“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, August 28, 2014

California, tumbles into the sea.....figuratively if not literally

As if California isn't doing everything it can to run off it's residents and businesses already. Now Gov. Moonbeam is proposing an ambitious plan to redirect parts of the Sacramento River and other fresh-water reserves into the "Delta Tunnel", designed to safeguard the fresh water from salt-water contamination in the event of the "Big One" earthquake hitting that state.
The cost is about $25Billion over like 50 years, but as with any government project, that'll explode to twice or three times that. Where's the money going to come from? Taxes?
You poor schmucks who live in that state just need to get out while the gettin's good. Unless you in NoCal can successfully secede and let SoCal tumble into the dark abyss of insolvency, crime, and Mexico's next state, they'll take you down with them.

Hip hop dancing (awfully) to country music?

Good grief, just when I thought white people couldn't get any stupider.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another race hate crime that goes mostly unreported

This 25 year old lifeguard from Baltimore was attacked by three black teens with a brick as he walked home after work, for no reason other than he was white and in their vicinity. They yelled "Hey white boy" as they attacked him. He'll need reconstructive surgery to repair his battered face.

I know what you're thinking, "But Ed, black teens are noble, virtuous victims of a white racist society and any violent act committed against the perceived representatives of that racism is wholly justified".

Well if you believe the media that's exactly the case. But like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, these teens are aggressive, violent thugs who need to be in jail.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Taking a short break

Posting will be a little light for a few days as I am taking a short break for some R and R at the beach with the wife. Ranting day in and day out about how awful the schmucks we are asked to regard as our leaders are, gets exhausting after a while.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Bergdahls, the Foleys, and Obama

Obama used the dopey Bergdahls and their traitorous son to ingratiate himself to American Muslims, but when an actual atrocity against an American takes place at the hands of the most savage Islamic terror group on Earth today, he gives a perfunctory hat-tip and then checks is watch to see when his tee-time is.

Obama is a disgrace to his office and his country. ISIS bodies should already be piling up in the Iraqi desert.

Cheney invented the ice-water challenge

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Obama does a lot of talking, very little acting

There are basically two ways to deal with terrorists, talking and acting. In 1986 some radical Islamic group kidnapped four Russian diplomats and killed one of them to demonstrate seriousness. The Russians then grabbed a family member of the terrorists, murdered him, and sent his body parts to the terrorists, who promptly released the remaining 3 diplomats. 

Now, I'm not saying we murder family members of the ISIS savages in retaliation for beheading a US journalist, but the point is, the Russians acted while our effete President talked, offering a pro forma statement that accomplished nothing, then skedaddled back to the golf course. 

ISIS bodies should be piling up by the hundreds if not thousands by now, but the mincing community organizer who we are asked to regard as President hasn't got time for anything but vacation golf and having his ass kissed by the media. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Obama's pre-planned vacation break spun by media as crisis management

The white house is claiming that Obama's break from his lavish, two-week vacay is to get briefed and then presumably handle the Ferguson, MO crisis and oversee bomb runs in Iraq against ISIS. 

Actually this "break" has been on the vacation docket for weeks....it's probably a preplanned get away from Michelle so he can eat some non-rabbit food that tastes good for a change. 

At any rate, the kiss-ass media, including FOX, are happily reporting that Obama made a special trip back to "handle" these crises that dominate the domestic and foreign policy headlines. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Father of Amish sisters who feels sorry for kidnappers is a better man than me

See, this is why the Amish are much better people than me. The father of the two sisters, ages 6 and 12, who were kidnapped from a roadside stand near their home, says that he feels sorry for the kidnappers. Really? Even though they're home safe now, the kidnappers did sexually molest them and if history is any guide, probably would have killed them eventually. 

If I were the father, I'd already be plotting the gruesome deaths of these two people, perhaps by a contract killer. I guess that makes me a horrible person by comparison. 

These are not the two girls, but this is a helpful picture of what two innocent Amish girls frolicking in a meadow might look like. 

