“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Oreo's, now on the banned list

The conservative side of the blogosphere has its collective panties in a bunch this afternoon because some sixth grade teacher in Pennsylvania sent a permission slip home because she wanted to give each student one Oreo cookie to demonstrate plate-tectonics.....I'm guessing by sliding the two cookies, representing tectonic plates, around on the "stuff" which represents the magma upon which tectonic plates ride. Perhaps the public school policy didn't allow the consumption of any food that didn't meet Michelle Obama's approval, without parents' permission.

Sure, it's ridiculous to go through the trouble of a permission slip for one stupid cookie, but what alarms me more is the necessity to demonstrate to apparently imbecilic 6th graders(12-13 year old's) the relatively simple concept of tectonic plate movement with a cookie.

No wonder every modern, industrialized nation is burying our students academically. We treat our delicate, snowflake students like they're learning disabled with kindergarten demonstrations of science phenomena using desert snacks.

Think India is the only country with a caste system? Think again

With the recent passing by Gov. Mike Pence, of the religious freedom law in Indiana, everybody wants to boycott that state because gays might be inconvenienced a little.

Here's a religious freedom question: What if a skin-head demanded that a Jewish bakery make a cake in the likeness of Hitler with the words, "Sieg Heil!" in icing? Should the government force them to make it or go out of business?

Or how about if my dog is sick and I find a Muslim vet who for religious reasons handles every animal except dogs, should I be able to force him by law to treat my dog even though his religious convictions tell him that dogs are unclean and along with monkeys, are the genetic precursors of Jews?

Or should a Jew florist be forced by law to participate in the arrangements at a skin-head wedding?

Let me break it down for you: white Christians are so far down on the American caste system, which ranks the politically favored, that they can be made to do literally anything in violation of their religious ideology if that means a group higher up in the caste system is inconvenienced?

For me the line is drawn between the simple selling of a product off the shelf and anything including a service. Florists, bakers, and butchers all involve the proprietor performing a service for the customer that intimately involves them in the customers activity. Anti-discrimination laws should apply more strictly to these off-the-shelf stores, but make allowances for service industry businesses.

If gay militants get their way, Jewish bakers can be forced to make Hitler cakes for skinheads, or close their businesses......that is unless the Jew baker is gay, then because gays are higher up on the political caste ladder, he doesn't have to make the cake. But if the skinhead is black and he plays the race card, then he wins because blacks still occupy the highest rung on the politically-favored caste ladder.

Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm getting tired of FoxNews

On FoxNews this morning, Steve Doocy narrated a story about the Germanwings pilot learning to fly 10 years ago, calling it "ominous", as if he was planning this suicide 10 years ago.
Come on, he wasn't planning his suicide 10 minutes before he did it.
The guy was clinically depressed, his girlfriend had just broken up with him, and because of vision problems, his flying career was about to be over.....that's an intersection of eventualities that would make anybody question his life.
Was he a horrible person for killing 140 innocent people with him instead of overdosing on pills like every else? To be sure, but Fox teasing the video of him learning to fly, as if it portended the recent events, is idiotic.
This is why we are watching OneAmericaNews more and more. I don't watch other stations but I'm sure they do the same thing.....tease a story as one thing to get you to stay tuned when the truth turns out to be far less scandalous or salacious, or shocking.

Friday, March 27, 2015

After 6 inexplicable years of Muslim outreach, NASA finally living up to its legacy

Finally, a NASA mission worthy of that formerly great agency.
At some point in the next 10 years NASA will send an unmanned spacecraft, with new propulsion, navigation, and robotic systems designed specifically for travel to Mars, to retrieve a boulder from an asteroid.
Once it grabs the boulder, it'll spend a few years bringing it back to be placed in orbit around the moon where two astronauts, sporting newly engineered deep-space mission space suits, will examine it up-close and personal.
This should be exciting for normal people with lives, not just sci-fi nerds like me. I'm imagining already, manned mining colonies all over the solar system(pics 1-2) and permanent human colonies on Mars(pic 3).

