“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, April 30, 2010

The #1 political axiom.....Americans vote their pocket book

Since Arizona passed it's tough immigration law, many of the half million illegal aliens there are saying that they'll leave the state and seek jobs elsewhere. I predict that these other states will see a spike in social service demands, crime, wage depression, and unemployment claims by citizens. Hopefully this will compel them to pass similar illegal-immigration laws as well.

Obama and the democrats want badly to amnetize(is that a word?) all 12-20million illegals and in effect create a permanent majority for themselves, because most of those will be on the government welfare rolls and will certainly vote for democrats to keep the cash and prizes coming. It's the same reason democrats want Puerto Rico to become the 51st state....instant democrat voters.

But even Obama and Emanual aren't stupid and idealistic enough to try to pass an amnesty bill in an election year. Many current democrat voters are losing their jobs and/or having their wages depressed because of illegal immigrants working for peanuts. Legitimizing that will alienate those dem voters and make conservatives out of them. If a candidate or party is seen by the voters as taking money out of their pockets, they are likely to lose. All politicians know this. Hopefully this will give time to other state legislatures to pass similar laws.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Odd headline of the day

Remember the Sesame Street game..."Which of these things does not belong with the other ones" Let's play it today ourselves....here's the list and you pick out which one doesn't belong with the others....

Deep Sea oil derrick, US Coast Guard, US Navy, SWAT Team, British Petroleum Company representatives.

If you guessed SWAT Team, clearly you're brighter than our boy-genius President.....

Mr. Obama said SWAT teams were being dispatched to the Gulf to investigate oil rigs and said his administration is now working to determine the cause of the disaster.

What exactly do para-military attack squads know about investigating marine oil spills? BP is asking for American naval expertise in the areas of acoustic equipment, remote vehicles, and engineering expertise....none of which SWAT has any working knowledge.

I hate to be an alarmist but what could a SWAT team possibly do to assist in the investigation and clean-up of an oil spill in the middle of the Gulf? Is the administration going to seize this crisis, like they do all crises, as an opportunity to effectively take control of the petroleum industry in the US just as they did the car, banking, insurance, and healthcare industries? Just asking.

Obama the Marxist

Chairman Zero went off teleprompter yesterday and revealed more about his beliefs regarding entrepreneurship, capitalism, and the free market than he probably intended.....[emphasis mine]

We’re not, we’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that’s fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money. But, you know, part of the American way is, you know, you can just keep on making it if you’re providing a good product or providing good service. We don’t want people to stop, ah, fulfilling the core responsibilities of the financial system to help grow our economy.

Whose business is it of his to decide how much money is enough to have earned? I think the 5-6million that he made last year far exceeds his worth. The difference is he has the power of the federal government to take as much as he wants of what I earned and I can't take one thin dime from him. In that one sentence Obama showed that he thinks the State should have a hand in determining the income of all Americans according to what it thinks is fair.

Also, the core responsibility of the financial system is not to grow the economy. That's just what happens when the State gets out of the way, and businesses are allowed to pursue profits in any legal way they choose. The only, the single, the lone responsibility of any business is to make as much money for the stock-holders as is legally possible. There was never a private business started in the history of the world for any reason other than to make as much money for the owner as he could make.....period. It's not to provide high-paying jobs to shiftless union thugs. It's not to shower retirees with generous benefits packages. And it's not to grow the economy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Washington Kabuki theater

These pretend hearings in which half-witted congress-persons act like they are grilling the Goldman-Sachs people are outrageously transparent. Here's what's really happening:

[Set the scene]
Obama wants to reign in American free-enterprise and place their operations under greater government scrutiny so he can redistribute more money to democrat voting bases that he defined the other day, unions, brainless youth, blacks, Latinos, and uncontrollably emotive women.

In order to do that he needs to create a plausible financial crisis with which to terrorize the American people, along with a proper Wall Street villain to torment in Kabuki-style congressional hearings. That way the voters and the obedient media would clamor for immediate reform which would put pressure on congress to vote for it quickly.

[Enter stage left] -- Goldman-Sachs. There are something like 15 former GS executives working for Obama, GS gave Obama himself almost $1million dollars in campaign donations, all democrats who have financial oversight duties received large donations from GS, and during the investigation, GS CEO met with Obama at least 4 times that we know of.

[Our antagonist] -- Goldman-Sachs volunteered to be the bad guy in these pretend hearings in exchange for certain allowances that were to be cleverly hidden in the reform bill.

Essentially they said, "Look Chairman O, we'll come to congress and let them grandstand for the cameras and the dutiful media so you can have a bad guy at whom to focus your phony outrage, if you will include the following items in the reform bill which will allow us to make billions in profits down the road....part of which will wind up in your campaign chest as well as other democrats' PAC's too."

Doubtless the white house visits were to outline precisely what Goldman-Sachs wanted in the bill in exchange for his cooperation in this charade to bamboozle the American people into supporting Obama's seizure of control of Wall Street.

I realize the feckless media is regurgitating this dog-and-pony show as if it's a real investigation and the hearing mean something but don't' be fooled. They are all in bed with each other and they're winking and elbowing each other under the table as they trick us yet again into supporting something that will end up hurting us in the long run.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Andre Carson used the phony charge of racism as a political tool

Over at his site, Andrew Breitbart is calling for all the members of the Congressional black caucus, who lied about being called the N-word by tea-party activists during their idiotic march with Nancy Pelosi to vote on Obamacare, to apologize for bleating about racism when there isn't a shred of evidence of any. Jesse Jackson's half-witted son (pictured above filming the whole stupid stunt) has yet to produce any evidence of white racism.

Rep. Andre Carson claimed that he and other black congress-critters were yelled at by white protesters and called the N-word 15 times yet, even after a reward of $100,000 promised by Breitbart to be donated to the NAACP, not one audio or video clip has been produced. In this day and age of video-cell phones, iPod recorders, and TV cameras not a single second of audio or video footage has been produced to show anybody calling any congressperson the N-word.

Andre Carson and the other members of the congressional black caucus should be ashamed of themselves for being degenerate liars. They cry racism whenever it suits their political needs and then preposterously accuse anyone who asks for evidence of said racism, of being a racist.

