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Monday, August 19, 2013

FoxNation inexplicably points out hair color of bad teacher

I read this on FoxNation this morning. "Blonde Teacher Had Sex with Students in Classroom".

Why report her hair color? Besides, look at her picture, she's not really blonde. Would this not have been a story worth reporting if she had been a brunette or red head?

What is it with Fox? The editors always tease stories about bad teachers by pointing out their blonde hair. It's as if being blonde makes a woman particularly susceptible to her own sexual desires and unable to control them. I think it's more like the headline writers over at Fox are projecting their own prurient fantasies about blonde teachers onto their otherwise serious reporting.


David said...

"Prurient"? Where's my dictionary?

Ed said...

David, that word is found in the Supreme Court's definition of pornography. "Any material that appeals to the prurient interests of the average man applying contemporary community standards". I think Justice Potter Stewart wrote it.