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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Eco-religionists don't like the weather, no matter what it does

Eco-religionists know only two things about the weather: all weather phenomena are bad and all weather phenomena are caused by man-made global warming.
Last year they were dismayed that cherry blossom trees in DC bloomed a few weeks too early for the tourist season and blamed it on global warming. This year they are similarly dismayed that because of the extremely long and cold winter, the trees will be blooming a few weeks later than expected, and again blamed it on global warming.
My, what's a moonbat to do when normal variations in the weather confound their feeble attempts to blame them on the now thoroughly debunked, pernicious, man-made global warming hoax?
My guess is democrats will pass a law mandating that the cherry blossoms bloom in a specific week so as to please the tourists who come every year to take pictures.....and no doubt taxes will be involved somehow. 

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