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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Solar power ain't ready for prime time

The worlds biggest green-energy boondoggle is located in the Mojave Desert. The $2.2 Billion Ivanpah solar farm is necessarily heavily subsidized by taxpayers, has fried to death 3,500 birds in only 15 months of operation, only produces 40% of projected energy output, emits 46,000 metric tons of CO2 because it requires natural gas to operate, and we hear this week that misaligned mirrors caused wires in the 300 foot tower to catch fire.....heh heh heh. 

Solar power is a nice idea on a small scale, maybe as a supplement, but it just doesn't work when applied on a large scale. If solar were so wonderful, why does it need so much, of any, natural gas to operate? 

If solar power can't be a competitive source of energy in the market place, then it's not ready and taxpayers shouldn't be forced to subsidize this stupid industry. 


Bill said...

The giant windmills are worse - eagle cusinarts. The Fish and Wildlife Service, which would jail you for possessing a feather, approves.

Ed said...

Yeah, both wind and solar are good ideas, right up until they leave the drawing room table. Then they are worse than useless disasters.