“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sony hack was domestic, not international, apparently

Heh heh, the FBI now says that the Sony hack on Thanksgiving was actually perpetrated by former, disgruntled employees, not the Norks, Chinese, or Russians as have been widely reported.

I find this to be, hilarious!

The FBI should probably go ahead and employ these guys and maybe that's what this was, unemployed guys pulling off an epic hack in a very public way, in order to get the attention of cyber-security firms who'll now want to hire them.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pakistan laughably upset about a TV show

If you don't watch "Homeland" on Showtime, you're missing out on some riveting TV. This past season, which ended last week, was set in Islamabad, Pakistan. Apparently Pakistani officials are none too happy about how their country was portrayed....as being friendly to terrorists and hostile to America.
Perhaps it has slipped their minds that they harbored Osama bin Laden for who knows how many years before the CIA analyst, on whose character Carrie, the "Homeland" lead, is loosely based, found him and sent Seal Team 6 in to kill him.
Maybe if Pakistan weren't permissive toward Islamic extremism there and used the billions in aid we give them every year to eradicate it, their fair country wouldn't be accurately portrayed in our entertainment industry as a third-world cesspool of anti-American radicalism.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The formerly great Britain has seen better days

For centuries, the axiom used to go: "The sun never sets on the British empire".
Well, that was before political correctness welcomed hostile colonization by crazed, Islamic welfare peasants. At the current rate, eventually America's motherland and our closest ally will cease to be a nation at all, and will instead slither pitifully into obscurity and irrelevance under the yoke of Islamic submission.

Monday, December 22, 2014

The rise of the machines and the post-bioligical era is a galactic inevitability

Susan Schneider is a philosophy professor at UConn-Storrs. She's publishing a very interesting paper on the likelihood that any alien life with whom/which we come in contact will be artificial rather than biological, or post-biological. Her reasoning is sound in my opinion:
First, in order to communicate over vast distances a civilization must first invent and master radio waves. That civilization is only maybe 50 years from computational machines(computers) and only 50 or so years after that, the beginnings of hybridizing those computers with biological intelligence. We are already experimenting with neural implants to manage disease processes and enhance human intelligence, imagine where we'll be in another 50 years or 500 years.

Now, carbon-based creatures are abysmally ill-suited for deep space travel while silicon-based "creatures" would be perfectly suited for it. Additionally, human brain neurons are 7 orders of magnitude slower at processing than silicon-based networks. The human brain partially compensates with massive parallel processing but human performance requirements such as attention and concentration are definitionally serial in nature.
Lastly, carbon-based life-forms require huge amounts of water to survive, severely limiting travelling distance. Silicon-based life-forms require only energy which can be nuclear, solar, kinetic, etc., not limiting travel duration at all.
These three likely aspects of alien beings suggest that any civilizations that might reveal themselves to us will necessarily have been around for thousands or millions of years longer than us and therefor will be advanced and vastly superior in intelligence on a level we probably can't even comprehend.
And I for one, welcome our benevolent, silicon-based overlords as they shepherd humanity toward a better tomorrow......or eat us, whichever.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Eric Holder slips into the absurd

Eric Holder issued a memorandum essentially stating that cross-dressing is now a federally protected civil right......I assume, because there's no reason not to, that people who dress as furry animals, ninja turtles, Godzilla, or Freddie Kruger are also protected from employer discrimination.
If not, why not?
Look, I don't have anything against cross dressing. Whatever you want to do to legally pursue happiness is fine with me, without judgement I support your right to do it, but you don't get special protection from the government.
This means that if your elementary school elects not to hire the "girl" in the picture to work as a cafeteria lady, your school can be sued under the federal EEOC anti-discrimination guidelines and be forced to pay "her" tens of thousands in punitive fines, hire a mental distress counselor for "her", and have swarms of EEOC bureaucrats impose more "correct" hiring practices at your child's school....paid for by your local tax money that would otherwise have gone toward the operation of the school.
If a republican manages, against the media's wishes, to get himself elected in 2016, I'll bet he/she will not rescind any of the dopey stuff Eric Holder has done. They'll let it all stand out of fear of media reprisals.
Here's a helpful picture of the person who might be serving your child lunch soon.

North Korea-1, US-0

It's being correctly reported that with Sony caving to the Norks, the US has lost the first ever international cyber war. I expected us to lose a few cyber wars here and there, just not to a left-behind country without the Internet....heh heh.
Here's a just released photo of Kim Jong-Un, bringing the super-power United States to its knees, personally engineering the Sony hack himself, using North Korea's only state-of-the-art (circa 1968) mainframe computer of some sort. My what a big mouse that is!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ed's book review

When I'm in the car I generally listen to audio books that I've downloaded using the Overdrive app., on my phone. Currently I'm listening to "The Immortality Factor" by Ben Bova, one of my favorite sci-fi writers.
It's about the ethical, religious, moral, and medical questions that arise when near-future scientists learn how to regenerate organs in vivo, essentially granting humans unnaturally long life. The plot is interestingly interwoven with a Randian subtext of objectivism and private self-interest.
It's a terrific story that makes you address these issues yourself. It's also available in hard copy for you old timers who like turning pages manually. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cuba should be one big resort

Under President Obama's direction, the US is gearing up to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba. Breathless conservatives have their collective panties in a wad, confident that economic sanctions and isolation will surely work to bring the brutal Castro regime to its knees.......after 66 years.