AP is shocked, shocked to find bias in the media

The AP plunges headfirst into self-parody with this gem......

LONDON — Britain's general election is less than two weeks away, but it's not just the politicians and spin doctors out to sway the voters — the country's newspaper journalists have also jumped into the fray.

Unlike the United States, where many print reporters aspire to a measure of objectivity and media bias is seen as corrupting, many of Britain's most-read papers take sides — and aren't afraid to flaunt it.

I don't know how it would be possible for any media to be more biased and slanted than our main-stream media here in the US. Our feckless networks and fish-wrappers long ago abandoned even the pretense of objectivity and embraced "advocacy journalism" in which the reporters and reporterettes formed a template based on personal political bias and correctness, made every story fit their narrative, then reported it as truth.

You know our media has chosen sides when the National Enquirer is nominated for a Pulitzer for outing Silky Pony's affair with Rielle Hunter....a story the media refused to cover because they collectively, wanted him to be politically successful.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Obama unintentionally ID's his voting base

As the democrats head toward the buzz-saw that awaits them at the polls in November, President Zero offered this rallying call for his core constituency to return to the polls to help the doomed democrats out. Among other things, he called for.......

"young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 [to] stand together once again."

I guess that's a fair description of typical, democrat voter blocks....people who pay scant few taxes if any, and women who either vote with their emotions or are aroused by the suave sophistication of The One. How ever you look at it, America is half full of some of the stupidest voters anywhere.

Exit question: Why is it OK to rally voters by appealing to their sense of race solidarity, that is unless their race is Caucasian? Then you're a racist.

Matador gets what's coming to him....OUCH!!!

Normally I'd hate to see somebody get injured like this but the barbaric nature of bull fighting makes my reaction to this story more of a, meh *shrugs*....

MADRID (AP) — One of Spain's top matadors was seriously injured in Mexico when a 1,100-pound (500-kilogram) bull gored him in the groin and hoisted him into the air, causing major blood loss, his manager said Sunday.

Jose Tomas lost up to eight liters (17 pints) of blood after being gored Saturday by a beast named Navegante in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes.

The bull's horn penetrated 4 inches (10 centimeters) into Tomas' groin and punctured a vein and an artery.

I'm not a big animal rights guy by any stretch but, when you make sport out of brutally spearing an animal slowly to death, I root for the bull to gore the matador and will certainly not lose any sleep over this "athlete" getting gored almost to death. I mean seriously, what kind of animal-torturing savage to you have to be to not root for the bull?

Promiscuous women alert!!!

There must be a lot of scantily-clad, lose, promiscuous women in Southeast Asia right about now.....

(Reuters) - A 6.9 magnitude quake struck in an ocean area north of the Philippines on Monday and was felt throughout Taiwan, officials said, but there were no immediate reports of damage and no mass tsunami warnings.

Well, I guess that crazy Iranian cleric was right about loose women causing earth quakes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

First annual "Everybody Draw Mohammad" day

From Hotair via my buddy Pat over at Belchspeak, Dan Savage at Thestranger has come up with this excellent idea to thumb our 1st amendment-loving noses, not only at the barbaric Muslims who find the mere mention of their prophet offensive, but also at the quisling trolls at Comedy Central who cowardly bowed to the threat of violence and abandon their freedoms of expression, when they censored images and even the name of Mohammad, in two recent Southpark episodes.

I'll certainly be offering up an image or two, so join me in showing the radical Islamic hordes that they can't kill every one of us for mocking Islam. If you make a drawing and have a scanner, send it to Dan, Pat, Allahpundit, or me and with a little luck, one of us will receive an ironic death threat for our mockery and of the religion of peace. I would consider it a patriotic honor to have been threatened for standing up for my Constitutional guarantee of free speech and so should you.

Don't forget, May 20th. Send them in early and I'll post whatever I get on that day.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The EPA wants to regulate your Koy pond

If cap-and-trade passes, that law and this move will create the single most powerful agency in the US.....

House Democrats pushed forward Wednesday with an effort to delete the word "navigable" from the Clean Water Act - a change that would give the government greater ability to enforce clean-water rules but that opponents said amounts to a federal power grab.

By deleting the word "navigable" from, and adding the phrase "...and lands that affect" to, the Clean Water Act, the EPA will literally be able to dictate use of any, ANY water on your property as well as any land that affects yours or other bodies of water.

Cap-and-Trade will allow the EPA to regulate with the force of the federal government, any business-associated activities of man that produce any CO2. This change in the C.W.A. would let them designate a tiny creek or mud puddle on your property as a protected area and let them regulate how you use it. They could impose an additional "run-off" tax to any land use that is near any size body of water, arbitrarily, how ever they wish.

I'm sure businesses who contributed to the correct candidates would be allowed to operate as they wish but heaven help you if you donate to a conservative. The EPA will swarm all over your place of business like ants on an unattended picnic blanket.

There is no part of life in America that detestable democrats don't want control over.

Newt Gingrich clings to yesterday's republican party

I've always been a big fan of Gingrich and many of his ideas on conservatism are sound but, he relegates the tea-party conservatives to the fringe of the GOP at the peril of his own relevancy......

Gingrich said the movement is a "natural expression of frustration with Republicans and anger at Democrats," which is "more likely to end up as the militant wing of the Republican Party".

Hey Newt, when did fiscal responsibility, low taxes, and small, unobtrusive government become militant? I thought these were the tenets the GOP has stood for all this time. If those beliefs are considered militant to beltway republicans like you, then I haven't left the republican party, it has left me.

Michael Steele is monumentally incompetent

Let's face it, Michael Steele was chosen to lead the RNC because he's supposedly a conservative, but mostly because he's black and might help siphon some black votes away from democrats. But, here's his clueless answer to this simple question asked by a student at his speech at DePaul U. ......

Why should an African-American vote Republican?

“You really don’t have a reason to, to be honest — we haven’t done a very good job of really giving you one. True? True.”

Are you kidding me? His assumption that blacks need to be courted and seduced to vote for conservatives is both appalling and insulting. He's operating on the democrat meme that blacks have to be given something in exchange for their votes. While this may be the case for many blacks, many others would fall more in line with conservatism if they gave it a serious look see. The conservative principles of responsibility, self-determination, personal character, low taxes, limited government, etc. should be enough to interest at least some blacks who pay taxes into taking a look at the GOP or Libertarian Party. Get that message out there and quit apologizing for the failure of blacks to choose the party that would help their community more than the democrat party.

