“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Obama wants to bomb Syria, but has no targets

Obama is mulling the bombing of Syria with cruise missiles and long-range bombers? Bomb what? At what will he aim the cruise missiles? What're the targets? 

Assad isn't in his palace. The chemicals, if there are any, are hidden in civilian areas. The command-and-control infrastructure is primitive and diffused...i.e., worthless for targeting from the air. That jackass Karl Rove advised last night on Greta that we should take out his air force, but Assad isn't using his air force against the people. That will accomplish nothing. 

How many Syrian civilians will be killed by American bombs? I'll wager far more than those killed by the chemicals supposedly used by Assad to begin with. This will be a political sortie to appease Obama's critics who say he's a war dove and to ease the queasiness of the American media that find it unpleasant to see images of chemicals in war from their comfy couches in Georgetown. 

Nothing good can come from our involvement in Syria. We need to sit this one out and let Europe deal with it.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Re: Syria. The US should sit this one out

What is Obama's plan for Syria? Do whatever the UN tells him to do?

US/Syria options:
-drone strikes on selected targets where we think chemical weapons are stored
-problem: that's the US acting unilaterally against yet another Arab nation and they certainly have their weapons scattered and hidden all over the place.

-wait for UN inspectors to mess around for 6 months, then be the muscle in whatever solution the UN imagines will stop the killing.
-problem: if Bashar Assad doesn't want his chemical weapons found, they won't be found. it'll be the Saddam Hussein run-around all over again.

-institute a no-fly zone like John McCain advised to keep the lid on the Assad regime.
-problem: Assad isn't using his air force to deliver chemicals, he's using artillery.

-put US troops in Syria to keep distance between the Assad loyalists and the rebels.
-problem: Iran will, or has already, put her troops in Syria. Do we really want to get into a shooting war with Iran who is backed by Russia and China?

-Obama can pen a strongly worded letter to Assad demanding that he stop using chemical weapons. That should do it.
-problem: Nobody, anywhere in the world respects Obama or the Americans any more. They see us a weak and unmotivated, and on this issue, we should be unmotivated to do anything. It's not our job.

In short, there are no good options for the US in Syria. The UN has plenty of European countries who have militaries that can go be targets for snipers and terrorists in Syria. The US should sit this one out.

Media blames video games for violence, never horrible parenting

Police are investigating a murder in which an 8 year old shot his 87 year old grandmother in the head in Slaughter, La.

It is thought that he shot her immediately after playing Grand Theft Auto. Predictably parents' groups are in a snit over the violence of video games causing kids to act violently. But why aren't these groups upset about the horrible parenting required for a kid to have access to 1, a gun, and 2, the rated "M" for mature video game in the first place?

Millions of adults enjoy the GTA series and don't go out and kill people. Millions of adults safely own firearms in the home with children and they don't kill each other with them. This is a bad parenting story, not a violent video game causes violent behavior story.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Another victim of Hope-and-Change

My God, do we have to read about this outrage every day now?

This is WWII vet, 88 year old Delbert Belton. He survived the savagery of war at Okinawa, but not feral black youths in a parking lot in his home town of Spokane. For no apparent reason other than race, brutal savagery, and fun, two black teens beat Mr. Belton and left him for dead. He died later in the hospital.

Given the preposterous election of Barack Obama with his abiding hatred of white people, and the utter recklessness with which he whipped black people into a frenzy over Trayvon Martin, even a public-school graduate could have predicted a black jihad against whites would be the result.

If you don't have a concealed/carry permit, get one today and arm yourself. Don't be a victim of Hope-and-Change.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blacks now killing whites out of sheer boredom

The rampage of black-on-white crime in America continues unabated, this time in Duncan, OK. Australian college student Chris Lane and his girl-friend were jogging when these three model citizens shot him in the back, drive-by style, because, as they admitted to police, they were bored. The animal they slaughtered earlier that day didn't give them enough of a thrill. 

Chris, attending college on a baseball scholarship, is dead and his girl-friend and her family are heartbroken.