Marco Rubio cautioned that this will bring the economic buoy that the Castro regime needs to stay in power. Really Marco? They've outlasted 10 US presidents without it, I doubt they're on the brink of collapse just yet.

The thing that will bring once and for all the collapse, or at least the moderation, of the Cuban government will be economic capitalism in the form of massive tourism. Cuba has the potential to be the Hong Kong of the Caribbean.....communist on paper but a powerhouse of wealth creation in reality. Imagine the flood of wealthy US tourists when they eventually allow resorts and casinos to be built there. Sure the regime will get rich, but so will everybody remotely associated with the tourism industry. Once that ball gets rolling, it'll be very difficult to stop, even for the Castro family.

Clearly our cold-war strategy hasn't worked....it's time to give economic infusion a chance.

The terrorists have defeated us, it would appear

It's come to this.....

Either the Norks, or a hacker group on behalf of the Norks, hacked Sony pictures this week in response to the comedy film with James Franco and Seth Rogan where the assassination of Kim Jong-Un is attempted. The hackers released confidential and embarrassing e-mails of Sony executives with promises of more to come. The group then sent a threatening e-mail. Here is the e-mail in its entirety:


We will clearly show it to you at the very time and places “The Interview” be shown, including the premiere, how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to.
Soon all the world will see what an awful movie Sony Pictures Entertainment has made.
The world will be full of fear.
Remember the 11th of September 2001.
We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time.
(If your house is nearby, you’d better leave.)
Whatever comes in the coming days is called by the greed of Sony Pictures Entertainment.
All the world will denounce the SONY.

More to come…

If the world "denounces the SONY", it'll be for the awfulness of Playstation 4, not because they made a stupid movie. 

Anyway, if Americans refuse to go to a movie because of idle terrorist threats, then the terrorists have already won. The theater where I normally go is a Carmike, but they announced they're pulling the movie. I'll have to find a showtime elsewhere I guess. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

The omnibus spending bill is full of cronyism, pork, and corruption

From a guy over at the Huffington Post, here are just a few of the most egregious things we're being made to pay for in the dreadful omnibus spending bill crammed through the republican controlled House yesterday:

1. Lockheed-Martin received a contract to deliver 4 more F-35 Joint Strike Fighters at a price of $479 Million, despite the Pentagon saying they don't want them. In a totally unrelated coincidence, Lockheed-Martin spent $28 Million in donations and lobbying congresscritters in just the last election cycle. 

2. Voters in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. voted recently to legalize recreational marijuana use. That's great for the first three, but congress must approve any laws that take place in D.C. so the anti-legalization zealots attached a rider to the ominbus bill negating the 2:1 passage of legalization. Why would they override such a huge majority vote? In a totally unrelated coincidence, the alcohol and pharmaceutical industries lobby congress heavily to fight legalization.....they don't want the citizenry to be addicted to any substances but the ones they provide. 

3. Boehner and his pals quietly inserted on page 1,599 of 1,604, a provision that allows individuals to contribute as much as $300,000 annually to political parties, but without any additional transparency or accountability. Both Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell have the opportunity to hold up the bill, get rid of this provision, and send it back to the House, but neither is going to. In a totally unrelated coincidence, both parties have impressively rich donors with specific agendas that they'd like passed and will certainly take advantage of this new loophole in campaign finance laws. 

[A point of clarification: I am in favor of unlimited campaign donation by anybody, to anybody, but there should be full, immediate, and public disclosure(not in some hard to find government blog....everywhere, TV, internet, newspapers, etc.) of the people making the donations, who they are and what they likely expect for their money. That way the voters can decide who's corrupt and who's not.]

Three peas in a pod of corruption

It's like cats and dogs living together.....I agree with Elizabeth Warren on something

This week's sign of the apocalypse: I agree with Elizabeth Warren on something.
In the current 1600 page omnibus spending bill passed by the House yesterday, there is a hidden provision that allows banks to include with their normal investments, very risky "derivative" investments, making it far more likely that the taxpayer may have to bail out the banks again.
It was derivative investments that partially caused the banking crisis in '08, after which George Bush had the taxpayers bail out the banks, insurance giants, and car companies.
Why would republicans, given the GOP-base outrage the first time, make it easier for banks to receive taxpayer bailouts? Maybe because the banking lobbyists have spent something like $1.3 Billion over the last couple of years bribing them with campaign donations?
Elizabeth Warren is threatening to hold up Senate confirmation of the whole bill over this awful piece of it......I hope she succeeds. It would probably mean a government shutdown since the House has already gone home for the break. I think she's a horrible person in general, but I agree with her on this.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

US wises up on Syrian rebel funding

So it's being reported that the US has essentially stopped funding and arming who we thought were pro-western, America-friendly Syrian rebel groups. We first paid them to resist the al-Assad regime, and them we paid them to resist ISIS too. But we know that they'll just morph into another radical-Islamic splinter group of anti-western terrorism. Sooner or later they all do. 
My surprise isn't that we stopped sending them tens of millions of taxpayer money and weapons, my surprised is that we were stupid enough to think there is such a thing as pro-western Islamic militants, to begin with. The only people in the middle east who we can "trust" to look out for our interests are the strong-man dictators who we generously bribe to do so. If they mistreat their people, do we really care, as long as it keeps our gasoline cheap and Israel relatively peaceful? I know I don't. 

Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Moammar Qaddafi, and currently Bashar al-Assad all are or were, ruthless dictators, but who were moderate secularists who could be bribed with US money to behave as we wanted. They also kept a tight leash on the Muslim radicals in their countries. 

Why the US feels the need to meddle in these countries just because the peasants there are unhappy is anybody's guess. Are we really that desperate to appear to the world to be humanitarians who deliver freedom and democracy like Santa Clause, to the third world? 

Monday, December 08, 2014

Like B'ham needs some more race marches, we've had plenty, thank you

Heh heh, literally tens of dopey protesters showed up this weekend in B'ham to march about 10 blocks from RR Park to 5-Points. They were holding typical signs like "Black lives matter", and "No Justice, No Peace", and my favorite, "Hands Up, Don't Shoot".
Of course by now, everybody knows that Michael Brown was a rampaging maniac and his hands weren't up in surrender at any time. The jury is still out on Eric Garner, but the whole scene was supervised by a black, female officer who never once told the policeman using the choke hold, to stop choking Eric Garner. Nobody can say race was an issue there either.
But the facts are inconvenient to the race hustlers and media jackals who would love nothing more than to cover a race war in America. Excessive police force might be an issue here, but institutional police racism most certainly is not.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Crocodile-1, dumb golfer-0

This is a South African crocodile. Like their cousins, the American caiman in Florida, these guys live in bodies of fresh water very near to human habitats. The only difference is that caiman don't get that big but still, Floridians don't have the sense to stay out of the water and get attacked regularly.....you'd think South Africans would steer well clear of giant crocodiles. Think again.

How stupid would you have to be to get in waist deep water, knowing that there is probably one of these swimming around on the bottom waiting for a meal? Pretty stupid apparently. A golfer was retrieving lost balls from a hazard on the course at Kruger Park near Johannesburg, when a croc similar to the one in the picture, grabbed him and dragged him under until he drowned.

Searchers found him a couple of hours later, dead but uneaten. I'm guessing South African crocs have the same contempt for outrageously colored golf outfits as most people do and decided to throw this one back.

Joseph Goebbels on global warmling

Joseph Goebbels(Hitler's minister of propaganda) sums up perfectly the US federal government's dogged determination to cling to the pernicious global warming hoax.......
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Joseph Goebbels would fit right in with the modern American environmental left. 

Monday, December 01, 2014

The latest in feminist fashion

So apparently this is a thing now in feminist fashion trends.
Turns out if you're an unemployed, 30 year old hipster with a useless liberal arts degree and sketchy hygiene habits, there is a girl for you after all. 

If you like sci-fi, you'll enjoy this

This is like all my favorite space exploration films in one. I should seriously go back and read some more Carl Sagan, who narrated this. 

Each of the places depicted is a real place in our solar system. From grabbing an elevator in a gravity well on Mars, to human-powered flight on Titan, to trekking the ice fields of Europa, to mining an asteroid....human exploration and colonization of our solar system is represented here.

Watch in full screen mode and turn up the speakers.


Zemir Begic experiences America's multicultural tapestry.....at the wrong end of a hammer

This is Zemir Begic, a Bosnian father and husband, was visiting friends and family in St. Louis, but to the thugs who attacked him with a hammer on Nov 30, he's just another whitey. Four teens attacked him in his car and beat him with a hammer until he was dead.

(Of the three accounts I read, not one mentioned the race of the attackers, probably because they possess politically advantageous skin pigmentation and enjoy media protection because of it.)

St. Louis has a large, peaceful, hard-working, and law-abiding Bosnian immigrant community. Where are the media jackals to tell us what a racist nation America is for this crime? You don't see the Bosnian's rampaging and wilding through the streets destroying everything in sight, in response.

If you have light skin and are thinking of visiting the US, please know that not all the US is this evil and lawless, but a few of us are and enjoy political and media protection in spite if it. So steer clear of those areas and you'll be fine.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Green energy, as useful as perpetual-motion machines

A few years ago Google pandered to the environmental kooks who believe that man has anything to do with the global climate from one century to the next, by promising to power its new data center with solar power.

Well this week they wisely pulled the plug(literally) on it's doomed "green energy" program after they realized the stupid solar panels failed to even come close to meeting their electricity demands.

Google gave it the old college try, but like all green energy pipe dreams, they only work when the government props up the industry with massive infusions of money taken from tax payers. Green energy might be self-sustaining 50 years from now, but for now it's too inefficient and unprofitable to survive on its own.

Just like green energy morons of today, there were perpetual-motion machine morons in the Middle Ages, and the fallacies of belief in each are similar: you can get some energy from the sun and wind just as you can theoretically design a machine the moves forever without input(assuming no energy loss from friction or sound), as the one in the image below. The problem with each is apparent however, when you try to harvest any energy from it.

You quickly realize that the energy required to keep it going is greater than any energy you can gain from it for use elsewhere.

Perpetual motion and green energy are fun ideas to toss around, but from a practicality standpoint, they are basically useless.

