“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day in a single picture

This pretty aptly sums up Memorial Day. 

I'll bet 9 out of every 10 people under 30 at the beach this weekend could not tell you what is being memorialized on Memorial Day......that is if you could get them to put their phones down long enough to understand the question. 

Saw a story this morning where a retired guy on a motorcycle was struck and killed by a young girl distracted by texting. The family of the guy is suing the girl, but also the two guys who were texting her at the time, the assumption being that they are partially responsible for texting her, knowing that she was driving at the time.
Whoa! I'm no legal scholar but how can you be sued for texting somebody while sitting on your couch? It is 100% the responsibility of the DRIVER not to answer or even look at the text while driving.
In order for this to be a thing, the assumption must be made that young people are mentally, physically, and emotionally incapable of not acknowledging a text, the second that they receive one. I realize that this is practically the case with most kids, but if you claim to be responsible enough to drive, then you must accept 100% of the responsibility for safe operation of your car. i.e., how can somebody outside the car be held responsible for its safe operation?
The judge needs to throw this out, it's a bad idea.
If you think I'm wrong, jump on in the mosh pit and let's get our debate on.  ;-)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Zoos should be safer than this......for the animals I mean

A 3 year old boy crawled through a fence and fell into the gorilla enclosure moat at the Cincinnati zoo. After the boy was dragged violently around by the male gorilla (pictured), the zoo personnel had to kill the gorilla to save the boy. How horrible!

If this had been an adult who jumped into the enclosure on purpose, I'd say let the gorillas have him, but this was a dumb kid, obviously not being watched by what I assume to be idiot parents/guardians.

This happens all the time at zoos around the world. How is it possible that every zoo by now, hasn't secured all dangerous animal enclosures against such entrances? How did this happen?

Saturday, May 28, 2016

American environmentalists are partially to blame for Zika's rapid spread

Amid the mosquito-borne Zika virus spreading now to 50 countries, there is a rising call to move the Rio Olympics to avoid further spreading the disease. (logically it is unwise to invite people from every country in the world to a hotbed of infectious disease, then send them home to infect their home countries. Um, can you say pandemic?)

So far over 4000 babies, the most susceptible, have been born with microcephaly and a few adults have died. Critics blame the Brazilian government for not better controlling the mosquito population.

I have one acronym for you sanctimonious critics......DDT!

The most efficient and potent mosquito control chemical ever invented is kept on the sidelines of the war on mosquito-borne disease because of a ridiculous, poorly done study by a flaky environmentalist Rachel Carson and then FDA head and Greenpeace officer Bill Ruckelshaus who banned it solely because of Carson's stupid book, "Silent Spring".

The smug sanctimony of American environmentalists has condemned millions of third-world peasants to death, disease, and birth defects.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A.I. fast food is right around the corner

Full grown adults who can't manage to rise above minimum wage at fast food jobs clearly aren't that bright to begin with, but these McDonald's morons in Chicago who're striking for $15/hr minimum wage, in the age of automation, are only hastening their own inevitable replacement by friendly, efficient, clean, prompt, and accurate robots.
They're too dumb to figure out that $15/hr is too high a labor cost for sacking fries, when for $35,000 and a can of 3-and-1 oil, a robot can do it perfectly and without complaint for decades.....much cheaper than human labor.....at least at $15/hr.
Keep marching idiots, and when your A.I. replacements get delivered, you can keep marching on down to the unemployment office and pick up your first of undoubtedly many free checks.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Human/animal chimeras, just around the corner?

So the government is overseeing the hybridization of animals and humans......sort of. They're funding the experimentation of putting some human genes into animals to address histo-compatibility problems with transplants etc. Technically these are chimeras, but you mention that word and people go crazy imagining bizarre, gross half man half pig, horror movie creatures.

Relax people, we're not quite there yet.

That said, my motto regarding this sort of science is, if it can be done, is should be done and let the ethics lawyers catch up.

Until they do, I for one would welcome the superior pig-men overlords that would shepherd humanity toward a brighter tomorrow.

