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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blacks now killing whites out of sheer boredom

The rampage of black-on-white crime in America continues unabated, this time in Duncan, OK. Australian college student Chris Lane and his girl-friend were jogging when these three model citizens shot him in the back, drive-by style, because, as they admitted to police, they were bored. The animal they slaughtered earlier that day didn't give them enough of a thrill. 

Chris, attending college on a baseball scholarship, is dead and his girl-friend and her family are heartbroken.

Still no word from the white house on which of these upstanding youths Obama's son would look like, if he had one, but I'm confident spokes-liar Jay Carney will tell us any day now. And I'm shocked, SHOCKED that the Rev's Sharpton and Jackson haven't already been selling T-shirts reading, "I am Chris Lane". 

You think there isn't racism in America? The blacks who hate whites are coming out of the wood work to prove you wrong. 


Anonymous said...

This isn't the mugshots of the shooters. Michael Jones is actually a white kid with blond hair and blue eyes. The fact that you are lying so desperately shows how false and pathetic your narrative is.

Ed said...

Yes it is you dickhead! I just read another story today with the names Edwards, Luna, and Jones.

And my narrative is spot on. Do you fantasize even for a second that these kids would have shot a black jogger in the back? Not a chance.

Anonymous said...

No, it is not Michael Jones. Michael Jones is a white kid with blond hair and blue eyes. Your ignorance is amazing.


Now quit lying.

Anonymous said...


And from Fox News. Liar.

Anonymous said...

Do you think this is new ? I was attacked at "random". Any time you hear whites being victimized they use this word so you don't thin it is a hate crime. When you hear the word " random " it is mostly used for whites not any other race. Look up the guy in Kansas city Missouri that was killed at "random" for riding his bicycle by bored blacks. You live in a dream world if you think this is the first time there have been many whites killed by blacks over the years do your research and stop thinking the media will tell you the race of the victim because when you think its black on black some times it is not. They will try their best not to tell you when a white person is murdered. Research the victims name then you will find out sometimes it is white people always being murdered by blacks.

Anonymous said...

For the moron who says there was a white kid involved in this crime no he was a half breed coon like Obama. So how is he white ? Stupid people want to cover up the crimes of blacks to make them look innocent all of the criminals in this crime were black not white. You stupid piece of shit!