Still no word from the white house on which of these upstanding youths Obama's son would look like, if he had one, but I'm confident spokes-liar Jay Carney will tell us any day now. And I'm shocked, SHOCKED that the Rev's Sharpton and Jackson haven't already been selling T-shirts reading, "I am Chris Lane". 

You think there isn't racism in America? The blacks who hate whites are coming out of the wood work to prove you wrong. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Et tu Rand, et tu?

Referring to Chris Christie, Rand Paul said on Fox News Sunday that there was room in the GOP for people who believe in bigger government. 

NO THERE ISN'T! This is precisely why I left the republican party in 2004. Big government republicans are indistinguishable from democrats....I mean other than abortion, what's the difference if it's OK for a so-called conservative to be for big, intrusive government?

Monday, August 19, 2013

FoxNation inexplicably points out hair color of bad teacher

I read this on FoxNation this morning. "Blonde Teacher Had Sex with Students in Classroom".

Why report her hair color? Besides, look at her picture, she's not really blonde. Would this not have been a story worth reporting if she had been a brunette or red head?

What is it with Fox? The editors always tease stories about bad teachers by pointing out their blonde hair. It's as if being blonde makes a woman particularly susceptible to her own sexual desires and unable to control them. I think it's more like the headline writers over at Fox are projecting their own prurient fantasies about blonde teachers onto their otherwise serious reporting.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Banning is the reflex answer for bad parenting

Apparently another kid got into the dish-washing detergent tabs thinking they were candy and killed himself by eating it. Predictably, parent groups are again calling for a ban on these extremely convenient products so dumb kids won't try to eat them.

I'm sorry, but how dumb of a parent are you if you have an orally-fixated child yet you fail to secure the cabinet doors under your sink where all the poison is?

Far too many parents think they live a no-fault existence. If anything bad happens to their brat, it's somebody else's fault and the whole dish-washing world must be inconvenienced because they didn't prevent their dumb kid from eating detergent.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Repent, for the end is surely near!

Here is a map of 1,400 asteroids NASA is currently tracking. They are classified as "potentially dangerous" because their orbits could coincide with the orbit of Earth and they are big enough to do considerable damage if they collided with us. 

I realize this is a 2D representation of 3D phenomena and it looks more congested as a result, but still, that's a lot of potential death and destruction swirling around our particular galactic neighborhood.

When middle east countries are ruled by brutal dictators, everybody's happy

There's chaos and violence in Syria, Libya is still dysfunctional, Iraq is about to descend into all-out civil war, and in Egypt the death toll is at 575 in just a few days as utter chaos there threatens the larger middle east as that country's peace treaty with Israel is clearly in question.

How's that Arab Spring working out, Obama?

I'd like to ask George Bush is Iraq in civil war was worth deposing Saddam Hussein?
I'd like to ask Obama if pulling the rug out from under Mubarak in Egypt and taking the side of Muslim rebels in Libya were such good ideas in hindsight?

And I'd like to ask the war hawks in US if the American lives and treasure we've expended over the last 12 years to impose our particular brand of democracy onto third-world Islamic/Arabic nations that do not understand or embrace it, were worth it?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The hostile colonization of the US by Mexican welfare peasants accelerates

If you've heard of the Cloward-Piven strategy, then this will make perfect sense. Mexican nationals by the tens of thousands are swarming immigration offices in San Diego using key phrases(the only English they can speak) such as "credible fear of drug cartels". This phrase gets you a series of hearings to determine if asylum is appropriate. Meanwhile you get to stay and eat free in hotels paid for by American taxpayers. None of these people hang around for the hearings....they just disappear and blend into the nation. 

Somebody is clearly coaching them. But who would intentionally invite millions of welfare colonists into the country? Obama is a known student of Cloward-Piven, the strategy by which the system is intentionally overwhelmed by demand for government handouts until it collapses. Then the ones in power can redesign government in their own craven image. Apparently Americans aren't demanding welfare in large enough numbers so Obama must import Mexican demand to speed up the process. 

