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Monday, May 16, 2016

Weather girl apparently too sexy for morning TV


I saw this story on the news this morning and I wondered, what kind of tiresome busy-body do you have to be to actually live-email a news show to complain about the dress of the weather chick?
Hey tedious KTLA viewers, maybe unlike you she has a life and just came directly from an all-night rave to do the weather just for you. So why don't you shut up, mind your own business or lack thereof, and just sit on your couches watching the idiot box while life passes you by, and when you feel the need to criticize the perfectly nice dress that somebody prettier than you is wearing, put the keyboard down, take a breath, then go dunk your head in the toilet.
I'm guessing the critiques came from a bunch of fat hausfraus who got jealous when their husbands suddenly looked up from the paper and Cheerios to watch the weather for a change. 
Idiots, I swear!!


Bill said...

That must have been hulmiiating for the weather girl. Very poorly handled, and I predict she leaves that station soon.

Bill said...


David said...

Wow! How did that happen?

Ed said...

Apparently this particular news room has a reputation for being kind of zany and loose with usual broadcast rules, often showing the talent walking behind cameras and regularly breaking from the prompters and chatting and making jokes. It's kind of their trademark. So the producer handing her a sweater on camera is sort of par for the course there, BUT, responding that way to a bunch of fat, jealous bitties sitting at home sending mean emails was ridiculous.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

I would not be surprised to learn that this "zany" news room decided to milk the complaint(s) for some yuks. (Note the smile on the weather presenter's face.)