He should be all over the country inspiring African Americans, not apologizing to them. There has to be a better RNC leader than Steele.

It is confirmed....James Cameron is a douche

Hollywood nitwit James Cameron made a billion dollars off Avatar, so to promote Avatar II, he's got to continue to push the civilization-is-destroying-the-Earth environmental narrative.....

(CNSNews.com) -- Academy Award-winning Director James Cameron said that climate change is “as great as the threat” the United States faced in World War II.

He continued, “I spoke to leaders today that said we can’t use the term climate change,” Cameron said on Apr. 15. “It’s death. It’ll kill the bill. It’ll be still-born, strangle it in its crib by calling it, associating it with climate change. I say, ‘We have to wake up. We have to wake up and call it what it is.’

Ironically, liberal tools are happy to call a completely natural phenomenon, "man-made climate change" yet, are unable to bring themselves to call our enemies what they are, radical Islamic terrorists.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day! [sarcasm]

In observance of Earth Day this year, I plan to unnecessarily idle my SUV at a fast food joint, send a garbage bag full of plastic water bottles to the land fill, leave all my incandescent bulbs burning an extra hour tonight, and maybe invest in a Styrofoam packing material manufacturing company.

What are you doing?

The Europeanization of America continues unabated

Despite the fact that hapless oaf Robert Gibbs denied that the administration was considering a value added tax for the US, Obama yesterday seemed to put it back on the table....

When asked if he could see a potential VAT in this nation, the president said: "I know that there's been a lot of talk around town lately about the value-added tax. That is something that has worked for some countries. It's something that would be novel for the United States."

"And before, you know, I start saying 'this makes sense or that makes sense,' I want to get a better picture of what our options are," Obama said.

A value added tax, in addition to all our other taxes and costs going up, would put the final nail in what's left of the remaining tatters of our economy. That Obama is even considering such a thing shows how he detests economic freedom, capitalism, and dare I say, America itself. The European countries who are tormented by a VAT are moribund, as so much of the countries' wealth goes to fund the government, that there's no incentive to be productive.

The only way a VAT should be considered for the US is if the government suspended permanently, all federal income tax collections. Otherwise, a European-style VAT must be vehemently resisted by productive Americans.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Off with their heads!

I was skimming the headlines over on FoxNews.com and this caught my eye.....

BEIRUT — The lawyer of a Lebanese TV psychic condemned to death for witchcraft by a Saudi court says he will not be beheaded. Wait, what?

What century is this? Beheading? I realize that these barbaric, Islamic cultures routinely cane, hang, lash, etc. people, mostly women, who they preposterously deem to be in violation of some obscure Islamic edict but, beheading for witchcraft? When's the last time a nation state officially beheaded anybody that you know of?

Bonus question to win a virtual cookie: without cheating, what or who is the origin of the phrase used as the title for this post?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Southpark....braver than our main stream media cowards

It would seem that crazed, lunatic terrorists are upset that the creators of Southpark portrayed them as crazed, lunatic terrorists. Here's a quote from a domestic, radical Islamic group called Islamicrevolution.com, regarding the recent Southpark episode in which an image of Muhammad was shown, but disguised in a bear outfit......

“We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show. This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them.”

I find it hilarious that dumb, Islamic radicals can be so easily manipulated into threatening violence, as a reaction to the accusation of being violent. And I find it dismaying that a satirical cartoon is far braver in confronting the preposterousness of radical Islam than the cowering degenerates in our own media.

Headache reads to ranguage frip frop

In Plymouth, a woman suffered a migraine headache only to end up losing her western drawl, instead speaking with a Chinese accent. Here's her account....

"I moved to Prymouth when I was 18 months old so I have always spoken rike a rocal. But forrowing one attack, an amburance crew arrived and they said I definitery sounded Chinese," she said.

Heh, heh!

Note: I'm 1/4 Chinese myself so don't accuse me of racial insensitivity or stereotyping.....I'm arrowed.

The nanny-State marches ever onward

First Mayor Bloomberg of New York decided that residents of, and tourists to his city, ate too much salt so, he tried to regulate the amount of salt that restaurants could use in food preparation. Now the federal government wants to regulate all salt in the diet of Americans......

From Hotair -- The Food and Drug Administration is planning an unprecedented effort to gradually reduce the salt consumed each day by Americans, saying that less sodium in everything from soup to nuts would prevent thousands of deaths from hypertension and heart disease. The initiative, to be launched this year, would eventually lead to the first legal limits on the amount of salt allowed in food products.

See, here's the modus operandi of any well-schooled government bureaucrat:
Step1-talk about a crisis of some kind and throw out a bunch of bogus statistics that make the public afraid.
Step2- offer condescending, paternal advice on how to change lifestyles to address whatever the problem is.
Step3- wait a believable amount of time and announce that your advice has not worked and that government action is needed to prevent a catastrophe. By then, the people will be so worried, they'll accept any restrictions you impose on them because they believe it's for their own good.
The only problem is when a study comes out debunking the foundation upon which your original crisis lay.....

High-salt diets may not increase the risk of death, contrary to long-held medical beliefs, according to investigators from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.

But a good, liberal bureaucrat never lets little things like facts or the truth get in the way of his seizure of a slice of the American economy. This is just like cap-and-trade. CO2 has been shown to be harmless plant food and there's no proof that it contributes to any rise in global temperature or sea levels yet, our congress is pressing forward with legislation to regulate CO2 production.
With liberals, it's never about the actual crisis they conjured up with which to terrify you. It's always about taking control of every facet of our lives. The crises are just convenient excuses for it.

If you go John Galt, consider New Zealand

The rate at which people are abandoning their American citizenship has accelerated since the media bamboozled dumb, hand-out Americans into installing The One into the white house. Given Americans' discontent and frustration with Obama's policies and the socialist direction he's pushing the country, if Obama manages to pass the utterly corrupt finance reform bill and the economically disastrous cap-and-trade bill, many more of us with the means might think about going elsewhere. I mean, why stay and toil under the heavy boot of an oppressive government run by corrupt, liberal overlords?