If Hillary gets elected and this process continues for another 8 years, America will cease to exist as a recognizable nation state based on individual liberty and relative economic freedom. It'll be an asylum of anarchy, mob-rule, and poverty.....and hopefully I'll have gotten out.

Obama's contempt for Americans is patently obvious

No greater arrogance can a man have than one who names his dog after himself. 

And no greater contempt can a man have for the citizens who elected him than the one who spends tens of thousands to fly that dog on military aircraft to vacation, when the citizens are struggling to stay employed and fed. 

The V20-Osprey costs about $10,000/hour to operate. I'm no math whiz, but I count at least 5 attendees for Bo the dog. Really Obama, an expensive military aircraft and 5 serious personnel(not including the pilots) to ferry your f-ing dog and a sack of basketballs around? My God, the arrogance of this man is boundless!

Better find a second or third job my friends, King and Queen Obama might be planning another vacation with Bo and your taxes will be paying for it all.

Hillary shores up her racial bona fides with phony anecdote

Hillary inserts herself into pivotal moments in history with which she had nothing to do whatsoever. The Clinton's do this regularly, especially where race is concerned.....


Hillary used to claim that she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, the first guy who climbed Everest, ostensibly to claim some of his historical weight, destiny, and significance, but she was born 3 years before he climbed Everest.
Bill claimed that he gave up his school-bus seat to black children in order to show solidarity with Rosa Parks, but Bill grew up in a segregated community....there couldn't have been any black kids on his bus.
He also claimed that he witnessed black church fires in Arkansas, but there isn't a single reported instance of a church fire in Arkansas at any time in history.

The Clinton's have always been and will always be, liars. They'll make any claim to inject themselves into history in order to make their rise to power seem like part of our national destiny.

I don't know which is more embarrassing, that Hillary panders to blacks with this regularity or that blacks keep falling for it like lapdogs.

Monday, August 12, 2013

In Obama's America, black on white crime goes largely unreported

Meet Ray Widstrand, 26 of St. Paul. Over the weekend a crowd of 50 black people descended on Mr. Widsrand and beat him to the point that he has "likely fatal brain swelling" and if he survives, will have permanent, severe brain damage. 

Why you ask, why would people do something like this? Because Ray Widstrand was a white guy and the crowd was a mob of blacks. It's that simple. Since Obama has made his administration primarily about black empowerment, and righting all the wrongs done to blacks by a racist nation, blacks have felt validated in doing pretty much anything they like. They go wilding in the streets, looting and robbing convenience stores every weekend in most big cities in the US, they attack whites at random just for being white and justify it with the Trayvon Martin issue, and sometimes they kill or nearly kill white people just for being white. 

I had to read three stories about this horrific crime before I found one that mentioned the race of the perps. Because you see, to the media, blacks committing crimes against whites doesn't jive with their narrative of America being a racist nation where whites are always the evil perps and blacks always the noble victims.  

CVS joins the idiotic war on drugs

The retail pharmacy CVS announced today, over concerns about the manufacture by juveniles of crystal methamphetamine, that the store will now require ID for purchase of acetone-containing nail polish remover. Add this to the cold medicines being kept behind the counter and a store manager or pharmacist looking at you like a criminal when you request some pseudo-ephedrine for the sniffles, and you've got a major inconvenience for ordinary consumers.

The idiotic and wholly political "war on drugs" has been and continues to be an abject failure regardless of how you measure it.

In Oklahoma where meth-use is increasing dramatically -- and why not? what else is there to do in Oklahoma besides get high and dream of somewhere else? -- they passed the first cold medicine restriction laws and love to point out that "meth lab seizures" by law enforcement have increases by 80%. But what a weird standard by which to measure success? Meth lab seizures? They could have seized that many meth labs without limiting the access of Oklahomans to cold medicine.

The truth is that most of the meth in this country comes from two super-labs, one in California and one in Mexico where they import truckloads of ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine directly, not distilled from cold medicine. And every legitimate research lab in the country has a bottle of acetone. Limiting access to cold medicine and acetone just inconveniences consumers and forces drug users to buy meth from pushers.