In Ferguson last night, a good time was had by all

Here's how denizens of Ferguson peacefully and maturely expressed their disappointment with the grand jury last night.
After all, one cannot reverently mourn the loss of a friend and properly exercise his right of free speech and assembly without his pants down and a few looted bottles of hooch, now can one?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Living under the increasingly oppressive thumb of government

You don't think we live under the tyrannical thumb of our paternalistic government? The Obama administration is releasing it's "Federal Unified Agenda" on the eve of Thanksgiving, containing 3,415 new regulations that will be imposed on the people. One of the worst is a redefinition of "waters of the United States" in the Clean Water Act. It'll give the unaccountable thugs at the EPA virtually unlimited power to regulate even a damp spot on your driveway where you washed your car if they want to. 

This is the 5th time Obama has released the new regulations on the eve of a major holiday when nobody's paying attention. So much for transparency. 

I'll be shocked, SHOCKED, if any future republican president or congress repeals any of this. After all, regulations concentrate power in Washington and that's always good for politicians of either party. 

Rudy sets off a firestorm on Sunday

Rudy Giuliani was opining on the Ferguson situation on one of the Sunday talk shows and he said this in response to the black guest who claimed that white cops were targeting black neighborhoods unfairly:

"White police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other."

He's 100% right, but black activists don't want to confront that uncomfortable truth because it would mean accepting responsibility for the sorry state of black culture in America. It's far easier, and sometimes more lucrative, to just blame the "racist" cops for your problems.

Kid shows gun, kid gets shot by cops......there's trouble in Cleveland

In Cleveland, police responded to a call stating that a kid was waving a "probably fake" gun around(just like the one above) a play ground and scaring everybody. When they ordered the boy to put his hands up, he reached for the gun in his waistband instead, and was shot twice. The kid died from his wounds. The officers were a 12 year veteran and a 1st year rookie.

Turns out the "gun" was an airsoft BB gun and the kid had removed the orange safety tip.

In defense of the police, the kid shouldn't have reached for his very real looking gun when told to put his hands up.

In defense of the kid, maybe the police could have handled it differently since the 911 caller stated twice that the gun was "probably fake" and the officers said the kid never threatened or brandished the gun. I mean why put two in his chest? Wouldn't one in the shoulder, thigh, or foot do the trick?

Of course Cleveland is about to erupt just like Ferguson as residents believe it's open season on black youths. But cops mistakenly shooting black kids is the exception, of the blacks who get murdered every year in the US, 93% are killed by other blacks. Cops killing a black kid unjustifiably almost never happens.

These communities won't do anything about black-on-black homicide because it would mean taking responsibility for themselves and their actions, while it's easy to blame cops for their extremely rare mistakes.

If the information we have is complete and accurate, these cops should of handled this situation differently, but the thug/gang culture in the black community probably led to this kid running around with a BB gun, pretending it was real. Both bear responsibility for his death.

UPDATE: So all the information is in and it turns out that the cops weren't told the gun was probably fake and they gave the kid, who appeared to them to be 20yo, 3 chances to raise his hands. He reached for his gun instead. So my revised assessment now is that the cops were totally within the purview of their jobs to shoot.

Exit question: what kind of parents let their dumb kid run around terrifying the public with a very real looking toy gun?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Another brilliant Hitler video, this time lampooning Herr Gruber

These Hitler memes are priceless. Today, Hitler learns that Field Marshal Gruber spilled the beans about the Obamacare deception......hilarious!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Once again, feminists show they are totally and utterly devoid of humor of any kind

This is British astrophysicist Matt Taylor, who chose(poorly, yet hilariously) this shirt when he appeared on TV to discuss the Rosetta mission that landed a probe on that comet earlier this week. Predictably in this day and age, his wardrobe caused a firestorm of hate from groups of fragile, paranoid women who got the vapors at the mere public suggestion of male attraction to the opposite gender, because to them, all men are potential rapists or something.
So what? He's a brilliant and harmless nerd who likes retro-stylized, pin-up-calendar depictions of boobs. Why not just make some jokes at his expense? Is the hate and a coerced teary, public apology(left image) really necessary for delicate feminists to feel vindicated and victorious over despicable men?

Friday, November 14, 2014

America practices Muslim outreach while the Europeans go to infinity and beyond

This is comet 67P if you dropped it outside LA(hopefully on Kim and Kanye's house). The Europeans plopped a probe on this thing as it flew around at 40,000 mph, 10 times further away from Earth as Mars.....on the first try.
I don't even want to contemplate the math and engineering on that one. The only more impressive accomplishment in space was putting a man on the moon and we did that in 1969, 45 years ago.
While NASA was spending its budget making Muslims feel good about their imaginary contributions to the advancement of western civilization, the Europeans were seeking definitive answers as to the origins of the universe, in ways we've only imagined. 
My only question is, why didn't we, the US, land a probe on a comet? 

What's the last really great thing America did?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In Minneapolis schools, all kids are equal, but some are more equal than others

There are 32,000 kids enrolled in Minneapolis schools, 70% of which are non-white, and kids of color account for 10 times as many suspensions as whites. As a result of pressure from Obama's justice department, there's a new suspension policy in town......instead of expecting black kids to behave better, all non-violent suspensions of minority kids must be approved personally by the superintendent. White kids can still be suspended at will.

Eventually when the suspensions for violence by black kids continue to vastly outnumber the suspensions for violence by white kids, they'll amend the rule to: only violence by white kids will be punished with suspensions.

