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Monday, September 09, 2013

Kerry stupidly issues another red-line and gives Assad an out

This is our esteemed, and very serious, secretary of state, John Kerry. He's doing some sort of clean-suit inspection here, but he just looks like Smurf sperm.

I used this picture because that's about how seriously the international community takes the US military and Obama/Kerry as head of it, right about now. We are cartoonish to people like Assad, Putin, Khomeni, et. al.
Anyway, Kerry gave Bashar al-Assad of Syria one week to turn over control of all his chemical weapons to international inspectors, or face military action.

Really? Another red-line? Do Obama and Kerry even talk to each other, I mean at all? Vlad. Putin called Kerry's bluff and promised that he would personally counsel Assad to submit to UN inspections of his chemical weapons. Kerry giving Assad this out, puts Obama in a tight, embarrassing spot politically if Assad agrees to it.

What a bunch of half-witted buffoons we have managing, and I use the term loosely, our foreign policy.


David said...

Perfect photograph for EXACTLY the reason you state.

David said...

Goof turned into genius statecraft! Pure genius.

Ed said...

Kerry had no idea when he inadvertently offered Assad the deal, that Putin would take him stepping on his own dick like that, and turn it into a likely Nobel Peace Prize. Heh heh, hilarious!