40 years and over $1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) and the American appetite for drugs hasn't measurably abated one iota. What politician has the guts to say enough is enough?

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Keith Ellison says, "All your paychecks are belong to us"

Only Americans are dumb and self-loathing enough to elect a representative with the same ideological bent as their worst enemies. This was evidently the case with Keith Ellison, shamefully for those who voted for him, the first Muslim in the house of representatives. Regarding the government's looting of the national treasury to pay for votes from poor minorities and stupid, guilty whites, Rep. Ellison had this telling reveal.... 

“The bottom line is we’re not broke, there’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it. The government has a right, the government and the people of the United States have a right to run the programs of the United States. Health, welfare, housing — all these things.”

In other words, the government only lets you keep what it wants you to have after it's looted your pockets. And according to the former Nation of Islam vermin, they government hasn't looted enough.

Sticking out his hand in expectation, Ellison's thought bubble..."All your money are belong to us."

Obama screws over stupid swing-state voters along with the rest of us

Obama screwing over the very swing voters that turned the election his way would be even more hilariously hilarious if his method of doing so weren't so pernicious, dastardly, and tragic for them, and us. 

It is my understanding that because Florida and Ohio providers were allowed to sell bare-bones policies at basement premiums, these insurance-exchange consumers will be hardest hit in 2014 when forced by Obamacare to purchase much more coverage. 

How do you idiots in Ohio and Florida like the hopey-changey you saddled the rest of us with on election night now.....morons?

Thieves in Congress steal from taxpayers to fund their personal healthcare

-Corrupt congressmen have exempted themselves from the hellish social security system with which they burden taxpayers. 
-They've exempted themselves from insider trading laws by which taxpayers must abide. 
-They've issued themselves lavish retirement packages that taxpayers only dream about. 
-And now they've exempted themselves from the burden of higher premiums of Obamacare. And once again, taxpayers are on the hook for 75% of the premiums that will have to be paid by law, by representatives and their staff. 

The one provision of the ACA that allowed it to pass was the mandate the no elected official be exempt from the program. Everybody must suffer equally. I'm guessing they wrote that with a knowing wink and nod to each other, expecting that before the premium deadline kicked in, they could repeal that part of the law to save themselves money that the rest of us have to cough up. 

Sorry, but the Office of Personnel Management doesn't have the authority to take money from taxpayers to dole out to anybody to waive the financial responsiblilities imposed upon them by law. John Boehner must pass this as law in the House and Obama must sign it. I'll be interested to see how Boehner gets this through in the dead of a Friday night.

I swear, if they manage to exempt themselves from the ACA, I might abandon participatory politics altogether. Why vote? Can anybody tell me the use in voting when both parties rape the taxpayers nine ways from Sunday, with total impunity? 

Valerie Jarret is the "brains" of the Presidency

DougRoss is reporting that it was Valerie Jarret, not Obama, who refused support as the deadly attack in Benghazi took place. Apparently appalled white house insiders are reporting that there was a C-130 gunship, minutes away from Benghazi, on the tarmac in Tripoli, Libya and a force of Green Beret's nearby who could have easily rescued at least some of the casualties and kill an awful lot of terrorists, had they only been given the green light.

Who is this woman and why does she wield so much power in the first family and oval office? Why is she making the calls that the Sec. Def., Sec. State, Pentagon, and President should be making? No wonder there's been a massive cover-up of the events as they unfolded that night. Obama cannot be seen as yielding his executive authority over to a civilian during a crisis.

People have suspected it all along, but the evidence is mounting to the point that there's no denying that Valerie Jarret is the real President of the US, not the effete Obama.

Monday, August 05, 2013

US runs scared, and with good reason

The US, Canada, and some other western-European nations closed embassies in dozens of middle-east countries on Sunday on the news of "credible and specific threats" from Al-Qaeda. The US embassies are expected to remain closed for about a week.

First, why do we even have embassies in half these countries, if other than to provide prestigious jobs for President's campaign bundlers? And second, what's to stop Al-Qaeda from just postponing whatever attack they're planning until we come back?

