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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Less drinking and carousing on the job, not more training, will fix the Secret Service

Heh heh, the Secret Service, supposedly the most elite security institution in the world, just asked congress for $8 Million to build a mock-up of the white house for training purposes.
Security training isn't the problem with the SS. They're a bunch of drunk, skirt-chasing, undisciplined frat boys....that's their problem.
Here's a recent B&W pic of the Secret Service participating in an advanced training exercise.


Bill said...

So they need a mock-up of the WH to practice locking the door and not talking on their cellphone while they're supposed to be on watch?

Of course the liberals are on to conservatives who claim to be "concerned" about the First Family's safety. They know what you really want to happen, don't they?

Ed said...

Yeah, as if securing the physical white house is somehow exceedingly difficult and requires specialized training. Stop drinking while on duty, stop hiring prostitutes while on duty, and stop texting while on duty....and they might be able to stop a fence-jumper before he gets to the living quarters with a knife.

Do you think that liberals really believe we Obama critics want him to be assassinated? That's the last thing this country needs is for the first black president to be killed while in office....especially by a white dude.

Bill said...

The base of the left in our country really do believe conservatives are motivated by evil. Animus toward Obama is also very convenient for them as a multi-purpose example explanation, since there can be no principled opposition to his policies.