“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, September 30, 2013

Khloe Kardashian sets the tastefulness bar still lower

Half-witted whore Khloe Kardashian whined about her wardrobe problems on their reality show Sunday night...

"I always have camel-toe. I can't control it."

That's why they invented panties, you miserable tramp. Do all the women in this talentless family run around without panties as a lifestyle? I'm not a prude. I get a woman going commando once in a while to privately turn her husband on for date night, but as a daily lifestyle?

Good grief, no wonder Muslims hate us....these are our female role models.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The 2nd amendment, at its most fundamental

I found this over at Moonbattery. It is about as simple an explanation of the purpose of the 2nd amendment as I've seen. You can whine about state militias and all that, but the bill of rights are individual rights, not collective rights as overseen by the government, which would be the case if the 2nd amendment pertained to the national guard as dumb liberals like to claim.

Tax collectors misplace $67million in taxes......ironic, huh?

The IRS says that it cannot account for $67 million that belonged in an Obamacare-implementation slush fund. Really? These are the same people who regularly intimidate hard-working Americans for misplacing a gas receipt from a business trip 5 years ago, but they cannot keep up with $67 million of our money?

Kind of ironic, isn't it?

Yet the administration shrugs as if it's not news and a pile of missing money that large is just an unfortunate aspect of the government seizing control of 1/7th of the US economy.

Here's Obama searching around the white house for the missing $67 million.

Dumb republicans hand democrats a gift

Republicans are demanding a one-year delay in the full implementation of Obamacare. Why on Earth would they do that? Ostensibly the demand is part of a list of requirement to which the administration must agree if it wants to avert a government shutdown.

Assuming a government shutdown is a bad thing, I approve of shutdowns, every day the government fails to function is another day that our liberties aren't supplanted to the imperial state, why would the republicans want to delay what they are saying is the humiliating collapse of the worst piece of legislation ever to be crammed down the throats of the taxpayers? A one year delay would put off the reality of how painful Obamacare will be until after the midterm elections. A delay is a gift to red-state democrats whom voters might blame if Obamacare is as awful as we know it to be, and it allows the administration to dole out still more waivers to their friends.

Let it be implemented and then stand back and watch it collapse on its own. That way the Obama-friendly media cannot blame republicans for being obstructionists. The blame will rightly be entirely on the administration and other democrats. Don't give them an out.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why not Banana Pudding Lovers Visibility Day too?

Did you know that today is Bisexual Visibility Day? Well, the Obama administration knows it and, having apparently resolved all the other crises around the world that affect Americans, they are hosting a round-table discussion about bisexuality in America. Yes, seriously.

Is this really something the taxpayers should be robbed to pay for? What happened, could Obama not dredge up a foursome to waste time playing golf and decided to do this instead? What is the purpose of making your orientation more "visible" anyway? If is not to achieve special protected status as a favored minority, then what's the purpose of a day of recognition?

I'd like to have a Banana Pudding Lovers Visibility Day, after all, thought it doesn't define me, banana pudding is an important part of who I am. I really don't see the difference.

Celebrate with me tomorrow, on September 25th.....Banana Pudding Lovers Visibility Day. I'm sure the white house will have a round table discussion on banana pudding for our benefit.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lois Lerner, the epitome of a sleazy, corrupt DC bureaucrat

Lois Lerner, the corrupt IRS goon who personally oversaw the railroading of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status, announced her retirement from the IRS today......that would be following the 5 months of paid vacation she's been enjoying at taxpayer expense since May.

Why do these criminally mischievous bureaucrats get to simply walk away from their crimes with fabulous cash and  retirement prizes from government jobs where they abused the power of their offices, while screwing over the very taxpayers from whom they've looted hundreds of thousands in undeserved paychecks and bonuses?

It wouldn't surprise me if Obama promised her a fat severance and a pre-retirement promotion if she would go quietly away and let the administration blame the IRS corruption on her. That's how DC politics works.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The US military reflects the pernicious creep of political correctness in society

My good friend and regular reader David alerted me to this nonsense out of our military. They are having Disability Awareness Month at Wright/Patterson AFB in September apparently, as well as force wide. To become fully aware of disabilities at the museum at W/P.....

