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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthcare mandate upheld at tax, not commerce

The conservative turncoat John Roberts says that the mandate is a tax and the gov't can force you to pay it to the insurance companies in the form of a premium. 

-What happens when our benevolent overlords decide at the behest of the unions, that a new hybrid car is in the best interest of every family? What's stopping them from mandating that we purchase a new car or face penalties?

-What happens when gov't decides that 1lb of vegetable is best for every adult and they mandate that every household must purchase 1lb of vegetables for every adult in that house or face penalties?

-What happens when the gov't decides that going barefoot is bad for you and mandates that all citizens purchase 1 pair of new shoes every year or face penalties?

Somebody please tell me, after John Roberts today crushed with his thumb the sovereignty of the individual, what in the law is stopping any of these absurd things from happening?

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