If you are thinking of relocating to escape the anti-capitalist, anti-free-market policies of Obama, consider New Zealand. Here's why.....

New Zealand’s centre-right government is considering cutting income tax and increasing the goods and services tax in next month’s budget, in an effort to rebalance the economy and become more competitive internationally.

The rest of the article from FT.com explains it in more detail but, I could think of worse places to enjoy the economic freedoms that we're shoving down the toilet here.

Happy pants at the jailhouse

*Disclaimer* -- Do not read any further if you are easily offended or easily grossed out.....

This 60 year old man was busted in California for minor drug possession but when he was in booking, the cops noticed an ON/OFF switch in his pocket attached to a wire that led to his rear-end. Everybody in the station panicked, the bomb disposal team was called in and the entire station was evacuated. After a tedious, 3-hour extraction, a vibrator was found at the other end of the wire....heh heh. Here's the money quote from the article......

"The vibrator was subsequently removed and placed into property," according to report, which does not identify the CHP employee tasked with that unfortunate evidence collection responsibility.

To describe that job as "unfortunate" is the understatement of the year. I would have to either quit law enforcement altogether or at least demand triple hazard pay for that detail. GROSS!!!

Sex-Offender Locator -- FAIL!

This might be a useful app. in theory but, I wouldn't activate it the way it is.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Europe's derelict class to go on holiday

Well, it looks like the EU has descended from just plain dumb all the way down to utter idiocy.....

The European Union has declared travelling a human right, and is launching a scheme to subsidize vacations with taxpayers' dollars for those too poor to afford their own trips.

Vacationing is a human right now? No wonder Europe is a dying continent. I wonder when Obama will discover that world travel is a human right for which productive Americans should be forced to foot the bill on behalf of our shiftless neighbors?

Hey look, it's a derelict Obama voter with nothing better to do that frolic on the beach in Cancun. I'm sure he's more than appreciative to you hard-working taxpayers for funding his tropical Mayan excursion.

From hero to villain.....Obama style

Goldman-Sachs, once the beneficiary of Obama's generosity, now finds itself in The One's cross hairs.....

From FOXNation -- The SEC announced its charges Friday morning. At 10:38 a.m. the New York Times breaks the story. 28 minutes later Organizing for America sends out an email from Barack Obama calling on people to support Financial Reform.

Right after that, the New York Times released a massive story going after Goldman Sachs. By the afternoon the DNC has its Google Ads up tying the Goldman Sachs matter to Financial Reform.

Because G.Sachs was such a large donor of cash to Obama, he rewarded them with billions in taxpayer bailouts. Now the the democrats want financial reform to pass congress, they are attacking G.Sachs as an example of financial corruption.

The timing of all this smells to high heaven. There's no way that the media, the SEC, the Obama administration, and congress could have coincidentally revealed their intentions within minutes of each other without very detailed coordination. I don't know about you but, such coziness among the white house, SEC, and the feckless media screams collusion and corruption. But that's what happens when you get in bed with Obama....one minute you're the hero and when it suits him politically, you're the villain.

This story is both tragic and infuriating

Regardless of your opinion on gay marriage, this tale demonstrates why the government has no business in the personal lives of law-abiding citizens, and why I fall more in line with libertarians than garden-variety, social republicans.

Briefly, in Sonoma county CA., an elderly gentleman who was half of a gay couple who'd been together for 20 years, fell and was hospitalized. The doctors said he only had a few months of life remaining because of his advanced age. The hospital and state government refused visitation to his partner, seized their jointly held property, powers of financial attorney, and forced them into separate nursing homes on the grounds that they were simply roommates......and this man died alone in an empty hospital room, friendless, having not been allowed to see his partner since his accident.

What business is it of the imperial State what kind of legal arrangement two consenting adults enter into? Moreover, tell me how it's possible that gay couples can make a bigger mockery of the institution of marriage than we hetero couples have?

The whole asinine story is here.

MSNBC finds racism in spite of utter absence of it

In what is probably the most telling clip of the week, half witted NBC skirt, Kelly O'Donnel, attempts to convince a black man that he should be concerned about being around so many white people at a tea party.....

The main stream media cannot stand it that there is no evidence anywhere, of racism, violence, or even littering among tea-party activists. Their template is that we don't like Obama because of his race. It never occurs to them that we don't like Obama because of his policies. As SisterToldjah observed, shouldn't black people feel uncomfortable on all-white MSNBC too?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Told you Rick Sanchez is an idiot

Some of you may be thinking that I was hard on CNN's Rick Sanchez yesterday for his utter lack of understanding of rudimentary geology but, here he is demonstrating his utter lack of understanding of rudimentary geography too....

In case you weren't paying attention in middle-school geography either, Sanchez pointed out the Galapagos Islands, calling them Hawaii. And the ditsy broad pretending to be a meteorologist agreed with him. I swear, you put any two on-air talents together at CNN and you'd still struggle to come up with an entire brain between them.

Signs of the Apocalypse

I guess you know you've hit the big time when Mattel can sell a Barbie featuring your theme. If I had a daughter who was into dolls, I'd rather her play with a Tea Party Barbie than a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Barbie or Burka Barbie, any day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Einstein" Rick Sanchez demonstrates the intelligence level of the average CNN anchor

Brilliant CNN anchor and amateur plate-tectonic geologist, Rick Sanchez, offered this pearl of wisdom regarding the volcano in Iceland....

"When you think of a volcano, you think of Hawaii and long words like that. You don't think of Iceland. You think it's too cold to have a volcano there".

"Hawaii" is a long word, Rick? I guess to underachievers over at CNN, pretty much any three-syllable word gives them difficulty.

Apparently Rick was having his self-esteem stroked and giggling through sex-ed class the day they went over basic geology in government middle school.

5 democrat douchebags beat up a republican girl and her boyfriend....and the media shrug

This is Allee Butsch, a GOP official, and her boyfriend shortly after 5 brave men beat the crap out of them as they left the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans....

Allee Butsch suffered a broken leg from the beatdown outside to the SRLC dinner at Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans. She had her leg operated on over the weekend and it will take her months to recover. Her boyfriend Joe Brown suffered a broken nose, a broken jaw, and a concussion. They were attacked after leaving the Southern Republican Leadership Conference dinner at Brennan’s Restaurant.