Base volunteers will simulate various disabilities while touring the museum, enabling them to experience the challenges associated with both visible and hidden disabilities.  The activity will end with a discussion of reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

Why can't they just install wheelchair ramps, bathroom stalls for the handicapped, and braille signage and be done with it? What other disabilities need to be accounted for? Besides, you cannot be disabled much, and be in the military. 

All this focus by our military on sensitivity, diversity, and inclusiveness seems to preclude focus on killing those who would kill us.....and isn't that the primary mission, hell, only mission, of the military? 

You can really tell that the politically correct class has risen to leadership roles in the military when the rules of combat engagement actually endanger our troops and every effort is made NOT to kill our enemies on the battlefield, soldiers are disarmed and defenseless when on base, and known threats, like the Islamic Ft. Hood shooter, are overlooked by superior officers because they are afraid of being labeled racist or anti-Islamic and having their careers terminated for it. 

The US military isn't what it used to be, nor is the US any longer the country I used to be proud of. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lucky Syrian rebel group wins the Obama-weapons lottery

For all Obama knows about which factions in Syria are rebels and which are terrorists, he might as well be playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. By unilaterally invalidating the prohibitions in sections 40 and 40A of the Arms Export Control Act,  to suit his political needs today, Obama will almost certainly be arming the very terrorists who'll use those weapons against us tomorrow.

Additionally, the 300tons of chemical weapons Assad has amassed over the years, probably from Saddam Hussein's stockpile in Iraq, are littered in small piles all over the country....at least according to our own intelligence reports.

If Assad falls, we are told, all those stockpiles of weapons could fall into the hands of who knows how many competing groups, some friendly to the US, but most probably not at all. Isn't it in the best interests of the US for Assad to remain in power and in control of the chemical weapons? Why then is Obama insistent on arming what the rebel group du jour? How does he know who he's really providing with US weaponry?

The answer is, he doesn't have a clue. He's been told by political advisers the he needs to do something alpha-male-like now that Putin has stolen all his thunder and humiliated him. So he stuck his hand in a hat and drew out the lucky rebel group who'll receive our weapons.

Boy, that's some brilliant foreign policy right there.

Ed's book club book review

The Unincorporated Man by Dani Kollin and Eytan Kollin.

Imagine if you will if Ayn Rand wrote a sci-fi novel. It's 300 years in the future. The solar system is populated by 40billion people all the way out to the Oort cloud, there are no taxes, and virtually every function of government is privately operated. Justin Cord, a man from our time, is reanimated after cryo-sleep and enters a world where every human is incorporated at birth and spends their 300-400 year lifespan working to gain a majority share of themselves.

Against a backdrop of interesting, high-tech advancements, the book pits the Randian ideas of the individual and absolute freedom against the ideas of Milton Friedman and about the sovereign right of the individual to incorporate themselves if they want and how self-interest, being the prime motivator of men, could theoretically be used to benefit as many people as possible without government interference.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Grab a copy next time you're at the library or download it to your Kindle.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

If you want to blame somebody besides the Navy Yard shooter, blame Bill Clinton

One of the first things Bill Clinton did as President was to sign an executive order that prohibited servicemen and women from carrying their personal firearms while on duty on base. This also prohibited commanders from issuing firearms to service personnel while on base.

The absurd establishment, by Bill Clinton, of US military bases as gun-free zones is what made the Ft. Hood massacre possible and was at least, an aggravating factor in yesterday's Navy Yard massacre.

It took police 5-7 minutes to arrive on the scene yesterday. That's 5-7 extremely long minutes when a lunatic with a gun is shooting at you. If only a few service people had their legal conceal/carry weapons, this guy would probably have been stopped before the police arrived and who knows how many lives saved? The same thing goes for Ft. Hood.

How outrageous is it that a shooter at a Publix supermarket here in Birmingham would meet more armed resistance than he would at the nearest military base? Thanks Bill Clinton.

