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Monday, May 09, 2016

Transgendered bathroom choice doesn't have to be a problem

If the media are to be believed, the nation is over-run with trannies, cross-dressers, and people in the process of gender reassignment, and all manner of accommodation must be made to make them comfortable.
I don't have any issues with people doing whatever makes them happy, but I seriously doubt the numbers are that high, but even if they are, the silly NC law mandating that you use the bathroom corresponding to your gender at birth, is simply idiotic, given the fact that these harmless people do exist and the bathroom problem is very easy to address.
For those businesses who want to address it, have one public bathroom in your store designated with this sign.
Bingo, problem solved.

SIDEBAR: If you're a man and your thing is dressing as a woman, shave your legs, break out the mascara brush, and go for it, but please learn to walk properly in heels. Nothing's worse than seeing a woman(or man) clomping around in heels with knees bent like a T-rex, looking like a 5 year old trying on her mother's shoes.


Bill said...

The average Millenial probably thinks that 40% of the country is gay and 10% are "trans" when the real figures are about 3% and 0.1%, if that much.

If you ever doubt that sustained propaganda works, here is your proof.

Ed said...

Yeah, they've been telling us for years that 10% of every species on Earth is gay. It was a concerted effort to convince the world that AIDS was more than a "gay" disease by making them a much larger part of the population.

Now I think it's just the typical effort to force bizarre behavior on everybody else as the new normal.