[click on any image for a bigger view]

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

America's favorite murderess is too hot for prison

Regular reader Dave sent this story in, I suspect because he wanted me to post some more pics of America's favorite murderess looking hot. 

So anyway, the Italians are determined to get Foxy Knoxy back in prison for the murder of Meredith Kurcher. In what will be her third trial there, the Italian court is expected to find her guilty once again and possibly attempt to extradite her back to Italy to serve time. 

She has been tried at least two times already, this will be the third. There's no way we would extradite an American citizen who'd been found not-guilty, back to a country whose legal system allows prosecutors to retry a person as many times as they like until they get a guilty verdict. 

Besides, Amanda Knox is way too hot for prison. I'd bet that every sane man in America would still sleep with Amanda even if the odds were 50/50 of getting his throat slashed at some point in the night. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Section-8 loafers, movin' on up

You'd better go ahead and get that second or third job my friends, the welfare moochers are movin' on up.
There's a new government rule stating that if any public money was used for the construction of apartment homes, some of them must be set aside for Section-8 housing. So no matter how hard you work and sacrifice to live there, Section-8 free-loaders can enjoy their lives of leisure next to you for practically nothing, provided they keep their incomes sufficiently low by avoiding work. 
The hands-out, derelict class has plenty of reasons not to get jobs as it is, now we taxpayers have provided them with still another.
I work my tail off at two jobs, and loafing welfare barnacles get to live like kings in high-rise luxury at my expense. This is the Gramercy in Arlington, Va.......Section-8 extravagance.

Peter King is a blow-hole

Peter King (R) NY is a camera hound blow-hole. He is on record being in favor of stricter gun control and he approved funding for the IRA, a known terror group. Yesterday he vowed to "jump off a bridge" if Ted Cruz ends up being the GOP nominee for president.

Well, that's reason enough to vote for Cruz right there. I'd pay cash money to see King throw himself into the East River where he'd surely and hilariously get infected with something exotic and incurable.

I've never cared for this guy. He's the quintessential establishment republican who loves the federal government being the corrupt, bloated malignancy he helped make it into, and he and entrenched politicians like him don't want anybody coming along who'll rock the boat too much.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sinead O'Connor, as weird as ever

Not sure what Sinead O'Connor is up to, but now she's wearing the garb of a Catholic priest. You may remember when she imploded her career on SNL by tearing up a picture of the Pope.
Maybe she's wearing it ironically, as the hipsters like to say......though when I hear them say they are wearing something "ironically", I have no idea what they mean. Like if she's wearing the garb of the very thing she despises most? But that's not irony......sarcasm or mockery, but not irony.
Look how attractive she could have been if not for the baldness, piss-poor attitude, and grating vocals. Although I have to admit she looked pretty good in that one video "Nothing Compares", even without much hair.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton, the least transparent woman in the world

If you haven't seen the new Hillary commercial produced by the GOP, check it out. Hopefully they'll make a whole series of them to run during the campaign. Both hilarious and devastating.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Less drinking and carousing on the job, not more training, will fix the Secret Service

Heh heh, the Secret Service, supposedly the most elite security institution in the world, just asked congress for $8 Million to build a mock-up of the white house for training purposes.
Security training isn't the problem with the SS. They're a bunch of drunk, skirt-chasing, undisciplined frat boys....that's their problem.
Here's a recent B&W pic of the Secret Service participating in an advanced training exercise.

Underboob makes the world go 'round, except in Thailand apparently

The Minister of Culture in Thailand warned Thai women about posting pictures of themselves, featuring always popular "under-boob", on social media sites. Apparently a violation can result in jail time and/or fines.
Wait, Bangkok is the sex and drug tourism capital of the world, and under-boob selfies are an immediate threat to national culture?
I was confused for just a minute while reading this story, then I realized that the minister of culture clearly gets bribes and kickbacks from the sex and drug tourism industry, as do all politicians and bureaucrats in Thailand, so he's OK with that. His attack on social media is just for appearances to validate his holding that job.
I have included a helpful picture of "under-boob", purely for illustrative and educational purposes of course.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Starbucks, now much more than just a trendy hangout for smug hipsters with too much money

