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Friday, April 16, 2010

Told you Rick Sanchez is an idiot

Some of you may be thinking that I was hard on CNN's Rick Sanchez yesterday for his utter lack of understanding of rudimentary geology but, here he is demonstrating his utter lack of understanding of rudimentary geography too....

In case you weren't paying attention in middle-school geography either, Sanchez pointed out the Galapagos Islands, calling them Hawaii. And the ditsy broad pretending to be a meteorologist agreed with him. I swear, you put any two on-air talents together at CNN and you'd still struggle to come up with an entire brain between them.


ed said...

Also during the Hawaii earthquake coverage when the meteorologist was talking about a 9-meter tide surge and what not, Sanchez interrupted with, "...and 9 meters is how much in English?"
I'm sorry but if you're smart enough to turn on the TV, how can you not convert 9 meters into about 30 feet? I think Sanchez was asking for himself, not the viewers.

BelchSpeak said...

what a freakin' simpleton. I don't watch CNN except for when Im forced to when Im sitting in an airport lounge waiting to get on a plane.

ed said...

Me neither, Pat. And this clip reminds me why.