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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Caitlyn wants to be Bruce again

So I'm embarrassed to have to admit to reading ANYTHING at all on the over-promoted Kardashian tramps and their extended low-IQ clan, but as a former fan of Bruce Jenner, this caught my eye.
Apparently "Caitlyn" is regretting the gender transition (seriously, who could have predicted?) and might reverse-transition back to being Bruce because get this......he always has and still has a thing for women and wants to be married again.
So let me do the mental gymnastics to get this straight......the dude on the Wheaties box always dug chicks but had a fetish for being a chick, to the point that he became sort-of a chick, but now because "she" still digs chicks, quasi-lesbianism isn't an option(even though "she" is the current hood ornament for LGBTQ advocacy) but becoming a man again is?

So Bruce is either one of the most messed up guys ever(no doubt due to his proximity to the Kardashian train-wreck) or because nobody's watching his stupid reality show, his publicist told him a re-transition to "male" would get people interested in him for another year or two, and he can make money off that.
Good grief, what a country.


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Who are these Kardashians of whom you speak?

Ed said...

Seriously? Do you own a TV?

Bill said...

So, if he changes back, will the SJW class celebrate his choice or savagely attack?

Blogger said...

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