Turns out Starbucks isn't just a place to go when you want snotty entry-level workers to charge you $9 for over-priced pastries and sub-par coffee. Now the CEO is encouraging them to irritate their hipster customers with a Venti sized dose of uncomfortable conversation on race issues.
Look, I can deal with a 27 year old Womyn's Studies graduate who schleps coffee for a living, scribbling some anodyne pabulum on my cup like, "Visualize a Colorblind Society", but I don't need them disturbing my breakfast with dopey discussion starters about race relations in America because it buys them some favor with the manager.
Just shut up and bring me my $9 double-caff, low-fat, Venti, mocha latte' with half and half, double whip.

Monday, March 16, 2015

The queen resents Kate Middleton

Heh heh, the Queen is reportedly constantly upset with Kate Middleton, over just about everything. The list includes but is not limited to her not having a job, her hair being too long, her dresses being too short, the wedge shoes and tight jeans, and her pregnancy morning sickness.
Look, the silly royal family wouldn't be anything more than a carnival freak show of pompous, unlikable toads if not for Kate Middleton. (William and Harry are excluded from my assessment because they are productive and seem like decent guys) You'd have to be a moron not to know that Kate's the best and only interesting thing to happen to that family since Diana.
As for jobs, what do any of the royal family do for jobs other than William and Harry who have done much in the way of national military service? In tourism alone, Kate has done more than pay for her expensive lifestyle and ushered in a new, decades long, international interest in the British crown.
When Kate's skirt blows up and we get to see her rear-end, cha-ching for the crown. When the French paparazzi catch her topless on vacation, cha-ching for the crown. When she single-handedly defines London fashion trends and every outfit she wears immediately sells out world wide, cha-ching for the crown. Foreign tourists don't flock to London to see Camilla or Prince Chucklehead, they come to get a glimpse of Kate and William....but mostly Kate.
They should encourage the future queen to do exactly as she pleases because she's about all they have going, rather than resent her for stealing the spotlight that wouldn't have been on them anyway. 

From the pictures below, who does the world want to know more about?

The coming Obama police state

That's just great, the Fed's are coming to Birmingham. Eric Holder announced the six cities where a federal law enforcement experiment will begin, Birmingham is one of them.
In a response to the riots in Ferguson, the feds will be experimenting in taking over some of the law enforcement duties in these towns to, as they say, "address distrust between citizens and law enforcement." which means of course, to address distrust between citizens of politically preferred skin pigmentation and law enforcement.
In the end, it's less about race and more about federal control of all law enforcement as promised by Obama in 2008 when he spoke of his intention to have a federal domestic law enforcement branch that is as well funded and armed as the US military.

Of course this is a precursor to the easy imposition of martial law whenever the chief executive sees fit. How much easier is martial law to impose on the people, with the concomitant suspension of constitutional powers and local laws, etc., if local law enforcement is staffed by jack-booted federal goons already?  

This will be what local police look like in your town soon.......would you want your child to ask directions from these guys?

Reality show set destroyed by cyclone

Cyclone "Pam" apparently has destroyed most of the development of Vanuatu, a tiny island in the south Pacific, doing literally hundreds of dollars of damage.
And all this time I thought Vanuatu was just a reality-show set where evidently jobless Americans went to compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars to see who could last the longest without a cell phone.
Heh heh, as Daniel Tosh observed, no wonder people hate Americans. We have a TV game show where we send loud-mouth assholes to pretend to "survive" in a place where thousands of people already live....all to win more money than any 100 Vanuatuans combined make in a lifetime. 

Jobless in Seattle

The outrageously smug liberals in Washington passed a $15 minimum wage that takes effect on April 1. It's a hilarious coincidence that it is April Fool's Day, as dozens of Seattle restaurants and shops are closing because they cannot afford to pay entry-level workers who perform menial tasks that much money. Instead of awarding them more of employers' money, the fools who passed this idiotic "living wage" law have reduced those workers' wage to $0.