Police are looking for a Caucasian male who appeared to be dirty, in his 20’s, 6′1″ tall, thin build with a thin face. He had a beard and auburn color hair in a pony tail. He was wearing a light color T shirt and dark color pants. Up to 5 men beat the couple after they left the GOP event on Friday night.

One of the perps is described as dirty, (thin)no muscles, and a pony tail......yep, sounds like your garden variety, disgusting hippie leftist to me.

-Wonder where the media are to whine about the violence of the left? Oh that's right, only right-wing violence fits the template despite the fact that they can't find any.
-I thought you couldn't report on the race of perps without being called a racist. Oh, that's right, only certain races are afforded that privilege.
-Not surprisingly it took 5 liberals to sneak up on a girl and her boyfriend and beat them up.

The only logical conclusion to be drawn from this incident: democrat men are pansy cowards who beat up women.

Global warming hoaxers attempt to revive their livlihood

Climate scientists investigating other climate scientists for publishing phony climate science, have declared that those same climate scientists can now be trusted to publish climate science.....

LONDON -- In the second of three investigations of the scandal known as "climate-gate," a panel of academic experts said Wednesday that several prominent climate scientists did not engage in deliberate malpractice but did not use the best statistical tools available to produce their findings.

Not bloody likely! When the entire discipline of climate-science has been proven to be based on outright fabrication, lies, and deceit, scientists' endorsements of each other are meaningless and laughable. The entire field of climate science is crap and anybody who pretends to be able to predict climate cause/effect or more preposterously, what will happen a hundred years from now, is a charlatan and a fraud.

Liberalism finally explained

I found this interesting tidbit in the comments thread of a FoxNation article.....

Some of you will recall that on July 8, 1947 over 60 years ago, witnesses claim that a (UFO) with 5 aliens aboard crashed into a sheep and mule ranch just outside Roswell, N. M. This is a well known incident that many say has long been covered up by the U. S. Air Force. However, what you may not know is that in the month of April 1948, nine months after that historic day, the following people were born:

Albert A. Gore Jr
Hillary Rodham
John F Kerry
William J Clinton
Howard Dean
Nancy Pelosi
Dianne Feinstein
Charles E Schumer
Barbara Boxer

See what happens when aliens breed with sheep and jackasses. I certainly hope this bit of information clears up a lot of things for you. It did me.

Heh heh.....that's rich!

Happy Tax Day!

If you are one of those people who cuts every corner, fudges every estimate, and uses every trick in the book to keep as much of your money as you can keep away from the fiendish vampires at the IRS, this year is probably not a good time to try all that. With federal deficits running near 10% of GDP, the US is practically insolvent and that means the feds are looking for any reason to audit hard-working Americans so they can wring every last dollar from you to fund their lavish salaries, benefits, and retirements.

This year, give them what they demand from you and then in November we'll kick the rat-bastards out of office.

Subtle infiltration FAIL

Remember how liberal trolls were planning to sneak stealthily into tea-party rallies this week and make conservative activists look bad to the media by holding up vulgar, hateful signs? Seems they should revisit the definition of "subtle infiltration".....

What an idiot! This would be funnier if the disgraceful main-stream media wouldn't report this as evidence of racism and radicalism....which they will. Having failed utterly to find any evidence of violence, racism, or even littering among tea-party activists, the media will welcome the opportunity to report on how fringed conservatives have become, all the while knowing it's a charade.

Hat tip to Sayanythingblog

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The least attractive and most cowardly congressman...Henry Waxman

Henry Waxman(D) California, has wisely elected to cancel his idiotic hearings to which he childishly demanded CEO's come with hat in hand. Feindish democrats forced through the awful health care bill in which they had intentionally hidden numerous tax hikes and all manner of government manipulation of health care. Once accountants had a chance to actually read it, the CEO's were forced by law to report honestly the projected costs, which totalled in the hundreds of billions for some. Waxman pitched a hissy fit and ordered the CEO's to DC to explain themselves.

Apparently somebody informed him what an embarrassment it would be to have the men who provide tens of thousands of jobs and benefits to Americans, shining the light of truth on how disastrous this bill really is.

Like a cockroach in a dark kitchen, Waxman scurried back into the dark when the threat of sunshine and exposure came too near.

Pitiless, inappropriate, and yet still funny, post of the day

I don't mean to make fun of drug addicts.....oh, who am I kidding? This is the funniest clip of a "huffer" doing what huffers do, I've ever seen. It's from the TV series, "Intervention"......

So many questions: How many cans of air did she go through just now? And who's funding her air habit? Can you really get high huffing compressed air without inverting the can? And how much longer than a few seconds, at most, could the high last? Why does her family let her lay around sucking on cans of computer duster? Is her speech slurred because she's high, mentally retarded, or brain damaged from the huffing? And lastly, are her eyes naturally bugged or does the habitual inhalation of compressed air do that to them?

Whatever the answers are to those questions, let this clip be a lesson to you kids: Stay off compressed air, or any other drug for that matter!!!...unless you want to end up like this moron on a TV show about idiots who experiment with drugs.

Hat tip to Pat over at Belchspeak.

Obama reveals his distaste for America's military might

Obama revealed to the world yesterday that he thinks it's a bad thing that the US is a dominant, military super-power....

The phrase, "whether we like it or not" is always reserved for things that you regret or dislike. Clearly Obama regrets or dislikes that fact that we are a military super-power and he intends to diminish our military to the point that we are nothing but a second-rate, European-style state who is dependent on others for her defense.

But we knew this about him when we allowed the feckless media to install a former hippie subversive into the white house. All liberals detest the US military as the focus of all evil in the modern world...as Rush says. I'm sure our enemies will respect our military draw-down and self-disarmament and suspend any hostilities toward us as a show of support for Obama's desire for world peace.

There should be no such thing as "too big to fail"

Not surprisingly, reckless bankers who've destroyed their businesses with risky behavior are hesitant to have the public know when they are being swindled for a bailout to cover up their stupid decisions.....

