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Monday, August 26, 2013

Media blames video games for violence, never horrible parenting

Police are investigating a murder in which an 8 year old shot his 87 year old grandmother in the head in Slaughter, La.

It is thought that he shot her immediately after playing Grand Theft Auto. Predictably parents' groups are in a snit over the violence of video games causing kids to act violently. But why aren't these groups upset about the horrible parenting required for a kid to have access to 1, a gun, and 2, the rated "M" for mature video game in the first place?

Millions of adults enjoy the GTA series and don't go out and kill people. Millions of adults safely own firearms in the home with children and they don't kill each other with them. This is a bad parenting story, not a violent video game causes violent behavior story.

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