UPDATE: So there seems to be some confusion as to whether the ban on personal firearms carried by service personnel on bases, was implemented during the end of G.H.W.Bush's term or the beginning of Bill Clinton's, or both. There were a couple of directives but I'm not clear on which one actually banned personal weapons. When I get it cleared up, I'll post a correction if needed.

Still, concealed/carry firearms at Ft. Hood and the Navy Yard would almost certainly stopped the killing well before the cops arrived from off base or MP's from the front gate.
The left-wing media love to lecture Americans on how awful we are because we own guns. They pretend to be experts when reporting on weapons-related crime so they can then wonder, teary-eyed, why there isn't more gun control. Well, here's one possible reason why most Americans don't pay attention to media morons who think they know about guns.....the AR-15 isn't a shotgun.....

This was CNN's breathless reporting on the Navy Yard shooter and his access to weapons.

Monday, September 16, 2013

And this boys and girls, is how America's role in the Syria story ends

Whoever did this brilliantly funny photoshop deserves to win the Internet. This has been flying around all day, most notably over at Hotair, which is where I found it.

There should be a dialogue balloon over Obama that reads, "I gotta pee". 

Dumb CNN anchor can't remember Ft. Hood massacre

Over at CNN, they hire pretty anchors to read the news, but they aren't too bright. Carol Costello says live on air as the DC Navy Shipyard shooting unfolds, that she can't ever remember a shooter going on a rampage at a US military installation. Really, Carol? Does Ft. Hood ring a bell?

The field reporter gently reminds her about Ft. Hood, sadly without making her look as ablivious as she evidently is.....


California throws itself off the cliff with minimum wage hike to $10

Just how stupid are they in California? Stupid enough to ignore the business flight out of that state because of union thuggery and obscenely high taxes, and drive still more jobs out by raising the minimum wage to $10 by 2016.

Entry level jobs aren't worth $10 an hour. They're worth whatever the labor market determines they're worth, which in the current, high-unemployment economic climate would be dramatically less than even the $8 it is in California now.

Additionally, entry-level jobs don't exist to support families. They're for entry-level workers to learn job skills, responsibility, punctuality, work ethic, and to earn a little spending money as they prepare to move on to a better job. If you are trying to support a family working entry level, then you've already made a whole series of horrible life decisions and there's not much hope for you.

Business simply won't hire people to do entry-level work for $10/hour. They'll either fire some workers to make up the difference or they'll move to a state that is more friendly to business. When he signs this bill, Jerry Brown will have established himself as the biggest moron to ever hold a governor's office.

Friday, September 13, 2013

9/11 widows enjoy lifetime "victim" card

I heard where firefighters at Boston's Logan airport had to apologize for their airplane fire training on 9/11. Apparently some 9/11 widow/mother played her victim card and whined that the image of an airplane on fire caused her stress on her day of mourning. 

Get over yourself, miserable harpie! What delicate snowflakes we are that 12 years after a catastrophe, we can't be reminded of it by first-responders training for the next catastrophe. These guys were doing precisely what they should have been doing on 9/11....preparing for the next one. 

For how long are these 9/11 widows with their cloying need for attention going to dictate what we are and are not allowed to do on 9/11, out of respect for their feelings?

The government wades into dangerous territory by getting "officially" cozy with the mainstream media

There's a Senate bill being pushed by democrats that would grant to the justice department the right to define who is a journalist and who isn't, based on who they work for. The reason for having to define "journalist" at all is when a story becomes part of the legal process, the question of revealing sources always comes up. But should the government be the sole judge as to who qualifies as a journalist and thereby confer onto the favored ones the right to keep a secret source?

Clearly the government being an arbiter of any kind when it comes to news gathering and dissemination is counter to the constitutional notion of a "free press" envisioned by the founders.

I can easily imagine a situation where a liberal blogger who freelances for an online news outlet whose parent company is NBC, publishes something slanderous and secretive he was told about Sarah Palin. Palin sues the person, but Eric Holder confers "journalist" status onto the blogger and protects him from having to reveal who told him the information. And we all know it's because, of the three major networks, NBC is the biggest supporter of the Obama administration. And Obama tells Holder that NBC must be kept happy as payback for all the friendly coverage.

