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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obama's claim of executive privilege makes Holder a liar


Eric Holder is scrambling desperately to protect Obama from the dirt associated with Fast and Furious, the gun scandal which lead to agent Brian Terry's death with one of those guns. Like Nixon before him, the question is what did Obama know and when did he know it?

Trying to prevent his own Watergate scandal, Obama just today granted executive privilege in order to prevent Congress from seeing the documents pertaining to F&F. Here's the problem for Obama and Holder: if executive privilege exists, then Obama and Holder needed to have not only discussed F&F at length, but the program needed to also pertain directly to "secret deliberations and communications intended ultimately for the president that pertain to (a) military, or (b) diplomatic, or (c) sensitive national security matters." These are the criteria for executive privilege established by the Supreme Court regarding Nixon's claim of EP 40 years ago. 

Nobody can argue with a straight face that tracking Mexican drug cartel movements had to do with sensitive national security. 

That said, if Holder tries to now say that he and Obama discussed at length F&F, then that is opposite of his sworn congressional testimony in which he stated that Obama had no knowledge of F&F. 

Holder can't have it both ways. The administration must either turn over the documents or claim Ex. Priv. and in doing so, admit that Eric Holder lied under oath to protect Obama. 

My guess is that Holder will soon assume his rightful place under the Hope-and-Change bus so that Obama's re-election hopes don't get dragged down with him. 

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