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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Obama's live like kings at our expense

A couple of days ago the effete adolescent who we are told to regard as President, and his Bitter Half, took separate and expensive flights to California to yuck it up on different TV shows.....Obama on Jimmy Kimmel and Michelle on Ellen. Then they both returned on the same day. Obama's flight alone cost taxpayers $2Million. Who knows how much we paid for Michelle to fly?

Why couldn't they fly together and save he taxpayers some money and limit the carbon emissions they bleat about to us little people? 

Well it's a good thing the few Americans who still have jobs keep paying our taxes or the Obama's wouldn't be able to afford her lavish lifestyles. Here's Michelle channeling Marie Antoinette, picking out her next taxpayer-funded lavish vacation. 


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

I sometimes wonder if Barack's and Michelle's reckless spending isn't an attempt to stick it to whitey, a passive aggressive gettin' even for whitey's injustice to they peoples.

Ed said...

Nail on the head Isaac. I think that's precisely what it is. Every dollar of taxpayer money they waste on themselves is another black thumb ground in the eye of guilty white America.

Bill said...

I don't know about First Lady flights, but AF 1 flights are actually two separate 747's, plus probably a C-17 to carry the limos, etc. Plus the travel expenses of 2 separate secret service teams. It's sickening.

Warren Buffet would never behave this way, but he's spending private money.

Ed said...

I heard somewhere that AF-1 costs about $170,000 per hour to operate, when you include all that ancillary stuff you mentioned Bill. Ridiculous that Obama, and I'm sure other presidents, use it so casually.

David said...

When the AF talks about cost per flying hour they never consider labor costs so the actual cost is much higher.

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