Jason Riley shatters the media's favorite race meme

WSJ's Jason Riley shattered the white media's narrative of blacks always being the victims of racist white cops.....WOW!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

The militarization of civilian law enforcement

With the situation in Ferguson, MO, the increasing indistinguishability between civilian law enforcement and storm troopers with military-grade weapons has become frighteningly apparent.  Is this a necessary escalation for the police or is it part of a larger movement in the government to intentionally blur those lines......and if so, for what purpose?

In some urban situations where gangs and such are very well armed, I think the police probably need to be at least equally armed as the criminals, but to show up to every demonstration in full riot gear, in APC's, and wearing camo fatigues is a bit much. Also, I think the federal agencies stocking up on millions of rounds of ammo and massive amounts of military-grade weaponry is highly suspicious.....as if they have been told to prepare for civil collapse and anarchy......like they know it's coming. And maybe some of that ideology is trickling down to local law enforcement, as they are the first line of law and order if that eventuality ever happens. I don't think it's all a connected conspiracy to prepare for an intentional collapse of the economy, but at the very least, it shows a widening rift of distrust on the part of civil libertarians, of "authorities" be they civilian or domestic military.

All I know is the line between civilian law enforcement and the military is troublingly blurred. Combine that with Obama's promise to create a "civilian defense force" whatever the hell that is, that is as well armed, trained, and funded as the military, and the pieces of the heavy-hand of government puzzle start to fall scarily into place.

How do you see these situations(police with military weapons, and government agencies stocking up on weapons and ammo), disparate or connected?

Hamas stages imbecilic funeral, and the media buys it

Heh heh, the IDF has been so painstakingly careful to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza, that the media has been frustrated that they don't have enough bodies to put on the news every night on behalf of their favorite terrorist group, Hamas. 

So Hamas decided to stage a funeral, purely for media consumption......hahahaha, the dumb actors they hired apparently can't grasp the concept of "playing dead" and don't know when to be still.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Andrea Mitchell irresponsibly throws fuel on the Ferguson race fire

Andrea Mitchell is a washed up hag. That she's NBC's chief foreign news correspondent while at the same time an Obama dingleberry, illustrates perfectly why nobody watches that network anymore. 

To recapture her fleeting relevance, Andrea managed to make the situation in Ferguson, MO even worse than it is by tweeting this below, regarding a black reporter and news crew that were detained for an hour by police. Without a shred of evidence that the detention was racially motivated, she threw fuel on the race fire there.

Shame on Andrea for being a miserable race tool, and shame on NBC for keeping her employed there.

Mythical peaceful Muslims protest against ISIS

This just in: American Muslims by the tens of thousands are swarming the streets of NYC to protest the atrocities against non-Muslims that are being committed in their name in Iraq by the barbaric terrorist group ISIS.
Heh heh, not exactly. This is why I don't trust a Muslim as far as I can kick him. Until we hear a peep of objection from any of them, anywhere, we'll know that they sympathize with what's happening in Iraq and probably wouldn't mind if it happened here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

CNN demonstrates its knowledge of geography

If you want to know where the Ebola outbreak is happening in Africa, don't trust CNN to tell you. They can't even find Nigeria on a map of Africa. What they call Nigeria is actually Niger. Nigeria is the country below.
But few Americans will notice the mistake, barely half of us can locate Canada on a map of North America.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The pathetically ridiculous US policy for Iraq

Want to see how absurdly absurd our middle east policy is? Here's the timeline:
-Back in '03 we refused to arm moderate Syrian rebels who're fighting ISIS in their country, because we feared ISIS would get its hands on our modern weaponry.
-after we decimated the Iraq army around the same time, we then rebuilt it with our weaponry, ostensibly so they could secure their own country from terrorist networks like ISIS.
-because the Syrian rebels were out gunned thanks to our negligence, ISIS defeated them, established a base in northern Syria, and stormed into the power vacuum in Iraq stronger than ever.
-the cowardly Iraq army, that WE trained for 10 years, deserted en masse leaving ISIS in possession of hundreds of millions in shiny, new US military hardware and weapons.
-now the US finds itself having to bomb and destroy our own weaponry that is now in the very hands of the people from whom we've tried so hard to keep it.
Am I the only one who sees the pathetic, historic irony of the US middle east policies?
Well, at least our defense contractors will get fabulously rich off the deal since they'll be the ones to re-arm the entire Iraq army once again, as well as re-arming the US military after another long, expensive, bloody campaign in the sandy catbox of Iraq. 