Solar power ain't ready for prime time

The worlds biggest green-energy boondoggle is located in the Mojave Desert. The $2.2 Billion Ivanpah solar farm is necessarily heavily subsidized by taxpayers, has fried to death 3,500 birds in only 15 months of operation, only produces 40% of projected energy output, emits 46,000 metric tons of CO2 because it requires natural gas to operate, and we hear this week that misaligned mirrors caused wires in the 300 foot tower to catch fire.....heh heh heh. 

Solar power is a nice idea on a small scale, maybe as a supplement, but it just doesn't work when applied on a large scale. If solar were so wonderful, why does it need so much, of any, natural gas to operate? 

If solar power can't be a competitive source of energy in the market place, then it's not ready and taxpayers shouldn't be forced to subsidize this stupid industry. 

suicide by lion, a popular way to go

Regular reader Dave sent this in.....

In Santiago, Chili, a deranged, suicidal man jumped into the lion enclosure, took off all his clothes, and began taunting the lions, one male and one female.
Predictably, the lions were not amused, mauled him, and began dragging him back to their den, presumably to have a nice meal together.
Happy story so far am I right? Not so fast my friend, the Chilean zoo-keepers stupidly elected to shoot and kill both lions to save the man's life. But the man is in grave condition at the hospital and will probably die as wished.

When these morons attempt suicide by lion, just let them. Move the crowds of children away and let the lions do what they do best.
Perhaps the last thing this guy saw....

Two scoops and a bowl of Semtex

On Rush's show today, Islamic scholar Fareed Zakaria revealed that the Arabic word for "virgins" has been mistranslated and is actually the word for "raisins".
Hilariously, this has grave implications for the profession of suicide bombing. Good luck getting some moron to blow himself up on the promise of 72 raisins in heaven. Heh heh heh.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thoughtless Americans inadvertently make me LOL

A friend of mine over on Facebook posted this today. Now not much amuses me, but this cracked me up. I LOL'd.

You know some of these kids look at the stupid crap we thoughtless Americans send them to make ourselves feel charitable and guilt-free as we sleep in safety and air conditioning and wake to $7 cups of coffee at Starbucks, and they think, what a bunch of a-holes!

Still, this is funny as heck.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Government bureaucrats......uugghh!!!

I'm doing a traffic study inside The Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville so I needed a security clearance/visitors pass to get on base.
At the visitor center the waiting room was totally empty, totally, so I walked up to a window and asked for help. The girl behind the otherwise empty bank of windows said I had to take a number from the kiosk in the lobby. I looked around dramatically and exclaimed "I'm the only one here."
Unimpressed, she pointed to the digital sign above her which read "Now Serving Visitor #59" and she asked, "Do you have number 59?"
Remembering my days in the Air Force and what wastes of space civilian worker drones are and how logic and sense are completely lost on them, I sauntered on over, pushed the button, and was rewarded with a slip of paper labeling me visitor #60.
I handed her the paper and she pushed some hidden button and the sign changed to "Now Serving Visitor #60".
She smirked at me as if she'd just taught me a lesson or something.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jeb just can't get anybody to care about him

Jeb Bush criticized Trump for his tweet on Cinco de Mayo featuring a picture of himself eating a taco salad and the words, "I love Hispanics".
Bush thought it was racist in the same way as tweeting about watermelons with regards to blacks.
Wrong Jeb, taco salad isn't a racial stereotype the way watermelons are. Heck, every American eats Mexican food and beer to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
Jeb is still sore that his doomed candidacy never got off the ground. Here's the boy who would be king approximating the number of chances in a million he'll ever hold elected office again.

Young nurse shark tired of swimmers' crap

Regular reader Dave sent this in......

Down in south Florida, according to onlookers, a bunch of swimmers were antagonizing a small nurse shark(adults can reach 11 feet but this one was 2 feet). Having had enough of their bullshit, the nurse shark bit a girl's arm and wouldn't let go, even after it was removed from the water and eventually died in the hands of paramedics. 

