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Friday, June 08, 2012

CNN hemorrhages viewers and can't figure out why.....idiots

CNN is in a ratings tailspin, coming in 44th in prime-time, behind the awful Oprah Network even. And to save their own lives, Time-Warner execs can't figure out how to stop it....

From FoxNews -- CNN has pulled in an average of just 633,000 primetime viewers in the year ending June 30 — about 20 percent fewer eyeballs than two presidential election cycles ago.

Such a rating meltdown demands action and TW higher- ups are brainstorming for ideas for new management candidates with an eye on potentially replacing Jim Walton, who runs CNN Worldwide, several sources said.

The way to get viewers to watch a news channel is very simple, but would be anathema to the liberals who run that network, and that is to present the news in a fair, evenhanded manner without casting it with a leftist slant. Don't ignore stories that are harmful to democrats while gleefully over-reporting stories that harm republicans.

Consumers of news are far more sophisticated than we were during the sixties for instance, when Walter Cronkite was the only news game in town. His singularity allowed him to use his personal hostility toward republicans to push the US toward our humiliating withdrawal when the American people turned away from support after watching his anti-war reports disguised as news night after night.

I doubt if the execs at CNN or MSNBC have a clue that people don't watch their networks because of the conscious leftist slant on every news story they run. Self-important liberals think they are in the middle politically. It'll never occur to them that it's they who are out of the mainstream.

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