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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Section-8 loafers, movin' on up

You'd better go ahead and get that second or third job my friends, the welfare moochers are movin' on up.
There's a new government rule stating that if any public money was used for the construction of apartment homes, some of them must be set aside for Section-8 housing. So no matter how hard you work and sacrifice to live there, Section-8 free-loaders can enjoy their lives of leisure next to you for practically nothing, provided they keep their incomes sufficiently low by avoiding work. 
The hands-out, derelict class has plenty of reasons not to get jobs as it is, now we taxpayers have provided them with still another.
I work my tail off at two jobs, and loafing welfare barnacles get to live like kings in high-rise luxury at my expense. This is the Gramercy in Arlington, Va.......Section-8 extravagance.


David said...

I'll check this out and report back

Ed said...

Dave, being the big shot that you are now, I would have thought you lived in a tastefully decorated corner penthouse at Gramercy already......and would not appreciate any Section-8 riff-raff contaminating the neighborhood. ;-)