This kind of thing happens every day in DC, and especially with this administration. Just imagine how much worse it'll be when the treachery is out in the open?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Brains vs brawn

A ridiculous study out of Emory University today suggests that men with large testicles are worse at being fathers and men with smaller testicles by comparison, were more involved with child rearing and parenting in general. The obvious evolutionary corollary, for you readers who aren't bright enough to understand the implications of this study, is that men who are more physically capable of killing predators and bringing home food are seen as more attractive and therefor better suited to compete for the right to breed the females, but are unconcerned with the offspring after breeding. 

That may have been true when we lived in caves, but is physical bruteness really that much of an attractant to women when looking for a mate today? More of an attractant than brains, earning potential, and being a general provider? How many women today when given the choice between a hunky career bartender with big biceps and a college educated geek with a good job, who would they pick for husband/father?

Given a side-by-side choice, I'd think all but the stupidest females would think long-term and pick the smart provider. Brains and earning potential ARE how modern men compete for the right to breed modern females. This observational truth would therefor lead to an obvious, but indelicate conclusion..... that men today with less evident intelligence, but greater physical competitiveness and breeding prowess, are less evolved than their less brawny but smart, employed counterparts.....no?

Monday, September 09, 2013

Luckily for polar bears, Earth stubbornly refuses to obey Al Gore

Over the past several years, we've been treated to wild-eyed accounts of how the arctic ice sheet would be essentially ice-less through out the summer months. Ice-less enough, they said, that boats could sail the Northwest Passage as if in the sub-tropics. Well, 20 yachts decided to do just that, and all 20 are now hopelessly and hilariously stuck in the arctic ice. Only the Canadian ice-breaker ships can get them out now.

How did this happen? How about there's no such thing as global warming, you idiots? In just one year, the same one year that Al Gore, James Hansen, Obama, and other moronic global-warming believers told us that the ice caps would be permanently melted and could not recover, it not only recovered, it added almost 1 million sq. miles of ice. That's a 60% increase from the year before.

Now these doomsday salesmen are screeching about a possible ice-age. Which is it, assholes? Global warming or ice age? You can't severely restrict human activities with punitive laws, taxes, and phony hysteria if you don't have a clue what's happening?

When are we going to stop paying these alarmists any attention at all? I guess when there are no more dumb-assed democrat voters who're too stupid not to be taken in by the snake-oil salesmen masquerading as environmental scientists.

Kerry stupidly issues another red-line and gives Assad an out

This is our esteemed, and very serious, secretary of state, John Kerry. He's doing some sort of clean-suit inspection here, but he just looks like Smurf sperm.

I used this picture because that's about how seriously the international community takes the US military and Obama/Kerry as head of it, right about now. We are cartoonish to people like Assad, Putin, Khomeni, et. al.
Anyway, Kerry gave Bashar al-Assad of Syria one week to turn over control of all his chemical weapons to international inspectors, or face military action.

Really? Another red-line? Do Obama and Kerry even talk to each other, I mean at all? Vlad. Putin called Kerry's bluff and promised that he would personally counsel Assad to submit to UN inspections of his chemical weapons. Kerry giving Assad this out, puts Obama in a tight, embarrassing spot politically if Assad agrees to it.

What a bunch of half-witted buffoons we have managing, and I use the term loosely, our foreign policy.

China joins the party

Terrific, China is coming to the Syria party with its own war ship. Quick, somebody tell me when's the last time the US, Russia, and China each had warships within sight of each other in a hostile war zone?

I think the likelihood of our respective navies mixing it up in the Med is remote, but what is highly likely, is that Obama loses badly the House vote, and our navy tucks it tail and skulks away from Syria having done nothing. How will that look on the world stage to have Russia and China being able to claim they intimidated the greatest Navy in the history of the world into non-action? It looks bad, that's how it looks.

Obama needs to drop some ordinance on somebody somewhere, even if just to save face at this point.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

What happens in Syria.....if?

So Obama is determined to punish Bashar al-Assad come hell or high water. Fine, but has he or anybody in the administration thought this through? Here are a few what if's to consider before we insert ourselves into the Syrian civil war.....