“Our member banks are very concerned about real-time disclosure of information that could cause a run on the banks,” said Paul Saltzman, the group’s general counsel, in an interview yesterday. “We’re not going to let the Second Circuit opinion stand without seeking a review.”

A run on the banks who are failing miserably would certainly sort out the responsible from the irresponsible wouldn't it? And isn't that what free-market principles are all about? Why should banks who're failing because of their own poor decision making, be allowed to weasel money from the Federal Reserve without anybody knowing about it? Where's the sunshine and transparency in that?

Business that make poor decisions deserve to fail and be swiftly replaced by efficient, well-managed businesses. That's how our system works. So regarding banks, car companies, insurance companies, mortgage holders, etc. who are poorly managed......

I say, let them fail!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

President Bow embarrasses us yet again

Another day, another humiliating bow....

Is there anyone to whom Chairman Zero will not humble himself? Look at the difference in body language between these two supposed equals....Hu Jintao is upright and looking Obama directly in the eye, as equals greeting each other should. Shortly after this embarrassing display of self-subjugation, Obama probably pleaded with Hu Jintao to continue to fund his ridiculous spending by buying still more of our debt.

I swear, I don't know how much more humiliation of America I can take from the Community Organizer in Chief.

Tuesday Morning Drive Music

This is one of my favorite bands...World Party

Monday, April 12, 2010

SCOTUS to move further left.....uuuuugghh!

Chairman Zero doesn't have a clue what a supreme court justice is supposed to do......

WASHINGTON – Emboldened by success the first time around, President Barack Obama is likely to pick the Supreme Court nominee he wants and let the confirmation fight proceed from there, putting huge emphasis on a justice who would bring a fight-for-the-little-guy sensibility to the job.

A judge at any level, especially the supreme court, isn't supposed to be fighting for any side. The judge is supposed to be on the side of the law. And supreme court justices are supposed to be on the side of the Constitution. It matters not if the complainant is a little guy or a multi-national corporation, the judge should rule based on the Constitution.

Legislators, not judges, make laws. If liberal judges interpret the Constitution in broader and broader ways, pretty soon it'll mean just about anything anybody wants it to mean. But then, that's the big-picture goal of liberalism isn't it......to mold the Constitution into meaninglessness through incrementalism? And appointing activist, liberal judges who'll liberally interpret the Constitution is the biggest step in that direction.

Monday morning comedy

I found this over at Moonbattery and had to share it because it is the funniest thing you'll read all week. Some environmentalist tool wrote a book about Eco-sex: Going green between the sheets...or something, in which are included the commandments of green, Gaia-friendly sex. Here are the stylings of Gregory of Yardale:

Sin: Courting by car: Thou shalt ride thy bicycle or take thee thy public transportation if thou really musteth.

Sin: Perfume: Thou shalt not hide thy BO, save it be with patchouli, which pleaseth the Mother-Goddess.

Sin: Eating unsustainable chocolate: Thou shalt not give thy hook-up a box of truffles unless they're organic and fair trade certified.

Sin: Reproductive Sex: Thy sex shalt not produceth children, unless thy be-est a lesbian and art using thy turkey baster; for Gaia favoreth the hip and trendy who flaunteth social mores.

Sin: Normal food: Thou shalt eateth only of thy organic, local and fair-trade products.

Sin: Unsustainable bedding: Thou shalt have no other but sustainable, recycled bed-linens.

Sin: Modern Medicine: Thou shalt not medicate thyself, for medicines are the work of the oppressive patriarchy, which Gaia despiseth. Thou shalt be vegan, practice thy yoga, and use thee thy Cherokee Hair Tampons.

Sin: Toxic sex toys: Thou shalt pleasure thyself only with organic sex toys... cucumbers, ears of corn, a banana if it be Free Trade, but never sausages!

Sin: Tainted lubricants: Thou shalt not use thee KY nor any other petroleum-based lubricants. Use thee soy yogurt, thus that Gaia may be pleased.

Sin: Talking about Gaia during Sex: Thou shalt not invoke Gaia, thy Goddess, while knocking thee thy boots.

I swear, comedy at the expense of nutty environmentalists makes my day every time!

Hat tip to Gregory of Yardale.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Stupak took a dive, and rightfully slinks away in shame

As predicted, the loathsome Bart Stupak is running away now that he's betrayed his constituency and the American people.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), who played a central role in the health reform fight as the leader of anti-abortion Democrats, announced Friday afternoon that he will not run for reelection, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. Without Stupak on the ballot, the seat becomes an immediate pickup opportunity for Republicans.

If only we had a functioning media that cares about political corruption, maybe we'd find out what he got in return for his vote.

Here's the contemptible Stupak responding to the question, "So Bart, just how tall is the stack of cash Obama promised you in exchange for your vote on health care"?

Dating in the 80's.....uuuuuugghh!!!

If you were a single girl during any part of the 80's, you may remember guys like these....

For the record, I did not ever look, sound, or act like any of the morons in this dating-service clip. Were the 80's really that bad for women?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Let's revisit the mostly absurd notion of diplomatic immunity

I wonder if one of us Americans broke the national safety laws of an Arab country, how far under the jail we'd be, right after they caned our ass?

The Qatari diplomat who caused a midair security scare won't face charges after claiming he was trying to light his shoes on fire when it appears he was simply smoking in the bathroom.

Passenger onboard United Airlines flight apparently tried to sneak a smoke. Federal officials said Mohammed al Modadi was on official business when he boarded United Airlines Flight 663 from Washington to Denver, giving him diplomatic immunity. A law firm spokesman told The Associated Press that al Modadi has been released and was headed back to Washington.

Diplomatic immunity....gimme a break! The other passengers should have beaten the crap out of this moron on principle alone.

Hat tip to FoxNews

Rupert Murdoch swings and misses the softball

Why Rupert Murdoch elected to do an interview with Media Matters is beyond me. That said, the reporter asked him a simple question with which he surprisingly struggled....

Media Matters to Rupert Murdoch: Can you name one Democrat on Fox?

All Murdoch could come up with was Greta's husband who used to be close to the democrat party but, then went with McCain/Palin. Seriously, that's the best he could do?

*Ed raises hand enthusiastically* I can, I can! Shep, Geraldo, Juan Williams, Mara Liasson, Bob Beckel, Kirsten Powers, Mort Kondracke, Dr. Lamont Hill, Greta?

