she has any, ANY influence over ordinary Americans beyond validating the stupidity with which they choose shoes?

How pathetic and embarrassing for Americans if any part of Obama's statement is true.

Obama makes a craven play for the Hispanic vote

Janet Napolitano announced today that the feds will stop actively deporting illegal aliens who were brought here when they were kids by illegal parents and who have committed no crimes while here. About 800,000 illegals fit that description and they will be immediately issued work/student visas.

Of course this circumvents the entire immigration process by which tens of thousands of foreigners are attempting to immigrate here legally and republicans are upset, but I don't really have a problem with this.

We cannot afford the hundreds of billions of dollars it would take to round them up one by one and throw them back across the Rio Grande. It's just not possible. Given that impossibility, what's the next best solution? The only thing to do is let those who didn't commit a crime to get here and have stayed crime-free while here, stay and contribute to our civil society.

If they came here as children, they're probably fully assimilated anyway and have the best possible chances of any illegal to become contributory, which is all we want as resident Americans.

The question is why doesn't the Justice Department round up these ass-holes and toss them back across the river? Because the Left detests America and want it to fail. Democrats recognize that allowing hostile, third-world peasants to reside here unassimilated, leaching off absurdly generous social programs, and breeding like rabbits is the best and fastest way to turn America into a second-rate country.

Letting student youths to stay and work is just election-year posturing. It's these guys in the picture the democrats want here. They're dependent, criminal, and they always vote D....that is when they can get away with illegally voting.


Regardless of the Constitutional legality of Obama making this pander, no useful immigration reform can take place until the border is closed.

Pentagon to recognize gay-pride month....why?

Personally, I couldn't have cared less whether a fellow soldier was gay or not as long as his orientation didn't affect his job performance. I think most reasonable people feel that way about gays serving in the military. That's why this politically correct move by the Pentagon is a little curious to me.....

From FoxNews -- WASHINGTON (AP) — Last summer, gays in the military dared not admit their sexual orientation. This summer, the Pentagon will salute them, marking gay pride month just as it marks other celebrations honoring racial or ethnic groups.
Officials said Thursday that they're planning the first-ever event to recognize gay and lesbian troops. They declined to give details about what the event will be, but officials said Defense Secretary Leon Panetta feels it's important to recognize the service of gays in the armed forces.

Lest anybody think I'm holding gay soldiers to a higher standard than straight soldiers, I wouldn't want skirt-chasing soldiers to be preoccupied by their sexual conquests to the point that it affects their job performance either. Obsession with one's sexual orientation, regardless of what it happens to be, has no place in the performance of military duties, so why is the Pentagon making a point of honoring gay-pride month? 

It's as if the US military has become another politically-correct government agency with politically-oriented bean counters and bureaucrats occupying every level and rank. And that's another reason to not undertake any more invasions and nation building, we're too distracted proving how compassionate we are to every soldier who self-identifies as any variety of minority. It's ridiculous. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chaos in Egypt

From Cairo (CNN) -- Egypt's highest court declared the parliament invalid Thursday, and the country's interim military rulers promptly declared full legislative authority, triggering a new level of chaos and confusion in the country's leadership.

 If this comes down to a choice between a military dictatorship similar to Mubarak's or a militant Islamic theocracy, I'll take the military dictatorship 10 out of 10 times. We've been dealing with the Egyptian military for decades and know exactly what that entails. With the Muslim Brotherhood holding the reins of power, Egypt could well descend into Afghanistan or Iran, another breeding ground for anti-Americanism and exporter of terrorists.

It could also wind up a possible theater for a misbegotten invasion of US forces to establish western-style democracy in what will have become a third-world country that can't comprehend democracy, much less sustain it.

If there were pre-obituaries

The headline in the Daily Mail read: "Meet the couple who share their South African home... with a 27-stone(378lbs) Bengal tiger"

It could just have easily read: Meet the couple who were mauled to death and eaten in their sleep by their "pet" Bengal tiger.

Sooner or later this tiger will kill one or both of these morons...and rest assured, I'll be there to laugh at them.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Over at Hotair they're reporting that the Texas dad, who beat to death another man who he caught molesting his daughter behind the barn, is "remorseful".

Being this is Texas, I'm guessing his remorse is from not catching this guy and beating him to death sooner.

