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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, April 12, 2010

SCOTUS to move further left.....uuuuugghh!

Chairman Zero doesn't have a clue what a supreme court justice is supposed to do......

WASHINGTON – Emboldened by success the first time around, President Barack Obama is likely to pick the Supreme Court nominee he wants and let the confirmation fight proceed from there, putting huge emphasis on a justice who would bring a fight-for-the-little-guy sensibility to the job.

A judge at any level, especially the supreme court, isn't supposed to be fighting for any side. The judge is supposed to be on the side of the law. And supreme court justices are supposed to be on the side of the Constitution. It matters not if the complainant is a little guy or a multi-national corporation, the judge should rule based on the Constitution.

Legislators, not judges, make laws. If liberal judges interpret the Constitution in broader and broader ways, pretty soon it'll mean just about anything anybody wants it to mean. But then, that's the big-picture goal of liberalism isn't it......to mold the Constitution into meaninglessness through incrementalism? And appointing activist, liberal judges who'll liberally interpret the Constitution is the biggest step in that direction.

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Angie Lee said...

I guess I imagined that "equal protection under the law" nonsense in the Constitution.