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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

If you want to blame somebody besides the Navy Yard shooter, blame Bill Clinton

One of the first things Bill Clinton did as President was to sign an executive order that prohibited servicemen and women from carrying their personal firearms while on duty on base. This also prohibited commanders from issuing firearms to service personnel while on base.

The absurd establishment, by Bill Clinton, of US military bases as gun-free zones is what made the Ft. Hood massacre possible and was at least, an aggravating factor in yesterday's Navy Yard massacre.

It took police 5-7 minutes to arrive on the scene yesterday. That's 5-7 extremely long minutes when a lunatic with a gun is shooting at you. If only a few service people had their legal conceal/carry weapons, this guy would probably have been stopped before the police arrived and who knows how many lives saved? The same thing goes for Ft. Hood.

How outrageous is it that a shooter at a Publix supermarket here in Birmingham would meet more armed resistance than he would at the nearest military base? Thanks Bill Clinton.

UPDATE: So there seems to be some confusion as to whether the ban on personal firearms carried by service personnel on bases, was implemented during the end of G.H.W.Bush's term or the beginning of Bill Clinton's, or both. There were a couple of directives but I'm not clear on which one actually banned personal weapons. When I get it cleared up, I'll post a correction if needed.

Still, concealed/carry firearms at Ft. Hood and the Navy Yard would almost certainly stopped the killing well before the cops arrived from off base or MP's from the front gate.


David said...

The commonly-held but ignorant misconception is that guns ARE the problem. This is illogical. If it were true We would see most crimes with guns involved occurring at police stations and on military bases. Places where there is a concentration of guns.

The gun in this case belonged to a deranged man who either did not understand the responsibilities of citizenship and the rule of law or chose to ignore them.

Having people in his vicinity who carried guns legally would have averted this tragedy.

David said...

The first words out of Obama's mouth was about guns.

Even a smidgen of root cause analysis would reveal his conclusion as illogical and foolhardy.

Anonymous said...

The army regulation was set in motion during theBush admin. So of course you'll correct your post and apologize, right?

Richard Simpkins said...

The regulation was created on February 25, 1992 by the Bush administration. Since this is a reputable and forthright blog site, I am confident that a retraction is forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to fix your error about Clinton and apply your vitriol to Bush/Quayle?

Ed said...

Wait a second fellas, I'll issue a correction if one is needed, however, if directive 5210.56, which admittedly predated Clinton, covered the "no personal firearms on base" issue, then why was AR 190-14 issued after Clinton took office? What was it's purpose, redundancy?