There's not a jury anywhere in Texas, including Austin which tends to be a tad liberal, that would indict this father for protecting his daughter with deadly force. Dude got what was coming to him.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Axelrod attempts damage control, and it goes badly

David Axelrod is one of the worst people on Earth. He will take literally any position, regardless of how ridiculous, if he thinks it'll help a democrat President. Last week, Obama stupidly suggested that the "private sector was doing just fine" which it obviously isn't. Here's Axelrod trying to spin that insane statement into a positive for his boss......

From FoxNews -- President Obama's top campaign strategist said Sunday that the country needs to "accelerate" job creation in the private sector -- by hiring more teachers, police and firefighters.

Obviously teachers, police, and firefighters are not private-sector people. Axelrod knows this but he also knows that the media will pretend not to notice his lie in order to themselves, help Obama. The startling revelation from this statement is that democrats think that increasing public-sector employment somehow helps the private sector. To democrats, they are the same thing.

Democrats always hold up teachers, firemen, and police as if they are the only public-sector employees there are, because how can anybody be against teachers, firemen, and cops? The truth is that lazy, good-for-nothing, government-agency bureaucrats make up the vast majority of public sector jobs. Hiring more of these people harms the private sector because money has to be taken from the private sector in order to fund their absurdly high salaries, lavish health-care and retirement packages, and celebrity-style vacations they laughably refer to as "conferences".

Karl Rove's in favor of wind farm subsidies? Wait what?

Wind farms are among the stupidest, costly, and wasteful forms of "green" energy. But for huge government subsidies, not a single windmill would be productive. As it is with taxpayer subsidies, unreliable wind still makes up less than 3% of the nation's energy production. That said, why would Karl Rove be in favor of subsidies?

This is Karl himself from Hotair -- “We’ve got a growing economy that’s increasing energy consumption and wind energy should be part of the solution,” Rove said today on a panel at a wind conference in Atlanta. Extending the so-called production tax credit “should be a priority.” 

 A bill to extend through 2016 the 2.2-cent-a-kilowatt-hour credit for electricity produced by wind turbines, biomass, geothermal and landfill-gas plants has stalled in congress along with about 100 other expiring tax-related incentives.

Apparently Goldman-Sachs has positioned itself to make a king's ransom if the subsidies are renewed. This is such a weird position for a conservative like Rove to take that I can't help but wonder if he has some skin in the  game with Goldman-Sachs.

I don't believe in taxpayer subsidies for any industry. If you can make it in the free market, great. If not, find something else to do for a living.

Friday, June 08, 2012

CNN hemorrhages viewers and can't figure out why.....idiots

CNN is in a ratings tailspin, coming in 44th in prime-time, behind the awful Oprah Network even. And to save their own lives, Time-Warner execs can't figure out how to stop it....

From FoxNews -- CNN has pulled in an average of just 633,000 primetime viewers in the year ending June 30 — about 20 percent fewer eyeballs than two presidential election cycles ago.

Such a rating meltdown demands action and TW higher- ups are brainstorming for ideas for new management candidates with an eye on potentially replacing Jim Walton, who runs CNN Worldwide, several sources said.

The way to get viewers to watch a news channel is very simple, but would be anathema to the liberals who run that network, and that is to present the news in a fair, evenhanded manner without casting it with a leftist slant. Don't ignore stories that are harmful to democrats while gleefully over-reporting stories that harm republicans.

Consumers of news are far more sophisticated than we were during the sixties for instance, when Walter Cronkite was the only news game in town. His singularity allowed him to use his personal hostility toward republicans to push the US toward our humiliating withdrawal when the American people turned away from support after watching his anti-war reports disguised as news night after night.

I doubt if the execs at CNN or MSNBC have a clue that people don't watch their networks because of the conscious leftist slant on every news story they run. Self-important liberals think they are in the middle politically. It'll never occur to them that it's they who are out of the mainstream.

The coolest motorcycle ever!

I don't know the first thing about motorcycles. I've never ridden one. I don't even know how. But I do know that if I were to become a motorhead, this customized Harley is the bike I'd ride.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Elisha Cuthbert is very pretty

They don't make too many girls as pretty as Elisha Cuthbert, except maybe for Kaley Cuoco. Have a gander at these pics of Elisha over at Heavy and see what we mean.

Eric Holder does his best Sgt. Shultz impression

In congressional testimony regarding the Fast and Furious gun scandal in which the ATF, under the direction of the DOJ, allowed weapons to be sold to Mexican drug gangs ostensibly to track them to the drug lords. But what actually happened is these guns turned up having been used in numerous murders including at least one law-enforcement agent.