GOOD! I hate that the nurse shark died, but I'm tickled pink that he brought some pain to one of these idiots who kept messing with it. Here's hoping the bite wound gets infected.  

Obama decides to tilt at the Libyan windmill

So the Obama administration announced, along with other UNSC member nations, that we are ready to start re-arming the newly-recognized Libyan government to help it fight against ISIS. 

Shouldn't we stop to consider what happened in Iraq when we armed Iraqi forces to fight ISIS there two years ago? At the first sign of resistance, the highly US-trained Iraqis turned tail, discarded their uniforms, and ran away, leaving all those brand new state-of-the-art weapons for ISIS to fight with. 

I realize our defense contractors would welcome the extra business of arming yet another war, but what is the end game here? What will we do when Libyan forces join ISIS or simply decide not to fight? I'll bet Washington hasn't even considered such an eventuality any more than they considered the likelihood that the mythical Arab Spring was nothing but a blank check to ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood to take over country after country as we pulled the rugs out from under the current governments at the time. 

I wonder in '08 if Obama would have predicted that in 2016, Americans would still be dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, and probably soon Syria and Libya, for ideas of regional democracy that are nebulous at best?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Weather girl apparently too sexy for morning TV


I saw this story on the news this morning and I wondered, what kind of tiresome busy-body do you have to be to actually live-email a news show to complain about the dress of the weather chick?
Hey tedious KTLA viewers, maybe unlike you she has a life and just came directly from an all-night rave to do the weather just for you. So why don't you shut up, mind your own business or lack thereof, and just sit on your couches watching the idiot box while life passes you by, and when you feel the need to criticize the perfectly nice dress that somebody prettier than you is wearing, put the keyboard down, take a breath, then go dunk your head in the toilet.
I'm guessing the critiques came from a bunch of fat hausfraus who got jealous when their husbands suddenly looked up from the paper and Cheerios to watch the weather for a change. 
Idiots, I swear!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

80 year old grandmother defended her castle like a boss

Meet 80 year old Barb Moles. She was home with her husband John when she heard a commotion in the kitchen. She found John on the floor stabbed and beaten with a crowbar, and intruder Stephen Sheppard looking for prescription medications to steal.
Barb went to her room, grabbed her .38 pistol, and gave Sheppard an early introduction to his maker.
If Democrats have their way, Barb would be told to cower in a closet and hope for the best.
If more Americans exercised their 2nd amendment rights to self defense like Barb did, there would be far fewer home invasion crimes......either out of deterrence or a home owner-assisted shrinking supply of invaders.  ;-)

Caitlyn wants to be Bruce again

So I'm embarrassed to have to admit to reading ANYTHING at all on the over-promoted Kardashian tramps and their extended low-IQ clan, but as a former fan of Bruce Jenner, this caught my eye.
Apparently "Caitlyn" is regretting the gender transition (seriously, who could have predicted?) and might reverse-transition back to being Bruce because get this......he always has and still has a thing for women and wants to be married again.
So let me do the mental gymnastics to get this straight......the dude on the Wheaties box always dug chicks but had a fetish for being a chick, to the point that he became sort-of a chick, but now because "she" still digs chicks, quasi-lesbianism isn't an option(even though "she" is the current hood ornament for LGBTQ advocacy) but becoming a man again is?

So Bruce is either one of the most messed up guys ever(no doubt due to his proximity to the Kardashian train-wreck) or because nobody's watching his stupid reality show, his publicist told him a re-transition to "male" would get people interested in him for another year or two, and he can make money off that.
Good grief, what a country.

Liberalism in a nutshell

The America progressives dream about, in a nutshell. 