Detergent didn't poison your dumb kid, you did

This was the headline on Fox News this morning, "Laundry detergent packet poisons Minnesota toddler".
The detergent packet didn't poison the dumb toddler, the stupidity and carelessness of its mother did. It's not the fault of the colorful packaging or because the manufacturer didn't put enough skull-and-crossbones symbols on it. It's because you are a dumb, thoughtless, negligent parent.
The colorful packaging is to catch the eye of the mother because she possesses the intelligence of a toddler and is attracted to colorful things, otherwise the packaging could be gray and boring.
Fox should know better than to blame an inanimate object for simple bad parenting. But that's the American way now, it's always the fault of someone else.....predictably the one who we can sue.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Fast food workers will whine their way right out of a job

To all you unskilled, minimum wage crybabies who're demanding that the fast-food franchise owners who generously employee you, pay you far more than your worth to their business, meet your inevitable replacement.
This is McDonald's prototype robotic cashier. It's more efficient, makes no mistakes, has a good attitude, and unlike you, works tirelessly.
Eventually you'll be sitting at home collecting undeserved checks from the government while this machine does what used to be your job. Enjoy your dependency.

US, too little too late regarding ISIL in Iraq

The US returned to Iraq in a big way yesterday as Obama authorized the Air Force to attack ISIL positions near US troops stationed in the north east region of the country. But there's only so much you can do from 20,000 feet up. At some point, even though he pledged not to, Obama will have to put troops back in Iraq to kill the ISIL network. It will be an open-ended engagement and the US will expend still more blood and treasure fighting a guerrilla war against a determined and well-armed ideological opponent, in a country we should have never invaded in the first place. At least that's my prediction. War has a way of taking on a life of its own and making decisions for you.

As a scary aside, I've heard reports that many sympathetic men of Arabic descent who attend European schools and live in European cities and even some Americans have joined ISIL to fight in Iraq. When that's done, they can return to their own countries and the US because they hold travel credentials already, and are not on any no-fly list because we don't know who they are. We could be looking ahead to scores of Boston marathons and Ft. Hoods in the coming months or years.

Either way, letting ISIL get this far dug in before acting against them was a huge mistake and there isn't a poistive outcome that I can see.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

The unintended, but foreseeable, consequences of US meddling in the third world

So everyone is asking, what is the west going to do now that full-throttle ethnic cleansing and mass slaughter of ethnic and religious minorities is taking place at the hands of ISIS in Iraq? ISIS has isolated thousands of Kurds and Yazidis in the waterless mountains of Iraq with the threat of slaughter if they return.

My answer: what are we supposed to do, re-invade Iraq? It's our fault this is taking place. Such business never took place under Saddam Hussein. Sure, different atrocities took place, but on a scale that the US could live with, ignore, and still sleep nights. But no, we just had to depose Saddam, pretending it was for humanitarian reasons rather than the actual reasons; to finish what Bush '41 started and to give the American people some revenge satisfaction, even though misplaced, for 9/11.

Like it or not, Iraqis were much better off with Saddam than they've been without him. Turns out replacing a primitive, barbaric dictatorship with a sophisticated and complicated brand of democracy isn't just a simple matter of decapitating the government as neocons in the US would have us believe when they sold the idea to us.

Libya is now the Somalia of north Africa and Iraq is the Somalia of the middle east.....all thanks to the US's "R2P" doctrine.......Responsibility to Protect. Our well-meaning leaders believe that all they have to do when civilians are in trouble in some remote shit-hole is kill the government and everything will be honkey-dory. As we've seen in Libya, now Iraq, and soon Afghanistan, that is not the case.

I would support dropping pallets of food and water to these isolated people, but nothing more.

They have no respect for Obama in Moscow

Obama's conspicuous lack of qualifications, experience, or seriousness inspires mockery and ridicule in places other than the US. On his birthday earlier this month, creative youths in Russia projected this laser-light show onto the US embassy in Moscow, of Obama fellating a banana. Heh heh.