Taking a page directly from Hillary Clinton's How-to-Testify handbook, Holder responded to Rep. Issa's questions with a series of "I can't remember", "I don't know", or "I wasn't briefed" dodges.

At the very least Eric Holder is an incompetent fool and should resign immediately. At worst, he's a racist political hack whose first allegiance is to Obama and his intent to right perceived social wrongs against minorities rather than constitutional justice for all Americans.

YOLO, the tattoo for hipster idiots for a little while longer

For the uninformed or for people who have better things to do all day than keep up with stupid pop-culture memes, YOLO stands for You Only Live Once and apparently it's the latest tattoo trend. You'd have thought it would fizzle out after over-hyped Zac Efron got inked with it, which would make it suddenly uncool, but Emma Stone got one too. I guess it'll run it's course the way barbed wire and dagger-through-the-heart did before it. It's just so stupid, it can't end fast enough for me.

Obama's absurd definition of a "green job"

The House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform released this scathing and funny video of the Obama administration's absurd definition of "green jobs".


 It is this slight-of-hand kind of misinformation that makes people not trust anything a politician says, and justifiably so. When you realize that you're being lied to by the people who take money from you every month, it's a little hard to believe anything they say, especially when they're touting their supposed creation of green jobs as a reason for you to vote for them.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Amanda Bynes....stellar example of public education

Surely Hollywood nitwit Amanda Bynes was "educated" in dreadful government schools, how else to explain her thinking that Barack Obama has the power to fix her recent DUI ticket? This is the second time in recent months that the dim actress sideswiped a car while drunk and she's tired of getting busted. She tweeted to Obama that he should fire the cop who arrested her.

 At 26, the slope of her life-line appears to be awfully slippery. At this rate she'll end up like countless other immature actresses, broke, out of work, and addicted.

Here's Amanda indicating how many DUI's she plans to have before her 30th birthday.....

RIP, Ray Bradbury

If you've never read Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, download it to your e-reader today. It's the story about a dystopian future in which all books are banned by the government and they are burned if found. The firemen don't go around putting fires out, they go to houses where contraband books have been found and they burn them.

It's eerily prophetic to our current, politically-correct reality because of the insufferable thought police in the media and on the Left in general who try to ban certain speech they deem to be offensive to some group. This book takes what we're experiencing now to its logical conclusion.

If you don't like to read, just watch the movie. It was really well done.

Dumb union drone overstates Wisconsin election results

Anybody who has this much personally at stake in an election deserves to lose....


What a dumb union worker-drone!
Probably due to his dreadful education at the hands of union teachers, he doesn't have even a rudimentary grasp of what democracy is. Of course in the twisted logic of liberals, democracy is what happens when they win elections. It's a fraudulent travesty if a conservative wins. What a 'tard!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

...some animals are more equal than others

At a South Carolina high-school graduation, this mother was arrested for loudly celebrating her daughter's finishing high-school....as if that's a big deal given the sorry state of public education in this country. An announcement was made before the ceremony stating that any loud interruption for celebration will result in removal by security.

Graduation is a solemn ceremony and boisterous yelling and clapping prevents the next student's names from being heard by their families. Yet this woman decided that the rules didn't apply to her. She would have been outraged if she missed her daughter's name being called because the family next to her was yelling and clapping during it.

Some people have defended her saying that it's racist to punish one person for how they choose to celebrate their kid's accomplishment, but I say it's racist to suggest that black people can't follow simple rules of behavior  like everybody else. Michael Gerson called it the "soft bigotry of low expectations". When people are held to lower standards of behavior because of their race, that's racist against them.

She knew the rules. She knew the consequences for breaking them. She paid the price. That's how it works in civilized society.

Dutch may beat Americans to Mars.....embarrassing

I despise most reality TV. It's mindless, stupid, and honestly I don't give a crap about the tedious details of the lives of others. That said, if this Dutch company succeeds in making this reality show, I'll be its biggest fan.

 The only problem I see with this is that Americans won't be the first people on Mars, which is how it should be. Being the first to achieve everything great is the manifest destiny of Americans. But we are a weak and decadent nation who cares only for the lives our pretend celebrities on reality shows.

Thus it'll be poignantly ironic that another country uses reality TV to achieve what America should have achieved if we weren't so distracted with reality TV. Nonetheless, I'll be watching every frame.

