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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

suicide by lion, a popular way to go

Regular reader Dave sent this in.....

In Santiago, Chili, a deranged, suicidal man jumped into the lion enclosure, took off all his clothes, and began taunting the lions, one male and one female.
Predictably, the lions were not amused, mauled him, and began dragging him back to their den, presumably to have a nice meal together.
Happy story so far am I right? Not so fast my friend, the Chilean zoo-keepers stupidly elected to shoot and kill both lions to save the man's life. But the man is in grave condition at the hospital and will probably die as wished.

When these morons attempt suicide by lion, just let them. Move the crowds of children away and let the lions do what they do best.
Perhaps the last thing this guy saw....

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