Some peckerhead over at MSNBC suggested it was racist because of Obama being half-black and the banana, but somebody fellating a banana is practically a cliche' as far as fellatio jokes go and as such, transcends any race component. Now if he were fellating a watermelon that would clearly be racist, but the black guy with the banana is a stretch in terms of calling it racism.


Media get ratings by stoking fear among the stupid

Just read an MSN report which ominously warned, "Tattoo inks can cause infections".

Perhaps the hysterical headline writers over at MSN haven't heard of the "Germ theory of disease causation" developed in the mid 16th Century. Ink doesn't cause infections, bacteria, viruses, fungi, or prions cause infections.

Millions of dumb Americans who were taught recycling in school instead of actual science, will only read the headline because that's all their attention spans will allow, and they will be irrationally fearful of tattoos now because they think the ink itself is dangerous. I don't know who are more deserving of my contempt, the irresponsible media or the willfully ignorant drones who accept whatever they're fed by them.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

America's diplomacy hood ornaments.....not very impressive

Obama's two elections were appalling enough, but having to regard gigolo John Kerry as the foreign policy figure-head of the most intimidating, powerful nation on Earth is just asking too much. I'm sure when the Russians see these pics, Putin'll be quaking in his boots.

Obama looks ridiculous enough as it is, heck PeeWee Herman's more manly on his bike. But look at Kerry.....a pink girl's bike, no helmet, and sandals. He's just an idiot all the way around.....in foreign policy and bicycling.

Monday, August 04, 2014

The age of hope and change not working out so well for the coal miners who endorsed it

To paraphrase The Duke, "Life is tough when you're a coal miner, it's even tougher when you're stupid too."
The head of the national coal miner's union was arrested over the weekend, protesting what was the stated end result of his own endorsement of an adolescent environmentalist for President.......the bankruptcy of the US coal industry.
They weren't tricked. Obama told them he would do this and they endorsed him anyway.
The rank-and-file union members who're losing their entire way of life ought to ask the leaders what they were thinking when they endorsed Obama, if not this? Oh, and what they did with the dues that were forcibly extracted from their paychecks?


This cartoon pretty much sums up the Obama administration's approach to the Hamas/Israel business.

And the one below pretty much sums up the Hamas approach to the war. Not sure if it's real, though I can't imagine why else you'd hand a couple of kids on a fence, but the point is that it's eminently believable.

H/T to LegalInsurrection.com.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Illegal alien commits murder, Obama yawns

Hispanic illegal aliens, killing graduate students that Americans won't kill.
Andrew Garcia, 18; Alberto Ochoa, 17; Alejandra Guerrero, 16, and Jonathan DelCarmen attacked USC engineering grad. student Xinran Ji with a baseball bat, for no apparent reason as he walked home from a study group at about 12:45 in the morning. He died in his dorm room of head wounds a few hours later.
I don't mean to engage in ethnic profiling here, but I detect a pattern in the names of these cold-blooded murderers. DelCarmen, the primary attacker, is an illegal alien whose been running wild in the US for 7 years. If the feckless bureaucrats over at ICE or INS had just pretended to be doing their jobs, Mr. Ji would still be alive today.

Pretend Hispanic Geraldo Rivera (real name Jerry Rivers), likes to dismiss the illegal alien aspect of these crimes, by saying it's a teen-wilding problem not an alien problem, or it's a drunk driving problem, not an alien problem, or it's an urban blight and unemployment problem, not an MS-13 problem. But the fact remains, but for them being here illegally and nobody lifting a finger to apprehend them and send them home, the murders, drunk-driving fatalities, and gang violence would not have happened by THOSE aliens. Maybe by some others, but not THOSE aliens. 

Public Service Announcement re: the fire challenge

Teens do the stupidest things to get attention on You-Tube. There's the cinnamon challenge where you try to swallow a heaping table-spoon full and try not to choke or puke. It's rather harmless and quite funny to watch, but here's the latest challenge. You pour a flame accelerant on part of your body and light it on fire. Most kids use alcohol which burns away really fast, but it's still FIRE!

These idiots are getting second and third degree burns on their bodies.

Parents, if you cannot honestly state with certainty that your kid is not stupid enough to attempt the fire challenge, then you are a horrible person and parent for raising such a moron.