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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Global warming hoaxers attempt to revive their livlihood

Climate scientists investigating other climate scientists for publishing phony climate science, have declared that those same climate scientists can now be trusted to publish climate science.....

LONDON -- In the second of three investigations of the scandal known as "climate-gate," a panel of academic experts said Wednesday that several prominent climate scientists did not engage in deliberate malpractice but did not use the best statistical tools available to produce their findings.

Not bloody likely! When the entire discipline of climate-science has been proven to be based on outright fabrication, lies, and deceit, scientists' endorsements of each other are meaningless and laughable. The entire field of climate science is crap and anybody who pretends to be able to predict climate cause/effect or more preposterously, what will happen a hundred years from now, is a charlatan and a fraud.

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