This is Bernadeia Johnson, the smug troll who'll be overseeing the imposition of "equality" on the justifiably terrified white kids in Minneapolis.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Obama's two most damaging XO's

Apparently Obama has given the republicans a rough deadline of Jan 1 to put a comprehensive immigration reform bill on his desk or he's issuing an executive order(XO), effectively granting blanket amnesty to the 11-20 million illegals here, not to mention the millions who'll invade the border in the years after. 

In addition to his I-Don't-Give-A-Shit lame-duck status XO's, DC democrats want him to go ahead and use the XO to increase the federal minimum wage to at least $10.10. 

By law, any future president can rescind an XO from a former president, but I'd wager there isn't a republican in the bunch of contenders that has the guts to take away either from the people after we've lived with them for the better part of two years. 

I don't think Obama cares about criticism in the short term, but he does think that these two executive orders in particular would cement his legacy as the transformational president he wanted to be. 

Friday, November 07, 2014

This isn't exactly news, but it's funny......unless you're the cow

$4.5 Billion in aid to the drug-addled nomads in Pakistan from the US last year and this is who it's going to:
From Khaama.com -- [A group of Taliban militants were captured by local residents in northeastern Badakhshan province while they were having sex with a cow.
According to local security officials, the militants were caught by villagers of Farghmanj in Jorm district on Monday.]
Seriously? A cow? Perhaps if the cows were to wear the hijab, Taliban would find them less appealing.

Where did the Ebola crisis go?

What happened to the Ebola hysteria sweeping every news broadcast, PTA meeting, and water-cooler conversation in America?
Oh yeah, despite the delirious national media's fervent desire that it be so, there's no Ebola here, nor is there likely to be any.
Heh heh, what a country of Chicken-Little's we are, sprinting from one media-hyped, mostly-imaginary crisis to the next, without once stopping to look up and see if the sky is actually falling.

Can the GOP win over the coming Hispanic voting wave?

So even if Obama initiates Executive Amnesty, these numbers suggest it might not be the electoral apocalypse republicans think it would be. The conventional wisdom is that if Obama legalizes 11-20 million illegals living here in the US with work visas, and a pathway to citizenship, but no immediate voting privileges, the democrats would almost immediately declare that "in the US there can be no caste system here, no subclass of people, and that these new "citizens" should have conferred upon them, immediate and full voting rights.

Democrats assume that they would never lose another election with that many Hispanics voting democrat. But not so fast my friend, that's only true if Hispanics do indeed vote democrat, but two governor's races showed otherwise.

David Purdue (R) Georgia and Greg Abbot (R) Texas, both anti-amnesty candidates, won their governorships with better than 40% Hispanic votes going their way.

If and when Obama confers citizenship on these people, the GOP had better create an economic environment that is friendly to entrepreneurship and financial independence among all citizens or else the democrats will seduce them onto the government welfare roles the way they've done the African-American minority.....an abyss of dependence that is difficult if not impossible to climb out of once mired in it.

This would mean rolling back hundreds of business-strangling regulations imposed by mincing bureaucrats working for Obama. I wonder if republicans have the stomach for the media backlash that will come if they start dismantling the Obama welfare state? I doubt it.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

GOP has nowhere to hide for the next two years

The good news is the republicans have the Senate now and an even bigger majority in the House. The bad news is they no longer have Harry Reid to blame for their incompetence. They'll have to send some good bills featuring new ideas to Obama and force him to veto them.
I won't be holding my breath. Boehner and McConnell don't exactly instill me with confidence.

Friday, October 31, 2014

My irreverent Halloween post

The Ray Rice Halloween costume......equal parts despicable, thoughtless, and hilarious.

Because if you can't be irreverent on Halloween, when can you?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Where's the consistency, NCAA?

The NCAA is as corrupt an organization I can think of. Todd Gurley signed 80 items and made a lousy $400 and will now miss most of his season. Meanwhile at FSU the Heisman winner has been accused multiple times of sexual assault and hasn't even been investigated. Manziel signed thousands of items and made almost $8,000 while at Texas A&M, and only sat 1/2 game against a nobody team. 

It's like the NCAA will ignore the worst crimes to protect its image, right up until a school makes public the mistakes of its own star player, then the NCAA adopts an attitude of self-righteousness, pretends that it has integrity, and punishes the already punished player. I despise hypocrisy like that.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It's time for the world's largest outdoor cocktail party


I'm getting ready for the Ga/Fla game and I'm remembering back in the good old days when everybody would watch the TV, but listen to Larry Munson call the game on the radio.....like you Bama homers do with Eli Gold. ;-)

This is Munson's call of what is still the most historic play in Ga football, which curiously doesn't feature Herschel. It's the miracle play that got us to the Sugar Bowl and the national championship, and cemented the names Belue and Scott in UGA lore.

I could listen to this and watch the clip 100 times and still get a bit misty eyed.