Ann Coulter's adage proven correct in Wisconsin

Ann Coulter famously observed that if you want to know what liberals are up to, just listen to what they're accusing others of doing. This would be the case in the recall election of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.

Within hours of the polls opening today, hysterical democrats began their predictable caterwauling about voter intimidation and cheating on the part of Walker supporters. They hilariously claim that phone calls are being made to registered democrats informing them that if they signed the petition to recall Walker, they don't have to vote today, and also that people are being paid to put Walker signs in their yards. And in order to lend credence to these outrageous claims, racist AG Holder dispatched "observers" to make sure no election-day shenanigans on the part of Walker supporters takes place.

Heh heh, if you are such a stupid voter to think that your signature on a petition equals casting a vote, then you are too dumb to have the right to vote in the first place. Besides, these intimidation and misinformation tactics amount to Voting Fraud 101 right out of the democrat election-day playbook. They're accusing republicans of doing these things because if the recall were of a democrat, this is exactly what they'd be doing.

Monday, June 04, 2012

The last Transit of Venus in our lifetimes

Listen up geeks, tomorrow morning at 5:04CDT will by the last chance until 2117 to witness the transit of Venus across the face of the sun. Because the plane of Venus's orbit is slightly oblique to that of Earth, it only passes directly between Earth and the Sun every 121 years or so. In other years it's too high or too low.

Plan to get up a little early like me and open this site from NASA and watch a web cast of it.

Kids, don't end up like Ashley and Nick

I know most of you think I'm an unsympathetic a-hole, and most of the time, you are right. But I care about the kids, they are our future, or so I've been told. So here's another public-service announcement from the management team(and by team I mean me) at TRR......

Let me introduce Ashley Brooker and Nicholas Doyle. They are a couple of meth-heads from Stillwater, Minnesota who got busted for possession and various other drug-related violations of the law. What a couple of losers! Apparently Ashley had been on a 6-day crank binder when they found her hallucinating that Nick's finger had fallen off. Meanwhile Nick was in the ER getting a finger injury treated. Maybe Ashley had bitten it. 

Take a good look at Ashley's face. This is what you end up looking like when you choose to do crank. I find it hard to have much sympathy for drug addicts. You have to choose to become a drug addict. The drugs don't force you to take them. You have to seek them out. You have to wake up one morning and make the conscious decision..."I think I'll become a crank addict today." It's not a disease like everybody likes to claim for insurance, missed work, and treatment purposes. 

New bosses, same as the old bosses

This is how awful the federal government of the US is, even under republican control.....

From Moonbattery -- In the fifteen months that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives — led by Speaker John Boehner — has effectively enjoyed a constitutional veto over federal spending, the federal government’s debt has increased by about $1.59 trillion. 

The approximately $1.59 trillion in new debt accumulated since the Republican-controlled House gained a veto over federal spending legislation is more than the total increase in the federal debt between 1789, when the first Congress convened, and October 1984, when the 98th Congress was nearing the end of its second session.

To me, there isn't a nickel's worth of difference between republicans and democrats. It's all just window dressing on the same spending behemoth. If the GOP were controlled by Tea Party members we might have a chance, but when entrenched, beltway barnacles like John Boehner in charge, what's the difference between the parties when Nancy Pelosi would have spent only slightly more?

Friday, June 01, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg's nanny state

There are no human activities that liberals don't want to regulate.....

From FoxNews -- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing another ban on unhealthy foods. This time, he wants to outlaw super-sized sodas and other sugary drinks. The first-in-the-nation ban, formally announced Thursday, would limit sweet drinks to 16 ounces at venues across the city ranging from restaurants to street carts to movie theaters.

First it was the public smoking ban, then the attempted restrictions on salt in restaurant food, now Bloomberg's about to limit the size of drink you can lawfully purchase in New York.....as if we can't just purchase two. And does this apply to Diet sodas, which aren't sugary? What's to stop me from sticking my Big Gulp cup under the regular Coke fountain when I purchased a Diet Coke? It's absurd!

What country is this when individuals can't determine how much Coke they drink?

PS. yesterday on May 31st, the day after his soda ban press conference, Mayor Bloomberg attended the unveiling by Entenmann's of their 1foot-in-diameter doughnut to celebrate National Doughnut Day. Anybody else see a messaging conflict?