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Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama makes a craven play for the Hispanic vote

Janet Napolitano announced today that the feds will stop actively deporting illegal aliens who were brought here when they were kids by illegal parents and who have committed no crimes while here. About 800,000 illegals fit that description and they will be immediately issued work/student visas.

Of course this circumvents the entire immigration process by which tens of thousands of foreigners are attempting to immigrate here legally and republicans are upset, but I don't really have a problem with this.

We cannot afford the hundreds of billions of dollars it would take to round them up one by one and throw them back across the Rio Grande. It's just not possible. Given that impossibility, what's the next best solution? The only thing to do is let those who didn't commit a crime to get here and have stayed crime-free while here, stay and contribute to our civil society.

If they came here as children, they're probably fully assimilated anyway and have the best possible chances of any illegal to become contributory, which is all we want as resident Americans.

The question is why doesn't the Justice Department round up these ass-holes and toss them back across the river? Because the Left detests America and want it to fail. Democrats recognize that allowing hostile, third-world peasants to reside here unassimilated, leaching off absurdly generous social programs, and breeding like rabbits is the best and fastest way to turn America into a second-rate country.

Letting student youths to stay and work is just election-year posturing. It's these guys in the picture the democrats want here. They're dependent, criminal, and they always vote D....that is when they can get away with illegally voting.


Regardless of the Constitutional legality of Obama making this pander, no useful immigration reform can take place until the border is closed.

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