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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Valerie Jarret is the "brains" of the Presidency

DougRoss is reporting that it was Valerie Jarret, not Obama, who refused support as the deadly attack in Benghazi took place. Apparently appalled white house insiders are reporting that there was a C-130 gunship, minutes away from Benghazi, on the tarmac in Tripoli, Libya and a force of Green Beret's nearby who could have easily rescued at least some of the casualties and kill an awful lot of terrorists, had they only been given the green light.

Who is this woman and why does she wield so much power in the first family and oval office? Why is she making the calls that the Sec. Def., Sec. State, Pentagon, and President should be making? No wonder there's been a massive cover-up of the events as they unfolded that night. Obama cannot be seen as yielding his executive authority over to a civilian during a crisis.

People have suspected it all along, but the evidence is mounting to the point that there's no denying that Valerie Jarret is the real President of the US, not the effete Obama.

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