Start their unearned-entitlement expectations out early and by adulthood they are thoroughly indoctrinated in the ways of shiftlessness and indolence as a lifestyle. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I'm not sure personal judgement has anything to do with news reporting

Wait. so Fox News chief white house reporter Ed Henry got busted by his wife for having an affair with a Vegas stripper and Roger Ailes says it brings into question his judgement as a journalist? What does one have to do with the other?
He reports the political news, he doesn't make the political news. What kind of judgement does a reporter apply when telling us what happened in DC that day, I mean if he's being straight and not slanting the news?
If marital fidelity is the standard for keeping your job, then half the people in Washington should be fired today.....and probably the other half in six months. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Obama discounts hard work, tells black students "You're just lucky"

This weekend at Howard University's commencement, President Obama doubled down on his infamous "you didn't build that" remarks of 2012. He told the graduates to "be confident in your blackness" whatever that means, and to "stand up for those African Americans who haven’t been so lucky — because, yes, you’ve worked hard, but you’ve also been lucky."

Yeah, lucky enough to have an establishment who values your skin color far more than your work ethic. 

As a liberal, Obama believes that any accomplishment or accumulation of wealth is based on winning life's lottery, chance, good fortune. Liberals never give credit to hard work, good life choices, and nose-to-the-grindstone determination. 

That's where the idiotic phrase "those less fortunate among us" and "giving back" came from, the delusional notion that nobody is responsible for their own life's outcome. That the fickle hand of fate chooses winners and losers and therefor the winners owe what they have to the losers.....out of fairness or some fantasy that society gave you something that it didn't give everybody else, so you owe it to society to return it. It's almost always simply giving, not giving back. 

By conscious decision, I never call people "less fortunate" or use the phrase "give back", precisely because I don't want to add to the myth that hard work, sound decision making, and long-term goals didn't have everything to do with why I didn't become a drug-dealing bum. 

Monday, May 09, 2016

Transgendered bathroom choice doesn't have to be a problem

If the media are to be believed, the nation is over-run with trannies, cross-dressers, and people in the process of gender reassignment, and all manner of accommodation must be made to make them comfortable.
I don't have any issues with people doing whatever makes them happy, but I seriously doubt the numbers are that high, but even if they are, the silly NC law mandating that you use the bathroom corresponding to your gender at birth, is simply idiotic, given the fact that these harmless people do exist and the bathroom problem is very easy to address.
For those businesses who want to address it, have one public bathroom in your store designated with this sign.
Bingo, problem solved.

SIDEBAR: If you're a man and your thing is dressing as a woman, shave your legs, break out the mascara brush, and go for it, but please learn to walk properly in heels. Nothing's worse than seeing a woman(or man) clomping around in heels with knees bent like a T-rex, looking like a 5 year old trying on her mother's shoes.

Mercury's transit only happens 16 times a century

Don't forget to watch the transit of Mercury on any one of the web-based live space channels. It's already started and will last about 7 hours.

Public Service Announcement: unless you are really spectacularly stupid, you should know not to look directly at the sun with binoculars or a telescope. Obviously Mercury is tiny and you cannot see it against the brightness of the sun, so unless you have special goggles that allow direct-sun viewing, the only way to watch it is on the web where they do have special cameras for sun viewing. 

Friday, May 06, 2016

Have a seat Mitt

Mitt Romney's camp(who knew Mitt Romney still had a camp?) announced that he won't be attending the GOP convention in Cleveland.
How is this news? Mitt Romney was irrelevant the day he won the nomination and has only gotten more irrelevant with every passing news cycle. He keeps making announcements and appearances as if anybody's listening.
Have a seat Mitt, nobody cares what you think or do, nobody has for a long time.....except maybe the guy who counts tithe money at whatever church you go to.

Here Romney indicates how many active Twitter followers he still has, not including the tithe guy at church.....

Thursday, May 05, 2016

The doom of the GOP is a blessing

So everybody on the right side of the beltway is fainting with the vapors because Trump is now the titular head of the party, at least until November. They're wailing and gnashing their teeth at how Trump will destroy the good name of the GOP, how he'll ruin the GOP brand for a generation, the sky is falling, etc, etc, etc. 

I say GOOD! 

