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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Obama sides with our enemies and alienates our friends

Does anybody else think it's a coincidence that the radical Islamists are trying to establish a caliphate in the middle east, and Obama does everything he can to assist them by advocating the overthrow of every secular regime under the Orwellian named "Arab Spring"? He assisted them in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and probably soon Jordan, all while attacking our best ally Israel, and encouraging the most dangerous medieval theocracy, Iran, to export terrorism, build nuclear weapons, and threaten its neighbors.

It is being reported by Drudge and others via Al-Jarida news agency in Kuwait, that Israel was forced in 2014 to abort their attack on Iran's nuclear facilities after Obama threatened to shoot their aircraft down.

Think about this, Iran has been in a declared state of war with the US since 1979, but has Obama's apparent blessings for a nuclear weapons program, and regularly threatens Israel, our closest ally in the middle east with those weapons, should they succeed in building them.

Granted, the Israeli's would have to fly over Iraq to get to Iran and allowing them to do so would imply our consent(politically problematic for sure) for the attack, but still if the story is true, can you wrap your head around American fighter pilots killing friendly Israeli fighter pilots, assuming our pilots are better than theirs and i'm not saying they are, on the orders of a President acting on behalf of a hostile foreign power?

Here's a telling side-by-side, Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu as an elite commando fighting for his country, while at roughly the same point in time, the effete leader of the "choom gang" in a haze of pot smoke and cocaine, plots a future that would put him in position to allow it's destruction. Embarrassing!


Bill said...

Ed, I disdain our current president as much as anyone, but find the report hard to credit. By 2014 we were long out of Iraq, which lacks any air sovereignty defense at all. Additionally, can you imagine American pilots and AAA personnel actually engaging in combat with Israeli jets? I can't. As an alert barn crew chief in Iraq in 2010, I wouldn't have armed the jet - assuming I knew the mission. The pilot would have no doubt of the mission.

Now, it's possible he allowed leaks implying such a thing. You never know with this bunch. Or, he could have threatened to warn Iran, which would be a betrayal as well.

Ed said...

So Bill, how much LC training did you have to do to achieve active duty alert status? That's pretty bad-ass!

Bill said...

Actually, Ed, it was my first assignment when I rotated in. It's easier work than being a line crew, who stay plenty busy as I found out after my two weeks in the alert barn. We did get to launch once which was really cool. I'd never crawled around under a running jet pulling pins and covers since that's usually the APG guys ' job. As you know, loaders usually just pull pins and covers from weapons and launchers.

Nothing came of the alert launch, by the way. Things were quiet in Iraq in 2010 since the Obama policy hadn't fully kicked in.

Ed said...

Still, my biggest regret was not getting to work in a live-weapons situation. I'm envious.