Seattle is well on the way to becoming Detroit as business owners relocate or just give up trying to make livings running business that depend on low-skill, low-wage workers.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Obama's live like kings at our expense

A couple of days ago the effete adolescent who we are told to regard as President, and his Bitter Half, took separate and expensive flights to California to yuck it up on different TV shows.....Obama on Jimmy Kimmel and Michelle on Ellen. Then they both returned on the same day. Obama's flight alone cost taxpayers $2Million. Who knows how much we paid for Michelle to fly?

Why couldn't they fly together and save he taxpayers some money and limit the carbon emissions they bleat about to us little people? 

Well it's a good thing the few Americans who still have jobs keep paying our taxes or the Obama's wouldn't be able to afford her lavish lifestyles. Here's Michelle channeling Marie Antoinette, picking out her next taxpayer-funded lavish vacation. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Eco-religionists don't like the weather, no matter what it does

Eco-religionists know only two things about the weather: all weather phenomena are bad and all weather phenomena are caused by man-made global warming.
Last year they were dismayed that cherry blossom trees in DC bloomed a few weeks too early for the tourist season and blamed it on global warming. This year they are similarly dismayed that because of the extremely long and cold winter, the trees will be blooming a few weeks later than expected, and again blamed it on global warming.
My, what's a moonbat to do when normal variations in the weather confound their feeble attempts to blame them on the now thoroughly debunked, pernicious, man-made global warming hoax?
My guess is democrats will pass a law mandating that the cherry blossoms bloom in a specific week so as to please the tourists who come every year to take pictures.....and no doubt taxes will be involved somehow. 

Monday, March 09, 2015

Dumb white people being dumb

File this story under "Dumb, Privileged White People"
A hard-working black guy gets 30 days in jail because picking up the trash too early one morning disturbed the beauty rest of some very self-important, rich white people in Sandy Springs, a suburb of Atlanta. Apparently he started his trash run at 5:00 instead of waiting until 7:00.
Really? Who's not up at 5:00 or thereabouts anyway on a weekday, I mean except for snooty, new-money trophy wives whose first event of the day is mimosas with other uppity wives at the racket club & spa?
I don't care what city ordinances there are, the optics of rich white people throwing a poor black guy in jail for disturbing their early morning sleep as he does his job picking up their trash, just looks BAD!!
Heh heh, dumb white people who're oblivious to their own stupidity amuse me.
Below are pictures from a typical day in the lives of Sandy Springs people.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Democrats appropriating history for themselves

Read the transcript of Obama crediting the Selma march directly for his parents' marriage and his eventual birth.......
“There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born.”
The only problem, the march was in 1965 but Obama was born 4 years before in 1961. What a liar!
This is typical of craven liberals who falsely place themselves into historic events to confer onto themselves a sense of destiny and historical significance to their existence.
Other lies of democrats to manufacture historical relevance:
-Hillary claims she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, but she was born before he climbed Everest.
-Bill Clinton claimed he gave up his bus seat to a black kid in solidarity with Rosa Parks, but Bill attended a segregated school, there were no black kids.
-Bill Clinton claimed to have been moved by black church fires during the civil rights movement in Arkansas, but there has never been a single mysterious church fire in Arkansas....ever.
The sad, pathetic list goes on and on.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Hillary's corruption is apparently boundless

So it turns out that when she first became Sec. State, Hillary sent out a memo warning all State Dept. employees NOT to use personal e-mail accounts for State Dept. business because of security and legal issues......even as she was setting up her own server in her basement and using HER personal e-mail for all her State Dept. business. She threatened punishment for violation of this rule.
I realize that most democrat voters will overlook virtually anything (serial sexual assaults, obvious contempt for America, appalling inexperience, numerous questionable deaths) in order to get a militantly pro-abortion president elected, but at some point, don't all the scandals that follow the Clintons become too much even for drone-like democrats? I mean at what point is she just too corrupt, even for democrat voters....assuming there is even a threshold?