We need to be a far less presence in that part of the world. They hate us and we don't understand them. All we're going to do is get US civilians slaughtered.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Self-serving thieves in congress essentially exempt selves/staff from Obamacare

This might the most reprehensible story I've read all week....and that's saying something because I read stories about congress every day....

Members of congress have petitioned Obama, and he's promised a remedy already, for taxpayers to subsidize the skyrocketing healthcare premiums that will have to be paid by members and their staff when they have to enroll in healthcare exchanges like the rest of us.

The fear is that the excessive costs will essentially result in a "brain drain" from DC into the private sector. But seriously, how much brain power is there really in DC? I would argue very little.

The office of personnel management (OPM) says it will pick up as much as 75% of the cost of premiums of members of congress and their staff.

Why are they special? Why aren't they burdened with paying the higher premiums the way the rest of Americans will be?

Why is it my job to fund the healthcare of these rich people?

Georgia is the canary in the coalmine of Obamacare

Georgia is the canary in the coalmine of Obamacare:

As a native Georgian, I'm sympathetic to your insurance rates possibly going up by 200% because of Obamacare. But remember, this was entirely intentional and foreseen by Obama. 

Few will be able to afford hikes like that and will be forced onto the Medicaid roles......and that my friends was the whole point of Obamacare.....to decimate the private insurance industry to the point that we end up with government single-payer.....all Americans + illegal aliens suffering equally and dying in the misery of Medicaid.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

The new American police state, coming to your town

Meet Michelle Catalano. Watch Michelle, her husband, and daughter being terrorized by DHS thugs. "Why", you ask?

Because Michelle committed the apparent crime of searching the Interwebs for "pressure cookers" in the same general time frame that her husband searched for "backpacks". Evidently after the marathon bombing, the terms "pressure cooker" and "backpack" are forbidden in the American lexicon the same way the word "bomb" must never be uttered in an airport.

But the bigger question is how did the authorities know the Catalano's had searched, however innocently, the Web for those items? The same way they know that you are right now, reading this blog post that is hostile to the government and critical of DHS's heavy-handed tactics. They also know that in times of crisis, the weak-minded American people will abandon their rights in favor of safety. That's why the 4th amendment guarantee against unreasonable searches has been thrown in the waste bin, so you can pretend that the government thugs who raid your house based on nothing but an innocent Web search, are just doing it for the greater good.

Coming soon.....the behavior police

Obama's Orwellian named "Behavioral Insights Team" is referred to as a "nudge squad" and it confirms the condescending paternalism with which government elitists view their roles in the lives of ordinary citizen rabble. Using psychological tricks, they intend to bend us to their will by optimizing our behavior to come in line with how they feel we should behave, whether it's how we eat, drive, consume health care, pay taxes, recycle, vote, you name it. There is no facet of life that the Obama administration doesn't want to influence, or to put more accurately, "dictate".

But when does a nudge become a shove and then a boot to the ass?

If a PSA for recycling is considered a nudge, what happens when I don't recycle? Will I be forcefully "re-educated" in the ways of environmentalism? Will I be taxed for every beer can that ends up in my trash instead of the approved container? Will the trash police have guns and the authority to raid my house at any time to verify my compliance?

This is the worst and possibly the scariest idea for the role of government I've ever heard.

Not every problem has a government solution

Apparently the newest Hollywood craze is to have a vitamin IV drip composed of things such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium. These celebrities like to think it's for various health reasons, none of which are valid. Models, musicians, athletes, and actors are dripping their way to imagined beauty and hangover remedy and in the process, scarfing up these rare minerals that premature babies need to stay alive. So many celebrities are doing this now that hospitals are having a difficult time stocking these vitamin-IV's and babies are going without.

The nurses are whining that the government should put a stop to this idiocy. While it is certainly idiotic, it isn't against the law, nor should it be, and the government has no business regulating who can infuse themselves with vitamins. This is a free market problem with a free market remedy. If the demand is high enough for more vitamin drips, the market will provide more....all without government intervention.