-what if after we drop a Tomahawk into Syria, Iran follows through on her threat to drop some Scuds on Israel? Do we retaliate against Iran?

-what if Israel decides to not wait for Iran to attack and bombs all Iran's nuclear sites with devastating ordinance, killing thousands?

-what if Russia, Syria's strongest, long-time ally, decides to defend Syria and jumps into the action?

-what if any other Arab nations attack Israel to punish the US for sticking our nose into Assad's business?

-what do we do after bombing Syria? Just blithely sail away? What will have been accomplished by doing that? Even symbolically?

Doing anything in Syria at this point makes no sense.

Liberals argue that not punishing Assad, even symbolically, gives tacit permission for other countries to use chemical weapons, but that is wrong. Not bombing Syria in no way prevents us from punishing other users of chemical weapons. How does it, if that's your argument?

Friday, September 06, 2013

Putin and Obama contemplate WWIII

I can't recall a time in my life when US and Russian military assets were in as close proximity, and on opposing sides of a conflict, as they are in the eastern Mediterranean now. Syria is one of Russia's oldest middle east allies and Bashar al-Assad is probably guilty of numerous human-right violations. Combine that with US presidents fancying themselves the world's policemen, righting wrongs around the globe when nobody else will, and place them together in the world's hottest combat zone and that my friends is a recipe for heap big trouble.

Vlad. Putin promised today when Obama visited him in Russia that he would support Syria if the US attacked their friend Assad, but Obama has promised that he would punish Assad one way or the other for using chemical weapons.....so what's likely to happen?

Not to be alarmist, and I don't think this will happen, but a situation like this could easily spiral out of control and the US end up going toe to toe with Russia and Iran combined. If even a limited engagement took place between the US and Russia, there would be world wide chaos.

Americans instinctively know this. That's why 3 out of 4 of us demand that we NOT attack Syria with even a symbolic strike. What would that accomplish any way?

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Obama goes off the rails

Obama has gone completely off the rails. In Sweden today, he tried to say with a straight face that he never set a "red line" threshold for chemical weapons in Syria, but is he not aware of recent advancements in modern audio/visual recording equipment?

This is Obama from just last year, from FoxNation -- “We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus,” Obama said. “That would change my equation. . . . We’re monitoring that situation very carefully. We have put together a range of contingency plans.”

Sounds like a "red line" ultimatum to me. We might be witnessing the collapse of a modern presidency that has been propped up by the fawning media. But even the media cannot ignore obvious conflicts like this. 

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I will gladly kill you tomorrow with weapons you give me today

The "strategy" of arming those who will eventually turn those arms against you should heretofore be known as the Wimpy Doctrine, from the Popeye cartoon.

In their meeting this weekend John McCain and Obama agreed to send new weaponry to the largest rebel group in Syria to help them fight Assad's army.

This is sheer folly and stupidity. These weapons will be used against US personnel sooner or later.....it always is. We don't even know the political make-up of the various rebel groups. Are they Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah, Brotherhood? Who knows? McCain certainly didn't which from which when he posed for a picture with Taliban fighters thinking they were pro-American rebel forces.

And what happens if and when we depose Bashar Assad? Has anybody thought that far? Apparently Obama, McCain, Lindsay, or Boehner. haven't either.

McCain and Graham....full-speed ahead war-hawks

This is why these two clowns need to be primaried in their next elections. RINO sen's McCain and Graham met with Obama over the weekend to discuss Syria. Both advise that any congressional vote against Obama at this point would be politically disastrous for the US, both agree that regime change in Syria is the only feasible strategy, and both criticized any Americans who dare disagree with them.

Syria already has military backing from Russia, Iran, and China. There are sophisticated, Russian air-defense networks peppered all over Syria manned by actual Russians. There is at least one Russian destroyer in the eastern Mediterranean alongside our 5 war ships. And Israel is staging missile tests out there. Is this really the time to be toppling, strictly on humanitarian grounds, a regime whose replacement might be worse than he is?

Obama stupidly painted himself into this corner with his rhetoric. This is what we get for allowing the media to install into the white house an inexperienced community agitator for no reason other than he's a black guy. He doesn't have a clue what he's doing.