Monday, October 27, 2014

US taxpayers pay to televise headless-goat polo in Afghanistan

Your tax dollars hard at work
When the US finishes pointlessly destroying a country like Iraq, US taxpayers are forced to bear the cost of rebuilding it. Then because government contractors need something else to do, we pretend illiterate, drug-addled nomads in dirty night-shirts in Al-Qaeda and the Taliban actually constitute a real threat to the US 10,000 miles away, and head over to Afghanistan to destroy that country too, just so we can rebuild it.
Did you know there was a Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction? I wonder how much he gets paid? His office reports that part of the reconstruction of that already grim, God-forsaken abyss of darkness and despair, was $6Million for a few pickup trucks and a couple of satellite dishes to televise Afghan sports such as soccer, cricket and Buzkashi — an equestrian sport in which riders try to drag a headless goat toward a goal. All so the tens of Afghans who have TV's, can watch sports.
I utterly despise a government that would waste the money, that it expropriated at the point of a gun from its citizens, on crap like this. And if you think any of this nonsense will change with the feckless, establishment GOP in charge, you have fewer synapsing neurons that that goat in the picture.

Elon Musk cautions us about A.I.

Speaking at MIT this week, Space-X CEO Elon Musk suggested that Artificial Intelligence (AI) might be the biggest existential threat to humans, period. He said there should be some government oversight to make sure we don't do something foolish when we let that particular genie out of the bottle.
I say keep government out of it altogether and let science run wild with AI. Government regulations will only stifle the innovation, even kill it. Create the AI relationship with humans first and then let governments try to figure out how to deal with it.
Why postpone the inevitable? I for one welcome our malevolent, silicon-based overlords to usher mankind toward the grim, dystopian future I've been reading about in the sci-fi literature. 

IRS - intimidation without accontability

Everyone knows about the onerous law by which your bank must report to the IRS, any cash transactions that exceed $10,000. Supposedly this is part of the idiotic and pointless war on drugs, the assumption being that only drug dealers deal in cash.

Well, here's the problem when you give virtually unlimited power to corrupt bureaucrats. Their scope expands and they start seizing bank accounts of everybody on nothing more substantive than a bank report. No criminal suspicions and no accusations are necessary. And here's the real trouble: local law enforcement gets a cut of the booty when ever the IRS gets blindly lucky and finds an actual criminal, which isn't very often. Of the 629 bank seizures in 2012 alone, only 20% of them resulted in prosecutions. The other 80% just had their lives turned upside down when the IRS drained their bank accounts.

When did it become legal in the US for the government to seize assets of private citizens without due process? Once this wide-net practice was dragged out into the light, IRS officials scurried like the cock-roaches they are, to promise that from now on, they would only focus on people with other criminal indicators besides dealing in cash. But if their focus will now be only criminals, what was their focus before?

I never thought the $10,000 law was constitutional to begin with. What business is it of the government how I like to handle my money? Are there not better ways to catch criminals than having banks rat out their customers in the hopes that you'll stumble on a drug dealer out of the bunch?

No wonder more Americans than ever are renouncing their US citizenships and leaving for less tyrannical countries to live in. If I could afford it, I would.

Friday, October 24, 2014

NYC Ebola doc probably won't be getting married to this girl

This is the doctor who ignored common sense that would have told him to self-quarantine, but gallivanted all over New York City instead, mere days after coming home from Guinea where he heroically treated Ebola victims. After his grand day out, he then reported that he had symptoms of Ebola and sure enough, he's positive. One of his many contacts on his Typhoid-Mary tour of the city was his girlfriend pictured above.

I'd like to have been a fly on the wall when he broke the news:

Him: Um honey, when I made sweet love to you the other day, I may have given you a communicable disease.

Her: Are you kidding me? Which one, crabs, the clap, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, is it Herpes you jerk? 

Him: Ebola, you may only have 10 horrifically painful days to live.

Heh heh, what a thoughtless asshole! I doubt we'll be hearing wedding bells in their future after this. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ISIS releases reported honor killing video

This is a still from a video that surfaced today reportedly showing the honor killing of a woman "accused" by some ISIS retards of committing adultery. Apparently she was begging her father not to stone her but he just declared his allegiance to Allah and ignored her. 

At this point in the vid, she had been bound by her own father and made to stand in this hole, after which the ISIS goons started throwing rocks at her and finally her father kills her with a really large rock. 

It is estimated that 20,000 honor killings of women take place in Muslim, and some non-Muslim countries around the world every year, yet we are asked by our superiors to regard this barbaric cult of savages as morally equal to Christianity.....different, but equal. 

And don't tell me, "Uh Ed, their beautiful religion has been high-jacked by radicals who don't represent the larger body of Islam.

Did you not hear me? 20,000 murders each year of women in every Islamic country around the world.....every one of them accompanied by illiterate savages in dirty nightshirt shrieking "Allahu Akbar!". If so-called moderate Muslims aren't the ones committing these atrocities, then they are complicit with their passive silence. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jobless Women's Studies graduates on welfare is practically a cliche' at this point.......and a funny one

What kind of a moron pays 60K for a stupid degree in something as utterly useless as Women's Studies? What were the big plans for the degree when he/she declared it?

The very existence of degrees in such claptrap as Women's Studies or Minority Studies is nothing but a jobs program for militant feminists and race hustlers who can't find work doing anything else, but they are useful in advancing the feminist and race grievance agendas, so the universities create teaching jobs for them.

Where are this kid's parents to ask him/her, I really can't tell, "Are you out of your mind? You can't get a job with that? You're going to cosmetology school to learn how to cut hair.....starting with your own mop."

