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Monday, March 16, 2015

The queen resents Kate Middleton

Heh heh, the Queen is reportedly constantly upset with Kate Middleton, over just about everything. The list includes but is not limited to her not having a job, her hair being too long, her dresses being too short, the wedge shoes and tight jeans, and her pregnancy morning sickness.
Look, the silly royal family wouldn't be anything more than a carnival freak show of pompous, unlikable toads if not for Kate Middleton. (William and Harry are excluded from my assessment because they are productive and seem like decent guys) You'd have to be a moron not to know that Kate's the best and only interesting thing to happen to that family since Diana.
As for jobs, what do any of the royal family do for jobs other than William and Harry who have done much in the way of national military service? In tourism alone, Kate has done more than pay for her expensive lifestyle and ushered in a new, decades long, international interest in the British crown.
When Kate's skirt blows up and we get to see her rear-end, cha-ching for the crown. When the French paparazzi catch her topless on vacation, cha-ching for the crown. When she single-handedly defines London fashion trends and every outfit she wears immediately sells out world wide, cha-ching for the crown. Foreign tourists don't flock to London to see Camilla or Prince Chucklehead, they come to get a glimpse of Kate and William....but mostly Kate.
They should encourage the future queen to do exactly as she pleases because she's about all they have going, rather than resent her for stealing the spotlight that wouldn't have been on them anyway. 

From the pictures below, who does the world want to know more about?


Bill said...

Prince Andrew flew combat missions during the Falklands War, including SAR and decoying Exocet missiles.

Charles, I recall served as a naval officer in peacetime service.

The Queen's husband, Prince Philip, served in naval combat in WW2.

Ed said...

Yeah, but what about the women? The queen apparently doesn't like it that Kate doesn't have a career. What career is she supposed to have while doing all the royal appearances?

David said...

Ed, simply hilarious. BTW Charles and Camilla arrive at Joint Base Andrews today almost if they read your post and are trying to garner some positive press for the royal family. Good job. Keep it up.

Ed said...

Bill, I forgot about Andrew. Isn't he hold up in Switzerland, or somewhere from which he cannot be extradited, because he banged some underage girls on that island with Bill Clinton?

Typical royal excesses. They need Kate to be front and center as much as possible.

Bill said...

You're right, Ed, that Andrew seems to have gotten involved in some Bill Clinton like dealings in the 32 years since his Falklands heroics.

But, doesn't this stuff come from tabloids of questionable accuracy, regarding ER's "feelings" about her grand-daughter in law? I doubt if she rings them up for a gossip chat.

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