And what GOP brand is worth salvaging? And who but GOP beltway insiders wants to keep the pathetic GOP status quo? It's the big-government party of Bush, Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, and Rove. These guys aren't interested in limiting government, only in redirecting our massive tax burden to the programs and agencies with which they reward their friends rather than to the democrats' programs and agencies. That and keeping their names on the A-list cocktail circuit where they all laugh at what suckers the American voters are to believe that voting in elections means anything substantive to our lives. It does not. We're merely voting for a hood ornament. Everything else basically stays the same regardless of who pretends to be in charge. 

I hope that from the ashes of the GOP immolation rises a Libertarian-leaning party that I can be excited to be a part of. 

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Everybody draw Muhammad

You remember the "Draw Muhammad" contest in Garland, TX where a couple of crazed, blood-thirsty Muslims tried to kill everybody at the gathering, only to be shot dead by an alert cop?
Well, this is the winner of the contest. It went on sale on eBay a couple of days ago but the auction is gone now, I guess somebody bought it.
The dialogue therein sums up precisely why everybody should draw Muhammad, because we are told we can't.

Naturally, technology stays far ahead of the law

A California federal judge has ordered the GIRLFRIEND of an FBI Armenian-gang suspect to surrender her phone and use her thumb-print to unlock it for them. She is not, repeat NOT, a suspect in his purported criminal activities, nor is she under any investigations by the FBI. 

Apparently the FBI went to the judge in secret, without the girlfriend or her lawyer present, and convinced the judge that they needed her phone to look for criminal activity of his. Clearly to me, this is a blatant violation of her 4th right to unreasonable search and seizure(or as most call it our "guaranteed right to privacy" and certainly her 5th right to not to be compelled to incriminate herself. 

In what kind of Orwellian imperial state are we now living where in secret, a federal judge and FBI, with all the firepower and force that implies, can violate not one but two of a citizen's rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, simply in the name of fishing for evidence, when that citizen is not a suspect in any crime? 

Unless she is named as a suspect and the feds can show the judge, with her lawyers present, that they have reasonable cause to suspect her of a crime, they don't have the right to compel her to in effect, make a statement against herself that she doesn't want to make. 

I'm guessing these types of cases will work their way to the Supreme Court in the next session hopefully and this nonsense will be settled. 

Iran does not fear Obama, nor should they

So the Iranians, flush with anti-US nationalism after capturing and humiliating 10 or so US sailors for a day, a few months ago, are threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz to all US petroleum shipping if we or our allies(Israel) "threaten the Islamic Republic". (About 1/3 of all commercial petroleum flows through the Strait)

Make whatever argument you like regarding US meddling in the region, their affairs are none of our business, we brought terrorism on ourselves, whatever, but such a move would likely do serious damage to our economy, at least in the short term. I think the US would be within its rights to defend our petroleum shipments out of the region and Iran would be wise to get out of the way. 

Not sure Obama has the stones or desire to go toe-to-toe with Iran in their back yard, but if he cares about his legacy, he should consider what the historians will write about most, his aggressive defense of legal American assets in international shipping lanes, or his submissive obeisance to blood-thirsty mullahs who chant "death to America" every time there's a camera around.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Missouri feels the effects of PC adherence

I'm embarrassed to have the University of Missouri in the SEC now. The moronic students there apparently have nothing better to do than be perpetually offended by virtually everything.

At the campus food court there is a sushi bar called "Sunshine Sushi" with the logo above. Now see if you can follow this tortured logic.......some deranged student decided that the logo offended him because it vaguely reminded him of the Japanese rising sun flag and because of that, reminded him symbolically of the Nazi’s Hakenkreuz (swastika) and that reminded him of the aggression of those two nations during WWII. And having been reminded of history, he wants the logo changed.

Have you ever heard of anything so stupid?

You may remember that it was at Missouri that the BLM protests included a journalism professor who on camera, advocated for violence against a student journalist covering the protest.

As a result of all this PC insanity, the Missou president sent out a letter to the faculty this week announcing a $32Million budget shortfall because matriculation has fallen by 1500 students each semester since last years BLM protest.

Hahahaha, morons!