Monica resurfaces to a reception that's about what you'd expect

Monica Lewinsky has resurfaced on Twitter and last night at some Forbes Magazine event where she blamed Matt Drudge, Ken Starr, Linda Tripp, Page Six, and others for how miserable and ruined her life has been since the Clinton affair.

The one person she didn't blame was herself for having an affair with a married man with the highest profile in the whole world. All Matt Drudge did was break a huge news story.

I actually feel sorry for her, or I did. Thousands, if not tens of thousands, of young 20-something girls have affairs with their powerful, married bosses and nobody cares except the guy's wife, his kids, and the mincing HR goon down the hall. Objectively, it's really unfair that this is all she'll ever be remembered for, but then she keeps bringing it up and has written a book about it to try to make a living. Still, the worst yesterday came from who I thought was a professional journalist, FoxNews media reporter Howard Kurtz, who welcomed Lewinsky to Twitter with a cigar joke. Really Howard?

Monica was 24 when she happily let Clinton seduce her, not exactly an impressionable country girl in the big bad city, and she made her own decisions which turned out to be colossal mistakes, but she doesn't deserve to be mistreated in perpetuity by dirty old men like Howard Kurtz,....she was mistreated by a dirty old man once already.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ron Klain, less qualified to be Ebola czar than Obama is to be president, if you can believe that

The only person in Washington LESS qualified for his job than Obama, gets named by Obama as Ebola czar. Ron Klain is a democratic hack and who knows what he was promised to be Obama's lightening rod during the Ebola scare?
On Saturday Obama spent almost 5 hours on the golf course and then made 20 administration officials and cabinet members attend a night-time Ebola meeting, the second Ebola meeting since Klain was appointed point-man. But Klain didn't attend either meeting.
Maybe he was over at the library reading up on rudimentary virology since he knows nothing about his new job and had literally nothing to contribute to the meeting.
I'm gonna go ahead and predict that the Ebola scare is over in the US. I'd be surprised if any new cases arise, unless they contracted it in Africa and lie to get here by plane. There still has not been a single case of Ebola in the general US population and I think the hysteria is a bit much until there has been.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ed's first-world problems

So in between binge-watching episodes of American Horror Story last night, Netflix paused for at least 15 seconds to load the next Ep. I was left in uncomfortable silence to contemplate my life or something. 

I already know that practically every decision I've made in my life has been the wrong one, I don't need you Netflix, to provide me with unentertained down-time to consider it. ;-)

CDC in full "CYA" mode

Like everybody else even remotely associated with health-care in this country, even the NIH is covering it's ass on the Ebola scare, specifically why they don't have a plentiful, fool-proof vaccine. Because it is a massive, government bureaucracy, the bean-counters there whine that it's because of funding shortages that they couldn't afford to produce a vaccine. Well, here's what they did have enough money to do.......

From Breitbart.com...

-$2.4 million for a new condom design whose inventor is now being investigated for fraud,

-$939,000 to discover that male fruit flies prefer younger females,

-$257,000 to create a companion website for first lady Michelle Obama's White House garden,

-592,000 to determine that chimpanzees with the best poop-flinging skills are also the best communicators, and another $117,000 to learn that most chimps are right-handed.

-$325,000 to learn that marriages are happier when wives calm down more quickly during arguments with their husbands

-$548,000 to find out if 30-something partiers feel immature after they binge drink while people in their mid-20s don't.

And that's only a short list of the outrageous nonsense that gets funded by pointy-headed bureaucrats at the NIH, with tax money that was forcibly taken at gunpoint from any citizen who has a job.

And here's some helpful advice on how to save three quarters of a million dollars studying handedness in monkeys: for the price of a notebook, pen, and a ticket to the local zoo, observe with which hand they throw their poo and masturbate. 

I don't know the cost of developing an Ebola vaccine, but cut out the idiotic research that IS being funded and you'll have a nice start on Ebola. 

CNN cancels "Crossfire", the show that got me interested in politics

I credit the early years(early 1980's) of the CNN show "Crossfire" featuring Pat Buchanan and Michael Kinsley, with getting me interested in politics and issues in general. CNN cancelled the show again this week as that network's ratings continue to spiral downward.
I don't really care at this point because I haven't watched it in 20 years, but I do occasionally click over to ogle the libertarian-leaning conservative SE Cupp and her nerd glasses. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Real clowns resent accurate TV portrayal of clowns

Here's the murderous clown in the excellently scary show, "American Horror Story - Freakshow".
Normal clowns, if there are such people, and I'm not saying there are, protested that AHS is unfairly portraying clowns as villains. Uh, that ship sailed the day we learned that John Wayne Gacy pretended to be a "normal clown".....it's how he abducted kids, killed them, and buried them in his basement crawlspace.
Get over yourselves because the world will never get over the sneaking suspicion that the clown persona hides the evil psychosis lurking behind the makeup smile.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

John Kerry...effete aristocrat, liberal demagogue, half-witted rube

Our embarrassing secretary of state, Gigolo John Kerry, who's parlayed seducing and marrying fabulously wealthy widows into a lifestyle, had this to say about the Ebola scare and how we should handle it.....

“We need airlines to continue to operate in West Africa, and we need borders to remain open”

That's not a plan, that's simply a counter-argument regarding what we should have done already, but which liberals are adamant about not doing. 