As another commenter pointed out, Murdoch is the money guy, Roger Ailes is the brains behind this particular operation. Still, Murdoch should have responded by asking the interviewer to name a conservative on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, HN, etc.
Point: saying Joe Scarborough is MSNBC's token conservative doesn't count, because he's not really, he just plays one on TV.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Americans, actually going Galt

On his website, Neal Boortz commented on an uptick in expatriations because of punitive taxes and an overly aggressive IRS.....

From Neal Boortz -- "If the voters of this country allow these Democrats to remain in power with control of the House, filibuster-proof control of the Senate and The Community Organizer in the White House, it will be totally appropriate for productive, self-reliant Americans to start looking for greener pastures across one pond or the other. This country simply cannot survive those currently in control for four years."

Over 500 people renounced their American citizenship in Q4 of 2009. That's more than in all of 2007 and twice that of 2008. A government can punish productive Americans only so much before they either stop being productive or give up and go where their wealth and job creation are appreciated.

I predict a mass exodus from the US, of entrepreneurial talent, innovators, and capital if a hideous VAT is passed, the IRS becomes even more aggressive with the wealthy, and a stupid carbon tax is imposed. What will the point of being productive have become if the government takes most of what you earn away from you to hand over to those in political favor? I love the US but if I were a business owner, I would consider expatriation as a serious option.

Idiot democrats disappointed to find that Obama-care isn't what it was promised to be

Dumb, confused, democrat voters with their hands permanently out are wondering where their free Obama-care is.....

WASHINGTON — Two weeks after President Barack Obama signed the big health care overhaul into law, Americans are struggling to understand how — and when — the sweeping measure will affect them.

Questions reflecting confusion have flooded insurance companies, doctors' offices, human resources departments and business groups.

"They're saying, 'Where do we get the free Obama care, and how do I sign up for that?'

See, when you have a generation of government-educated cretins who've been taught that they deserve to be given everything, their support is easy to manipulate with the promise of still more free stuff that was earned by, and then taken from, better people than them.

Obama, guilty of intentional infliction of harm to the republic

The dastardly Paul Volker is counseling Obama to impose a hideous Value Added Tax(VAT) and possibly a carbon tax to seize even more money from America's productive class....

Acknowledging it would be a highly unpopular move, White House economic adviser Paul Volcker said yesterday the United States should consider imposing a "value added tax" similar to those charged in Europe to help get the deficit under control.

A VAT is a national sales tax that, like state and city sales taxes, would be collected by retailers.

Volcker, at the New-York Historical Society, told a panel on the global financial crisis that Congress might also have to consider new taxes on carbon and energy.

The treachery of the Obama administration knows no bounds. They are transforming America into a second-rate socialist nanny-State as fast as they can. Did it ever occur to these morons to stop the spending and make harsh cuts in the federal budget? Decreasing the size of government is the easiest way to shrink the deficit. I realize Bush started it with idiotic compassionate conservatism but, that doesn't make what Obama is doing, or planning to do, justified.

Any more taxes will depress the economy to the breaking point, increase unemployment still further, and the concomitant demand for federal assistance will snowball the recession still deeper. There's no activity left to punish with taxes. But, is this the grand design of Obama.....to cripple the American economy to the point of collapse, then as the people clamor for relief and assistance, promise it to them in exchange for unheard of executive power? It sound conspiratorial but, look at the facts.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Miley Cyrus is a dingbat

Miley Cyrus discusses her combined philosophies on home decor, religion, and therapy or something......

From FoxNation -- "We did all these different things to make it a place that’s so chill," she says. "Like all my couches are on the floor and I have pillows on the floor. It’s just serene – like my own kind of therapy." "My religion is love," adds Cyrus, "so my door is always open for anyone who wants to come in. It's a just a loving place."

My goodness, I feel about 40 IQ points stupider for having read that.

We'll see how, like loving she is 5 years from now when she's like trying desperately to revive her floundering career by doing like R-rated movies, posing for Maxim, pretending to be upset about a sex tape, and releasing a tell-all book that slams Billy Ray for being like, a sponge.

Behold, the face of modern Islam (no pun intended)

In Turkey, a woman had an argument with her Muslim husband. For voicing her ideas, he and his brother cut off her nose. Then when she fled to the police, they beat her for daring to complain to the authorities about their barbaric treatment of her.

Liberal multiculturalists in the West lecture us that Islam is a quaint, religion of peace that should be tolerated, cultivated, and encouraged, when in reality, it is nothing but a cult of degenerate savages hellbent on world domination and conversion by terror.

Look at this picture you miserable, stupid liberals. Is this OK with you?

Obama's "No Nukes" pledge

President Obama reiterated his treacherous pledge to reduce the nuclear arsenal of the US, on his way to total disarmament if he can do it. Essentially he stated that "We(the US) pledge to refrain from using nuclear weapons against any nation that is in compliance with the NPT(Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty), even if it attacks us first with chemical or biological weapons"

Any student of modern warfare will tell you that taking a military option off the table before the fight's even started is idiotic. He'll also point out that demonstrating weakness, cowardice, and a quaking unwillingness to defend your self, only emboldens your enemies. The US government is overrun by pacifist hippies who stupidly think that if we lay down our weapons, the bad guys won't hurt us and we can all sit down and iron out our differences.

Newsflash Mr. President: no matter how meek and docile you show your self to be, the playground bully will still push you down and take your lunch money. Bullies only respect pre-emptive socks in the mouth.

Do the "birthers" have a point?

I've never been a "birther" regarding Obama's country of origin. My questions about his birth certificate are about as serious as my curiosity about Area 51....i.e. I won't go out of my way to investigate but I'll look at it if you want to show it to me. After watching this short clip, my curiosity has been piqued just a tad......

How else can you interpret the assignment of "home country" other than where you were born? Probably the administration will say it's just her reference to his father's heritage but, I don't know. Either way, it was a slip on Michelle's part and how can you not enjoy that it'll make Obama's handlers upset?

Monday, April 05, 2010

28th Amendment?

In light of the obscene health care reform bill from which congressmen exempted themselves, there is a movement to amend the Constitution so this sort of ruling aristocracy cannot persist.....

