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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Rock--(Obama)--Hard Place

Obama's FDA can't decide whether or not to ban a legal product that is primarily consumed and enjoyed by people who share skin color with the President....

FromWaPo -- Federal officials began grappling Tuesday with one of the thorniest issues surrounding the regulation of tobacco: whether to ban menthol, the most popular cigarette flavoring, which is smoked by millions of Americans every day.

The issue carries great importance for public health advocates and tobacco executives. But it also has racial implications, since menthol cigarettes are overwhelmingly popular among African Americans.

About 75 percent of African American smokers use menthol brands, and tobacco companies heavily advertise menthol products in black communities and media.

Do you see the delightfully intractable problem in which Obama's FDA finds itself? Do they ban menthol cigarettes and anger millions of Obama voters and incur the wrath of race hustlers who'll cry racism, or do they NOT ban menthol and by their inaction, invite the racism charge? It'll be racist because they will be condemning black people disproportionately, PRECISELY because they are black, to a myriad of health problems and a certain, early death at a rate greater than whites?

Heh heh....I would hate to be a smarmy, hand-wringing regulator over at the FDA right about now....but, it sure is fun to watch them squirm.

Hat tip to Belchspeak.

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escommnents said...

The other thing the administration has to ask is, how much of that beautiful TAX on the poor is the state willing to give up by banning a product that is extremely heavily taxed? For their own good, of course!