The plan to combat terrorism is to fight the terrorists in their own yards before they come to America, why is that not the strategy to fight infectious disease as well? It sounds like pure insanity to insist on welcoming with open arms the diseased dregs of west Africa who can lie or cheat the lame TSA screening process. And does our economy really depend, I mean at all, on continued flights to and from west Africa? Pardon me if I'm a tad skeptical of that statement. 

By this revealing statement, Kerry inadvertently hinted that this administration is deliberately trying to contaminate and damage the US from within, the purpose of which is anybody's guess, but knowing Obama's background and formative influences, it is to punish the US for her past, colonial, imperialist sins. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Media hysteria, not facts, drive the Ebola scare

So jumping on the Ebola-hysteria bandwagon, the World Health Organization is calling the current Ebola outbreak, accounting for only 4,000 deaths in Africa, 1 death in the US(but contracted in Africa) and 1 current case in the US, "the modern era's worst health emergency".
Really? Really?
The flu kills between 3,000 and 50,000 people every year,
30,000 die of yellow fever, 200,000 a year die from measles. Indeed, the list of pathogenic, vector-borne and human-to-human infectious diseases is long and far more distinguished than Ebola. 
I seriously doubt Ebola will go down in history as our worst health emergency, but it might be the moment in history when we recognized our hysteria-driven media for the fear-mongering outfits they are. 

Indigenous people didn't settle America, Europeans did

It's Columbus Day, or as a lot of guilty, white liberals like to call it, "Indigenous Peoples Day". European colonists didn't, as Hollywood would like you to believe, invade an already peaceful, developed, settled land occupied by forest pixies communing with nature. The "peaceful natives" were comprised of thousands of primitive, nomadic tribes warring and slaughtering each other in ways too savage to imagine.....not unlike middle-east Muslims of today.   

European settlers brought industry, government, commerce, and modernity to an otherwise backwards, barely populated wilderness. Consider the grievance groups who whine about white, European colonists being evil usurpers, specifically Native Americans, Inuits, Mexicans, and even some African-Americans. Look at how they currently live in lands where they are still the majority after all these centuries......they live in decrepit squalor for the most part, as unevolved non-participants in the modern world. 

Christopher Columbus, or which ever European you believe settled the Americas, did this part of the world a favor 500 years ago. 

Thursday, October 09, 2014

US slouches toward mediocrity

The IMF announced Wednesday that China has overtaken the US as the world's largest economy. We are at $17.4T and falling fast under an intentional mountain of debt, while China is at $17.61T and still rising with no ceiling in sight.
The pathetic decline of America is the shameful legacy of the appalling presidency of Barack Obama. It is doubly disgraceful that it was deliberate, that he warned us he would do this, and still we voted for him not once but twice, purely because of the politically beneficial color of his skin. 

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Obama applies idiotic TSA terror screening rubric to Ebola flights from west Africa

So the Obama administration announced today that the incompetent, groping fiends who staff the TSA will be screening inbound air passengers from west Africa, for fever. They have designated 5 airports where 94% of those flights come in.....but they are limiting the number to about 150 total passengers per day screened. 

There are more passengers on each flight than that! Are they following the same idiotic rubric they use for terrorist screening? Spot checking randomly? They should be checking literally every single passenger that arrives on any flight from any west African country where Ebola has appeared. 

I have additional concerns.....if the incubation period for Ebola is 21 days, will every person infected present with a fever regardless of where in that 21 days they are? I don't think that's the case, and aren't the implications of somebody getting through too high to not check everybody? Why 150?

Food stamp claim gets denied, claimant goes on rampage

In Butte, Montana a 47 year old woman what charged with battery or something for attacking a welfare office worker with her purse, for not denying her food stamp claim. 

Clearly the real news in this story is that in Obama's America, somebody was actually denied food stamps. No word on if the iPhone-6 she probably owns was in the purse to make it heavier. 

In case you didn't get a good visual from my description, here's a helpful picture of what an angry women whose food-stamp claim has just been denied, might look like. 

Monday, October 06, 2014

Mark Kelly, accomplished astronaut, devoted husband, embarrassing political gadfly

Once again gadfly Mark Kelly and his addled wife, Gabby Giffords, are agitating for relevance and money by injecting themselves into a congressional race. Their superPAC, Americans for Responsible Solutions, ran an add opposing the republican candidate Martha McSally, saying, "Martha McSally opposes making it harder for stalkers to get a gun."

As embarrassing as it is for a US astronaut to end his career as a political gadfly and dingleberry, it's worse still to unfairly attack a political opponent with what amounts to slander. What a horrible person!

Here you can see Mark Kelly coaching Gabby on her recent conversion from gun enthusiast to anti-gun crusader. 

Friday, October 03, 2014

Today it's thought crime, tomorrow will it be pre-crime?

In a recent YouGov poll, 54% of self-identified republicans said they supported increasing the penalties for hate crimes, i.e. thought crimes.
So even so-called conservatives think that if you bash a guys head in with a bat and you were thinking politically incorrect thoughts while doing it, you're more guilty and deserve harsher punishment than if you bashed his head in merely for fun, robbery, or a mob hit, but had politically "pure" thoughts while doing it?
I'd sure like to hear a cogent defense of that if anybody has one.
The criminalization of thought my friends, is a dangerous path to tread.

Can you tell what he's thinking?