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Sunday, September 08, 2013

What happens in Syria.....if?

So Obama is determined to punish Bashar al-Assad come hell or high water. Fine, but has he or anybody in the administration thought this through? Here are a few what if's to consider before we insert ourselves into the Syrian civil war.....

-what if after we drop a Tomahawk into Syria, Iran follows through on her threat to drop some Scuds on Israel? Do we retaliate against Iran?

-what if Israel decides to not wait for Iran to attack and bombs all Iran's nuclear sites with devastating ordinance, killing thousands?

-what if Russia, Syria's strongest, long-time ally, decides to defend Syria and jumps into the action?

-what if any other Arab nations attack Israel to punish the US for sticking our nose into Assad's business?

-what do we do after bombing Syria? Just blithely sail away? What will have been accomplished by doing that? Even symbolically?

Doing anything in Syria at this point makes no sense.

Liberals argue that not punishing Assad, even symbolically, gives tacit permission for other countries to use chemical weapons, but that is wrong. Not bombing Syria in no way prevents us from punishing other users of chemical weapons. How does it, if that's your argument?

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