Hillary responds to a reporter's question, "How many times in the last 15 minutes have you lied to the American people, personally benefited from your public office, and been appallingly hypocritical by breaking the rules you impose on others?"

Post script: I just learned that after Hillary had the State Dept. send billions in aid money to Haiti after the earth quake, Hillary's brother Tony Rodham, received a once every 5 decades exemption from Haiti to mine that country for gold and is only obligated to pay the government half of the usual percentage.....a sweetheart deal so outrageous that it enraged Haiti's senate to publicly oppose it. 

Peter Schweizer has written a book called Clinton CashThe Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich detailing the corruption and graft associated with Hillary and particularly her time at State. It's due out in May and hopefully will once and for all expose Hillary to be the criminal we know she is, and end her maniacal quest for the white house. 

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

My initial take on Ben Carson

So my nephew JP asked for my two-cents worth on Ben Carson's popularity, particularly, if I may read between the lines of his text, among social conservatives.
First, I don't think Carson is qualified to be president on the strength of his brilliant career in medicine alone, which is all he has. He's less qualified even than the effete, empty suit we toil under now.
Surgeon General? Probably.
He's saying a lot of socially popular stuff....you know, red meat for red-state voters, but how much of that can be translated into law, and more importantly, should be? I realize most social conservatives believe that their personal moral code is how everybody should be made to live, but that's not how a constitutional republic operates.
I'd like to see some specifics on how Carson's rhetoric would translate into policy. His statement yesterday on gay prison sex proving that homosexuality is a choice, suggests to me that he won't make it as far as Herman Cain did in the last cycle
Full disclosure: my personal belief regarding moral behavior and the Constitution: Anyone should be able to pursue happiness anyway they like, with constitutional protection so far as the following criteria are met:
1: that pursuit does not impede the pursuit of any one else
2: that pursuit is not harmful to that person or any other person
3: that pursuit is otherwise legal
I don't have to agree with or participate in an activity in order to acknowledge that the person has a right to engage in it. In other words, my personal moral code is irrelevant to the Constitution and what should or shouldn't be allowed under the law.
I think social conservatives like Carson would go too far in imposing their personal moral codes, shared by most conservatives, on the general populace.

Monday, March 02, 2015

The Pope hates your money, but he'll take it just the same

Pope Francis criticized wealth and the throw-away culture of modern times by saying that "money is the Devil's dung". This from the head of the richest church on Earth....heh heh.
Iran's Mahmoud Achmadinejad assists Pope Frances by indicating the international hand sign for "dung".

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Obama sides with our enemies and alienates our friends

Does anybody else think it's a coincidence that the radical Islamists are trying to establish a caliphate in the middle east, and Obama does everything he can to assist them by advocating the overthrow of every secular regime under the Orwellian named "Arab Spring"? He assisted them in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and probably soon Jordan, all while attacking our best ally Israel, and encouraging the most dangerous medieval theocracy, Iran, to export terrorism, build nuclear weapons, and threaten its neighbors.

It is being reported by Drudge and others via Al-Jarida news agency in Kuwait, that Israel was forced in 2014 to abort their attack on Iran's nuclear facilities after Obama threatened to shoot their aircraft down.

Think about this, Iran has been in a declared state of war with the US since 1979, but has Obama's apparent blessings for a nuclear weapons program, and regularly threatens Israel, our closest ally in the middle east with those weapons, should they succeed in building them.

Granted, the Israeli's would have to fly over Iraq to get to Iran and allowing them to do so would imply our consent(politically problematic for sure) for the attack, but still if the story is true, can you wrap your head around American fighter pilots killing friendly Israeli fighter pilots, assuming our pilots are better than theirs and i'm not saying they are, on the orders of a President acting on behalf of a hostile foreign power?

Here's a telling side-by-side, Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu as an elite commando fighting for his country, while at roughly the same point in time, the effete leader of the "choom gang" in a haze of pot smoke and cocaine, plots a future that would put him in position to allow it's destruction. Embarrassing!