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

"Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and Representatives and all other branches of the Government; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and Representatives and all other branches of the Government that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States".

Who would have thought this was necessary in America? When the people allow their representatives to seize more and more power for themselves, human corruption and self-interest always, ALWAYS play a role in subsequent legislation. We don't have a ruling class in America that is exempt from the same laws as everybody else. I am in total support of this amendment and I would like to see any politician from either party defend his opposition to such an amendment.

Michael Steele deals the race card.....*groan*

You know it's time for a change at the RNC when our guy plays the race card.....

Embattled Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said he won't resign despite calls for him to step down amid reports of the group's excessive spending, adding that he and other African-American leaders such as President Obama have a slimmer margin of error because of their race.

Claiming that you are held to an unfair standard because of your skin color, as an excuse for bad behavior, is grounds for immediate replacement in the RNC leadership as far as I'm concerned. It's no different that Obama's defenders accusing tea party activists of racism because we disagree with his political policies. The last thing conservatives need is a black leader whining about institutional and societal racism in order to cover up his mistakes and corruption.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Make the Somali pirates walk the plank....aaaarrrgg!

Clearly the US Navy's hands are being tied regarding the Somali pirate situation....

A U.S. Navy ship has sunk a pirate "mother ship" in the Indian Ocean and captured 11 pirates, and then promptly let them go.

It was the second time within 24 hours that U.S. forces captured Somali pirates. Earlier Thursday, five pirates were taken into custody after they attacked a U.S. warship.

While those five pirates remain in custody, the 11 captured Thursday were allowed to leave in small skiffs after the mother ship was sunk. The action prompted a Pentagon spokesman to deny that the Navy had a "catch and release" policy regarding pirates.

Aaarrgh! Why must the Navy wait for all the pirates to jump off their boat before sinking it, and then rescue them? There are only so many pirates and boats in Somalia. It's not like they're manufacturing them in a ship yard somewhere. Sink enough boats and kill enough pirates and eventually there won't be any more.

I suspect that there's religious-based sympathy at high levels of our government, namely the executive branch's sensitivity toward these pirates who are undoubtedly Muslim. I think there are direct orders from the white house to try not to kill pirates unless it's absolutely necessary. Otherwise, sink their ships and gently place them back on dry land.

The coddling of murderous criminals is no way to solve the problem of piracy, any more than the coddling of welfare brood mares is any way to solve the problems of illegitimacy, generational dependency, or sheer laziness.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sarah Palin is over-exposed

Sarah Palin's new show on Fox debuted on Thursday to less than expected ratings....

While coming in first in its time period — beating the Total Viewer average of the 10pm programs on MSNBC, CNN and HLN combined — FNC’s “Real American Stories with Sarah Palin” was down substantially versus the performance of “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” last Thursday as well as that program’s Thursday average for the month of March.

Sarah Palin should stick to doing what she does best, giving Tea Party speeches, writing position books, and fund raising for truly conservative candidates(not guys like McCain). Fox already has multiple personal interest shows hosted by Hannity, Oliver North, and Mike Huckabee. No body's interested in seeing more great American heroes introduced to us by Sarah Palin. By diversifying too much, she risks losing her personal branding and therefor her appeal to conservatives. There's nobody else like her on the American political spectrum and she should not try to be like everybody else.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Father of rape victim gets harsher punishment than the rapist

It's a bizarro world of political correctness when a man cannot defend his teenage daughter from not one but, 4 rapists without getting punished himself.....

THE father of a teenage sex assault victim in New South Wales who punched one of his daughter's attackers has been given a longer good behaviour bond than two of her alleged rapists.

The Daily Telegraph reports that under a controversial plea deal that reduced the charges from rape to aggravated indecent assault, two young country footballers were given 18-month bonds for their part in the horrifying attack of the then 15-year-old girl.

They walked free from court. Two other accused are awaiting sentencing.

Now 17, the victim has clear memories of a night that will forever haunt her.

"When I started crying, (one of the attackers) said, 'What are you crying for, you sook?', or, 'Why are you crying, you sook?'"

Remarkably, her father is on a two-year bond for common assault after punching one of the accused.

I hate that it's come to this but, with the prosecutors and moonbat judges turning the justice systems of entire countries upside down, it's always a good idea to go ahead and kill the person who you would otherwise simply punch. That way, the only story the cops hear is yours.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Rock--(Obama)--Hard Place

Obama's FDA can't decide whether or not to ban a legal product that is primarily consumed and enjoyed by people who share skin color with the President....

FromWaPo -- Federal officials began grappling Tuesday with one of the thorniest issues surrounding the regulation of tobacco: whether to ban menthol, the most popular cigarette flavoring, which is smoked by millions of Americans every day.

The issue carries great importance for public health advocates and tobacco executives. But it also has racial implications, since menthol cigarettes are overwhelmingly popular among African Americans.

About 75 percent of African American smokers use menthol brands, and tobacco companies heavily advertise menthol products in black communities and media.

Do you see the delightfully intractable problem in which Obama's FDA finds itself? Do they ban menthol cigarettes and anger millions of Obama voters and incur the wrath of race hustlers who'll cry racism, or do they NOT ban menthol and by their inaction, invite the racism charge? It'll be racist because they will be condemning black people disproportionately, PRECISELY because they are black, to a myriad of health problems and a certain, early death at a rate greater than whites?

Heh heh....I would hate to be a smarmy, hand-wringing regulator over at the FDA right about now....but, it sure is fun to watch them squirm.

Hat tip to Belchspeak.

Hank Johnson, the stupidest member of Congress......ever!

This is Georgia congressman Hank Johnson grilling a navy Admiral on the geographical aspects of Guam.....watch it and weep for our future....

"Guam might tip over and capsize". Not exactly a Rhodes Scholar is he? I swear, how did the Admiral keep a straight face? How embarrassing to have the world know that you are so stupid that you believe islands float.

Other things Rep. Johnson believes:
*The sun disappears at night and reappears the next morning, as if by magic.
*If you drill deep enough into the Earth, you can actually come out in China.
*When asked in college chemistry class to describe the periodic table he responded, "fire, air, and water". He forgot to include "Earth" and failed his test.

C'mon Georgia, you can do better than this moron.